RFC 1062 - Internet numbers

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(Obsoleted By: RFC 1117 RFC 1166)

Network Working Group S. Romano Request for Comments: 1062 M. Stahl Obsoletes RFCs: 1020, 997, 990, 960, 943, M. Recker 923, 900, 870, 820, 790, 776, 770, 762, August 1988 758, 755, 750, 739, 604, 503, 433, 349 Obsoletes IENs: 127, 117, 93
INTERNET NUMBERS STATUS OF THIS MEMO This memo is an official status report on the network numbers used in the Internet community. Distribution of this memo is unlimited. Introduction This Network Working Group Request for Comments documents the currently assigned network numbers and gateway autonomous systems. This RFC will be updated periodically, and in any case current information can be obtained from Hostmaster at the DDN Network Information Center (NIC). Hostmaster DDN Network Information Center SRI International 333 Ravenswood Avenue Menlo Park, California 94025 Phone: 1-800-235-3155 Network mail: HOSTMASTER@SRI-NIC.ARPA Most of the protocols used in the Internet are documented in the RFC series of notes. Some of the items listed are undocumented. Further information on protocols can be found in the memo "Official Internet Protocols" [32]. The more prominent and more generally used are documented in the "DDN Protocol Handbook" [12] prepared by the NIC. Other collections of older or obsolete protocols are contained in the "Internet Protocol Transition Workbook" [13], or in the "ARPANET Protocol Transition Handbook" [14]. For further information on ordering the complete 1985 DDN Protocol Handbook, contact the Hostmaster. The lists below contain the name and network mailbox of the individuals responsible for each registered network or autonomous Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 1] RFC 1062 Internet Numbers August 1988 system. The bracketed entry, e.g., [nn,iii], at the right hand margin of the page indicates a reference for the listed network or autonomous system, where the number ("nn") cites the document and the letters ("iii") cite the NIC Handle of the responsible person. The NIC Handle is a unique identifier that is used in the NIC WHOIS/NICNAME service. People occasionally change electronic mailboxes. To find out the current network mailbox or phone number for an individual, or to get information about a registered network, use the NIC WHOIS/NICNAME service or contact HOSTMASTER@SRI-NIC.ARPA. The convention used for the documentation of Internet Protocols is to express numbers in decimal and to picture data in "big-endian" order [8]. That is, fields are described left to right, with the most significant octet on the left and the least significant octet on the right. The order of transmission of the header and data described in this document is resolved to the octet level. Whenever a diagram shows a group of octets, the order of transmission of those octets is the normal order in which they are read in English. For example, in the following diagram the octets are transmitted in the order they are numbered. 0 1 2 3 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ Transmission Order of Bytes Whenever an octet represents a numeric quantity the left most bit in the diagram is the high order or most significant bit. That is, the bit labeled 0 is the most significant bit. For example, the following diagram represents the value 170 (decimal). 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ |1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0| +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ Significance of Bits Similarly, whenever a multi-octet field represents a numeric quantity the left most bit of the whole field is the most significant bit. Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 2] RFC 1062 Internet Numbers August 1988 When a multi-octet quantity is transmitted the most significant octet is transmitted first. NETWORK NUMBERS The network numbers listed here are used as internet addresses by the Internet Protocol (IP) [12,27]. The IP uses a 32-bit address field and divides that address into a network part and a "rest" or local address part. The division takes 4 forms or classes. The first type of address, or class A, has a 7-bit network number and a 24-bit local address. The highest-order bit is set to 0. This allows 128 class A networks. 1 2 3 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ |0| NETWORK | Local Address | +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ Class A Address The second type of address, class B, has a 14-bit network number and a 16-bit local address. The two highest-order bits are set to 1-0. This allows 16,384 class B networks. 1 2 3 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ |1 0| NETWORK | Local Address | +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ Class B Address The third type of address, class C, has a 21-bit network number and a 8-bit local address. The three highest-order bits are set to 1-1-0. This allows 2,097,152 class C networks. 1 2 3 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ |1 1 0| NETWORK | Local Address | +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ Class C Address The fourth type of address, class D, is used as a multicast address [11]. The four highest-order bits are set to 1-1-1-0. Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 3] RFC 1062 Internet Numbers August 1988 1 2 3 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ |1 1 1 0| multicast address | +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ Class D Address Note: No addresses are allowed with the four highest-order bits set to 1-1-1-1. These addresses, called "class E", are reserved. One commonly used notation for internet host addresses divides the 32-bit address into four 8-bit fields and specifies the value of each field as a decimal number with the fields separated by periods. This is called the "dotted decimal" notation. For example, the internet address of VENERA.ISI.EDU in dotted decimal is, or The dotted decimal notation will be used in the listing of assigned network numbers. The class A networks will have nnn.rrr.rrr.rrr, the class B networks will have nnn.nnn.rrr.rrr, and the class C networks will have nnn.nnn.nnn.rrr, where nnn represents part or all of a network number and rrr represents part or all of a local address. There are four catagories of users of Internet Addresses: Research, Defense, Government (Non-Defense), and Commercial. To reflect the allocation of network identifiers among the categories, a one- character code is placed to the left of the network number: R for Research, D for Defense, G for Government, and C for Commercial (see Appendix A for further details on this division of the network identification). Network numbers are assigned for networks that are connected to the research Internet and operational Internet, and for independent networks that use the IP family protocols (these are usually commercial). These independent networks are marked with an asterisk preceding the number. The administrators of independent networks must apply separately for permission to interconnect their network with the Internet. Independent networks should not be listed in the working tables of the Internet hosts or gateways. For various reasons, the assigned numbers of networks are sometimes changed. To ease the transition the old number will be listed for a transition period as well. These "old number" entries will be marked with a "T" following the number and preceding the name, and the Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 4] RFC 1062 Internet Numbers August 1988 network name will be suffixed "-TEMP". Special Addresses: In certain contexts, it is useful to have fixed addresses with functional significance rather than as identifiers of specific hosts. The address zero is to be interpreted as meaning "this", as in "this network". For example, the address could be interpreted as meaning host 37 on this network. The address of all ones are to be interpreted as meaning "all", as in "all hosts". For example, the address could be interpreted as meaning all hosts on the network 128.9. The class A network number 127 is assigned the "loopback" function, that is, a datagram sent by a higher level protocol to a network 127 address should loop back inside the host. No datagram "sent" to a network 127 address should ever appear on any network anywhere. Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 5] RFC 1062 Internet Numbers August 1988 Class A Networks * Internet Address Network Name References - ---------------- ------- ---- ---------- 0.rrr.rrr.rrr Reserved Reserved [JBP] 1.rrr.rrr.rrr-2.rrr.rrr.rrr Unassigned [NIC] C 3.rrr.rrr.rrr GE-INTERNET GE TCP/IP Net [JEB50] R 4.rrr.rrr.rrr SATNET Atlantic Sat Net [SHB] 5.rrr.rrr.rrr Unassigned Unassigned [NIC] D 6.rrr.rrr.rrr T YPG-NET Yuma Proving Grounds [4,BWA] D 7.rrr.rrr.rrr T EDN-TEMP DCEC EDN [EC5] R 8.rrr.rrr.rrr T BBN-NET-TEMP BBN Net [JSG5] 9.rrr.rrr.rrr Unassigned Unassigned [NIC] R 10.rrr.rrr.rrr ARPANET ARPANET [4,JS283] D 11.rrr.rrr.rrr DODIIS DoD Intel Info Sys [AY5] C 12.rrr.rrr.rrr ATT ATT Bell Labs [MH82] C 13.rrr.rrr.rrr XEROX-NET XEROX Internet [39,JNL1] C 14.rrr.rrr.rrr PDN Public Data Net [JS283] R 15.rrr.rrr.rrr HP-INTERNET HP-INTERNET [13,WU1] 16.rrr.rrr.rrr-17.rrr.rrr.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R 18.rrr.rrr.rrr T MIT-TEMP MIT Net [7,31,DDC1] 19.rrr.rrr.rrr-20.rrr.rrr.rrr Unassigned [NIC] D 21.rrr.rrr.rrr DDN-RVN DDN-RVN [MLC] D 22.rrr.rrr.rrr DISNET DISNET [JM28] D 23.rrr.rrr.rrr DDN-TC-NET DDN-TestCell-Net [DH17] 24.rrr.rrr.rrr Unassigned Unassigned [NIC] R 25.rrr.rrr.rrr RSRE-EXP RSRE-EXP [CDB4] D 26.rrr.rrr.rrr MILNET MILNET [TMH6] R 27.rrr.rrr.rrr T NOSC-LCCN-TEMP NOSC/LCCN [RH6] R 28.rrr.rrr.rrr WIDEBAND Wide Band Sat Net [CJW2] D 29.rrr.rrr.rrr T MILX25-TEMP MILNET X.25 Temp [MLC] D 30.rrr.rrr.rrr T ARPAX25-TEMP ARPA X.25 Temp [MLC] G 31.rrr.rrr.rrr UCDLA-NET UCDLA-CATALOG-NET [CL64] 32.rrr.rrr.rrr-34.rrr.rrr.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R 35.rrr.rrr.rrr MERIT MERIT Comp Net [HWB] R 36.rrr.rrr.rrr T SU-NET-TEMP Stanford Univ Net [PA5] 37.rrr.rrr.rrr-38.rrr.rrr.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R 39.rrr.rrr.rrr T SRINET-TEMP SRI Local Net [JMR] 40.rrr.rrr.rrr Unassigned Unassigned [NIC] R 41.rrr.rrr.rrr BBN-TEST-A BBN-GATE-TEST-A [RH6] R 42.rrr.rrr.rrr CAN-INET Canadian Rsch Net [39,PAP4] 43.rrr.rrr.rrr Unassigned Unassigned [NIC] R 44.rrr.rrr.rrr AMPRNET Amateur Rad Exp Net [PK28] 45.rrr.rrr.rrr-126.rrr.rrr.rrr Unassigned [NIC] 127.rrr.rrr.rrr Loopback Loopback [JBP] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 6] RFC 1062 Internet Numbers August 1988 Class B Networks * Internet Address Network Name References - ---------------- ------- ---- ---------- 128.0.rrr.rrr Reserved Reserved [JBP] R 128.1.rrr.rrr BBN-TEST-B BBN-GATE-TEST-B [RH6] R 128.2.rrr.rrr CMU-NET CMU-Ether [HDW2] R 128.3.rrr.rrr LBL-CSR-NET LBL-CSR-NET [JS38] R 128.4.rrr.rrr DCNET LINKABIT DCNET [26,DLM1] R 128.5.rrr.rrr FORDNET FORD DCNET [26,FJB3] R 128.6.rrr.rrr RUTGERS RUTGERS [CLH3] R 128.7.rrr.rrr KRAUTNET KRAUTNET [GB7] R 128.8.rrr.rrr UMDNET Univ of Maryl DCNET [26,DLM1] R 128.9.rrr.rrr ISI-NET USC-ISI Local Net [CMR] R 128.10.rrr.rrr PURDUE-CS-EN Purdue CS Ether [39,DT50] R 128.11.rrr.rrr BBN-CRONUS BBN DOS Project [25,PK19] R 128.12.rrr.rrr SU-NET Stanford Univ Net [PA5] D 128.13.rrr.rrr MATNET Mob Access Term Net [SHB] R 128.14.rrr.rrr BBN-SAT-TEST BBN SATNET Test Net [SHB] R 128.15.rrr.rrr S1NET LLL-S1-NET [RAK12] R 128.16.rrr.rrr UCLNET Univ Coll London [PK] D 128.17.rrr.rrr MATNET-ALT Mob Access Term Alt [SHB] R 128.18.rrr.rrr SRINET SRI Local Net [JMR] D 128.19.rrr.rrr EDN DCEC EDN [EC5] D 128.20.rrr.rrr BRLNET BRLNET [4,MJM2] R 128.21.rrr.rrr SRI-PR-1 SRI Pck Rad-1 Net [PEM4] R 128.22.rrr.rrr SRI-PR-2 SRI Pck Rad-2 Net [PEM4] R 128.23.rrr.rrr BBN-PR BBN Pck Rad Net [JBW1] R 128.24.rrr.rrr ROCKWELL-PR Rockwell Pck Rad Net [NG] D 128.25.rrr.rrr BRAGG-PR Ft. Bragg Pck Rad Net [LDB3] D 128.26.rrr.rrr SAPE-AIRNET RADC-SAPE-PR-NET [CAD13] D 128.27.rrr.rrr DEMO-PR-1 Demo-1 Pck Rad Net [LCS] D 128.28.rrr.rrr C3-PR-TEMP Testbed Dev PR NET [VDC1] R 128.29.rrr.rrr MITRE MITRE Cablenet [37,TML] R 128.30.rrr.rrr MIT-NET MIT Local Net [DDC1] R 128.31.rrr.rrr MIT-RES MIT Rsch Net [DDC1] R 128.32.rrr.rrr UCB-ETHER UC Berkeley Ether [RWH5] R 128.33.rrr.rrr BBN-NET BBN Net [JSG5] R 128.34.rrr.rrr NOSC-LCCN NOSC/LCCN [RH6] R 128.35.rrr.rrr CISLTESTNET1 Honeywell [17,18,JLM23] R 128.36.rrr.rrr YALE-NET YALE Net [39,HML1] D 128.37.rrr.rrr YUMA Yuma Proving Grounds [4,BWA] D 128.38.rrr.rrr NSWC-NET NSWC Local Host Net [VHB] R 128.39.rrr.rrr NTANET NDRE-TIU [PS27] R 128.40.rrr.rrr UCL-NET-A Univ Coll London [BAW9] R 128.41.rrr.rrr UCL-NET-B Univ Coll London [BAW9] R 128.42.rrr.rrr RICE-NET Rice Univ [ 39,PGM] R 128.43.rrr.rrr DRENET Canada REF ARPANET [4,JR17] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 7] RFC 1062 Internet Numbers August 1988 D 128.44.rrr.rrr WSMR-NET White Sands Net [CAS1] C 128.45.rrr.rrr DEC-WRL-NET DEC WRL Net [39,RKJ2] R 128.46.rrr.rrr PURDUE-NET Purdue Camp Net [DT50] D 128.47.rrr.rrr TACTNET Tactical Pck Net [3,KTP] G 128.48.rrr.rrr UCDLA-NET-B UCDLA-Net-B [4,CL64] R 128.49.rrr.rrr NOSC-ETHER NOSC Ether [39,RLB3] G 128.50.rrr.rrr COINS COINS On-Line Intel Net [RLS6] G 128.51.rrr.rrr COINSTNET COINS Test Net [RLS6] R 128.52.rrr.rrr MIT-AI-NET MIT AI NET [39,MDC] R 128.53.rrr.rrr SAC-PR-2 SAC