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RFC 1166 - Internet numbers

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Network Working Group S. Kirkpatrick Request for Comments: 1166 M. Stahl Obsoletes RFCs: 1117, 1020, 997, 990, 960, 943, M. Recker 943, 923, 900, 870, 820, 790, 776, 770, 762, July 1990 758, 755, 750, 739, 604, 503, 433, 349 Obsoletes IENs: 127, 117, 93
INTERNET NUMBERS Status of this Memo This memo is a status report on the network numbers and autonomous system numbers used in the Internet community. Distribution of this memo is unlimited. Table of Contents Introduction.................................................... 1 Network Numbers................................................. 4 Class A Networks................................................ 7 Class B Networks................................................ 8 Class C Networks................................................ 47 Other Reserved Internet Addresses............................... 100 Network Totals.................................................. 101 Autonomous System Numbers....................................... 102 Documents....................................................... 111 Contacts........................................................ 115 Security Considerations......................................... 182 Authors' Addresses.............................................. 182 Introduction This Network Working Group Request for Comments documents the currently assigned network numbers and gateway autonomous systems. This RFC will be updated periodically, and in any case current information can be obtained from Hostmaster at the DDN Network Information Center (NIC). Hostmaster DDN Network Information Center SRI International 333 Ravenswood Avenue Menlo Park, California 94025 Phone: 1-800-235-3155 Network mail: HOSTMASTER@NIC.DDN.MIL Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 1] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 Most of the protocols used in the Internet are documented in the RFC series of notes. Some of the items listed are undocumented. Further information on protocols can be found in the memo published by the Internet Activites Board (IAB), "IAB Official Protocol Standards" [52], which describes the state of standardization of protocols used in the Internet. This document is issued quarterly. Current copies may be obtained from the DDN Network Information Center. The lists below contain the name and network mailbox of the individuals responsible for each registered network or autonomous system. The bracketed entry, e.g. [nn,iii], at the right hand margin of the page indicates a reference for the listed network or autonomous system, where the number ("nn") cites the document and the letters ("iii") cite the NIC Handle of the responsible person. The NIC Handle is a unique identifier that is used in the NIC WHOIS/NICNAME service. People occasionally change electronic mailboxes. To find out the current network mailbox or phone number for an individual, or to get information about a registered network, use the NIC WHOIS/NICNAME service or contact HOSTMASTER@NIC.DDN.MIL. The convention used for the documentation of Internet Protocols is to express numbers in decimal and to picture data in "big-endian" order [39]. That is, fields are described left to right, with the most significant octet on the left and the least significant octet on the right. The order of transmission of the header and data described in this document is resolved to the octet level. Whenever a diagram shows a group of octets, the order of transmission of those octets is the normal order in which they are read in English. For example, in the following diagram the octets are transmitted in the order they are numbered. 0 1 2 3 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ Transmission Order of Bytes Whenever an octet represents a numeric quantity the left most bit in the diagram is the high order or most significant bit. That is, the Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 2] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 bit labeled 0 is the most significant bit. For example, the following diagram represents the value 170 (decimal). 