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Here in the Packetizer Labs section, you will find useful information on various topics, some useful software, and a few things that are just for entertainment. We hope you enjoy Packetizer Labs and, as always, we welcome your contributions.

Cool Stuff

AES Crypt We created a very cool program called AES Crypt, which allows you to encrypt and decrypt files using 256-bit AES encryption, either from Windows or from Linux.
Calendar This little Perl script will mimic the behavior of the 'calendar' program that was found on older AT&T UNIX systems. It has appeared on many flavors of UNIX, but we are not aware of such a tool for Linux.
Cambridge Obfuscator Here's something cool: the Cambridge Obfuscator. You can paste a paragraph full of text into the window and the program will follow simple rules to scramble the letters in the middle of words and, amazingly, the words are still readable.
Character Converter We have another script that will convert characters into hexadecimal, showing both the UTF-8 and Unicode value for each character.
Hide Email Address We also have a little script that you can use to help hide your e-mail address when you embed it in a web page. It will provide two ways to hide your e-mail address to make it more difficult for bots to retrive it.
OpenID Provider Server OpenID is becoming the standard on the Internet allowing one to use a single identity in order to access different web sites. We decided to implement our own server and we made it available here.
Pug Pug is a incremental, secure, efficient cloud file archiver designed for Linux that stores files in Amazon S3, freeing you from the chore of performing weekly backups.
Secure Password Generator Need a secure password? This site will create a few for you. These passwords are strong and useful in applications from web site logins to AES Crypt passwords.
Single Pass Single Pass will allow you to use a single password to generate passwords for all of your accounts, safely and securely.
Towers of Hanoi & Sierpinski's Triangle Algorithms are interesting. Some are complex and some are trivial. Sometimes it is the ones that are most trivial that are the most interesting. We have two good examples that one might consider great classics. One is the Towers of Hanoi and the other is Sierpinski's Triangle.
WebFinger Server WebFinger is a web service that allows one to discover information about people and things on the Internet. It is documented in IETF RFC 7033.
Lab News

12 March 2022

Released Pug 1.4

29 September 2021

Released Calendar 1.7

21 February 2016

Released Pug 1.3

02 August 2014

Released Pug 1.2

19 May 2013

Released Pug 1.0

13 February 2013

Released the initial release of the WebFinger and Host Metadata Server

03 January 2013

Released Pug software as beta

09 December 2012

Updated AES Crypt for Linux to support a key file for password input.

16 January 2012

Introduced Single Pass, the solution to the password problem.

06 January 2012

Introduced a secure password generator available via the web.

23 October 2011

Updated the calendar program and added daily_calendar to ensure you never miss a daily calendar run from cron.