PRNET Number 2 [VDC1] R 128.54.rrr.rrr UCSD UC San Diego Net [39,GH29] R*128.55.rrr.rrr MFENET LLNL MFE Net [39,BCH2] D 128.56.rrr.rrr USNA-NET US Naval Acad Net [TS9] D 128.57.rrr.rrr DEMO-PR-2 Demo-2 Pck Rad Net [LCS] C 128.58.rrr.rrr SPAR Schlumberger PA Net [39,SL10] R 128.59.rrr.rrr CU-NET Columbia Univ [39,BC14] D 128.60.rrr.rrr NRL-LAN NRL Lab Area Net [WF3] R 128.61.rrr.rrr GATECH Georgia Tech [39,DD11] R 128.62.rrr.rrr MCC-NET MCC Corp Net [39,CBD] R 128.63.rrr.rrr BRL-SUBNET BRL-SUBNET-EXP [MJM2] R 128.64.rrr.rrr-128.79.rrr.rrr Net Dynamics Exp [ZSU] D 128.80.rrr.rrr CECOMNET CECOM EPR NET [PFS2] R 128.81.rrr.rrr SYMBOLICS SYMBOLICS [39,CH2] R*128.82.rrr.rrr ODU ODU Rsch Net [AKG2] R 128.83.rrr.rrr UTAUSTIN Univ of Texas Austin [39,JSQ1] R 128.84.rrr.rrr CORNELL-NET Cornell Backbone Net [39,DK2] C*128.85.rrr.rrr DRILL-NET Teleco Drilltech Net [DBJ4] R 128.86.rrr.rrr MRC UK.CO.GEC.RL.MRC [RHC3] R 128.87.rrr.rrr HIRST UK.CO.GEC.RL.HRC [RHC3] R*128.88.rrr.rrr HP-NET HEWLETT-PACKARD-NET [AG67] R 128.89.rrr.rrr BBN-ENET BBN Ether Net [39,SGC] C*128.90.rrr.rrr SCRIBE Scribe Sys [39,ERC1] R 128.91.rrr.rrr UPENN UPenn Camp Net [39,IW5] R 128.92.rrr.rrr INTELLINET INTELLICORP NET [39,RJL3] R*128.93.rrr.rrr INRIA-ROCQU INRIA Rocquencourt [MS171] C*128.94.rrr.rrr SYSNET AT&T SYSNet [EY5] R 128.95.rrr.rrr WASHINGTON Comp Sci Ether Net [39,RA17] C 128.96.rrr.rrr BELLCORE-NET BELLCORE-NET [PK28] R 128.97.rrr.rrr UCLANET UCLA Net [RBW] R 128.98.rrr.rrr RSRE-EN2 RSRE-EXP-NET-2 [JW156] C 128.99.rrr.rrr NORTHROP-NET Northrop Net [39,RSM1] R*128.100.rrr.rrr TORONTO Univ of Toronto Net [39,BD55] R 128.101.rrr.rrr UMN-NET Univ of Minn [SB12] G 128.102.rrr.rrr AMES-NET Ames Backbone Net [39,MSM1] R 128.103.rrr.rrr HARV-FIBER Harv FiberOp Ether [39,SB28] R 128.104.rrr.rrr WISC-HERD Univ of Wisconsin [39,EJN1] R 128.105.rrr.rrr WISC Univ of Wisconsin [39,JB188] D 128.106.rrr.rrr SRI-PSON-1 ADEA/SRI Ft. Lewis [ERK3] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 8] RFC 1062 Internet Numbers August 1988 D 128.107.rrr.rrr LEWIS-PRNET1 ADEA/SRI Ft. Lewis [ERK3] D 128.108.rrr.rrr LEWIS-PRNET2 ADEA/SRI Ft. Lewis [ERK3] R 128.109.rrr.rrr TUCC-MCNC TUCC-MCNC NC Net [JRR14] R 128.110.rrr.rrr UTAH-NET UTAH-Camp-NET [JL15] R 128.111.rrr.rrr UCSB Univ of CA, San Bar [PKH1] R 128.112.rrr.rrr PRINCETON Princeton Univ [LRR1] R 128.113.rrr.rrr RPINET RPI-LOCALNET [JF78] R 128.114.rrr.rrr UCSC Univ of CA, San Cruz [39,JHH8] R 128.115.rrr.rrr LLL-LABNET LLNL Open Labnet [LL64] R 128.116.rrr.rrr USAN UNIV Sat NET [39,BLI] R 128.117.rrr.rrr UCAR UNIV CORP ATM RSCH [39,BLI] R 128.118.rrr.rrr PENN-STATE Penn State Net [SJS11] R 128.119.rrr.rrr UMASS-NET UMass COINS Dept LAN [39,GW40] R 128.120.rrr.rrr UCDAVIS Univ of CA, Davis Net [39,RH5] R 128.121.rrr.rrr JVNC-NET John von Neu Ctr Net [SH37] R 128.122.rrr.rrr NYU-NET NYU Camp Net [BJR2] R 128.123.rrr.rrr NMSU N M State Univ [39,MSP1] R 128.124.rrr.rrr NTA-TEMP NTARE BF-TO-PDP11 [TM10] R 128.125.rrr.rrr USCNET USC Camp Net [39,MAB4] R 128.126.rrr.rrr UNISYS-PRC UNISYS-PRC [39,MS22] C 128.127.rrr.rrr FTP-SOFTWARE FTP Soft Net [JBV2] R 128.128.rrr.rrr WHOINET WHOI Camp Net [ARM5] C*128.129.rrr.rrr CGI Carnegie Grp [RA62] R*128.130.rrr.rrr TUNET-T TU Wien Term Net [39,GP56] R*128.131.rrr.rrr TUNET-F TU Wien File Net [39,GP56] G*128.132.rrr.rrr RADC-LONS RADC-LONS Net [39,GG43] G*128.133.rrr.rrr AFSC-LONS AFSC-LONS Net [39,GG43] R 128.134.rrr.rrr SDN System Dev Net [5,6,HC2] R 128.135.rrr.rrr U-CHICAGO UnivOFCHICAGO [39,MC17] R 128.136.rrr.rrr TEK-ALLNET Teknowledge-Net [39,TE16] R*128.137.rrr.rrr GENNET1 Genentech Corp Net [39,SM96] R 128.138.rrr.rrr COLORADO U Colo Boulder [39,RAJ8] R 128.139.rrr.rrr ILAN Israel Academic Net [39,DB35] R 128.140.rrr.rrr EMORY-INET Emory Internet [39,AR60] R*128.141.rrr.rrr CERN-ETHER DD Main Ether [39,BMS2] R*128.142.rrr.rrr CERN-TOKEN DD Main IBM Token [39,BMS2] R 128.143.rrr.rrr VIRGINIA Univ of Virginia [39,JAJ17] R*128.144.rrr.rrr ARC-CALGARY Alta Rsch Calgary [DK66] R 128.145.rrr.rrr NYSERNET NYSERNET [MS9] R 128.146.rrr.rrr OHIO-STATE Ohio State Univ [RSD2] R 128.147.rrr.rrr U-PGH-NET Univ Pittsburgh Net [SM6] R 128.148.rrr.rrr BROWN-UNIV Brown Univ Net [MR29] G 128.149.rrr.rrr JPL-NET JPL Central Net [MSM1] G 128.150.rrr.rrr NSF-LAN NSF-LAN [FW17] R 128.151.rrr.rrr UR-NET Univ of Rochester [TM57] C 128.152.rrr.rrr HAC-ENET Hughes Air VLSI Net [PH45] R 128.153.rrr.rrr CLARKSON Clarkson Univ [ABS6] G 128.154.rrr.rrr GSFC-NET GSFC Central Net [MSM1] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 9] RFC 1062 Internet Numbers August 1988 G 128.155.rrr.rrr LARC-NET LARC Central Net [MSM1] G 128.156.rrr.rrr LERC-NET LERC Central Net [MSM1] G 128.157.rrr.rrr JSC-NET JSC Central Net [MSM1] G 128.158.rrr.rrr MSFC-NET MSFC Central NEt [MSM1] G 128.159.rrr.rrr KSC-NET KSC Central Net [MSM1] G 128.160.rrr.rrr NSTL-NET NSTL Central Net [MSM1] G 128.161.rrr.rrr NSN-NET NASA Sci Net [MSM1] C 128.162.rrr.rrr CRAY-NET Cray Rsch [DB14] R 128.163.rrr.rrr UKY Univ of Kentucky [GB43] R 128.164.rrr.rrr GWU-GATE George Wash Univ [TT35] G 128.165.rrr.rrr LANL-INET LANL Inter-Net [JC11] D*128.166.rrr.rrr BAC-NET Boeing Aero Corp Net [JJ48] R 128.167.rrr.rrr SURA SURAnet [JH92] C 128.168.rrr.rrr GOLDHILL Gold-Hill-Comps [GM34] R 128.169.rrr.rrr UTK Univ Tenn-Knoxville [JDC20] R 128.170.rrr.rrr SDC-CAM SDC Camarillo R&D Net [DSR] R*128.171.rrr.rrr HAWAII Univ of Hawaii [BC32] R 128.172.rrr.rrr VCU-LAN VCU-LAN [JN40] R 128.173.rrr.rrr VA-TECH Virginia Tech Net [PB40] R 128.174.rrr.rrr UIUC-CAMPUS-B UIUC Camp Net [PP14] R 128.175.rrr.rrr UDELNET U of Delaware Net [DJG2] R*128.176.rrr.rrr DMSWWU-ETHER DMSWWU Ether [GR26] C*128.177.rrr.rrr BLI-NET Britton Lee Net [EPA] R*128.178.rrr.rrr EPF-ETHER1 Ecublens Camp Net [YD2] R*128.179.rrr.rrr EPF-ETHER2 Cedres Camp Net [YD2] R 128.180.rrr.rrr LEHIGH Lehigh Univ [39,MM149] C 128.181.rrr.rrr TEKTRONIX Tektronix Eng [JB218] R 128.182.rrr.rrr PSCNET PSC Affiliates NEt [JTE2] R 128.183.rrr.rrr GSFC GSFC NASA [JB113] R*128.184.rrr.rrr DEAKINET Deakin Univ Net [JM303] C 128.185.rrr.rrr PROTEON-NET Proteon Net [JS28] R 128.186.rrr.rrr FSU Florida State Univ [KMH8] R 128.187.rrr.rrr BYU-NET BYU-NET [KCM2] R 128.188.rrr.rrr M2CNET Mass VLSI/CAD Net [SD1] R 128.189.rrr.rrr BCNET British Columbia Net [DO26] G 128.190.rrr.rrr BELVOIR BRADEC SubNet [DH30] C*128.191.rrr.rrr NECIS-NET NEC Info Sys Net [DP71] R 128.192.rrr.rrr UGA UGNET [EHH4] R 128.193.rrr.rrr ORST Oregon State Univ Ne [BA26] R 128.194.rrr.rrr TAMU-NET Texas A&M Univ [WM68] R 128.195.rrr.rrr UCIICS-NET UCI ICS Net [RAJ3] R 128.196.rrr.rrr UNIV-ARIZ U of Ariz Rsch Net [ALG4] R 128.197.rrr.rrr BU-NET BU-NET [JSOL] R 128.198.rrr.rrr CU-COLOSPGS CU-Colo-Spgs-Net [39,RDG12] R*128.199.rrr.rrr STC STC PLC Company Net [AM54] R 128.200.rrr.rrr UCI-NET UCI Camp Net [DW96] R*128.201.rrr.rrr REUNIR Reseau des Univ [RN25] D 128.202.rrr.rrr CSOCNET 2SW SPACENET LAN [JJD12] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 10] RFC 1062 Internet Numbers August 1988 R*128.203.rrr.rrr UB-INC Ungermann-Bass Inc [DXC] R 128.204.rrr.rrr ALBNYNET U at Albany Net [BEC1] R 128.205.rrr.rrr UBUFFALONET UNIVOFBUFFALONET [CFD4] R 128.206.rrr.rrr MONET Univ-of-Mo-Net [BEC5] C*128.207.rrr.rrr BOEING-PSN Boeing-Puget Sound [39,JSY2] R 128.208.rrr.rrr WASH-NSF Wash-NSF [39,SH47] C 128.209.rrr.rrr NYNEXSTNET NYNEX Sci and Tech [MC65] R 128.210.rrr.rrr PURDUE-CCNET Purdue Comp Ctr [39,JS81] R 128.211.rrr.rrr PURDUE-CS-CYP CYPRESS-HUB-PURDUE [DT50] C*128.212.rrr.rrr ISCNET ISC Corp Net [DM27] R 128.213.rrr.rrr RPICSNET RPI CSNet [39,MS9] R*128.214.rrr.rrr FUNET Finnish Univ Net [39,JH141] C*128.215.rrr.rrr INTEL-NT INTEL Eng Net [12,HC24] D 128.216.rrr.rrr CC-PRNET CENTCOM Pck Rad Net [39,GIH] G*128.217.rrr.rrr NASA-KSC-OIS NASA KSC OIS [39,GG43] R 128.218.rrr.rrr UCSF-NET Univ of CA, San Fran [39,TF6] R 128.219.rrr.rrr ORNL-NETB1 ORNL Local Area Net [24,THD] R 128.220.rrr.rrr JHU Johns Hopkins Univ [39,MH98] R 128.221.rrr.rrr DGPN1 Data Gen Priv Net 1 [39,PSS1] C 128.222.rrr.rrr DGPN2 Data Gen Priv Net 2 [39,PSS1] R 128.223.rrr.rrr UONET Univ of Oregon Net [39,DS85] C*128.224.rrr.rrr EPILOGUE Epilogue Tech [KA4] C*128.225.rrr.rrr BOEING-EN Boeing-East Net [39,JSY2] R 128.226.rrr.rrr BINGHAMTON UNIVATBINGHAMTON [39,RM120] R 128.227.rrr.rrr UFNET Univ of Florida Net [39,AW48] R 128.228.rrr.rrr CUNY City Univ of NY [39,SMP2] R 128.229.rrr.rrr ADSNET Adv Dec Sys Net [39,JMH10] R 128.230.rrr.rrr SYR-UNIV-NET Syracuse Univ Net [39,JW47] G 128.231.rrr.rrr NIH-NET Natl Insts of Health [12,RF57] R*128.232.rrr.rrr CL-CAM-AC-UK Univ Camb Comp Lab [39,MAJ1] R*128.233.rrr.rrr USASK Univ of Sask Net [39,LRC7] R*128.234.rrr.rrr COS-NET COS Net [39,AP25] R 128.235.rrr.rrr NJIT NJIT Net [39,BM79] D 128.236.rrr.rrr USAFA-NET US AF Acad Net [39,GEOFF] R 128.237.rrr.rrr CMU-SEI-NET SEI Ether [39,PDB5] R 128.238.rrr.rrr POLY-U-NET Polytech Univ Net [39,AMM14] R 128.239.rrr.rrr WM-NET William and Mary Net [39,SF34] R*128.240.rrr.rrr NCL Newcastle Camp Net [39,AL46] R 128.241.rrr.rrr SESQUINET SESQUINET [GTA] R 128.242.rrr.rrr MIDNET Midwest Reg Net [MM147] R*128.243.rrr.rrr NOTT-AC-UK Univ of Notting Net [39,WA16] D 128.244.rrr.rrr APL-NET Applied Phy Lab Net [39,SAK3] R 128.245.rrr.rrr SRA-CT-NET SRA-CONNECTICUT-NET [15,JSS4] C*128.246.rrr.rrr CGCH-WIRZ WIRZ Scientific Net [12,HN3] C 128.247.rrr.rrr TI Texas Instruments [DF71] R 128.248.rrr.rrr UIC-NET Univ of Ill-Chicago [39,EZ3] R 128.249.rrr.rrr TMC-NET Texas Med Ctr Net [39,SB98] R*128.250.rrr.rrr UNIMELB Univ of Melbourne [39,CC89] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 11] RFC 1062 Internet Numbers August 1988 C*128.251.rrr.rrr ROCKW-TELEDA Rockwell-Tele [39,JCW12] R 128.252.rrr.rrr WASHINGTON-U Wash Univ Net [21,DGH13] R 128.253.rrr.rrr CCS-NET Cornell U Comp Net [DC126] R*128.254.rrr.rrr FMC-NOD FMC-NOD [39,WCW7] R 128.255.rrr.rrr UIOWA Univ of Iowa Camp Net [LT28] 129.0.rrr.rrr Reserved Reserved [JBP] R 129.1.rrr.rrr BGSU Bowling Green State [SH71] R 129.2.rrr.rrr UMD-BOGON-NET UMD Student Net [39,LAM1] R 129.3.rrr.rrr SUNY-OSWEGO-NET SUNY - Oswego [39,PRT2] C 129.4.rrr.rrr TRW TRW Info Net [39,GGB2] R*129.5.rrr.rrr HGCNET HARTFORDGRADCTRGNET [38,AG61] G 129.6.rrr.rrr NBS NBS Net [39,CWH3] R 129.7.rrr.rrr UH-NET Univ of Houston Net [39,JH155] R*129.8.rrr.rrr CSUFRESNO CSUFresno CSci Net [39,RP88] C*129.9.rrr.rrr CHRYSLER-NET CHRYSLER-INTERNET [RER20] R 129.10.rrr.rrr NORTHEASTERN-NET NORTHEASTERN Net [39,CJ38] R*129.11.0.rrr LEEDS Leeds Univ Net [39,AJC11] R*129.12.rrr.rrr UKC UKC Camp Net [39,SL55] R*129.13.rrr.rrr LINK Karlsruhe Net [39,MR78] C*129.14.rrr.rrr SBINY Salomon Brothers Inc [39,BC72] R 129.15.rrr.rrr UOKNOR Univ of Okla, Norman [JW136] R*129.16.rrr.rrr CTH-NET Chalmers Univ [GL41] R*129.17.rrr.rrr SSED-NET Honeywell-SSED-NET [DM147] C 129.18.rrr.rrr NEXT-NET NEXT, Inc Net [39,PFK] R 129.19.rrr.rrr WESTNET Western Reg Net [39,DCMW] R*129.20.rrr.rrr VERDUR VERDUR [RN25] R*129.21.rrr.rrr RIT Rochester InstofTech [39,CF35] R 129.22.rrr.rrr CWRUNET CWRU Camp Net [39,JAG3] R 129.23.rrr.rrr SDIO-INTERNET SDIO Wide Area Inter [39,KDZ] R 129.24.rrr.rrr UNM-CDCN Univ of New Mexico Net [GB95] R 129.25.rrr.rrr DREXEL Drexel Univ [39,RR97] R*129.26.rrr.rrr GMD-DE GMD Net (Germany) [39,PM72] C*129.27.rrr.rrr WEDGE-NET Wedge Comp Net [DTH] C 129.28.rrr.rrr ETA-LAN ETA-LAN St. Paul [2,DGM18] D 129.29.rrr.rrr USMANET US Military Acad Net [39,BAT4] C 129.30.rrr.rrr HONEYWELL Honeywell Inc Net [39,DB97] R*129.31.rrr.rrr ICNET Imperial Coll [39,LM88] R 129.32.rrr.rrr TEMPLE Temple Univ Net [29,39,TES16] R 129.33.rrr.rrr-129.42.rrr.rrr IBM Research Net [MT1] R 129.43.rrr.rrr NCI-FCRF Frederick Cancer Net [39,WLB5] C*129.44.rrr.rrr NYTEL1095NET NYTEL1095NET [39,HT12] C*129.45.rrr.rrr NYTELNOCNET1 NYTELNOCNET1 [39,JO54] C 129.46.rrr.rrr QUALNET QUALCOMM Ether [39,TM37] C*129.47.rrr.rrr SYTEK-INC Sytek Corp MV [AB90] D 129.48.rrr.rrr WPAFB-CDS-NET WPAFB-CDS-Net [39,CMC6] R 129.49.rrr.rrr SUNY-SB SUNY at Stony Brook [39,JM184] G*129.50.rrr.rrr PSCN NASA/PSCN TCP/IP [BRB8] D 129.51.rrr.rrr ESMC-LONS SAMTO-ESMC LONS [39,SWR3] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 12] RFC 1062 Internet Numbers August 1988 D 129.52.rrr.rrr WPAFB-LONS W. Patt AFB LONS [39,SWR3] D 129.53.rrr.rrr ESD-LONS Hanscom AFB ESD LONS [39,SWR3] D 129.54.rrr.rrr WSMC-LONS SAMTO-WSMC LONS [39,SWR3] R 129.55.rrr.rrr LINCOLN-MI Lincoln Mach Int Net [39,GAA] D*129.56.rrr.rrr AUXNET-PR CAP Pck Rad Net [KFS] R 129.57.rrr.rrr CEBAF CEBAF Local Area Net [39,RG94] D*129.58.rrr.rrr SRPNET Savannah Riv Plt Net [39,MJ33] R 129.59.rrr.rrr VANDERBILT Vanderbilt Univ [RHA8] R*129.60.rrr.rrr NTT-INET NTT Rsch Lab Net [21,39,YS10] D 129.61.rrr.rrr ECONET Eglin Comp Net [39,CG1] R*129.62.rrr.rrr BAYLOR Baylor Univ Prim Net [39,BL31] R 129.63.rrr.rrr ULOWELL-NET Univ of Lowell Net [39,BP51] R*129.64.rrr.rrr BRANDEIS Brandeis Univ [JSM11] R*129.65.rrr.rrr CALPOLY Cal Poly State U-SLO [39,ML95] R 129.66.rrr.rrr ASN-NET Alabama Super Net [27,JRS48] R*129.67.rrr.rrr OXFORDNET Oxford Univ Ether [39,MH118] R*129.68.rrr.rrr SJU-NET St. Joseph's Ether [39,JP147] R*129.69.rrr.rrr RUS-NET Univ of Stuttgart Net [KDM6] R*129.70.rrr.rrr BINET Bielefeld Univ Net [27,WH64] R 129.71.rrr.rrr WVNET West Virginia Net [RL104] R 129.72.rrr.rrr UWYO Univ of Wyoming Net [39,RM177] C 129.73.rrr.rrr SIEMENS Siemens Rsch [39,DAM22] R*129.74.rrr.rrr NOTRE-DAME Univ of Notre Dame Net [MDE3] C*129.75.rrr.rrr MASSCOMP-NET MASSCOMP Corp Net [39,BD56] C*129.76.rrr.rrr