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H.248 Mailing Lists

Megaco Mailing List (hosted by the IETF)

This mailing list is devoted to the standardization of H.248/Megaco. If you have a question about H.248: how a feature should be implemented, when the next interoperability event will be held, what a section of text means, etc., this is the place to go.

While the WG is now closed, information related to this group and mail archives are available here:

ITU SG16 WP1 Mailing List (hosted by Packetizer)

This mailing list is used by ITU-T members and others who are interested in the standardization of H.325, H.323, H.248, NAT and firewall issues, and other topics related to multimedia communication systems. If you are interested in monitoring or participating in these standards activities, this is the mailing list to join.

If you wish to join, manage your subscription, or view the mailing list archives, you can do so by visiting this page.