OpenID Gaining Widespread Support

March 27, 2010

OpenID is a web technology that allows a user have a single user identity and password that may be used to access any number of web sites, thus removing the age-old problem of having to maintain separate login and passwords for all of the various accounts on has on the Internet.

It is now supported by many web sites, including Google, Slashdot, Blogger, Flickr, Yahoo, Orange, MySpace, WordPress, AOL, and Facebook. Some of those organizations are 'identity providers', while some are end-user sites that rely on the identity providers to allow users to gain access to site content.

We produced an OpenID identity server software package for anybody who might be interested in running their own identity server. Perhaps equally important, though, is that we also added support to Packetizer Forums so that one may use OpenID to login, post questions, or reply to questions.

We hope OpenID support proves to be a popular and valuable service to the Packetizer Community.

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