ROSEMOUNT Rosemount Inc [39,DM69] C*129.77.rrr.rrr OXFORD-TP Oxford Trading Part [39,KRM5] R*129.78.rrr.rrr SYDNET Univ of Sydney Info Net [BK46] R 129.79.rrr.rrr INDIANA-NET Indiana Univ Net [BSS69] C*129.80.rrr.rrr STORTEK Storage Tek Corp [21,DB162] R*129.81.rrr.rrr TULANE-NET Tulane Univ [21,JV41] R 129.82.rrr.rrr CSUNET Colo State Univ [39,SM83] D*129.83.rrr.rrr MITRE-B-NETB MITRE-BEDFORD EtherB [39,BSW] C*129.84.rrr.rrr TWG-NET The Wollongong Net [JS171] R 129.85.rrr.rrr ROCK Rockefeller Univ [39,MK38] C*129.86.rrr.rrr SANDERS Sanders Assoc, Inc [39,RT60] C*129.87.rrr.rrr SLBSDRNET Schlumberger SDR Net [39,RK75] R*129.88.rrr.rrr IMAG Grenoble CS Labs [PL37] R 129.89.rrr.rrr MILW-IPNET UW-Milwaukee IP Net [39,JSL9] C*129.90.rrr.rrr INTEVEP INTEVEP Net [39,RA66] R 129.91.rrr.rrr ENCORE Encore-Marlboro [39,IRN] D 129.92.rrr.rrr AFIT AF Inst of Tech [21,PHS1] R 129.93.rrr.rrr HUSKERNET UNL Camp Net [MM147] R*129.94.rrr.rrr UNSW Univ of NSW Net [39,PG40] R*129.95.rrr.rrr OREGRADNET Oregon Grad Ctr Net [JC235] R*129.96.rrr.rrr FLINDERS-UNI Flinders Camp Net [21,TGN] R*129.97.rrr.rrr UWNET Univ of Waterloo Net [39,WCWI] R*129.98.rrr.rrr ALNET Albert Einstein Coll [39,RNB5] G 129.99.rrr.rrr NAS-NET NAS Supercomp Net [39,JL52] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 13] RFC 1062 Internet Numbers August 1988 R*129.100.rrr.rrr UWO-NET Univ of West Ontario [39,PM81] R*129.101.rrr.rrr IDAHO-ENGR Idaho Eng/EE [WDS11] R*129.102.rrr.rrr IRCAM IRCAM [MF14] C*129.103.rrr.rrr NERV Nixdorf Dev Comp Net [HG20] R*129.104.rrr.rrr POLY Polytechnique Net [39,GG68] R 129.105.rrr.rrr NWUNET Northwest Univ Net [39,EEW6] R 129.106.rrr.rrr UTHOUSTON UT Health Sci Ctr [39,LSV] R 129.107.rrr.rrr UTARLINGTON UT Arlington [39,LSV] R 129.108.rrr.rrr UTELPASO UT El Paso [39,LSV] R 129.109.rrr.rrr UTGALVESTON UT Med Brch Galveston [39,LSV] R 129.110.rrr.rrr UTDALLAS UT Dallas [39,LSV] R 129.111.rrr.rrr UTSCSA UT Health Sci Ctr [39,LSV] R 129.112.rrr.rrr UTSWMDC UT SW Med Ctr Dallas [39,LSV] R 129.113.rrr.rrr UTPBASIN UT Permian Basin [39,LSV] R 129.114.rrr.rrr UTCCSPRD UT Sys Cancer Ctr [39,LSV] R 129.115.rrr.rrr-129.120.rrr THENET [39,LSV] R 129.121.rrr.rrr NMTECHNET New Mexico Technet [39,IMK1] C 129.122.rrr.rrr PRIME PRIME Comp Inc [RLU3] R 129.123.rrr.rrr USU USU [39,RLR36] C 129.124.rrr.rrr GMRLNET General Motors Rsch [39,LR44] R*129.125.rrr.rrr RUGNET RUG Univ Net [39,HH37] C*129.126.rrr.rrr KODAK KODAK Net [39,SA46] R*129.127.rrr.rrr ADELAIDE-UNI Univ Adelaide Net [39,JB254] R*129.128.rrr.rrr U-ALBERTA Univ of Alberta Net [39,SS131] R*129.129.rrr.rrr PSI-ETHER PSI Camp Net [39,BH103] R 129.130.rrr.rrr KSUNET KSU Camp Net [BAV] D 129.131.rrr.rrr NWCNET NAVWPNCENNET [39,EG17] R*129.132.rrr.rrr ETH-ETHER ETH/UNIZH Camp Net [23,MA63] R 129.133.rrr.rrr WESNET Wesleyan Univ Net [39,JGD1] C*129.134.rrr.rrr HCSD-NET Harris Comp Net [39,DR49] C*129.135.rrr.rrr INGR Intergraph Corp Net [21,GS91] R*129.136.rrr.rrr NRCJ NRC-JAPAN Net [39,MS195] R 129.137.rrr.rrr UN-OF-CINCI Univ of Cincinnati [39,RB253] R 129.138.rrr.rrr NMTECH New Mexico Tech [39,MR91] D 129.139.rrr.rrr PICANET Pica Arsenal LAN [39,RFD1] R 129.140.rrr.rrr NSFNET-BB NSFNET-BACKBONE [HWB] D 129.141.rrr.rrr GAFSNET Gunter AFS X.25 Net [BPW1] R*129.142.rrr.rrr DENET Danish Net [JPS21] R*129.143.rrr.rrr BELWUE Baden-Wuertemberg Ext [CL80] C 129.144.rrr.rrr-129.159.rrr.rrr Sun Microsystems, Inc [39,BN4] R*129.160.rrr.rrr SOLARIUM The Radian Net [39,JL152] R*129.161.rrr.rrr HGCGNET HARTFORDGRADCTRGNET [38,AG61] R 129.162.rrr.rrr SWRI-NET SW Rsch Inst Net [RM196] G*129.163.rrr.rrr NASA-JSCSSE NASA JSC Space Sta [21,DGL4] G*129.164.rrr.rrr NASA-SSPOSSE NASA SSPO Space Sta [21,DGL4] G*129.165.rrr.rrr NASA-GSFCSSE NASA GSFC Space Sta [21,DGL4] G*129.166.rrr.rrr NASA-JFKSSE NASA JFK Space Sta [21,DGL4] G*129.167.rrr.rrr NASA-MSFCSSE NASA MSFC Space Sta [21,DGL4] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 14] RFC 1062 Internet Numbers August 1988 G*129.168.rrr.rrr NASA-LRCSSE NASA LRC Space Sta [21,DGL4] R*129.169.rrr.rrr ENG-CAM-UK Eng, Cambridge, UK [39,JMRM] R*129.170.rrr.rrr DART-ETHER Dartmouth Ether [SC59] R 129.171.rrr.rrr MIAMI Univ of Miami [39,HWP2] R*129.172.rrr.rrr ROK Rockwell Intl Corp [TGS6] R*129.173.rrr.rrr DALNET Dalhousie Univ Net [39,JS338] R 129.174.rrr.rrr MASONET The GMU Univ [39,TH15] R*129.175.rrr.rrr PARIS-SUD Paris-Sud-Orsay [RD104] R 129.176.rrr.rrr MAYO Mayo Med Rsch Net [39,GB125] R*129.177.rrr.rrr-129.178.rrr.rrr Norwegian Acad Net [39,PS27] C*129.179.rrr.rrr CDCNET-PROD CDC Corp Net [RAM57] R*129.180.rrr.rrr UNE-CAMPUS UNE Camp Lan [39,GS119] C*129.181.rrr.rrr LV-BULL Louveciennes Bull [OD8] C*129.182.rrr.rrr CL-BULL Les Clayes Bull [JPW11] C*129.183.rrr.rrr EC-BULL Echirolles Bull [JPC17] C*129.184.rrr.rrr PR-BULL Gambetta Bull [FH35] C*129.185.rrr.rrr MY-BULL Massy Bull [MQ7] R 129.186.rrr.rrr CYCLONENET ISU Cyclone Net [39,RD108] R*129.187.rrr.rrr BAVARIAN-NET Bavarian Univ Net [39,WS94] R 129.188.rrr.rrr MOTOROLA Motorola Engineernet [39,CC99] R*129.189.rrr.rrr ICONET-ORC Olivetti Rsch Net [39,DAVE] D*129.190.rrr.rrr ASECC ASECC Facilities Net [RTB8] C*129.191.rrr.rrr NSCO Net Sys Corp [GS123] C 129.192.rrr.rrr ACC-NET ACC Int Net [AB20] C 129.193.rrr.rrr TRW-ED-NET TRW Elec and Def Net [39,GGB2] R*129.194.rrr.rrr UNIGE-CENTER Univ of Geneva-Ctr [12,AS116] R*129.195.rrr.rrr UNIGE-HOP Univ of Geneva-Hosp [12,AS116] C*129.196.rrr.rrr JOHN-FLUKE John Fluke Net [21,JS210] C*129.197.rrr.rrr LMSC-CNU LMSC Net Utility [DD112] D 129.198.rrr.rrr ELAN Edwards AFB LAN [21,DDK1] R*129.199.rrr.rrr ENSNET FNET-ENS-ULM [39,JV53] D*129.200.rrr.rrr DAC-BACK-NET DAC Company Backbone [RAY4] C*129.201.rrr.rrr-129.204.rrr.rrr GE-INTERNET [39,JEB50] R 129.205.rrr.rrr CDCNET Control Data Net [39,JAW34] R*129.206.rrr.rrr HD-NET Heidelberg Net [LB110] R 129.207.rrr.rrr PVAMU-NET Prairie View Univ Net [FE6] R*129.208.rrr.rrr BIRMINGHAM Univ of Birmingham [39,RJH37] D 129.209.rrr.rrr BRL-SECURE BRL Secure Net [DET] R*129.210.rrr.rrr SCU-NET San Clara Univ Net [WD27] C*129.211.rrr.rrr ISCS-NET ISC Sys Internet [21,DS59] R*129.212.rrr.rrr AMDAHL-UTS Amdahl UTS Soft Grp [39,LS136] C*129.213.rrr.rrr BRIDGE Bridge Comms [39,JW196] C*129.214.rrr.rrr PYRAMID-TECH Pyramid Tech Net [39,CD83] R*129.215.rrr.rrr EU-NET Edinburgh Univ [21,WSC5] R 129.216.rrr.rrr NRC-NET NRC Dev Net [39,IHM] R*129.217.rrr.rrr UNIDO-LAN UniDo Camp Net [39,RV32] R*129.218.rrr.rrr UNISYS-SP Unisys Sperry Park [39,SJP10] R 129.219.rrr.rrr ASU-NET Arizona State Net [39,AC85] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 15] RFC 1062 Internet Numbers August 1988 C*129.220.rrr.rrr-129.227.rrr.rrr Unisys Net2 [39,CC129] C*129.228.rrr.rrr WESTINGHOUSE WESTINGHOUSE IP Net [39,CWR4] G 129.229.rrr.rrr USA-CECER USA Corps of Eng [39,DB186] C*129.230.rrr.rrr ARCNET Amoco Rsch Comp Net [SG83] C*129.231.rrr.rrr DIGICOMM-NET Digital Comm Int Net [39,TFB3] R*129.232.rrr.rrr BITNET BITNET II Backbone [LCV] R*129.233.rrr.rrr FHG-IAO IAO Int Net [39,DW139] R*129.234.rrr.rrr DURHAM Durham Camp Net [39,JC288] R*129.235.rrr.rrr SRCNET Honeywell SRC Net [39,CRT4] R 129.236.rrr.rrr LDGO-NET LAMONT-DOHERTY-NET [39,RGB14] R 129.237.rrr.rrr JAYHAWKNET KU Camp Nets [DN32] R 129.238.rrr.rrr AFWL-NET AF Weapons Lab Net [CF57] G*129.239.rrr.rrr HI-CFSG HI Flight Sys [39,LP71] R*129.240.rrr.rrr UIONET Univ Olso Net [39,JT122] R*129.241.rrr.rrr UNITNET Univ Trondheim Net [39,JT122] R*129.242.rrr.rrr UIBNET Univ Bergen Net [39,JT122] G*129.243.rrr.rrr MMAGNET Martin Marietta [39,DR137] R 129.244.rrr.rrr KEHNET Comp Sci and Eng Ether [PLH8] C*129.245.rrr.rrr PAC-BELL Pacific Bell [39,DSP11] D 129.246.rrr.rrr IDA IDA HQ Net [39,MM227] R 129.247.rrr.rrr DFVRL-NET DFVLR-Rsch-NET [39,CR24] C*129.248.rrr.rrr APOLLO Apol Corp Net [NM31] R*129.249.rrr.rrr FX-DEV-NET2 FX Allareas-10MB [39,HH45] R*129.250.rrr.rrr PRPNET PA Rsch Net [39,BE6] D 129.251.rrr.rrr SLAN-BSN Base-Support-Net [LA55] R*129.252.rrr.rrr SCAROLINA SC Rsch Net [21,AY11] C*129.253.rrr.rrr WESDIGCO Western Dig Net [21,39,SD78] R*129.254.rrr.rrr ETRI ETRI Comp Net [39,KH74] 129.255.rrr.rrr Reserved Reserved [JBP] 130.0.rrr.rrr Reserved Reserved [JBP] 130.1.rrr.rrr-191.254.rrr.rrr Unassigned [NIC] *191.255.rrr.rrr Reserved Reserved [JBP] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 16] RFC 1062 Internet Numbers August 1988 Class C Networks * Internet Address Network Name References - ---------------- ------- ---- ---------- 192.0.0.rrr Reserved Reserved [JBP] R 192.0.1.rrr BBN-TEST-C BBN-GATE-TEST-C [RH6] R*192.0.2.rrr TEST TEST [JBP] 192.0.3.rrr-192.0.255.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R 192.1.2.rrr-192.1.4.rrr BBN Local Nets [SGC] R 192.1.5.rrr BBN-ENET2 BBN-ENET2 [SGC] R 192.1.6.rrr BBN-LAN1 BBN Local Net 1 [SGC] R 192.1.7.rrr BBN-LAN2 BBN Local Net 2 [SGC] R 192.1.8.rrr BBN-LAN3 BBN Local Net 3 [SGC] R 192.1.9.rrr BBN-ENET3 BBN-ENET3 [SGC] R 192.1.10.rrr BBN-NETR BBN-NETR [SGC] R 192.1.11.rrr BBN-SPC-ENET BBN-SPC-ENET [SGC] R 192.1.12.rrr-192.3.255.rrr BBN Local Nets [SGC] R 192.4.0.rrr-192.4.255.rrr BELLCORE-NET [39,PK28] 192.5.0.rrr Reserved Reserved [JBP] R 192.5.1.rrr CISLHYPERNET Honeywell [JLM23] R*192.5.2.rrr UF-NET-A UF-CIS Dept Ether [AW48] C 192.5.3.rrr HP-DESIGN-AIDS HP Des Aids [AG67] C 192.5.4.rrr HP-TCG-UNIX HP TCG Unix [AG67] R 192.5.5.rrr DEC-MRNET DEC Marlboro Ether [39,JM60] R 192.5.6.rrr DEC-MRRAD DEC Marlboro Dev [39,JM60] R 192.5.7.rrr CIT-CS-NET Caltech-CS-Net [41,CS2] R 192.5.8.rrr MACOMNET MACOM Net [SB90] R 192.5.9.rrr AERONET Aero Labnet [1,LCN] R 192.5.10.rrr ECLNET USC-ECL-Camp-NET [MAB4] R 192.5.11.rrr CSS-RING SEISMIC-Rsch-NET [RA11] R 192.5.12.rrr UTAH-NET-C UTAH-Comp-Sci-NET [GW22] R 192.5.13.rrr GSWDNET Compion Net [39,FAS] R 192.5.14.rrr RAND-NET RAND Net [39,JDG] R 192.5.15.rrr T NYU-NET-TEMP NYU Net [EF5] R 192.5.16.rrr LANLLAND Los Alamos Dev LAN [39,JC11] R 192.5.17.rrr NRL-NET Naval Rsch Lab [MPM] R 192.5.18.rrr IPTO-NET ARPA-IPTO Off Net [JS283] R 192.5.19.rrr UCIICS UCI-ICS Rsch Net [RAJ3] R 192.5.20.rrr CISLTTYNET Honeywell [JLM23] D 192.5.21.rrr BRLNET1 BRLNET1 [4,MJM2] D 192.5.22.rrr BRLNET2 BRLNET2 [4,MJM2] D 192.5.23.rrr BRLNET3 BRLNET3 [4,MJM2] D 192.5.24.rrr BRLNET4 BRLNET4 [4,MJM2] D 192.5.25.rrr BRLNET5 BRLNET5 [4,MJM2] D 192.5.26.rrr NSRDCOA-NET NSRDC Off Auto Net [RWT2] D 192.5.27.rrr DTNSRDC-NET DTNSRDC-NET [RWT2] R 192.5.28.rrr RSRE-NULL RSRE-NULL [RNM1] R 192.5.29.rrr RSRE-ACC RSRE-ACC [RNM1] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 17] RFC 1062 Internet Numbers August 1988 R 192.5.30.rrr RSRE-PR RSRE-PR [RNM1] R*192.5.31.rrr SIEMENS-NET Siemens Rsch Net [PN23] R 192.5.32.rrr CISLTESTNET2 Honeywell [17,18,JLM23] R 192.5.33.rrr CISLTESTNET3 Honeywell [17,18,JLM23] R 192.5.34.rrr CISLTESTNET4 Honeywell [17,18,JLM23] R 192.5.35.rrr RIACS-NET RIACS-NET [39,WPJ] R 192.5.36.rrr CORNELL-CS Cornell CS Research [39,DK2] R 192.5.37.rrr UR-CS-NET U of R CS 3Mb Net [39,LB16] R 192.5.38.rrr SRI-C3ETHER SRI-AITAD C3Ether [39,VDC1] R 192.5.39.rrr UDEL-EECIS Udel EECIS LAN [39,DJG2] R 192.5.40.rrr PUCC-NET-A Purdue Comp Ctr Net [JRS8] D 192.5.41.rrr WISLAN WIS Rsch LAN [39,JRM1] D 192.5.42.rrr HYPER-1ISG AFDSC Hypernet [MCA1] R 192.5.43.rrr CUCSNET Columbia CS Net [39,BC14] R 192.5.44.rrr FARBER-PC-NET Farber PC Net [DJF] R 192.5.45.rrr FCCC Fox Chase Cancer Ctr [RKS1] R 192.5.46.rrr NTA-RING NDRE-RING [PS27] R 192.5.47.rrr NSRDC NSRDC [RWT2] R 192.5.48.rrr PURDUE-CS-NET Purdue CS ProNET [DT50] C 192.5.49.rrr TISW-NET TISW Net [HKO] R 192.5.50.rrr CTH-CS-NET Chalmers CSN Net [39,UB3] R 192.5.51.rrr THEORYNET Cornell Theory Ctr [39,AB13] R 192.5.52.rrr NLM-ETHER NLM-LHNCBC-Ether [JA1] R 192.5.53.rrr UR-CS-ETHER U of R CS 10Mb Net [39,LB16] R 192.5.54.rrr AERO-A6 Aero-A6 [1,LCN] R 192.5.55.rrr UCLA-CECS UCLA-CECS Net [39,RBW] C 192.5.56.rrr TARTAN-NET Tartan Labs [ED38] R 192.5.57.rrr UDEL-CC UDEL Comp Ctr [39,RR18] R 192.5.58.rrr CSNET-PDN CSNET X.25 Net [22,RDR4] R*192.5.59.rrr INRIA-SM90 Inria GIP SM-90 [MS171] R*192.5.60.rrr SM90-X1 Inria SM-90 Exp 1 [MS171] R*192.5.61.rrr SM90-X2 Inria SM-90 Exp 2 [MS171] R*192.5.62.rrr LITP-SM90 LITP SM-90 [MS171] R 192.5.63.rrr ENCORE-TEMP Encore-Marlboro [IRN] R 192.5.64.rrr AMES-NAS-NET NASA ARC NAS LAN [39,MF31] R 192.5.65.rrr NPRDC-ETHER NPRDC TRCF Ether [LRB] R 192.5.66.rrr HARV-NET Harvard Comp Sci Net [SB28] R 192.5.67.rrr CECOM-ETHER CECOM ADDCOMPE ETHER [39,GIH] R 192.5.68.rrr AERO-130 Aero-130 [LCN] R 192.5.69.rrr UIUC-NET Univ of IL at Urbana [39,AKC] G 192.5.70.rrr CELAN COINS Exp LAN [RLS6] R 192.5.71.rrr SAC-ETHER SAC C3 Ether [39,VDC1] 192.5.72.rrr-192.5.83.