Email and Spam Policy

Packetizer does not send or support the use of unsolicited commercial email (commonly referred to as "spam" or "UCE"). If you suspect that our systems are emitting such junk email, please feel free to contact us.

Packetizer operates a number of mailing lists which are freely accessible to the public. While all lists are open to the public, only list members are allowed to send email to those lists. We employ that policy as a measure to reduce potential abuse of the mailing lists. While we make every effort to ensure that nobody uses those lists for spamming purposes, we cannot prevent abuse. That said, if abuse is discovered, the offending sender will be removed from our mailing lists immediately.

Packetizer actively blocks IP addresses of machines that have been used to transmit spam. While we strive to ensure that we do not block servers used by legitimate senders of email, we do occasionally make mistakes and inadvertently block valid senders. If you believe that your mail is being blocked by Packetizer, visit the Spam Control Information page and provide the address of the machine you believe may be blocked. If the server is blocked, please contact us as instructed on that page to remove this block.