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H.245 Editor's Page

This site contains the editor's copies of Recommendation H.245. Please note that these are not official publications and that they should not be considered as final texts from the ITU. For official publications, visit the ITU web site. In addition to final editor's versions, this site also contains intermediate documents. These are documents that were produced during the standardisation process, and include determined text, 'white paper' submissions, and temporary documents.

Files are named with the following conventions:

Files have been numbered 1, 2, ..., 9, A, B, ... Zip files usually contain WCM, NCM and DEL, possible others, including a readme stating the above.

In general, each file states on the first page exactly what it is: why it was generated, and from what input documents it was generated.

Version 1

Version 1 zip file
Version 1 ASN.1 file

Version 1 Intermediate files:

Version 2

Version 2 zip file
Version 2 ASN.1 file

Version 2 Intermediate files:

Version 3

Version 3 zip file
Version 3 ASN.1 file

Version 3 Intermediate files:


Version 4

Version 4 zip file
Version 4 ASN.1 zip file
Version 4 ASN.1 file

Version 4 Intermediate files:

Version 5

Version 5 zip file
Version 5 ASN.1 zip file
Version 5 ASN.1 file

Version 5 Intermediate files:

Version 6

Version 6 zip file
Version 6 ASN.1 file

Version 6 Intermediate files:

Version 7

Version 7 zip file
Version 7 ASN.1 file

Version 7 Intermediate files:

Version 8

Version 8 zip file
Version 8 ASN.1 file
Version 8
Version 8 RecH2452001-Revised-by-ASN1-Project-README.txt

Version 8 Intermediate files:

Version 9

Version 9 zip file
Version 9 ASN.1 file

Version 10

Version 10 zip file
Version 10 ASN.1 file

Version 11

Version 11 Intermediate files:
H245E_V11_based_on_FIN_040820(by SC)

Version 12

Version 12 zip file
Version 12 ASN.1 file

Version 13

Version 13 zip file
Version 13 ASN.1 file
Erratum 1
Erratum 2

Version 14

Version 14 zip file

Version 15

Version 15 zip file
Version 15 ASN.1 file

Version 16

Version 16 zip file

Version 17

Version 17 ASN.1 file