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R*192.5.84.rrr-192.5.87.rrr Univ of Chicago [MC17] R 192.5.88.rrr YALE-EE-NET YALE-EE-NET [39,AG22] R 192.5.89.rrr HARV-APOLLO Harvard Univ [2,SB28] R 192.5.90.rrr HARV-ETHER Harvard CS Ethernet [2,SB28] R 192.5.91.rrr PURDUE-ECN1 Purdue ECN [10,20,GG11] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 18] RFC 1062 Internet Numbers August 1988 R 192.5.92.rrr BRAGG-ETHER SRI Bragg Ether [39,GIH] R 192.5.93.rrr SRI-DEMO SRI Ether Demo [39,GIH] R*192.5.94.rrr SDCRDCF-10MB SDC R&D Prim Net [39,DJV1] R*192.5.95.rrr SDCRDCF-3MB SDC R&D Old Net [39,DJV1] R*192.5.96.rrr UBC-CS-NET UBC Comp Sci Net [39,PB67] R*192.5.97.rrr UCLA-CS-LNI UCLA CS LNI Net [RBW] R*192.5.98.rrr UCLA-PIC UCLA PIC Net [39,RBW] R 192.5.99.rrr SPACENET S-1 WorkSta Net [39,TW51] R 192.5.100.rrr HCSC-NET Honeywell CSC Net [39,TRG4] R 192.5.101.rrr PUCC-NET-B Purdue Gw Net [JRS8] R 192.5.102.rrr PUCC-RHF-NET PUCC RHF Based Net [JRS8] C*192.5.103.rrr TYM-NTD-NET Tymnet NTD Ether [SMF5] R 192.5.104.rrr THINK-INET Thinking Machs [39,BJN1] R 192.5.105.rrr CCA-POND CCA Ether1 (POND) [42,AL6] C*192.5.106.rrr BITSTREAM Bitstream Type Found [39,PGA1] R*192.5.107.rrr PASC-ETHER IBM PASC Ether [39,GAL5] R*192.5.108.rrr PASC-BB IBM PASC BRdband [39,GAL5] R*192.5.109.rrr CWR-JCC-T ARJCC TOPS-20 Net [39,JAG3] R*192.5.110.rrr CWR-JCC-L ARJCC Local Net [39,JAG3] R*192.5.111.rrr CWR-QUAD Campus Quad Net [39,JAG3] R*192.5.112.rrr CWR-CAISR CAISR Local Net [39,JAG3] R*192.5.113.rrr CWR-CES CES Local Net [39,JAG3] C*192.5.114.rrr I2-RING-1 Intermetrics Pronet [39,NH2] C*192.5.115.rrr I2-ETHER-1 Intermetrics Ether [39,NH2] R 192.5.116.rrr BRAGGNET-1 BRAGG/ADDCOMPE [39,BG25] R 192.5.117.rrr BRAGGNET-2 BRAGG/ADDCOMPE [39,BG25] R 192.5.118.rrr BRAGGNET-3 BRAGG/ADDCOMPE [39,BG25] R 192.5.119.rrr BRAGGNET-4 BRAGG/ADDCOMPE [39,BG25] R 192.5.120.rrr BRAGGNET-5 BRAGG/ADDCOMPE [39,BG25] R 192.5.121.rrr BRAGGNET-6 BRAGG/ADDCOMPE [39,BG25] R 192.5.122.rrr BRAGGNET-7 BRAGG/ADDCOMPE [39,BG25] R 192.5.123.rrr BRAGGNET-8 BRAGG/ADDCOMPE [39,BG25] R 192.5.124.rrr BRAGGNET-9 BRAGG/ADDCOMPE [39,BG25] R 192.5.125.rrr BRAGGNET-10 BRAGG/ADDCOMPE [39,BG25] R 192.5.126.rrr BRAGGNET-11 BRAGG/ADDCOMPE [39,BG25] R 192.5.127.rrr BRAGGNET-12 BRAGG/ADDCOMPE [39,BG25] R 192.5.128.rrr BRAGGNET-13 BRAGG/ADDCOMPE [39,BG25] R 192.5.129.rrr BRAGGNET-14 BRAGG/ADDCOMPE [39,BG25] R 192.5.130.rrr BRAGGNET-15 BRAGG/ADDCOMPE [39,BG25] R 192.5.131.rrr BRAGGNET-16 BRAGG/ADDCOMPE [39,BG25] R 192.5.132.rrr BRAGGNET-17 BRAGG/ADDCOMPE [39,BG25] R*192.5.133.rrr PERCEPT-AI Perceptronics [KC8] C*192.5.134.rrr I2-ETHER-2 Intermetrics Ether-2 [39,NH2] R 192.5.135.rrr LL-SPEECH-NET LL Speech Net [39,RH60] R 192.5.136.rrr LL43-LEX-BACK Lincoln G43-LEX-BACK [39,BC65] R 192.5.137.rrr LL43-LEX-SUNA Lincoln G43-LEX-SUNA [39,BC65] R 192.5.138.rrr LL43-LEX-SUNB Lincoln G43-LEX-SUNB [39,BC65] R 192.5.139.rrr LL43-LEX-APO Lincoln G43-LEX-APO [39,BC65] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 19] RFC 1062 Internet Numbers August 1988 R 192.5.140.rrr LL43-TB-BACK Lincoln G43-TB-BACK [39,BC65] R 192.5.141.rrr LL43-TB-APO Lincoln G43-TB-APO [39,BC65] R*192.5.142.rrr CCVR CCVR Net [39,RD91] R 192.5.143.rrr NWU NORTHWESTERN [AS62] R 192.5.144.rrr CRC-ENET CANADA-CRC-Ether [JR17] R 192.5.145.rrr ECRC-SL ECRC-SL Net [PD39] R 192.5.146.rrr CPW-PSC Pittsburgh SC Ctr [ML62] R 192.5.147.rrr ALV-ETHER MMDAALVVAX [LJR5] R 192.5.148.rrr DISE Dist Sys Eval Envir [RHS16] R 192.5.149.rrr RDL-ETHER RDL [39,MS172] G*192.5.150.rrr SP-ACE-NET Sperry Space Sys [39,JM304] R 192.5.151.rrr PENN-STATE-1 Penn State Net [SJS11] R 192.5.152.rrr PENN-STATE-2 Penn State Net [SJS11] R 192.5.153.rrr PENN-STATE-3 Penn State Net [SJS11] R 192.5.154.rrr PENN-STATE-4 Penn State Net [SJS11] R 192.5.155.rrr PENN-STATE-5 Penn State Net [SJS11] R 192.5.156.rrr PENN-STATE-6 Penn State Net [SJS11] R 192.5.157.rrr PENN-STATE-7 Penn State Net [SJS11] R 192.5.158.rrr PENN-STATE-8 Penn State Net [SJS11] R 192.5.159.rrr PENN-STATE-9 Penn State Net [SJS11] R 192.5.160.rrr PENN-STATE-10 Penn State Net [SJS11] R 192.5.161.rrr PENN-STATE-11 Penn State Net [SJS11] R 192.5.162.rrr PENN-STATE-12 Penn State Net [SJS11] C*192.5.163.rrr I2-SPDNET-1 I2 SPD Ether [39,NH2] C 192.5.164.rrr GTEECN GTE Eng Net [39,JEE4] R 192.5.165.rrr SDC-CAM-1 SDC Camarillo R&D Net [DSR] R*192.5.166.rrr CRC-WDC-NET CRC Wash DC [GEOF] R 192.5.167.rrr MCC-AI-NET MCC AI Subnet [39,CBD] R 192.5.168.rrr MCC-CAD2-NET MCC CAD2 Subnet [39,CBD] R 192.5.169.rrr MCC-PKG-NET MCC PKG Subnet [39,CBD] G 192.5.170.rrr ANLNET1 Argonne Net [39,LW26] G 192.5.171.rrr ANLNET2 Argonne Net [39,LW26] G 192.5.172.rrr ANLNET3 Argonne Net [39,LW26] G 192.5.173.rrr ANLNET4 Argonne Net [39,LW26] G 192.5.174.rrr ANLNET5 Argonne Net [39,LW26] G 192.5.175.rrr ANLNET6 Argonne Net [39,LW26] G 192.5.176.rrr ANLNET7 Argonne Net [39,LW26] G 192.5.177.rrr ANLNET8 Argonne Net [39,LW26] G 192.5.178.rrr ANLNET9 Argonne Net [39,LW26] G 192.5.179.rrr ANLNET10 Argonne Net [39,LW26] G 192.5.180.rrr ANLNET11 Argonne Net [39,LW26] G 192.5.181.rrr ANLNET12 Argonne Net [39,LW26] G 192.5.182.rrr ANLNET13 Argonne Net [39,LW26] G 192.5.183.rrr ANLNET14 Argonne Net [39,LW26] G 192.5.184.rrr ANLNET15 Argonne Net [39,LW26] G 192.5.185.rrr ANLNET16 Argonne Net [39,LW26] G 192.5.186.rrr ANLNET17 Argonne Net [39,LW26] G 192.5.187.rrr ANLNET18 Argonne Net [39,LW26] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 20] RFC 1062 Internet Numbers August 1988 G 192.5.188.rrr ANLNET19 Argonne Net [39,LW26] G 192.5.189.rrr ANLNET20 Argonne Net [39,LW26] G 192.5.190.rrr ANLNET21 Argonne Net [39,LW26] G 192.5.191.rrr ANLNET22 Argonne Net [39,LW26] G 192.5.192.rrr ANLNET23 Argonne Net [39,LW26] G 192.5.193.rrr ANLNET24 Argonne Net [39,LW26] G 192.5.194.rrr ANLNET25 Argonne Net [39,LW26] G 192.5.195.rrr ANLNET26 Argonne Net [39,LW26] G 192.5.196.rrr ANLNET27 Argonne Net [39,LW26] G 192.5.197.rrr ANLNET28 Argonne Net [39,LW26] G 192.5.198.rrr ANLNET29 Argonne Net [39,LW26] G 192.5.199.rrr ANLNET30 Argonne Net [39,LW26] G 192.5.200.rrr ANLNET31 Argonne Net [39,LW26] G 192.5.201.rrr ANLNET32 Argonne Net [39,LW26] R 192.5.202.rrr FMC-CEL FMC-CEL Host Net [39,KW2] R*192.5.203.rrr OKSTATE-CS Okla State CS Net [39,MV24] R 192.5.204.rrr SKL-ENET Canada-SKL-Ether [JR17] R*192.5.205.rrr ARC-CALGARY Alta Rsch Calgary [DK66] R 192.5.206.rrr BU-MATHNET BU-MATHNET [BS24] R 192.5.207.rrr BU-CHEMNET BU-CHEMNET [BS24] R 192.5.208.rrr BU-CLANET BU-CLANET [BS24] D 192.5.209.rrr SSDF-CDCNET DCD-DDN-Dev [RE22] G 192.5.210.rrr ECSNET Embedded Comp Sys Net [CAL7] R 192.5.211.rrr INTEL-IWARP Intel Iwarp Net [39,BT4] R 192.5.212.rrr T EMORY-INET4 Emory Internet 4 [AR60] R 192.5.213.rrr HARRIS Harris-GSSNet [DAT4] C 192.5.214.rrr DECUACNET Decuac Net [39,FMA1] R 192.5.215.rrr MASONNET GMU Net [39,TH15] R*192.5.216.rrr NTT-NET NTT Rsch Lab Net [39,YS10] R 192.5.217.rrr YALE-ZOO-NET Yale Apol Ed Net [HML1] D 192.5.218.rrr ARINC-GW-NET ARINC-Gw Net [YN] R 192.5.219.rrr CLEMSON Clemson Univ Comp Ctr [DB28] C 192.5.220.rrr SCCNET SPACECOM IP Net [39,MJO4] C*192.5.221.rrr CSC-LONS CSC-LONS Net [39,GG43] C*192.5.222.rrr CSC-OIS CSC-OIS Net [39,GG43] R*192.5.223.rrr HWELL-RE HWELL-RESD-ENGRG [39,PP36] D*192.5.224.rrr HAIC-NET Hughes AI Ctr Net [39,DMK18] C*192.5.225.rrr-192.5.236.rrr GE Calma Block [39,TR38] 192.5.237.rrr Unassigned Unassigned [NIC] C*192.5.238.rrr PALLADIAN-1 Palladian-IN1 [CSTACY] C*192.5.239.rrr PALLADIAN-2 Palladian-RING [CSTACY] C*192.5.240.rrr PALLADIAN-3 Palladian-IN2 [CSTACY] R 192.5.241.rrr USC-CYPRESS USC Cypress Net [6,DE6] C*192.5.242.rrr MOT-ASIC Motorola Chandler LAN [GW49] C*192.5.243.rrr MOT-MESA Motorola Mesa LAN [GW49] C*192.5.244.rrr MOT-DOVER Motorola Dover LAN [GW49] C*192.5.245.rrr MOT-PRICE Motorola Price Rd LAN [GW49] C*192.5.246.rrr MOT-PICO Motorola Pico LAN [GW49] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 21] RFC 1062 Internet Numbers August 1988 C*192.5.247.rrr MOT-52ND Motorola Semi MIS LAN [GW49] C*192.5.248.rrr MOT-AUSTIN Motorola Austin LAN [GW49] C*192.5.249.rrr MOT-OAKHILL Motorola Oakhill LAN [GW49] C*192.5.250.rrr MOT-TELAVIV Motorola Tel Aviv LAN [GW49] C*192.5.251.rrr MOT-GENEVA Motorola Geneva LAN [GW49] C*192.5.252.rrr MOT-TOKYO Motorola Tokyo LAN [GW49] C*192.5.253.rrr MOT-HONGKONG Motorola Hongkong LAN [GW49] R*192.5.254.rrr ANSA ANSA Project [39,DO27] 192.5.255.rrr Reserved Reserved [JBP] C*192.6.0.rrr-192.6.200.rrr Hewlett Packard [AG67] R 192.6.201.rrr UTSANANTONIO UT San Antonio [LSV] C*192.6.202.rrr-192.6.255.rrr Hewlett Packard [AG67] C*192.7.0.rrr-192.7.255.rrr Computer Consoles, Inc [RA11] C*192.8.0.rrr-192.8.255.rrr Spartacus Inc [FJK2] C*192.9.0.rrr-192.9.255.rrr SUN Microsystems, Inc [BN4] C*192.10.0.rrr-192.10.40.rrr Symbolics, Inc [CH2] 192.10.41.rrr Unassigned Unassigned [NIC] C*192.10.42.rrr-192.10.255.rrr Symbolics, Inc [CH2] C*192.11.0.rrr-192.11.255.rrr ATT, Bell Lab [MH82] R 192.12.0.rrr YALE-SUN-NET YALE-SUN-NET [LFO] R*192.12.1.rrr SUSSEX-CSNET Sussex Comp Sci Net [PT26] R*192.12.2.rrr AMDAHL Amdahl UTS Dev Grp [LCN2] C*192.12.3.rrr FLAIR Fairchild AI Lab Net [39,AMS1] C*192.12.4.rrr SCG-NET Hughes SCG Net [40,MKP2] R 192.12.5.rrr AIC-LISPMS SRI-AIC-LISPMachNET [39,PM4] R 192.12.6.rrr NPS-C2 NPS-C2 [39,DW15] R 192.12.7.rrr NYU-CS-ETHER NYU CompSci Ethernet [39,LOU] D 192.12.8.rrr PICANET1 Pica Arsenal LAN1 [39,RFD1] 192.12.9.rrr Unassigned Unassigned [NIC] R 192.12.10.rrr CORNELL-ENG Cornell-Engineering [39,DK2] R 192.12.11.rrr MIT-TEST MIT Gw Test Net [39,NC3] 192.12.12.rrr Unassigned Unassigned [NIC] R 192.12.13.rrr JHU-NET1 JHU-NET1 [39,MJO7] R 192.12.14.rrr JHU-NET2 JHU-NET2 [39,MJO7] R 192.12.15.rrr BROOKNET BNL Brooknet III [39,GC] R 192.12.16.rrr PRMNET SRI-SURAN-EN [39,PEM4] G 192.12.17.rrr LLL-TIS-NET LLL-TIS-NET [39,40,NAL] R 192.12.18.rrr CIT-CS-10NET Caltech 10Meg Ether [41,AD22] R 192.12.19.rrr CIT-NET Caltech Camp Net [41,AD22] R 192.12.20.rrr CIT-SUN-NET Caltech Sun Net [41,AD22] R 192.12.21.rrr CIT-PHYSCOMP Caltech Phys Comp [41,AD22] R 192.12.22.rrr UTCSRES UTCS Net Rsch [39,JSQ1] R 192.12.23.rrr UTCSTTY UTCS TTY Kludgenet [39,JSQ1] R 192.12.24.rrr MICANET MITRE-Exp [WDL] R 192.12.25.rrr CSS-GRAMINAE CSS WorkSta Net [19,RR2] R 192.12.26.rrr NOSC-NETR Net-R Testbed at BBN [34,CP10] R 192.12.27.rrr UR-LASER UR Laser Energetics [39,WL31] R*192.12.28.rrr RIACS RIACS-Exp-Net [DG28] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 22] RFC 1062 Internet Numbers August 1988 D 192.12.29.rrr RF-EVANS ADDCOMPE DC3 LAN1 [39,MB31] D 192.12.30.rrr RF-HEX-A ADDCOMPE DC3 LAN2 [39,MB31] D 192.12.31.rrr USNA-ENET USNA Eng NEt [39,TS9] R*192.12.32.rrr CMU-VINEYARD CMU File Cluster Net [39,MK68] R 192.12.33.rrr SRI-CSL-NET SRI-CSL 10MB Ether [TONY] C*192.12.34.rrr-192.12.43.rrr Schlumberger PA Net [39,SL10] R 192.12.44.rrr NRTC-NET Northrop Rsch Net [39,RSM1] R 192.12.45.rrr ACC-SB-IMP-NET ACC San Barb C/30 IMP [AB20] R 192.12.46.rrr ACC-SB-ETHER ACC San Barb Ether [AB20] 192.12.47.rrr Unassigned Unassigned [NIC] G 192.12.48.rrr AMES-ED-EXPNET Code ED Exp Net [39,MSM1] G 192.12.49.rrr AMES-ED-NET Code ED IP Net [39,MSM1] G 192.12.50.rrr AMES-DB-NET Ames DBridge Net [39,MSM1] R 192.12.51.rrr THINK-CHAOS TMC Chaos [39,BJN1] R*192.12.52.rrr NEURO-NET NEURO-NET [39,JXB] R*192.12.53.rrr PU-LCA Princeton Univ LCA [39,CYH] R 192.12.54.rrr AERO-A3 Aero-A3 [LCN] R 192.12.55.rrr HAZ-LPR-BETA Hazeltine LPR Net [39,KO11] R 192.12.56.rrr UTAH-AP-NET Utah-Apol-Ring-Net [JL15] R 192.12.57.rrr MCC-CAD-NET MCC CAD Subnet [39,CBD] R 192.12.58.rrr MCC-PP-NET MCC AI Subnet [39,CBD] R 192.12.59.rrr MCC-DB-NET MCC DB Subnet [39,CBD] R 192.12.60.rrr MCC-HI-NET MCC HI Subnet [39,CBD] R 192.12.61.rrr MCC-SW-NET MCC SW Subnet [39,CBD] R 192.12.62.rrr DREA-ENET DREA Lispm & Vaxen [39,GLH5] R 192.12.63.rrr CYPRESS CYPRESS Serial Net [CAK] D 192.12.64.rrr LOGNET Logistics Net GW [4,JR15] D 192.12.65.rrr HELNET1 HELNET1 [39,MJM2] D 192.12.66.rrr HELNET2 HELNET2 [39,MJM2] D 192.12.67.rrr HELNET3 HELNET3 [39,MJM2] G 192.12.68.rrr ORNL-MSRNET ORNL Local Area Net [4,THD] R 192.12.69.rrr UA-CS-NET Univ of Ariz CS Dept [39,PAK6] R 192.12.70.rrr NPRDC-IPD NPRDC-IPD Rem Ether [LRB] R 192.12.71.rrr NPRDC-ISG NPRDC-ISG Rem Ether [LRB] R 192.12.72.rrr ULCC UK.AC.ULCC [RHC3] R 192.12.73.rrr BTRL UK.CO.BT-Rsch-LABS [RHC3] R*192.12.74.rrr APPLE-ETHER Apple Comp Ether [39,TM86] R*192.12.75.rrr PASC-RING IBM PASC Token Ring [GAL5] R*192.12.76.rrr UQ-NET Univ of Qld Net [39,AKH5] 192.12.77.rrr Unassigned Unassigned [NIC] C*192.12.78.rrr GENNET Genentech Net [39,SM96] C*192.12.79.rrr SLI Soft Leverage Inc [MG58] R 192.12.80.rrr CAEN UMICH-CAEN [HWB] R 192.12.81.rrr YALE-RING-NET Yale Rsch Ring [HML1] C 192.12.82.rrr CU-CC-NET Columbia CC Net [39,BC14] G 192.12.83.rrr UCDLA-EXNET UCDLA Exp Net [CL64] G 192.12.84.rrr UCDLA-PCNET UCDLA Personal Net [CL64] G 192.12.85.rrr UCDLA-OPNET UCDLA Optical Disk [CL64] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 23] RFC 1062 Internet Numbers August 1988 G 192.12.86.rrr UCDLA-RADNET UCDLA Pck Rad [CL64] G 192.12.87.rrr UCDLA-CSLNET UCDLA State Library [CL64] R*192.12.88.rrr RUTGERS-NWK Rutgers, Newark [DB150] R 192.12.89.rrr SBCS-CSDEPT-1 SB Comp Sci [JS268] R 192.12.90.rrr SBCS-CSDEPT-2 SB Comp Sci [JS268] R 192.12.91.rrr RPICSNET0 RPICS-LOCALNET-0 [MS9] R 192.12.92.rrr RPICSNET1 RPICS-LOCALNET-1 [MS9] C*192.12.93.rrr TYMNET-MDC TYMNET-McDonnellDC [TDM8] R 192.12.94.rrr ROCKWELL-AI Rockwell Palo Alto [BMW7] C*192.12.95.rrr NNWSI SAIC NNWSI Net [EJ12] R*192.12.96.rrr SUPELEC-GIF Reseau Supelec Gif [DC159] C 192.12.97.rrr IND-NTC NTC ARPA Test Net [AB98] R 192.12.98.rrr SHIRBAY-ENET Shirley Bay Site LA [TS31] C*192.12.99.rrr FCSL-NET Ferranti CSL [SA47] D 192.12.100.rrr OOG1 OO/ALC-SC-Gw1 [JD86] R*192.12.101.rrr OSU-CGRG OSU Comp Graphics [39,KS62] G 192.12.102.rrr AMES-NAS-HY AMES NAS HY Net [MSM1] R 192.12.103.rrr CSU-USC-ETHER Colo State Univ Nets [RB218] R 192.12.104.rrr CSU-NREL-ETHER Colo State Univ Nets [RB218] R 192.12.105.rrr CSU-CAMPUS-ASYNC Colo State Univ Nets [RB218] R 192.12.106.rrr CSU-LANCE-PRONET Colo State Univ Nets [RB218] R 192.12.107.rrr CSU-ATMOS-ETHER Colo State Univ Nets [RB218] R 192.12.108.rrr CSU-UCC-ETHER Colo State Univ Nets [RB218] R*192.12.109.rrr-192.12.118.rrr Colo State Univ Nets [RB218] C*192.12.119.rrr XYPLEX Xyplex Eng [DP91] D 192.12.120.rrr MITRE-B-NET MITRE Bedford Ether [BSW] R*192.12.121.rrr FSUCS FSU Comp Sci 1 [TB4] R*192.12.122.rrr