H.323 Information Site

Standards Documents
List of standards documents related to H.323.
Document Status
List of standards documents that are in progress and previously completed work.
H.245 Editor's Page
Information maintained by the editor of H.245.
Implementation Notes
Implementation Notes related to various protocols.
H.323 Discussion
Have a question about H.323? Ask the experts here.
Mailing Lists
Mailing lists related to H.323.
H.323 Links
Links to other web sites with H.323-related information.
H.323 Papers
Papers and Presentations related to H.323, including a primer and in-depth protocol overviews.
H.323 Forum
The H.323 Forum web site. There you can find papers and presentations, products and services, and other information.
What's New in Version 7
Describes the new features in H.323v7.
What's New in Version 6
Describes the new features in H.323v6.
What's New in Version 5
Describes the new features in H.323v5.
What's New in Version 4
Describes the new features in H.323v4.
What's New in Version 3
Describes the new features in H.323v3.
What's New in Version 2
Describes the new features in H.323v2.
T.35 Manufacturer Codes
Information about the assignment of T.35 manufacturer codes.