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H.248 Annex Renumbering

In February 2002, it was decided to renumber H.248 and its related annexes. The table below shows the old number in the left column and the new number in the right column.

H.248 Annex Renumbering
Old Name New Name
H.248 H.248.1
Annex F H.248.2
Annex G H.248.3
Annex H H.248.4
Annex I H.248.5
Annex J H.248.6
Annex K H.248.7
Annex L H.248.8
Annex M.1 H.248.9
Annex M.2 H.248.10
Annex M.4 H.248.12
Annex M.5 H.248.13
Annex M.6 H.248.14
Annex N H.248.15