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SIP Papers and Presentations

This page contains SIP-related papers and presentations. Your paper or presentation is certainly welcome if you would like to contribute to this list.

  • Sample SIP Call Flows - Packetizer, 2008 Sample SIP Call Flows Sample SIP Call Flows
  • Celebrating SIP's 10th Birthday - Packetizer, 2006 Celebrating SIP's 10th Birthday Celebrating SIP's 10th Birthday
  • Understanding VoIP - Packetizer, 2005 Understanding VoIP
  • SIP Guide - Light Reading, 2005 SIP Guide
  • Understanding SIP-Based VoIP - N2 Telekomunikace, 2005 Understanding SIP-Based VoIP
  • The Session Initiation Protocol - Henning Schulzrinne, 2001 The Session Initiation Protocol