FSUCS2 FSU Comp Sci 2 [TB4] G 192.12.123.rrr AMES-CCF-NET AMES CCF Net [39,MSM1] D 192.12.124.rrr ETL-LAN ETL Local Area Net [39,WWS] D 192.12.125.rrr CRDEC-NET1 CRDEC-NET1 [39,JY11] D 192.12.126.rrr CRDEC-NET2 CRDEC-NET2 [39,JY11] R 192.12.127.rrr LL-MI-NET LL-Mach Intell [39,GAA] R 192.12.128.rrr ISTC-ADMIN SRI-ISTC Admin Net [39,VDC1] C*192.12.129.rrr SYM-CAN Symbolics/Canada [MMH5] R 192.12.130.rrr SDC-SM SDC San Monica [CAS] R 192.12.131.rrr SAC-ADMIN SRI-SAC Admin Net [39,KMC3] R 192.12.132.rrr LLL-MON LLL Open Labnet-1 [39,LL64] R 192.12.133.rrr LLL-TUES LLL Open Labnet-2 [39,LL64] R 192.12.134.rrr LLL-WED LLL Open Labnet-3 [39,LL64] R 192.12.135.rrr LLL-THU LLL Open Labnet-4 [39,LL64] R 192.12.136.rrr LLL-FRI LLL Open Labnet-5 [39,LL64] R 192.12.137.rrr LLL-SAT LLL Open Labnet-6 [39,LL64] R 192.12.138.rrr LLL-SUN LLL Open Labnet-7 [39,LL64] D 192.12.139.rrr JTELS-BEN-GW JUMPS Teleprocessing [RR26] R*192.12.140.rrr INFERENCE INFERENCE [DGT6] R 192.12.141.rrr CSS-ETHER CSS WorkSta Net 2 [RA11] C*192.12.142.rrr SENTRY Sentry Adv Prod Net [LL56] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 24] RFC 1062 Internet Numbers August 1988 C*192.12.143.rrr VSHIC-NET Sentry VSHIC Test [LL56] R 192.12.144.rrr ECRCNET ECRC Internet [39,PD39] C*192.12.145.rrr-192.12.154.rrr RCA-CADNET [39,RG92] C*192.12.155.rrr-192.12.170.rrr MTCS-CUST [SF41] D 192.12.171.rrr PICANET2 Picatinny Arsenal 2 [RFD1] R 192.12.172.rrr ROCKWELLENET Rockwell Ether [NG] R 192.12.173.rrr AERO-D8 Aero-D8 [LCN] R*192.12.174.rrr-192.12.183.rrr TORONTO [39,BD55] R 192.12.184.rrr DSPO-NET BRL Hyper Proj Net [BT5] R 192.12.185.rrr BOSTONU-NET Boston Univ Net [BS24] R 192.12.186.rrr BU-ACCNET BU Academic [BS24] R 192.12.187.rrr BU-BROADB BU Broadband [BS24] R 192.12.188.rrr BU-SCINET BU Science [BS24] R 192.12.189.rrr BU-ENGNET BU Engineering [BS24] R 192.12.190.rrr BU-DSGNET BU Dist Sys [BS24] R 192.12.191.rrr BU-MEDNET BU Med School [BS24] R 192.12.192.rrr CNUCE-LAN1 CNR Pisa Ether [ABB2] R 192.12.193.rrr CNUCE-LAN2 CNR Pisa Ether [ABB2] R 192.12.194.rrr CNUCE-LAN3 CNR Pisa Ether [ABB2] R 192.12.195.rrr SDC-PRC-NET SDC Paoli R&D Cr [MS22] 192.12.196.rrr Unassigned Unassigned [NIC] D 192.12.197.rrr ACATT-ETHER1 ADEA/CECOM Adv Tech [39,ERK3] D 192.12.198.rrr ACATT-ETHER2 ADEA/CECOM Adv Tech [39,ERK3] D 192.12.199.rrr LEWIS-ETHER1 ADEA/SRI Ft. Lewis [39,ERK3] D 192.12.200.rrr SRI-PSON-10 ADEA/SRI Ft. Lewis [39,ERK3] D 192.12.201.rrr SRI-PSON-11 ADEA/SRI Ft. Lewis [39,ERK3] D 192.12.202.rrr SRI-PSON-12 ADEA/SRI Ft. Lewis [39,ERK3] D 192.12.203.rrr SRI-PSON-13 ADEA/SRI Ft. Lewis [39,ERK3] D 192.12.204.rrr SRI-PSON-14 ADEA/SRI Ft. Lewis [39,ERK3] R 192.12.205.rrr OHIO-STATE1 Ohio State Univ [RSD2] R 192.12.206.rrr INDIANA Indiana-Bloomington [BS69] R 192.12.207.rrr SUPERCOMP SDSC-Supercomputer [GKN1] G*192.12.208.rrr SUN-IPC SUN-IPC Net [BT5] R 192.12.209.rrr NSF NSF Int Net [FW17] D 192.12.210.rrr FSTC Army FSTC Net [BB64] R 192.12.211.rrr JVNC NSF/JVNC Net [HGH1] R 192.12.212.rrr RAND-NET2 RAND-NET2 [JDG] R 192.12.213.rrr RAND-NET3 RAND-NET3 [JDG] R*192.12.214.rrr BUFFALO-CS SUNY/Buffalo-CS-Ether [CFD4] R 192.12.215.rrr XDRENET DRE X.25 Component [JR17] R 192.12.216.rrr STEVENS-TECH Stevens Inst of Tech [39,RCM9] R 192.12.217.rrr T EMORY-INET1 Emory Internet [39,AR60] R 192.12.218.rrr T EMORY-INET2 Emory Internet [39,AR60] R 192.12.219.rrr T EMORY-INET3 Emory Internet [39,AR60] R 192.12.220.rrr-192.12.234.rrr UWISC-IPNET [39,EJN1] R*192.12.235.rrr IDA-NET Comp Sc Linkoping S [MSA1] R 192.12.236.rrr CITNET CIT Camp Net [39,CBR2] R 192.12.237.rrr HCSC-APOLLO Honeywell CSC Apol [2,TRG4] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 25] RFC 1062 Internet Numbers August 1988 R*192.12.238.rrr CU-BOULDER CU Boulder Camp [39,DCMW] R*192.12.239.rrr CU-ACS CU ACS Net [39,DCMW] R*192.12.240.rrr CU-ENGINEER CU Eng Net [39,DCMW] R*192.12.241.rrr CU-SUNNET CU Sun Net [39,DCMW] R*192.12.242.rrr CU-CER CU CER Net [39,DCMW] R*192.12.243.rrr CU-OT CU Off Tower [39,DCMW] R*192.12.244.rrr CU-ENTERPRISE CU ECE Sun Net [39,DCMW] R*192.12.245.rrr CU-LASP CU LASP Net [39,DCMW] R*192.12.246.rrr CU-BOULDER CU JILA Net [39,DCMW] R*192.12.247.rrr TROTTINET Phy Inst Univ-Zuerich [US2] R 192.12.248.rrr ATD1 Harris ATD Net [TS14] R 192.12.249.rrr ATD2 Harris ATD Net [TS14] R 192.12.250.rrr MRNET Minn Reg Net [BTK1] C*192.12.251.rrr CDCNET-SDD CDC SDD Test Net [RAM57] R*192.12.252.rrr LL-VENET1 LLs Venet1 [39,BC65] R*192.12.253.rrr LL-VENET2 LLs Venet2 [39,BC65] R*192.12.254.rrr LL-APOLLO LLs Apol [39,BC65] R*192.12.255.rrr LL-ENET LLs Enet [39,BC65] D 192.13.0.rrr-192.14.255.rrr DODIIS Subnets [AY5] C*192.15.0.rrr-192.15.255.rrr NBINET [WW2] G 192.16.0.rrr-192.16.15.rrr LANLLAN [39,JC11] G 192.16.16.rrr S3-ETHER1-NET S3-ETHER1-NET [39,JC11] G 192.16.17.rrr-192.16.49.rrr LANLLAN [39,JC11] R 192.16.50.rrr-192.16.71.rrr RPI-LOCALNETS [39,MS9] R 192.16.72.rrr UTCHPC U.T. System CHPC [39,WCB3] 192.16.73.rrr Unassigned Unassigned [NIC] R 192.16.74.rrr UTABRC U.T. Austin BRC [39,WCB3] C*192.16.75.rrr-192.16.122.rrr CSC-Block [39,GG43] R*192.16.123.rrr-192.16.154.rrr Swedish Net [BE10] R*192.16.155.rrr-192.16.166.rrr CERN-Block [BMS2] R 192.16.167.rrr YALE-HP-NET YALE-HP-NET [HML1] D 192.16.168.rrr PICANET3 Picatinny 3 [RFD1] D 192.16.169.rrr NRL-HUBNET Exp Hubnet [MPM] C 192.16.170.rrr TWG-DEMO-NET TWG Net for Demos [JXS1] R 192.16.171.rrr MACOM M/A-COM Net [JMA16] C*192.16.172.rrr EIK-ENG Eikonix Eng Net [SW78] D 192.16.173.rrr CDA-LAN Catalog Data Act LAN [FJS3] R 192.16.174.rrr LL-MICRO-NET LL Microelec Net [GLD] R 192.16.175.rrr GUACC GU Academic Net [SA] R 192.16.176.rrr LSUNET LSU Camp Ether [CFB1] 192.16.177.rrr Unassigned Unassigned [NIC] R*192.16.178.rrr NTT-Y-ETHER NTT-Y-LAB Ether Net [RN29] R*192.16.179.rrr NTT-Y-APOLLO NTT-Y-LAB Apol Net [RN29] R 192.16.180.rrr AMS American Math Society [SBW4] R 192.16.181.rrr LL-DSN-NET LL Dist Sensor Net [GAA] R*192.16.182.rrr GTICS-SUNS GT ICS Faculty Suns [DD11] R*192.16.183.rrr-192.16.202.rrr WCW-LAN [JA] R 192.16.203.rrr HCSC-SUN Honeywell CSC Sun [TRG4] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 26] RFC 1062 Internet Numbers August 1988 R 192.16.204.rrr IASNET Inst for Adv Study [KHJ] 192.16.205.rrr-192.16.255.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R*192.17.0.rrr-192.17.4.rrr NIBELUNG [MA24] R 192.17.5.rrr UIUC-CSO-DCLNET UIUC-CSO-DCLNET [MA24] R*192.17.6.rrr-192.17.255.rrr NIBELUNG [MA24] C*192.18.0.rrr-192.18.255.rrr SUN Microsystems, Inc [BN4] C*192.19.0.rrr-192.19.255.rrr SYSNET-2 [EY5] C*192.20.0.rrr-192.20.255.rrr ATT-MD-NET [39,MH82] C*192.21.0.rrr-192.21.255.rrr FORMATIVE [SAB17] C*192.22.0.rrr-192.22.255.rrr APPLICON [AS90] C*192.23.0.rrr-192.23.255.rrr FACTNET [JCB42] C*192.24.0.rrr-192.24.255.rrr CHROMATICS [RB219] R*192.25.0.rrr-192.25.255.rrr Hewlett Packard [SI8] D*192.26.0.rrr ACSAD ACSAD Net [SLH19] R 192.26.1.rrr MCC-DB1-NET MCC DB1 Net [CBD] R 192.26.2.rrr MCC-DB2-NET MCC DB2 Net [CBD] R 192.26.3.rrr MCC-DB3-NET MCC DB3 Net [CBD] R 192.26.4.rrr MCC-DB4-NET MCC DB4 Net [CBD] R 192.26.5.rrr MCC-DB5-NET MCC DB5 Net [CBD] R 192.26.6.rrr MCC-DB6-NET MCC DB6 Net [CBD] R 192.26.7.rrr SPAWAR SPAWAR Sys Command [JK7] D 192.26.8.rrr SAIC-CPVB SAIC-CPVB [MAW25] R*192.26.9.rrr ICOT ICOT Local Net [ST13] R 192.26.10.rrr GALLAUDET Gallaudet Univ [KBC] D 192.26.11.rrr NRL-HUBNET1 Exp Hubnet 1 [MPM] D 192.26.12.rrr NRL-HUBNET2 Exp Hubnet 2 [MPM] D 192.26.13.rrr NRL-HUBNET3 Exp Hubnet 3 [MPM] D 192.26.14.rrr NRL-HUBNET4 Exp Hubnet 4 [MPM] D 192.26.15.rrr NRL-HUBNET5 Exp Hubnet 5 [MPM] D 192.26.16.rrr NRL-HUBNET6 Exp Hubnet 6 [MPM] D 192.26.17.rrr NRL-HUBNET7 Exp Hubnet 7 [MPM] D 192.26.18.rrr NRL-HUBNET8 Exp Hubnet 8 [MPM] D 192.26.19.rrr NRL-HUBNET9 Exp Hubnet 9 [MPM] 192.26.20.rrr Unassigned Unassigned [NIC] R 192.26.21.rrr SDC-PRC-SW SDC/PAOLI Soft Tech [MS22] R 192.26.22.rrr SDC-PRC-LBS SDC/PAOLI Artif Int [MS22] R 192.26.23.rrr SDC-PRC-SA SDC/PAOLI Sys Arch [MS22] R 192.26.24.rrr SDC-PRC-CR SDC/PAOLI Comp Res [MS22] R 192.26.25.rrr LUCID Lucid Net [BM68] D 192.26.26.rrr NRL-FIBER NRL Fiber Optic Net [WF3] 192.26.27.rrr Unassigned Unassigned [NIC] R*192.26.28.rrr-192.26.47.rrr EPFL [YD2] G*192.26.48.rrr FORUM Region 2 ISC Net [MR101] R 192.26.49.rrr DUNET Univ of Denver Net [39,WE12] R*192.26.50.rrr SG-NET Silicon Graphics, Inc [RB221] R 192.26.51.rrr SGI Silicon Graphics, Inc [RB221] R*192.26.52.rrr-192.26.82.rrr Silicon Graphics, Inc [RB221] R 192.26.83.rrr CSM-NET Colo School of Mines [KL31] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 27] RFC 1062 Internet Numbers August 1988 R 192.26.84.rrr NPRDC-FTC NPRDC-FTC Rem Ether [LRB] R 192.26.85.rrr NUSAN NU Super Access Net [EEW6] R 192.26.86.rrr PHYSICS-SAC NU Phy [EEW6] R 192.26.87.rrr MS-SAC NU Material Sci SAC [EEW6] R 192.26.88.rrr YALE-ENG-NET YALE-ENG-NET [LFO] D 192.26.89.rrr JTELS-BEN1-GW JTELS-BEN1-GW [RR26] C*192.26.90.rrr SYNTELNET-A Syntelligence IPNET-A [RAR22] R*192.26.91.rrr KDD KDD Rsch Net [TA24] R*192.26.92.rrr WRIGHT Wright State Univ [JLS45] R*192.26.93.rrr AECL-NET NTT Atsugi Lab Net [TK43] R*192.26.94.rrr NTT-AP-NET NTT ECL Apol Net [HM38] R 192.26.95.rrr LL-VLSI-NET LL VLSI Net [AHA] R*192.26.96.rrr FX-STC-NET2 FX-Tokyo-10BM-Net2 [SY8] C*192.26.97.rrr RCA-SNOOPY Peanut Net [RAR23] C*192.26.98.rrr TASC-CTC-NET TASC Reading CTC Net [KDM5] C 192.26.99.rrr FAI FAI Local Net [MWS10] C 192.26.100.rrr PROTEON-EXP1 Proteon Exp Net 1 [JS28] C 192.26.101.rrr PROTEON-EXP2 Proteon Exp Net 2 [JS28] C 192.26.102.rrr PROTEON-EXP3 Proteon Exp Net 3 [JS28] D 192.26.103.rrr EXNET CECOM Exp Net [MB31] R*192.26.104.rrr-192.26.135.rrr FINLAND [JH141] R*192.26.136.rrr UW-TEMP Univ of Wash [RA17] R 192.26.137.rrr-192.26.146.rrr SYR-MH-NET [JW47] R 192.26.147.rrr WLV-ETHER ETN-WLV-ETHER [SMS1] R 192.26.148.rrr UMDNJ-NRAC UMDNJ-NRAC-NJMS [LPM] R 192.26.149.rrr LL43-LEX-SUNC Grp43 Lexington Net C [VBK] R 192.26.150.rrr LL43-TB-SUNA Grp43 Testbed Net A [VBK] C*192.26.151.rrr LATICORP LatiCorp Net [39,CC108] 192.26.152.rrr-192.26.255.rrr Unassigned [NIC] C*192.27.0.rrr-192.27.255.rrr Hughes Aircraft VLSI [PH45] C*192.28.0.rrr-192.28.99.rrr MMM [LS103] 192.28.100.rrr-192.28.255.rrr Unassigned [NIC] C*192.29.0.rrr-192.29.255.rrr SUN-NET [BN4] C*192.30.0.rrr-192.30.255.rrr Hewlett Packard [13,21,SI8] R 192.31.0.rrr PURDUE-GEOSC PURDUE-GEOSciS [DT50] C*192.31.1.rrr CSD-GTE-LAN CSD-GTE-LAN-NEEDHAM [39,MM135] 192.31.2.rrr Unassigned Unassigned [NIC] R 192.31.3.rrr ALCOA-NET Alcoa Rsch Net [29,JOG] C*192.31.4.rrr I2-ETHER-3 I2 RCE Net [39,NH2] R 192.31.5.rrr BOEING-ATC Boeing BCS ATC LAN [39,PM37] C*192.31.6.rrr SQ-ETHER SoftQuad Inc LAN [39,BG23] C 192.31.7.rrr CISCO-NET cisco Sys Net [39,KSL] G 192.31.8.rrr USNA-CADNET US Naval Acad Net [39,TS9] R 192.31.9.rrr YALE-SUN2-NET YALE-SUN2-NET [RB187] R 192.31.10.rrr UTACC-ETHER1 US Army Europe Net [39,EK18] R 192.31.11.rrr UTACC-ETHER2 US Army Europe Net [39,EK18] R 192.31.12.rrr UTACC-ETHER3 US Army Europe Net [39,EK18] R 192.31.13.rrr UTACC-ETHER4 US Army Europe Net [39,EK18] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 28] RFC 1062 Internet Numbers August 1988 R 192.31.14.rrr CUDENVER Denver Camp Net [39,FCH] C*192.31.15.rrr CASETEK CASE Tech, Inc [39,PML1] D 192.31.16.rrr CC1-ENET CENTCOM Ether [39,GIH] D 192.31.17.rrr CENTCOM-TEST CENTCOM-MILNET-LAN [KMC3] D 192.31.18.rrr CC3-ENET CENTCOM Ether [39,GIH] D 192.31.19.rrr CC4-ENET CENTCOM Ether [39,GIH] D 192.31.20.rrr CC5-ENET CENTCOM Ether [39,GIH] R 192.31.21.rrr SDSC-APOLLO SDSC Apol Ring [2,GKN1] C*192.31.22.rrr SDCCARY SAS Data Ctr - Cary [DK5] R*192.31.23.rrr KULEUVEN-CS Kuleuven Comp Sci [39,JH18] D 192.31.24.rrr ALBM-NET Lockheed ALBM Net [39,NB16] C*192.31.25.rrr NBKNET-AI Northbrook IPNET-AI [JC272] C*192.31.26.rrr ISTNET Imperial Soft Net [39,NT12] R*192.31.27.rrr ALTAIRETHER GIPALTAIR BDBLUES NET [OG4] R 192.31.28.rrr STEWARD-OBS Steward Ob [39,SS80] R*192.31.29.rrr AMDAHL-TTD Amdahl Test Dev [39,DR71] R 192.31.30.rrr ADS-DC-NET ADS Wash [39,JTN] C*192.31.31.rrr AXION-NET BT Axion Net [39,NT13] C*192.31.32.rrr-192.31.36.rrr NSKK Local Area Net [39,AK36] C*192.31.37.rrr SDCAPOLL SAS Data Ctr - Cary [DK5] C*192.31.38.rrr TIATSPINE TI Attleboro Spine [WDR7] 192.31.39.rrr Unassigned Unassigned [NIC] R 192.31.40.rrr YALE-SUN3-NET YALE-SUN3-NET [RB187] R 192.31.41.rrr YALE-RT-NET YALE-RT-NET [RB187] R 192.31.42.rrr YALE-RT2-NET YALE-RT2-NET [RB187] R 192.31.43.rrr CNSNET Caltech-CNS Bio Net [39,DC99] C 192.31.44.rrr MRC-NET McLean Rsch Ctr [WLG7] R 192.31.45.rrr WILLIAMS Williams Coll [39,RW101] R*192.31.46.rrr LFU_ETHER Lab for Ultrasonics [GAM27] R 192.31.47.rrr-192.31.61.rrr Bay Area Regional Net [AB71] R*192.31.62.rrr SRI-CAM SRI Cambridge UK [39,AGS5] R 192.31.63.rrr SCUBED-BBONE SCUBED-BBONE-NET [39,TH60] R 192.31.64.rrr S3-RESEARCH S3-Rsch-NET [39,TH60] R 192.31.65.rrr S3-FIBER-NET S3-FIBER-NET [39,TH60] R 192.31.66.rrr S3-ABQNET S3-ABQNET [39,TH60] R 192.31.67.rrr S3-SLIP-NET S3-SLIP-NET [39,TH60] R 192.31.68.rrr S3-THIN-NET S3-THIN-NET [39,TH60] R 192.31.69.rrr S3-BBONE2-NET S3-BBONE2-NET [39,TH60] R 192.31.70.rrr S3-ETHER2-NET S3-ETHER2-NET [39,TH60] R 192.31.71.rrr S3-ETHER3-NET S3-ETHER3-NET [39,TH60] R 192.31.72.rrr S3-ETHER4-NET S3-ETHER4-NET [39,TH60] C*192.31.73.rrr MTEL-APOLLO M/A-COM MTEL Apol [39,JF77] C*192.31.74.rrr GSSD-APOLLO M/A-COM GSSD Apol [39,PC55] D 192.31.75.rrr HQDA-AI Pentagon Army AI Net [39,DH23] D 192.31.76.rrr CSTLNET Combat Sys Tech Lab [MP20] C*192.31.77.rrr MAPNET Mervine & Pallesen [39,BH80] C*192.31.78.rrr WELLSNET-A1 Wells