Packetizer Trademarks

Packetizer, Inc. claims a trademark on the following names and phrases:

  • Packetizer
  • Packetizer Forums
  • Packetizer Dynamic DNS
  • Packetizer Network Services
  • Single Pass
  • Daily Payload
  • Slick Print
  • Tech Heap
  • Techabulary
  • H.323 Forum
  • H.323 Global Network (HGN)
  • AES Crypt
  • QuickMessage
  • FLQ
  • "FLQ It!"
  • "Fully-Qualified URLs Abbreviated to Something Manageable"
  • Hive
  • Pug

In addition, Packetizer has a registered trademark on the Packetizer name, design, and colors seen on the corporate web site, as well as the Techabulary name.

Some of the aforementioned names, designs, and/or logos may be registered in the United States or other countries. For specific details on what marks are claimed and the business use of those marks, please contact us.

Third Party Trademarks

Perl is a registered trademark of The Perl Foundation.

OpenID is a registered trademark of the OpenID Foundation.

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft should register Monkey Boy, if they have not already.

The PDF logo is a trademark of Adobe.

Your are kindly invited to query the US Patent and Trademark Office for other trademarks that might be used on this site to find their respective owners.