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List of WebFinger Client and Server Software

This page list some of the available WebFinger client and server software packages. If you wish to deploy a trivial WebFinger server that does not require installation and relies only on URI re-writing functionality built into your web server, see the "WebFinger without WebFinger Server Software" section on the WebFinger Server page.

WebFinger Client and Server Software
Package Name Client or Server Environment Description
Packetizer WebFinger Server Server Perl / Apache / MySQL Complete implementation of the WebFinger specification
node-webfinger-service Server Node.js A webfinger service implementation in node.js
WebFinger for WordPress Server WordPress (PHP) WebFinger for WordPress (source)
WebFinger for Mojolicious Server Perl / Mojolicious WebFinger Server for Mojolicious (source)
PHP Easy WebFinger Server Server PHP PHP Easy WebFinger Server (PEWS)
webfinger.js Client JavaScript A browser-based webfinger client
Net_WebFinger Client PHP WebFinger and Host Metadata client library for PHP
Webfinger and host-meta client library Client Node.js Webfinger and host-meta client library for Node.js
wfinger Client Perl Trivial client that issues a query to a WebFinger server for a given URI. Operates at the command line and is intended for quickly checking the server response. It does not process the response, though there is a "pretty-print" option.
C# WebFinger Client C# WebFinger client written in C#

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