H.323 Mailing Lists

H.323 Announcement List (hosted by Packetizer)

This mailing list is an extremely low-volume list which is used to send announcements to the H.323 community about significant issues relating to H.323. Messages sent to this list include notifications of critical errors found in the H.323 specification, especially the latest published or pre-published specifications, and notifications about new or revised documents approved by the ITU.

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H.323 Implementers' List (hosted by Packetizer)

This mailing list is devoted to implementation issues related to H.323. If you have a question about H.323: how a feature should be implemented, when the next interoperability event will be held, what a section of text means, etc., this is the place to go.

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ITU SG16 WP1 Mailing List (hosted by Packetizer)

This mailing list is used by ITU-T members and others who are interested in the standardization of H.325, H.323, H.248, NAT and firewall issues, and other topics related to multimedia communication systems. If you are interested in monitoring or participating in these standards activities, this is the mailing list to join.

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H.323 Forum Mailing List (hosted by the IMTC)

This mailing list is for companies interested in working to help drive H.323 protocol awareness, work to create equipment certification requirements, and to help share technical and marketing information with the public about H.323 in use in public and private sectors. To join the mailing list, please visit the H.323 Forum web site at