Fargo IPNET-A1 [39,JN47] C*192.31.79.rrr WACHOVIANET-AI Wachovia IPNET-AI [39,PMH3] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 29] RFC 1062 Internet Numbers August 1988 R*192.31.80.rrr FERMILAB FERMILAB [CD75] 192.31.81.rrr Unassigned Unassigned [NIC] D 192.31.82.rrr HQEIS HQ AFSC EIS [39,SMK2] R 192.31.83.rrr OSUNET OSU Camp Net [PW37] C*192.31.84.rrr CUBI Cubicomp Corp Net [2,SFJ] C 192.31.85.rrr CLINET Comp Logic Net [39,WAH11] R 192.31.86.rrr RAZORNET UAF Camp Net [DLM34] R 192.31.87.rrr HARC-NET Houston Area Rsch Ctr [DN22] R 192.31.88.rrr BCMTECH-NET BCM Tech Net [39,SB98] R 192.31.89.rrr MIAMI-NET Univ of Miami [39,HWP2] R*192.31.90.rrr MORAVIAN Moravian Coll [JPS17] R*192.31.91.rrr NECAM NECAmerica [ARS3] R 192.31.92.rrr CIT-CONTROL Caltech Control Lab [39,JD27] R 192.31.93.rrr CIT-SRLNET Caltech SRL Net [39,CJL2] 192.31.94.rrr Unassigned Unassigned [NIC] R*192.31.95.rrr UCCNET UC Corp, Admin Net [39,AC42] G 192.31.96.rrr ORNL-OSTINET OSTI Local Area Net [24,THD] R 192.31.97.rrr KSU-NET Kansas State Univ [39,MSM1] D 192.31.98.rrr PBAS-BEN2-GW PBAS-BEN2-Gw [RR26] R 192.31.99.rrr ISUNET ISU Camp Net [RD80] D 192.31.100.rrr GUNTER-LAN GUNTER-LAN [TMD6] R*192.31.101.rrr TSU-NET Texas Southern Univ [39,AZ] R 192.31.102.rrr M2C-NET Mass Microelec Ctr Net [SM67] R 192.31.103.rrr P-TO-P-NET CSNET Pt to Pt Net [LL53] R 192.31.104.rrr PSCSURA PSCSURA [JH92] R*192.31.105.rrr UCC-PRO-UCB UC Corp, Admin Net [39,AC42] D 192.31.106.rrr NSWSES-NAVY PORT-HUENEME-CBC [DD41] 192.31.107.rrr Unassigned Unassigned [NIC] R*192.31.108.rrr UCFCSNET UCF CS Deparment Net [39,TB64] R*192.31.109.rrr FREDONIA SUC-FREDONIA [JM278] C*192.31.110.rrr ADCAPOLL Austin Data Ctr Apol [RC113] R*192.31.111.rrr AIRMICS AIRMICS Rsch Net [DFH2] R*192.31.112.rrr TRINCOLL Trinity-Hartford [38,MA54] C*192.31.113.rrr ODYSSEY Odyssey Rsch [JH22] C*192.31.114.rrr DRINET DRI Eng Net [21,KB60] C*192.31.115.rrr FIRENET-AI Fireman's Fund IPNET [39,CO16] R*192.31.116.rrr-192.31.124.rrr Univ of Tokyo Net [39,JM292] R*192.31.125.rrr-192.31.144.rrr DUT Net [39,FD18] R 192.31.145.rrr SIGNET Small IP Gw Net [39,PGM] R 192.31.146.rrr UCR UC Rivside [39,DM157] D 192.31.147.rrr NUWESNET NUWES-KEYPORT-LAN [RM125] C*192.31.148.rrr AIGNET-AI AIG IPNET-AI [39,RK51] C*192.31.149.rrr WACNET-AI 1st Wachovia IPNET [39,PMH3] C*192.31.150.rrr STPNET-AI St. Paul IPNET-AI [39,RLP30] C*192.31.151.rrr COGNITIONNET CI-Headquarters [39,DW93] C 192.31.152.rrr ROSENET Rosetta Net [39,SC54] R 192.31.153.rrr SALKNET Salk Inst Net [39,JOO] R 192.31.154.rrr UNMHC-DEV U of NM Hyper Net [39,KDZ] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 30] RFC 1062 Internet Numbers August 1988 R 192.31.155.rrr GEOLOGY-NWU Northwestern Geology [39,EEW6] R*192.31.156.rrr CANISIUS-CS Canisius Comp Sci [39,MS101] R 192.31.157.rrr RTNET C3P Ether Cube [39,SC81] D 192.31.158.rrr DAITC Def Appl Info Tech [39,CG24] R 192.31.159.rrr NYTGCYLAB NYTGCYLAB [39,SS110] D 192.31.160.rrr NUWES-C-NET NUWES-KEYPORT-LAN [RM125] R 192.31.161.rrr UCB-UCSC-NET UCB-UCSC 56K Backup [CF4] G*192.31.162.rrr DOL-NET Dept of Labor Net [39,DD47] R 192.31.163.rrr C3P-NET C3P SUN Subnet [39,HLW7] D 192.31.164.rrr MO-NET MITRE Omaha Net [39,SM62] R 192.31.165.rrr NOAO-TUCSON NOAO-TUCSON Ether [39,SG1] R*192.31.166.rrr EUTEA EUT-Elec-DEPT [JVE2] R*192.31.167.rrr EUTES EUT-Elec-DEPT-ES [JVE2] R*192.31.168.rrr EUTEB EUT-Elec-DEPT-EB [JVE2] R*192.31.169.rrr EUTEEB EUT-Elec-DEPT-EEB [JVE2] R*192.31.170.rrr EUTEEA EUT-Elec-DEPT-EEA [JVE2] R*192.31.171.rrr EUTEX EUT-Elec-DEPT-EX [JVE2] D 192.31.172.rrr IH-POE-GW IH-POE-GW [39,LK27] R*192.31.173.rrr NORTHWESTNET Wiche Northwest Net [21,GK44] D 192.31.174.rrr CORONA-GW FLEET-ANALYSIS-NET [39,LM35] C*192.31.175.rrr ZAIAZ ZAIAZ InterNatl [39,WDW2] R*192.31.176.rrr CADR CAD Rsch Net [MA56] R 192.31.177.rrr THINK-INET-1 Thinking Machs Ether [39,BN9] R 192.31.178.rrr THINK-INET-2 Thinking Machs Ether [39,BN9] R 192.31.179.rrr THINK-INET-3 Thinking Machs Ether [39,BN9] R 192.31.180.rrr THINK-INET-4 Thinking Machs Ether [39,BN9] R 192.31.181.rrr THINK-INET-5 Thinking Machs Ether [39,BN9] R 192.31.182.rrr THINK-INET-6 Thinking Machs Ether [39,BN9] R 192.31.183.rrr THINK-INET-7 Thinking Machs Ether [39,BN9] R 192.31.184.rrr THINK-INET-8 Thinking Machs Ether [39,BN9] R 192.31.185.rrr THINK-INET-9 Thinking Machs Ether [39,BN9] R 192.31.186.rrr THINK-INET-10 Thinking Machs Ether [39,BN9] R 192.31.187.rrr THINK-INET-11 Thinking Machs Ether [39,BN9] R 192.31.188.rrr THINK-INET-12 Thinking Machs Ether [39,BN9] R 192.31.189.rrr THINK-INET-13 Thinking Machs Ether [39,BN9] R 192.31.190.rrr THINK-INET-14 Thinking Machs Ether [39,BN9] R 192.31.191.rrr THINK-INET-15 Thinking Machs Ether [39,BN9] R 192.31.192.rrr SUPER IDA Super Net [39,RSH] R 192.31.193.rrr CUA Catholic Univ [39,ECM6] R 192.31.194.rrr YALE-RT3-NET YALE-RT3-NET [RB187] R 192.31.195.rrr YALE-CHAOS-NET YALE-CHAOS-NET [RB187] R*192.31.196.rrr SERC-NET Purdue SERC Net [21,DT50] G*192.31.197.rrr-192.31.206.rrr Electrotech Lab Nets [30,TO4] R 192.31.207.rrr HCSC-SUN2 Honeywell CSDD Sun 2 [39,TRG4] D 192.31.208.rrr CENTERNET NAVWPNSUPPCEN-LAN [JA91] C*192.31.209.rrr PHRED Physio Redmond [39,MG95] R 192.31.210.rrr STSCI-NET Space Telescope Net [LAB5] R*192.31.211.rrr EMSE-INET RES-LOC Mines Info [39,JFC6] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 31] RFC 1062 Internet Numbers August 1988 C*192.31.212.rrr LUCID-ETHER1 Lucid Ether 1 [39,LNZ] C*192.31.213.rrr LUCID-APOLLO Lucid Apol Net [39,LNZ] R*192.31.214.rrr ALASKANET Univ of Alaska Net [27,GK44] R*192.31.215.rrr MONTANANET Montana State Univ [27,GK44] R*192.31.216.rrr WSUNET WSU Net [27,GK44] R 192.31.217.rrr MCC-ACA1-NET MCC ACA1 Net [39,CBD] R 192.31.218.rrr MCC-ACA2-NET MCC ACA2 Net [39,CBD] R 192.31.219.rrr MCC-ACA3-NET MCC ACA3 Net [39,CBD] R 192.31.220.rrr MCC-ACA4-NET MCC ACA4 Net [39,CBD] R 192.31.221.rrr MCC-ACA5-NET MCC ACA5 Net [39,CBD] R*192.31.222.rrr CAYMAN-IP Cayman Sys IP Net [39,BP52] 192.31.223.rrr Unassigned Unassigned [NIC] R*192.31.224.rrr ANU Australian Natl Univ [21,PW44] D 192.31.225.rrr MINSY-POE MINSY-POE-NAVSHIPYD [39,CV14] D 192.31.226.rrr LOGAIRCOMNET LOGAIR COMNET [TEC6] C*192.31.227.rrr KSR-ETHER-1 KSR Cambridge Ether 1 [39,BIM] R*192.31.228.rrr OUINET Univ of SW Louis [39,SJM9] R*192.31.229.rrr AMDAHL-DAPE Amdahl Des Auto Phy [39,JFD9] R 192.31.230.rrr INCSYS Incremental Sys [38,JS281] R*192.31.231.rrr VUCS-AMS VU CS Net [39,HVS1] C*192.31.232.rrr CFI-NET CFI Ether [39,SL47] C*192.31.233.rrr CNT-CORP CNT Backbone Net [39,RM176] R 192.31.234.rrr YALE-SUN4-NET YALE-SUN4-NET [HML1] R 192.31.235.rrr YALE-MISC-NET YALE-MISC-NET [HML1] R 192.31.236.rrr YALE-CS-NET YALE-CS-NET [HML1] R 192.31.237.rrr CIT-SEISMO Caltech Seis Lab [39,CS124] D 192.31.238.rrr NCP-LAN NAVCOMPARS-DDN [JM246] D 192.31.239.rrr SEACOMNET NAVSEA Comm Net [JH10] C*192.31.240.rrr LEXICON Lexicon Etn [MK75] G 192.31.241.rrr MSFC-DR-NET MSFC Data Red Net [39,MSM1] R 192.31.242.rrr DIALUP-IP CSNET-DIALUP-IP-Net [DBL1] R*192.31.243.rrr WRIGHT-SE Wright State Univ [39,JLS45] C*192.31.244.rrr WYSE WYSE-Ether [MW83] R*192.31.245.rrr OUINET-2 USL CACS Net [39,SJM9] C 192.31.246.rrr MARBLE-NET Marble R&D Internet [39,ME38] C*192.31.247.rrr CVBNET CV Backbone Net [39,AC66] R*192.31.248.rrr AJTNET Aerojet Tustin Net [39,RJH33] C*192.31.249.rrr ADELIE Adelie Info Net [39,BAB7] C*192.31.250.rrr THALATTA-NET Thalatta Corp Net [39,JPB17] R*192.31.251.rrr PHIL-PCG Philips PCG [39,JB230] C*192.31.252.rrr FTC-ETHER-A Framentec Ether [39,RS253] R 192.31.253.rrr CQENET Quality Eng Net [39,EEW6] R 192.31.254.rrr ALFREDNET CERAMICSOFALFREDNET [39,GMQ] 192.31.255.rrr Reserved Reserved [JBP] C*192.32.0.rrr-192.32.255.rrr Wellfleet Customer [AW56] 192.33.0.rrr Reserved Reserved [JBP] R*192.33.1.rrr MTHOLYOKE Mount Holyoke [39,WB53] C*192.33.2.rrr MRST-NET MRS Tech Net [13,ER42] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 32] RFC 1062 Internet Numbers August 1988 D 192.33.3.rrr DDN-OFFICE DDN Program Off Net [39,MCSJ] R 192.33.4.rrr NYSERLAN NYSERNETLAN [39,MS9] D 192.33.5.rrr CAC-CEN1 CAC Concept Eval Net [21,BG25] D 192.33.6.rrr CAC-CEN2 CAC Concept Eval Net [21,BG25] D 192.33.7.rrr CAC-CEN3 CAC Concept Eval Net [21,BG25] D 192.33.8.rrr CAC-CEN4 CAC Concept Eval Net [21,BG25] D 192.33.9.rrr CAC-CEN5 CAC Concept Eval Net [21,BG25] R 192.33.10.rrr NOAO-KPNO NOAO-KPNO Ether [39,SG1] R 192.33.11.rrr NOAO-ORION NOAO-Tucson-Orion [39,SG1] R*192.33.12.rrr HAMPSHIRE Hampshire Coll [39,PT23] D 192.33.13.rrr BRL-CDCNET BRL CDC Local Net [GJK1] R 192.33.14.rrr CIT-WAG-NET CIT W.A. Goddard Net [RED22] C*192.33.15.rrr CHORUS-OPERA Chorus Sys Int Net [39,SL68] R*192.33.16.rrr COGNET COGS Rsch Net [39,RS255] R 192.33.17.rrr CALTECH-AMA Applied Math Net [39,DIM2] R*192.33.18.rrr NDHECNET North Dakota HEC Net [GK44] R*192.33.19.rrr SERI Solar Ener Rsch Net [39,AM92] C*192.33.20.rrr AUX-DEFAULT Default Net for A/UX [39,HK24] C 192.33.21.rrr RISC-NET Rockwell Sci Ctr [39,WAG5] C*192.33.22.rrr PORTAL The Portal System [39,JL115] R 192.33.23.rrr ROUTETEST0 Routing Testing Nets [SSW] R 192.33.24.rrr ROUTETEST1 Routing Testing Nets [SSW] R 192.33.25.rrr ROUTETEST2 Routing Testing Nets [SSW] R 192.33.26.rrr ROUTETEST3 Routing Testing Nets [SSW] R 192.33.27.rrr ROUTETEST4 Routing Testing Nets [SSW] R 192.33.28.rrr ROUTETEST5 Routing Testing Nets [SSW] R 192.33.29.rrr ROUTETEST6 Routing Testing Nets [SSW] R 192.33.30.rrr ROUTETEST7 Routing Testing Nets [SSW] R 192.33.31.rrr ROUTETEST8 Routing Testing Nets [SSW] R 192.33.32.rrr ROUTETEST9 Routing Testing Nets [SSW] D 192.33.33.rrr NICNET Net Info Ctr Net [39,MKL] 192.33.34.rrr Reserved Reserved [NIC] C*192.33.35.rrr MIZAR Mizar Digital System [39,MCL9] R*192.33.36.rrr VUPHYS-AMS VU PHYS LAN [39,FU1] C*192.33.37.rrr-192.33.86.rrr BOEING-LOCALNETS [39,SGR1] R*192.33.87.rrr-192.33.111.rrr ETH Nets [39,MA63] C 192.33.112.rrr TIS-NET TIS Net [39,DID1] C*192.33.113.rrr MYBULL MASSY-BULL-SUPPORT [39,CM116] C*192.33.114.rrr MYDEMO MASSY-BULL-DEMO [39,CM116] R 192.33.115.rrr NRAO-CV NRAO-CV Ether [39,DCW9] R*192.33.116.rrr NRAO-GB NRAO-GB Ether [39,MC147] R*192.33.117.rrr NRAO-VLA NRAO-VLA Ether [39,BP57] R*192.33.118.rrr-192.33.127.rrr PSI-E/OSI-W [39,BH103] R 192.33.128.rrr BNL-AGS BNL-AGS Apol [SM111] C*192.33.129.rrr TYMNET-QA TYMNET-Quality Assur [DH161] C*192.33.130.rrr SPHINX Sphinx, Maidenhead [39,BM106] C*192.33.131.rrr PHIL-CE Philips CE [39,HB60] C*192.33.132.rrr STEREOLITHO DEC Stereolitho Net [39,EM67] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 33] RFC 1062 Internet Numbers August 1988 R*192.33.133.rrr PRL-REDHILL Philips Rsch Labs UK [39,MCH5] C*192.33.134.rrr ESOSUN SAIC GeoPhy Net [39,PW49] G*192.33.135.rrr AIST-LAN AIST-LAN-TSUKUBA [39,MK79] R*192.33.136.rrr KUBNET KUBNET Camp Net [TN17] R*192.33.137.rrr CT-ETHER CT Ether [21,CS136] R*192.33.138.rrr CT-ATALK CT Appletalk Net [21,CS136] R 192.33.139.rrr CLEMSON-CS CLEMSON-CS [39,CR83] R 192.33.140.rrr SAO-NET Smithsonian Astro Ob [39,KG35] R 192.33.141.rrr SAO1-NET Smithsonian Astro Ob [39,KG35] R 192.33.142.rrr SAO2-NET Smithsonian Astro Ob [39,KG35] R*192.33.143.rrr-192.33.182.rrr French Unix Users [21,AR41] D 192.33.183.rrr SAPE-MOBILE RADC-SAPE-Mob-NODE [39,CAD13] D 192.33.184.rrr SAPE-PRNODE RADC-SAPE-PR-NET [4,CAD13] G 192.33.185.rrr SAAD-ARPA ISC-SAC-SAAD [DRM24] G 192.33.186.rrr USACEC-GW USACEC DDN-OSI GW [39,DEA] C*192.33.187.rrr INNONET Innovative Lib Net [39,JW181] R*192.33.188.rrr TG-ETHER Teledyne Geotech [39,DC115] C 192.33.189.rrr FX-NET FX Corp Net [39,EJ19] C*192.33.190.rrr TCP-SECURE TCP Secure Net [39,AW65] C*192.33.191.rrr WEST West, Inc Symbolics [BML2] R*192.33.192.rrr EPFL-DOMAIN-ME ME Students Apol Sta [39,YD2] R*192.33.193.rrr EPFL-DOMAIN-MA MA Students Apol Sta [39,YD2] R*192.33.194.rrr EPFL-DOMAIN-MX MX Students Apol Sta [39,YD2] R*192.33.195.rrr EPFL-DOMAIN-EL EL Students Apol Sta [39,YD2] R*192.33.196.rrr EPFL-DOMAIN-GC GC Students Apol Sta [39,YD2] R*192.33.197.rrr EPFL-DOMAIN-PH PH Students Apol Sta [39,YD2] R*192.33.198.rrr EPFL-DOMAIN-CH CH Students Apol Sta [39,YD2] R*192.33.199.rrr EPFL-DOMAIN-DA DA Students Apol Sta [39,YD2] R*192.33.200.rrr EPFL-DOMAIN-GR GR Students Apol Sta [39,YD2] R*192.33.201.rrr EPFL-DOMAIN-CC CC Students Apol Sta [39,YD2] R*192.33.202.rrr EPFL-APPLE-ME ME Students Mac Sta [39,YD2] R*192.33.203.rrr EPFL-APPLE-MA MA Students Mac Sta [39,YD2] R*192.33.204.rrr EPFL-APPLE-MX MX Students Mac Sta [39,YD2] R*192.33.205.rrr EPFL-APPLE-EL EL Students Mac Sta [39,YD2] R*192.33.206.rrr EPFL-APPLE-GC GC Students Mac Sta [39,YD2] R*192.33.207.rrr EPFL-APPLE-PH PH Students Mac Sta [39,YD2] R*192.33.208.rrr EPFL-APPLE-CH CH Students Mac Sta [39,YD2] R*192.33.209.rrr EPFL-APPLE-DA DA Students Mac Sta [39,YD2] R*192.33.210.rrr EPFL-APPLE-GR GR Students Mac Sta [39,YD2] R*192.33.211.rrr EPFL-APPLE-CC CC Students Mac Sta [39,YD2] R*192.33.212.rrr-192.33.231.rrr Univ of Geneva [12,21,AS116] R*192.33.232.rrr-192.33.240.rrr EUT IPNET [JFAS] C*192.33.241.rrr-192.33.250.rrr SMI, Atlanta Reg Net [39,KD36] C*192.33.251.rrr ISA-NET ISA Company Net [39,CJB15] R 192.33.252.rrr CLEMSON-CSD Clemson Univ CSD Net [39,CR83] R*192.33.253.rrr CANISIUS-CC Canisius Comp Ctr [39,LD46] C*192.33.254.rrr RMI-NET RMI Net Comm & Ret Sys [RM213] 192.33.255.rrr Reserved Reserved [JBP] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 34] RFC 1062 Internet Numbers August 1988 C*192.34.0.rrr-192.34.255.rrr NETWORK-ADM-OFFICE [SI8] C*192.35.0.rrr-192.35.19.rrr NIXDORF Nets [PD39] C*192.35.20.rrr-192.35.44.rrr GE-INTERNET [39,JEB50] C*192.35.45.rrr MSDCNET MSDC Corp Net [39,PNW] C*192.35.46.rrr GMHGATE GMH Medical Sys Gw [39,PNW] C*192.35.47.rrr GMHNET GMH Medical Sys Net [39,PNW] R 192.35.48.rrr VIRGINIA-T1 Univ of Virginia [39,JAJ17] R 192.35.49.rrr VIRGINIA-T2 Univ of Virginia [39,JAJ17] C*192.35.50.rrr CLARIS-NET Claris Corp [21,CM130] R*192.35.51.rrr CARLETON Carleton Coll Net [BA41] R*192.35.52.rrr-192.35.61.rrr ED-DEPTS [21,WSC5] D 192.35.62.rrr NOSL-POE NOSL-POE-GW [39,DB211] R*192.35.63.rrr-192.35.72.rrr UniDo Campus Net [39,RV32] C*192.35.73.rrr OPTICOM Opticom CorpInternet [CJB1] D 192.35.74.rrr FOTLANHS FOTLANHS-MONMOUTH [21,FJH1] D 192.35.75.rrr FOTLANMS FOTLANMS-MONMOUTH [21,FJH1] D 192.35.76.rrr FOTLANLS FOTLANLS-MONMOUTH [21,FJH1] C*192.35.77.rrr GM-AES-NET GM AES Net [39,DS229] R*192.35.78.rrr IRIS-RING IRIS Headquarters [39,JFS22] R 192.35.79.rrr CCFNET CCF Net [21,39,EM75] D 192.35.80.rrr NUSC-V702M-1 NUSC V702M Local Net [27,SR77] R 192.35.81.rrr UWP-IPNET UW-Parkside IP Net [39,TVF1] R 192.35.82.rrr CORNELL-DMZ Cornell Ext Ether [39,JCH17] C*192.35.83.rrr SDCCARY2 SAS Data Ctr Cary Two [RC113] C*192.35.84.rrr BDM-MCLEAN BDM Corp, McLean [39,JS167] R*192.35.85.rrr MCGILL-TMP01 McGill Kludge Net 1 [MOUSE] R 192.35.86.rrr UMN-MORRIS-NET Univ of Minn Morris [39,AP57] C*192.35.87.rrr CMPNET Conn Mach Prod Net [GC89] R 192.35.88.rrr ADEL02-NET Adelphi Site LABCOM [39,CM115] R 192.35.89.rrr YCC-SYS-TR YCC Sys Token Ring [HKG2] R 192.35.90.rrr CNR-TO-LAN CNR Torino Ether [39,SG88] C*192.35.91.rrr CSR-NET CSR Demo Net [39,HKG2] C*192.35.92.rrr UNISYS-HPW-1 Unisys HPW Net 1 [39,MS22] C*192.35.93.rrr UNISYS-HPW-2 Unisys HPW Net 2 [39,MS22] G*192.35.94.rrr RSRE-SLAN RSRE Site LAN [39,BO5] R 192.35.95.rrr HCSC-APPLE CSDD APPLETALK [TRG4] R 192.35.96.rrr UOKECNA Univ of Okla, ECN-A [JW136] R 192.35.97.rrr UOKECNB Univ of Okla, ECN-B [JW136] R 192.35.98.rrr UOKECNC Univ of Okla, ECN-C [JW136] D 192.35.99.rrr ARMTE-NET WSMR-ARMTE-NET [21,RHM11] R*192.35.100.rrr SHI-ETHER Sci Horizons Ether [39,MB168] R 192.35.101.rrr KEYSTONE-NET Keystone-Acres-Net [21,GR11] C*192.35.102.rrr IBINET InfoBuilders Net [KM79] C*192.35.103.rrr SONET Sinclair Optics Net [39,SWW6] R 192.35.104.rrr CIT-OPTICS CIT Optics Net [39,AY10] C*192.35.105.rrr POCI Pocatello Des Grp Net [MA56] R*192.35.106.rrr LMSC-LAMS Lockheed Marine Sys [39,GMT6] R*192.35.107.rrr NOVANET Nova Camp Net [39,JPO4] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 35] RFC 1062 Internet Numbers August 1988 C*192.35.108.rrr SGI-UK Silicon Graphics UK [RA94] C*192.35.109.rrr-192.35.126.rrr APOLLO-GW-NET [SJL] G*192.35.127.rrr TRLNET TELECOM-AUST-RES-NET [39,PJT9] G*192.35.128.rrr NESDIS-NET NOAA NESDIS NET [39,MSM1] G*192.35.129.rrr WWB-NET NOAA WORLD WEATHER [39,MSM1] C*192.35.130.rrr WANG-CAD WANG-CAD [WWP8] C*192.35.131.rrr WANG-TEST WANG-TEST [WWP8] D*192.35.132.rrr WANG-TLAN WANG-TLAN [WWP8] R*192.35.133.rrr WANG-MISC WANG-MISC [WWP8] R*192.35.134.rrr LL-DIV7 LL Div 7 [39,BC65] R*192.35.135.rrr LL-DIV9 LL Div 9 [39,BC65] R*192.35.136.rrr LL-GR47-ADT LL Grp 47 ADT Proj [39,BC65] R*192.35.137.rrr LL-GR47-RPV LL Grp 47 RPV Proj [39,BC65] C*192.35.138.rrr SPIDER Spider Sys R&D Net [AD67] R*192.35.139.rrr PAGODA KAIST Pagoda Net [39,JK151] R*192.35.140.rrr WWU-NET WWU Comp Sci Net [21,PAN1] C*192.35.141.rrr QUADRON Quadron Dev Net [39,HP32] D 192.35.142.rrr YKTNPOE-GW YKTNPOE-GW-NWS [39,WRR5] 192.35.143.rrr-223.255.254.rrr Unassigned [NIC] *223.255.255.rrr Reserved Reserved [JBP] Other Reserved Internet Addresses * Internet Address Name Network References - ---------------- ---- ------- ---------- Multicast [11,JBP] Reserved [JBP] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 36] RFC 1062 Internet Numbers August 1988 Network Totals Assigned for the ARPA-Internet and the DDN-Internet Class A B C Total Research 14 233 1443 1690 Defense 9 38 603 650 Government 1 20 69 90 Commercial 4 23 22 49 Total 28 314 2137 2479 Allocated for Internet and Independent Uses Class A B C Total Research 14 333 2431 2778 Defense 9 44 606 659 Government 1 32 88 121 Commercial 4 84 5066 5154 Total 28 493 8198 8719 Maximum Allowed Class A B C Total Research 8 1024 65536 66568 Defense 24 3072 458752 461848 Government 24 3072 458752 461848 Commercial 74 9214 1114137 1123394 Total 126 16382 2097150 2113658 Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 37] RFC 1062 Internet Numbers August 1988 AUTONOMOUS SYSTEM NUMBERS The Exterior Gateway Protocol (EGP) [33,35] specifies that groups of gateways may form autonomous systems. The EGP provides a 16-bit field for identifying such systems. The values of this field are registered here. Autonomous System Numbers: Decimal Name References ------- ---- ---------- 0 Reserved [JBP] 1 The BBN Core Gateways [MB] 2 DCN-AS [DLM1] 3 The MIT Gateways [RH164] 4 ISI-AS [JKR1] 5 Symbolics [CH2] 6 HIS-Multics [JLM23] 7 UK-MOD [RNM1] 8 RICE-AS [PGM] 9 CMU-ROUTER [MA] 10 CSNET-PDN-AS [RDR4] 11 HARVARD [SB28] 12 NYU-DOMAIN [EF5] 13 BRL-AS [RR33] 14 COLUMBIA-GW [BC14] 15 NET DYNAMICS EXP [ZSU] 16 LBL [WG] 17 PURDUE-CS [DT50] 18 UTEXAS [LSV] 19 CSS-DOMAIN [RR2] 20 UR [LB16] 21 RAND [JDG] 22 NOSC [RLB3] 23 RIACS-AS [DG28] 24 AMES-NAS-GW [MF31] 25 UCB [MK17] 26 CORNELL [BN9] 27 UMDNET [MP12] 28 DFVLR-SYS [GB7] 29 YALE-AS [HML1] 30 SRI-AICNET [PM4] 31 CIT-CS [AD22] 32 STANFORD [PA5] 33 DEC-WRL-AS [RKJ2] 34 UDEL-EECIS [NMM] 35 MICATON [WDL] 36 EGP-TESTOR [PEM4] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 38] RFC 1062 Internet Numbers August 1988 37 NSWC [DAF9] 38 UIUC [AKC] 39 NRL-ITD [AP] 40 MIT-TEST [NC3] 41 AMES [MSM1] 42 THINK-AS [BJN1] 43 BNL-AS [GC] 44 S1-DOMAIN [LWR] 45 LLL-TIS-AS [NAL] 46 RUTGERS [RM8] 47 USC-OBERON [DRS4] 48 NRL-AS [WF3] 49 ICST-AS [CWH3] 50 ORNL-MSRNET [THD] 51 USAREUR-EM-AS [FWD] 52 UCLA [RBW] 53 NORTHROP-AS [RSM1] 54 COA-FIN-NET [RR26] 55 UPENN-CIS [IW5] 56 OPTIMIS-P [GPL1] 57 UMN-REI-UC [HWB] 58 DREA-AS [GLH5] 59 WISC-MADISON-AS [EJN1] 60 DARPA-BFLY [MB] 61 DEC-MARLBORO-AS [JM60] 62 TEKVAXC [TE16] 63 LL-MI [RTL] 64 MITRE-B-AS [BSW] 65 LOGNET-AS [JR15] 66 ETL-AI [MMM3] 67 SDC-PRC-AS [MS22] 68 LANL-INET-AS [JC11] 69 WHARTON-AS [GBR] 70 NLM-GW [JA1] 71 HP-INTERNET-AS [RM142] 72 SPAR-AS [RB217] 73 WASHINGTON-AS [RA17] 74 XDRENET-AS [JR17] 75 ANL-AS [LW26] 76 SDC-CAM-AS [DSR] 77 JHUAPL-AS [SAK3] 78 SSDF-CDC-GW [RE22] 79 DSPO-HC-AS [BT5] 80 GE-CRD [JC106] 81 TUCC-MCNC [JRR14] 82 TWG-DEMO-AS [JS171] 83 PICANET-AS [RFD1] 84 DTNSRDC-AS1 [RWT2] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 39] RFC 1062 Internet Numbers August 1988 85 AERO-NET [LCN] 86 SURANET-AS [JH92] 87 INDIANA-AS [BS69] 88 PRINCETON-AS [LRR1] 89 NUSC-CSTLNET-AS [MP20] 90 SUN-AS [WM3] 91 RPI-AS [MS9] 92 CLARKSON-AS [ABS6] 93 FORD-AS [KR9] 94 BELVOIR-NET [DH30] 95 NUSCLSB1 [RPP] 96 JTELS-BEN1-AS [RR26] 97 JVNC-AS [SH37] 98 ROCKEFELLER-AS [MK38] 99 INTEL-IWARP [WM10] 100 FMC-CEL [KW2] 101 WASH-NSF-AS [SH47] 102 NSF-HQ-AS [FW17] 103 NWU-AS [EEW6] 104 COLORADO-AS [RAJ8] 105 GSWD-VMS-AS [PEK] 106 ETN-WLV-AS [SMS1] 107 ECSNET-AS [CAL7] 108 XEROX-AS [JNL1] 109 CISCOSYSTEMS [KSL] 110 CCA-AS [AL6] 111 BOSTONU-AS [BS24] 112 CMU-SEI-AS [PDB5] 113 SCCNET-AS [MJO4] 114 SESQUINET-AS [GTA] 115 PBAS-BEN2-GW-AS [RR26] 116 BELLCORE-AS [PK28] 117 ALBM-NET-AS [NB16] 118 NSWSES-NAVY-AS [DD41] 119 AMS-AS [SBW4] 120 MITRE-OMAHA [SM62] 121 IH-POE-AS [LK27] 122 U-PGH-NET-AS [SM6] 123 LOGAIRCOMNET-AS [TEC6] 124 ENCORE-GW-AS [DK70] 125 HI-NET-AS [DB97] 126 MINSY-POE-AS [CV14] 127 JPL-AS [JAW16] 128 ADS-AS [MB26] 129 CDA-AS [FJS3] 130 CSOCNET-AS [JJD12] 131 UCSB-NET-AS [PKH1] 132 WPAFB-CDS-NET-AS [CMC6] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 40] RFC 1062 Internet Numbers August 1988 133 AFIT-AS [PHS1] 134 CORONA-GW-AS [LM35] 135 BRL-CDCNET-GW-AS [GJK1] 136 ECONET-AS [TD40] 137 CNUCE-AS [ABB2] 138 BRL-CMCGW-AS [RR33] 139 NUWESNET-AS [RM125] 140 DAITC-NET-AS [SS125] 141 NWCNNET-AS [EG17] 142 WESTPOINT [RLR23] 143 OOG1-AS [JD86] 144 ATT-INTERNET [HT19] 145 NSFNET-CORE [HWB] 146 HQEIS-AS [SMK2] 147 NAVCAMS-LAN [JM246] 148 NWSC-GW-AS [JA91] 149 ADEL-AS [CM115] 150 SEANET-AS [JH10] 151 IND-NTC-AS [AB98] 152 SRI-ACATT-AS [RDQ] 153 SAAD-ARPA-AS [DRM24] 154 USACEC-NET-AS [DEA] 155 CACNET-AS [BG25] 156 NORTHEASTERN-GW-AS [CJ38] 157 INTELLIAUTON-AS [RJL3] 158 ACC-AS [AB20] 159 SONNET-AS [MF74] 160 U-CHICAGO-AS [MC17] 161 TI-AS [DF71] 162 NOSL-POE-GW-AS [DB211] 163 IBM-RESEARCH-AS [MT1] 164 DDN-MB-AS [RH6] 165 NESEA-DDN-GW-AS [DT59] 166 IDA-AS [MM227] 167 WESLEYAN-AS [JGD1] 168 UMASS-AMHERST [ASG] 169 HANSCOM-NET-AS [DD63] 170 YKTNPOE-GW-AS [WRR5] 171 NORTHWESTNET-AS [GK44] 172-65534 Unassigned [NIC] 65535 Reserved [JBP] Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 41] RFC 1062 Internet Numbers August 1988 DOCUMENTS [1] Aerospace, Internal Report, ATM-83(3920-01)-3, 1982. 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JGD%WCC.WESLYN%WESLEYAN.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [JH10] Hargrove, Jimmy jimmy@SEAHUB.ARPA [JH18] Huens, Jean prlb2!kulcs!jean@seismo.CSS.GOV [JH22] Hook, James jgh@SVAX.CS.CORNELL.EDU [JH92] Hahn, Jack hahn%umdc.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [JH141] Heinanen, Juha fi-technical-contact%tut.uucp@seismo.CSS.GOV [JH155] Hayward, Jeff ucc1@UHVAX1.UH.EDU [JHH8] Haynes, James H. ucscc!haynes@UCBVAX.Berkeley.EDU [JJ48] Jongeward, Jeffrey ssc-vax!root@BEAVER.CS.WASHINGTON.EDU [JJD12] Diehl, Jeff J. hq-spcd-xqr@AFCC-OA2.ARPA [JK7] Koda, Jim KODA@VENERA.ISI.EDU [JK151] Kim, June [JKR1] Reynolds, Joyce K. JKREYNOLDS@VENERA.ISI.EDU [JL15] Lepreau, Jay LEPREAU@CS.UTAH.EDU Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 53] RFC 1062 Internet Numbers August 1988 [JL52] Lekashman, John lekash@ORVILLE.NAS.NASA.GOV [JL115] Little, John portal!jel@SUN.COM [JL152] Lange, John hplabs!sun!texsun!radian!altair!johnl@RUTGERS.EDU [JLM23] Mills, John L. LIAISON@BCO-MULTICS.ARPA [JLS45] Sloan, John L. jsloan%wright.csnet@RELAY.CS.NET [JM60] McCollum, Jim MCCOLLUM@TOPS20.DEC.COM [JM184] Macelli, Joseph joem%suny-sb.csnet@RELAY.CS.NET [JM246] Moretz, Joseph rogers@NEMS.ARPA [JM278] Mazumdar, Jin [JM292] Murai, Jun jun%JAPAN.CSNET@RELAY.CS.NET [JM303] Moorfoot, John jgm%charlie.oz@seismo.CSS.GOV [JM304] McClurg, Jim [JMA16] Adams, James M., III ADAMS@MACOMW.ARPA [JMH10] Hayes, Jordan Michael jordan@ADS.COM [JMR] Rushby, John M. Rushby@CSL.SRI.COM [JMRM] Matheson, James M.R. [JN40] Noble, John [JN47] Nerbovig, Jerry [JNL1] Larson, John N. JLarson.PA@XEROX.COM [JO54] O'Connor, John [JOG] Gartley, John O. [JOO] Ostlund, James O. ostlund@SALK-ADM.SDSC.EDU [JP147] Petragnani, Joseph [JPB17] Bossert, John uw-beaver!uw-entropy!thebes!bossert@RUTGERS.EDU [JPC17] Chion, J.P. [JPO4] O'Brien, John P. cvax!ucf-cs!novavax!john@UCBVAX.Berkeley.EDU [JPS17] Stoneback, John P. allegra!mc70!stonebac@seismo.CSS.GOV [JPS21] Sorensen, Jan P. RKUJPS%NEUVM1.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [JPW11] Wies, J.P. [JR15] Rhodes, John E. jrhodes@LOGNET2.ARPA [JR17] Robinson, John ROBINSON@DMC-CRC.ARPA [JRM1] Miller, James R. jmiller@NOSC.MIL [JRR14] Ragland, Joe R. TUCJRR@TUCC.TUCC.EDU [JRS8] Schwab, Jeffrey R. jrs@ECN.PURDUE.EDU [JRS48] Shaeffer, James R. ASC02%AUDUCVAX.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [JS28] Shriver, John A. jas@PROTEON.COM [JS38] Sventek, Joseph S. JSSventek@LBL.ARPA [JS81] Smith, Jeff aat@J.CC.PURDUE.EDU [JS167] Shprentz, Joel shprentz@BDM.COM [JS171] Scott, Jerry JERRY@TWG.ARPA [JS210] Stearns, Jeff fluke!jeff@SUN.COM [JS268] Simonetti, J. [JS281] Shultis, Jonathan daf@ZOG.CS.CMU.EDU [JS283] Schwartz, Jack JSCHWARTZ@A.ISI.EDU Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 54] RFC 1062 Internet Numbers August 1988 [JS338] Sherwood, John SHERWOOD%DALAC.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [JSG5] Goodridge, Jon S. JSG@CCM.BBN.COM [JSL9] Lowe, James S. james@CSD4.MILW.WISC.EDU [JSM11] Miller, James S. jmiller%brandeis.csnet@RELAY.CS.NET [JSOL] Solomon, Jon JSOL@EDDIE.MIT.EDU [JSQ1] Quarterman, John S. jsq@SALLY.UTEXAS.EDU [JSS4] Sabnis, Jayant S. sabnix%nrl.decnet@NRL.ARPA [JSY2] Yaplee, Jeffrey S. [JT122] Thomassen, Jens Jens@IFI.UIO.NO [JTE2] Ellis, James T. PSN-ADMIN@MORGUL.PSC.EDU [JTN] Nelson, John T. jtn@POTOMAC.ADS.COM [JV41] Voigt, John sysbjav%tcsvm.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [JV53] Vinh, Josianne mcvax!!vinh@UUNET.UU.NET [JVE2] Eijndhoven, Jos van [JW47] Wobus, John JMWOBUS@SUVM.ACS.SYR.EDU [JW136] White, James D. jdw@UOKUCS.UOKNOR.EDU [JW156] Wray, John JCW2%rsre@CS.UCL.AC.UK [JW181] Washer, James W. washer@LLL-CRG.LLNL.GOV [JW196] Williams, John [JY11] Yancone, Joe yancone@CRDEC.ARPA [KA4] Auerbach, Karl auerbach@CSL.SRI.COM [KB60] Braun, Karl [KBC] Casey, Kevin B. kbcasey%gallub.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [KC8] Chen, Ken PERCEPT@A.ISI.EDU [KCM2] McDonald, Kelly C. KCM%BYUADMIN.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [KDM5] Miller, Keith D. [KDM6] Mayer-Spohn, Klaus D. ZRAM%DS0RUS1I.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [KDZ] Zeilenga, Kurt D. zeilenga@HC.DSPO.GOV [KFS] Sauer, Kurt F. ks@SVO.DECISION.COM [KG35] Gilmore, Kirk gilmore@GALILEO.AS.ARIZONA.EDU [KH74] Han, Kisoo [KHJ] Jobes, Karen H. jobes%iassns.