SIP Information Site

Standards Documents
List of standards documents related to SIP.
IETF Working Groups
SIP standards work is done within the SIP, P2PSIP, and SIMPLE working groups at the IETF.
SIP Myths
Misinformation about SIP abounds in the industry. This page tries to dispell some of the more common myths.
SIP Issues
While there are good reasons to use SIP, it is not without its own set of problems. This page details some of those issues.
SIP Call Flows
This page documents the simplest call flows, without showing the complex interaction of the offer/answer model, etc.
Papers and Presentations
Papers and presentations related to SIP.
Mailing Lists
Mailing lists related to SIP.
SIP Discussion
Discussion forum related to SIP. Also, there is an SDP-related discussion forum.
Implementation Notes
Implementation Notes related to various protocols.
Products and Services
List of products and services related to SIP.
SIP Forum
The SIP Form web site.
SIP Links
Links to other sites with SIP information.