XML Information Site

The Extensible Markup Language (XML) is one of the most widely used technologies on the Internet. It is used for storing configuration data, marking up text with attributes and links, storing data contained in word processing or other documents, transmit information between two devices, etc.

This section does not attempt to teach users XML: there are plenty of web sites that do that. However, we cover topics of interest as they related to the purpose of Packetizer: the use of XML within communication systems.

XML has long been regarded as a protocol that could potentially be used for communication systems, but network bandwidth has always made XML prohibitively large for such a task. However, with every increasing bandwidth and accepted technologies for compressing XML, along with the significantly improved tools for parsing XML, this technology is now being seriously considered for real-time IP-based multimedia communication systems.

Most notably among the latter category is the new system being developed by the ITU called H.325. H.325 represents a significant step forward in terms of capability and functionality, allowing people to utilize a number of different applications and devices together to create a unified communications experience unlike anything before.