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [KL31] Lamb, Kathleen klamb%csm9a@COLO.COLORADO.EDU [KM79] Moran, Kathy [KMC3] Crepea, Kenneth M. CREPEA@SPAM.ISTC.SRI.COM [KMH8] Hays, Kenneth M. hays%fsu.mfenet@NMFECC.ARPA [KO11] O'Keefe, Kevin HAZELTINE@A.ISI.EDU [KR9] Rohan, Kevin JJKKRR@FORD-COS1.ARPA [KRM5] Magill, K. Richard oxtrap!rich@UUNET.UU.NET [KS62] Simpson, Kathy [KSL] Lougheed, Kirk S. LOUGHEED@KL.SRI.COM [KTP] Pogran, Kenneth POGRAN@CCQ.BBN.COM [KW2] Wescourt, Keith T. WESCOURT@CEL.FMC.COM [LA55] Allison, Larry [LAB5] Butler, Lee A. butler@BRL.ARPA [LAM1] Mamakos, Louis A. louie@TRANTOR.UMD.EDU [LB16] Bukys, Liudvikas bukys@CS.ROCHESTER.EDU Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 55] RFC 1062 Internet Numbers August 1988 [LB110] Binding, Lothar $45%dhdurz1.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [LCN] Nelson, Louis C. lou@AEROSPACE.AERO.ORG [LCN2] Noll, Landon Curt chongo@UTS.AMDAHL.COM [LCS] Schreier, Louis C. schreier@SPAM.ISTC.SRI.COM [LCV] Varian, Lee C. lvarian@PUCC.PRINCETON.EDU [LD46] Deni, Larry deni%canisius.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [LDB3] Borchert, L. David borchert@BRAGGVAX.ARPA [LFO] Ortiz, Luis F. ortiz-luis@YALE.ARPA [LJR5] Romero, Louis J. [LK27] Kurtz, Linda SEAADSA@DDN2.ARPA [LL53] Lanzillo, Leo leo@SH.CS.NET [LL56] Lattanzi, Len LATTANZI@SUMEX-AIM.STANFORD.EDU [LL64] Leedom, Leith casey@LLL-CRG.LLNL.GOV [LM35] Michela, Larry J. 332LJM@FLTAC-POE.ARPA [LM88] McLoughlin, Lee lmjm%DOC.IC.AC.UK@CS.UCL.AC.UK [LNZ] Zubkoff, Leonard N. edsel!lnz@LABREA.STANFORD.EDU [LOU] Salkind, Louis SALKIND@NYU.ARPA [LP71] Paniccia, Larry [LPM] Michelson, Leslie P. michelso@JVNCF.CSC.ORG [LR44] Roy, Lynette roy@GMR.COM [LRB] Bierma, Larry R. BIERMA@NPRDC.ARPA [LRC7] Custead, Larry R. CUSTEAD%SASK.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [LRR1] Rogers, Lawrence R. lrr@PRINCETON.EDU [LS136] Sefton, Laurie lsefton@UTS.AMDAHL.COM [LSV] Vance, L. Stuart XXSS520@CHPC.BRC.UTEXAS.EDU [LT28] Taylor, Larry BPTLCTPB%UIAMVS.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [LW26] Winkler, Linda B32357%ANLVM.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [LWR] Robinson, Lawrence W. lwr@MORDOR.S1.GOV [MA] Accetta, Michael MIKE.ACCETTA@A.CS.CMU.EDU [MA24] Anderson, Melanie melanie%ncsavmsa.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [MA54] Allegue, Manny MANNY%TRINCC.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [MA56] Alexander, Mark kma%SAMSON.CADR.DIALNET.SYMBOLICS.COM@SCRC-RIVERSIDE.ARPA [MA63] Allen, Mike mcvax!ethz!allen@UUNET.UU.NET [MAB4] Brown, Mark A. Mark@OBERON.USC.EDU [MAJ1] Johnson, M. A. [MAW25] Waldschmidt, Mark A. MARKW%CPVB.SPAN@SDS.SDSC.EDU [MB] Brescia, Michael BRESCIA@CCV.BBN.COM [MB26] Brzustowicz, Mike MAB@ADS.ARPA [MB31] Bereschinsky, Michael BERESCHINSKY@A.ISI.EDU [MB168] de Barros, Marcus marcus@beno.CSS.GOV [MC17] Crawford, Matt crawford@ANL-MCS.ARPA [MC65] Corn, Michael [MC147] Clark, Mark mclark@NRAO.ARPA [MCA1] Akers, Mary Crocombe makers@BBN.COM [MCH5] Holland, M. C. prlb2!prlvax4!hollandm@UUNET.UU.NET [MCL9] Linimon, Mark C. ihnp4!killer!mizarvme!linimon:UCBVAX.Berkeley.EDU Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 56] RFC 1062 Internet Numbers August 1988 [MCSJ] St. Johns, Michael StJohns@SRI-NIC.ARPA [MDC] Connor, Martin David mdc@HT.AI.MIT.EDU [MDE3] Eggers, Mark D. CF4A8X%IRISHMVS.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [ME38] Elvy, Marc ELVY@CARRARA.MARBLE.COM [MF14] Fingerhut, Michael ircam!mf@UUNET.UU.NET [MF31] Fouts, Martin FOUTS@AMELIA.ARC.NASA.GOV [MF74] Fidler, Mike TS0026%OHSTVMA.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [MG58] Gilbert, Mike MBALLENTINE@ADA20.ISI.EDU [MG95] Greisen, Marc [MH82] Horton, Mark!mark@RUTGERS.EDU [MH98] Hrybyk, Michael hrybyk@HOPKINS-EECS-BRAVO.ARPA [MH118] Harper, Malcom [MJ33] Johnson, Mark [MJM2] Muuss, Michael John MIKE@BRL.ARPA [MJO4] O'Connor, Michael J. OCONNOR@SCCGATE.SCC.COM [MJO7] O'Donnell, Michael J. odonnell@HOPKINS-EECS-BRAVO.ARPA [MK17] Karels, Mike karels@UCBVAX.Berkeley.EDU [MK38] Kowitz, Mark mark@ROCKEFELLER.ARPA [MK68] Kazar, Michael Mike.Kazar@K.CS.CMU.EDU [MK75] Koulopoulos, Mike well!rk@LLL-LCC.ARPA [MK79] Kito, Masafumi [MKL] Lottor, Mark K. MKL@SRI-NIC.ARPA [MKP2] Peterson, Michael K. scgvaxd!mkp@CSVAX.CALTECH.EDU [ML62] Levine, Michael LEVINE@A.PSY.CMU.EDU [ML95] Liu, Mei-Ling DSMEILI%CALSTATE.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [MLC] Corrigan, Michael Corrigan@DDN3.ARPA [MM135] Mills, M. [MM147] Meyer, Mark mark%unlcdc3.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [MM149] Miller, Mark LUMM%LEHIIBM1.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [MM227] Mohar, Mike csed-1!csed-37!mohar@DAITC.ARPA [MMH5] Hayman, Martin M. [MMM3] McDonnell, Michael M. MIKE@ETL.ARPA [MOUSE] Parker, Mike mouse@LARRY.MCRCIM.MCGILL.EDU [MP12] Petry, Michael petry@TRANTOR.UMD.EDU [MP20] Perras, Mickey PERRAS@NUSC-ADA.ARPA [MPM] Mullen, M. Preston MULLEN@NRL-CSS.ARPA [MQ7] Quipourt, M. [MR29] Russell, Mike [MR78] Rotert, Michael ZORN%GERMANY.CSNET@RELAY.CS.NET [MR91] Reynolds, Mark [MR101] Roberson, Milton [MS9] Schoffstall, Martin Lee schoff@CSV.RPI.EDU [MS22] Starner, Mark L. starner@PRC.UNISYS.COM [MS101] Szymendera, Michael mikey%CANISIUS.EDU@RELAY.CS.NET [MS171] Shapiro, Marc Marc.Shapiro@C.CS.CMU.EDU [MS172] Simonians, Marina [MS195] Shojima, Makoto [MSA1] Andersson, Mats S. enea!liuida!msa@seismo.CSS.GOV Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 57] RFC 1062 Internet Numbers August 1988 [MSM1] Medin, Milo MEDIN@AMES.ARPA [MSP1] St. Paul, Mark stpaul@NMSU.EDU [MT1] Tharenos, Michael tharenos@IBM.COM [MV24] Vasoll, Mark [MW83] Wexler, Mike bigboy!mikew@UUNET.UU.NET [MWS10] Stalnaker, Michael W. MIKE@NRL-SSD.ARPA [NAL] Lann, Neil nal@MORDOR.S1.GOV [NB16] Ball, Nancy NancyB@AUSTIN.LOCKHEED.COM [NC3] Chiappa, Noel JNC@XX.LCS.MIT.EDU [NG] Gower, Neil E. GOWER@A.ISI.EDU [NH2] Howard, Nat nrh@FLASH.BELLCORE.COM [NM31] Mishkin, Nat apollo!mishkin@EDDIE.MIT.EDU [NMM] Minnich, N. Michael mminnich@HUEY.UDEL.EDU [NT12] Todd, Neil mcvax!ist!neil@seismo.CSS.GOV [NT13] Titley, Nigel mcvax!btnix!titley@seismo.CSS.GOV [OD8] Deguine, O. [OG4] Gremont, O. mcvax!inria!gipaltair-bdblues!root@seismo.CSS.GOV [PA5] Almquist, Philip Almquist@SCORE.STANFORD.EDU [PAK6] Kaslo, Philip A. phil@ARIZONA.EDU [PAN1] Nelson, Philip A. [PAP4] Prindeville, Philip A. PHILIPP@LARRY.MCRCIM.MCGILL.EDU [PB40] Bowden, Phillip E. BOWDENPE@VTVM1.CC.VT.EDU [PB67] Boyle, Pat boyle%ubc.csnet@RELAY.CS.NET [PC55] Charlton, Phyliss [PD39] Delaney, Pete pete%crcvax.uucp%germany.csnet@RELAY.CS.NET [PDB5] Barron, Patrick D. pdb@SEI.CMU.EDU [PEK] Kane, Patrick E. kane@XENURUS.GOULD.COM [PEM4] McKenney, Paul E. mckenney@SRI.COM [PFK] King, Peter F. KING%NEXT.COM@RELAY.CS.NET [PFS2] Sass, Paul F. SASS@A.ISI.EDU [PG40] Gillis, Paul paulg@USAGE.UNSW.OZ [PGA1] Apley, Phillip G. [PGM] Milazzo, Paul G. milazzo@RICE.EDU [PH45] Ho, Peter HO@HAC2ARPA.HAC.COM [PHS1] Schmidt, Paul H. pschmidt@AFIT-AB.ARPA [PJT9] Tyers, Peter J. tyers%trlluna.oz@UUNET.UU.NET [PK] Kirstein, Peter T. KIRSTEIN@NSS.CS.UCL.AC.UK [PK19] Karr, Penny PKARR@BBN.COM [PK28] Karn, Phil KARN@THUMPER.BELLCORE.COM [PKH1] Hyder, Paul K. HYDER@HUB.UCSB.EDU [PL37] LaForgue, Pierre laforgue@IMAG.IMAG.FR [PLH8] Haymon, Paula Langford apctrc!bigmac!haymon@UUNET.UU.NET [PM4] Martin, Paul PMARTIN@KL.SRI.COM [PM37] Melvin, Phyllis phyllis@BOEING.COM [PM72] Mies, Paul unido!gmdzi!mies@seismo.CSS.GOV [PM81] Marshall, Peter p.marshall%UWOVAX.BITNET@WISCVM.WISC.EDU [PMH3] Henderson, P. Marshall Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 58] RFC 1062 Internet Numbers August 1988 [PML1] Lashley, Patrick M. Holems!pat1@SUN.COM [PN23] Nellessen, Peter CRTVAX!PN@SPICE.CS.CMU.EDU [PNW] Wan, Peter N. peter%msdc.uucp@GATECH.EDU [PP14] Pomes, Paul paul@UXC.CSO.UIUC.EDU [PP36] Patton, Paul [PRT2] Taylor, Paul R. rocksvax!oswego!taylor@CS.ROCHESTER.EDU [PS27] Spilling, Paal SPILLING@A.ISI.EDU [PSS1] Schwarz, Phil S. [PT23] Tomb, Peter ptomb%umass.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [PT26] Taylor, Philip [PW37] Woods, Paul [PW44] Wishart, Peter pjw%anucsd.oz@UUNET.UU.NET [PW49] Ware, Pete esosun!pete@seismo.CSS.GOV [RA11] Adams, Rick rick@seismo.CSS.GOV [RA17] Albrightson, Robert bob@CS.WASHINGTON.EDU [RA62] Aschenbrenner, Rex Rex%CGIVB%CGI.CSNET@RELAY.CS.NET [RA66] Antonorsi, Richard [RA94] Allison, Roger [RAJ3] Johnson, Richard A. RAJ@ICS.UCI.EDU [RAJ8] Jones, Richard A. jones@COLO.COLORADO.EDU [RAK12] Kawin, Richard A. kawin@MORDOR.S1.GOV [RAM57] Mann, Rex A. [RAR22] Ridder, Robert A. [RAR23] Ragosa, Richard A. [RAY4] Yamin, Raymond A. [RB187] Baxter, Richard baxter-richard@YALE.ARPA [RB217] Bracho, Rafael RXB@KL.SRI.COM [RB218] Bentson, Randolph bentson%colostate.csnet@RELAY.CS.NET [RB219] Bybee, Robert [RB221] Blachley, Rick [RB253] Bjers, Richard CCONRDB%UCCCVM1.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [RBW] Wales, Richard B. WALES@CS.UCLA.EDU [RC113] Collier, Renee [RCM9] McQueen, Robert C. SIT.MCQUEEN@CU20B.COLUMBIA.EDU [RD91] Dussaulx, Regine [RD104] Dirlewanger, Roland rd@SUN8.LRI.FR [RD108] Dahlhoff, Randall GR.RFD%ISUMVS.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [RDG12] Garvie, Robert D. garvie%grumpy.dnet@SPOT.COLORADO.EDU [RDQ] Quigley, Roger d. quigley@SRI-LEWIS.ARPA [RDR4] Rockwell, R. Dennis DROCKWELL@SH.CS.NET [RE22] Enas, R. cdc-ddn@DDN2.ARPA [RED22] Donnelly, Robert E. [RER20] Rogers, Robert E. [RF57] Fajman, Roger RAF%NIHCU.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [RFD1] Donnelly, Robert F. rfd@ARDEC.ARPA [RG92] Gopstein, Richard gopstein@RUTGERS.EDU [RG94] Glass, Rick GLASS%CEBAFVAX.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 59] RFC 1062 Internet Numbers August 1988 [RGB14] Bookbinder, Robert G. lamont!rgb@COLUMBIA.EDU [RH5] Hobby, Russell RDHOBBY@UCDAVIS.UCDAVIS.EDU [RH6] Hinden, Robert HINDEN@CCV.BBN.COM [RH60] Hale, Roger ROGER@LL-SST.ARPA [RH164] Hoffmann, Ron hoffmann@BITSY.MIT.EDU [RHA8] August, Robert H. AUGUSTRH%VUCTRVAX.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [RHC3] Cole, Robert H. rhc%HPLB.CSNET@RELAY.CS.NET [RHM11] Moreno, Robert H. rmoreno@MISER.ARPA [RHS16] Sweed, Richard H. SWEED@RADC-TOPS20.ARPA [RJH33] Hickman, Robert J. [RJH37] Hendley, R.J. HendleyRJ%CS.BHAM.AC.UK@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [RJL3] Liebschutz, Robert J. rob@PRESTO.IG.COM [RK51] Kisielewski, Richard [RK75] Kocian, Ray [RKJ2] Johnsson, Richard K. Johnsson@DECWRL.DEC.COM [RKS1] Stodola, Robert K. 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ROMINE@NOTE.NSF.GOV [RR18] Reisor, Ron ron%vax3@LOUIE.UDEL.EDU [RR26] Reilly, William R. REILLY@COA.ARPA [RR33] Romanelli, Richard romanell@BRL.ARPA [RR97] Russell, Robb ROBB%DUVM.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [RS253] Saccoman, Remi remi%framentec.FR@UUNET.UU.NET [RS255] Sinnhuber, Roger [RSD2] Dixon, Robert S. TS0400%OHSTVMA.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [RSH] Hammel, Randall S. rsh@SUPER.ORG [RSM1] Miles, Robert S. rsm@NRTC.NORTHROP.COM Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 60] RFC 1062 Internet Numbers August 1988 [RT60] Thigpen, Robert decvax!savax!thigpen@UCVAX.Berkeley.EDU [RTB8] Baynes, Robert T. [RTL] LaCoss, Richard T. lacoss@XN.LL.MIT.EDU [RV32] Volk, Ruediger rv%unido@UUNET.UU.NET [RW101] Witlicki, Randy [RWH5] Henry, Robert W. rwh@UCBVAX.Berkeley.EDU [RWT2] Tinker, Robert W. tinker@DTIX.ARPA [SA] Allen, Scott [SA46] Archer, Stephen archer@CS.ROCHESTER.EDU [SA47] Ayers, Stephen [SAB17] Baird, Scott A. 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BILL@ETL.ARPA [YD2] Despond, Yves despond%clsepf51.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [YN] Nguyen, Yen yen@ARINC-GW.ARPA [YS10] Saito, Yaski yaski%ntt-20@SUMEX-AIM.STANFORD.EDU [ZSU] Su, Zaw-Sing ZSu@TSCA.ISTC.SRI.COM Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 63] RFC 1062 Internet Numbers August 1988 APPENDIX A The network numbers in class A, B, and C network addresses are allocated among Research, Defense, Government (Non-Defense) and Commercial uses. Class A (highest-order bit 0) Research allocation: 8 Defense allocation: 24 Government allocation: 24 Commercial allocation: 94 Reserved Addresses: (0, 127) Total 128 Class B (highest-order bits 1-0) Research allocation: 1024 Defense allocation: 3072 Government allocation: 3072 Commercial allocation: 12286 Reserved Addresses: (0, 16383) Total 16384 Class C (highest-order bits 1-1-0) Research allocation: 65536 Defense allocation: 458725 Government allocation: 458725 Commercial allocation: 1572862 Reserved Addresses: (0, 2097151) Total 2097152 Class D (highest-order bits 1-1-1-0) All addresses in this class are allocated for multicast use. Class E (highest-order bits 1-1-1-1) All addresses in this class are reserved for future use. Experimental networks which later become operational need not be renumbered. Rather, the identifiers could be moved from Research to Defense, Government or Commercial status. Thus, network identifiers may change state among Research, Defense, Government and Commercial, but the number of identifiers allocated to each use must remain within the limits indicated above. To make possible this fluid assignment, the network identifier spaces are not allocated by simple partition, but rather by specific assignment. Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 64] RFC 1062 Internet Numbers August 1988 Also, organizations not currently affiliated with the Internet may be assigned numbers for networks for non-connected service. If at some later time such networks are connecteed to the Internet (with appropriate prermissions and approvals) the networks need not be renumbered. Romano, Stahl & Recker [Page 65]

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