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ |1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0| +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ Significance of Bits Similarly, whenever a multi-octet field represents a numeric quantity the left most bit of the whole field is the most significant bit. When a multi-octet quantity is transmitted the most significant octet is transmitted first. Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 3] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 NETWORK NUMBERS The network numbers listed here are used as internet addresses by the Internet Protocol (IP) [14,26]. The IP uses a 32-bit address field and divides that address into a network part and a "rest" or local address part. The division takes 4 forms or classes. The first type of address, or class A, has a 7-bit network number and a 24-bit local address. The highest-order bit is set to 0. This allows 128 class A networks. 1 2 3 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ |0| NETWORK | Local Address | +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ Class A Address The second type of address, class B, has a 14-bit network number and a 16-bit local address. The two highest-order bits are set to 1-0. This allows 16,384 class B networks. 1 2 3 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ |1 0| NETWORK | Local Address | +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ Class B Address The third type of address, class C, has a 21-bit network number and a 8-bit local address. The three highest-order bits are set to 1-1-0. This allows 2,097,152 class C networks. 1 2 3 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ |1 1 0| NETWORK | Local Address | +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ Class C Address Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 4] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 The fourth type of address, class D, is used as a multicast address [13]. The four highest-order bits are set to 1-1-1-0. 1 2 3 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ |1 1 1 0| multicast address | +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ Class D Address Note: No addresses are allowed with the four highest-order bits set to 1-1-1-1. These addresses, called "class E", are reserved. One commonly used notation for internet host addresses divides the 32-bit address into four 8-bit fields and specifies the value of each field as a decimal number with the fields separated by periods. This is called the "dotted decimal" notation. For example, the internet address of VENERA.ISI.EDU in dotted decimal is, or The dotted decimal notation will be used in the listing of assigned network numbers. The class A networks will have nnn.rrr.rrr.rrr, the class B networks will have nnn.nnn.rrr.rrr, and the class C networks will have nnn.nnn.nnn.rrr, where nnn represents part or all of a network number and rrr represents part or all of a local address. There are four catagories of users of Internet Addresses: Research, Defense, Government (Non-Defense), and Commercial. To reflect the allocation of network identifiers among the categories, a one- character code is placed to the left of the network number: R for Research, D for Defense, G for Government, and C for Commercial (see Appendix A for further details on this division of the network identification). Network numbers are assigned for networks that are connected to the research Internet and operational Internet, and for independent networks that use the IP family protocols (these are usually commercial). These independent networks are marked with an asterisk preceding the number. The administrators of independent networks must apply separately for permission to interconnect their network with the Internet. Independent networks should not be listed in the working tables of the Internet hosts or gateways. Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 5] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 For various reasons, the assigned numbers of networks are sometimes changed. To ease the transition the old number will be listed for a transition period as well. These "old number" entries will be marked with a "T" following the number and preceding the name, and the network name will be suffixed "-TEMP". Special Addresses: In certain contexts, it is useful to have fixed addresses with functional significance rather than as identifiers of specific hosts. The address zero is to be interpreted as meaning "this", as in "this network". For example, the address could be interpreted as meaning host 37 on this network. The address of all ones are to be interpreted as meaning "all", as in "all hosts". For example, the address could be interpreted as meaning all hosts on the network 128.9. The class A network number 127 is assigned the "loopback" function, that is, a datagram sent by a higher level protocol to a network 127 address should loop back inside the host. No datagram "sent" to a network 127 address should ever appear on any network anywhere. Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 6] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 Class A Networks * Internet Address Network Reference - ---------------- ------- ---------- *0.rrr.rrr.rrr Reserved [JBP] 1.rrr.rrr.rrr-2.rrr.rrr.rrr Unassigned [NIC] C*3.rrr.rrr.rrr GE-INTERNET [JEB50] R 4.rrr.rrr.rrr SATNET [SHB] 5.rrr.rrr.rrr Unassigned [NIC] D 6.rrr.rrr.rrr YPG-NET [BWA] D 7.rrr.rrr.rrr EDN-TEMP [EC5] R 8.rrr.rrr.rrr BBNCCNET [SGC] R 9.rrr.rrr.rrr IBM [JP247] R 10.rrr.rrr.rrr ARPANET [JS283] D 11.rrr.rrr.rrr DODIIS [GEG4] C 12.rrr.rrr.rrr ATT [MH82] C 13.rrr.rrr.rrr XEROX-NET [SJ33] C 14.rrr.rrr.rrr PDN [JKR1] R 15.rrr.rrr.rrr HP-INTERNET [WU1] C 16.rrr.rrr.rrr DEC-INTERNET [BKR] 17.rrr.rrr.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R 18.rrr.rrr.rrr MIT-TEMP [JIS] C*19.rrr.rrr.rrr FINET [RJB3] D*20.rrr.rrr.rrr ANALYTICS [BD107] D 21.rrr.rrr.rrr DDN-RVN [MLC] D*22.rrr.rrr.rrr DSNET1 [GEG4] D 23.rrr.rrr.rrr DDN-TC-NET [DH17] 24.rrr.rrr.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R 25.rrr.rrr.rrr RSRE-EXP [DBH11] D 26.rrr.rrr.rrr MILNET [TMH6] R 27.rrr.rrr.rrr NOSC-LCCN-TEMP [RH6] R 28.rrr.rrr.rrr WIDEBAND [CJW2] D 29.rrr.rrr.rrr MILX25-TEMP [TMH6] D 30.rrr.rrr.rrr ARPAX25-TEMP [TMH6] G 31.rrr.rrr.rrr UCDLA-NET [CL64] 32.rrr.rrr.rrr-34.rrr.rrr.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R 35.rrr.rrr.rrr MERIT [HWB] R 36.rrr.rrr.rrr SU-NET-TEMP [VAF] 37.rrr.rrr.rrr-40.rrr.rrr.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R 41.rrr.rrr.rrr BBN-TEST-A [RH6] R 42.rrr.rrr.rrr CAN-INET [MV38] R*43.rrr.rrr.rrr JAPAN-A [JM292] R 44.rrr.rrr.rrr AMPRNET [PK28] 45.rrr.rrr.rrr Reserved [NIC] C 46.rrr.rrr.rrr BBNET [JSG1] R 47.rrr.rrr.rrr BNR [BM178] 48.rrr.rrr.rrr-126.rrr.rrr.rrr Unassigned [NIC] *127.rrr.rrr.rrr Loopback [JBP] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 7] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 Class B Networks * Internet Address Network Reference - ---------------- ------- ---------- 128.0.rrr.rrr Reserved [JBP] R 128.1.rrr.rrr BBN-TEST-B [RH6] R 128.2.rrr.rrr CMU-NET [HDW2] R 128.3.rrr.rrr LBL-IP-NET1 [CAL3] R 128.4.rrr.rrr DCNET [DLM1] R 128.5.rrr.rrr FORDNET [FJB3] R 128.6.rrr.rrr RUTGERS [CLH3] R 128.7.rrr.rrr KRAUTNET [GB7] R 128.8.rrr.rrr UMDNET [LAM1] R 128.9.rrr.rrr ISI-NET [VLG] R 128.10.rrr.rrr PURDUE-CS-EN [DT50] R 128.11.rrr.rrr BBN-CRONUS [PK19] R 128.12.rrr.rrr SU-NET [VAF] D 128.13.rrr.rrr MATNET [SHB] R 128.14.rrr.rrr BBN-SAT-TEST [SHB] R 128.15.rrr.rrr S1NET [RAK12] R 128.16.rrr.rrr UCL-CS-ETHER [PK] D 128.17.rrr.rrr MATNET-ALT [SHB] R 128.18.rrr.rrr SRINET [TONY] D 128.19.rrr.rrr EDN [EC5] D 128.20.rrr.rrr BRLNET [TS9] R 128.21.rrr.rrr SRI-PR-1 [PEM4] R 128.22.rrr.rrr SRI-PR-2 [PEM4] R*128.23.rrr.rrr MUSC [SB228] R 128.24.rrr.rrr ROCKWELL-PR [JCJ1] D 128.25.rrr.rrr BRAGG-PR [LDB3] D 128.26.rrr.rrr SAPE-AIRNET [CAD13] D 128.27.rrr.rrr DEMO-PR-1 [DM261] D 128.28.rrr.rrr C3-PR-TEMP [GMR] R 128.29.rrr.rrr MITRE [TML] R 128.30.rrr.rrr MIT-NET [DDC1] R 128.31.rrr.rrr MIT-RES [DDC1] R 128.32.rrr.rrr UCB-ETHER [RWH5] R 128.33.rrr.rrr BBN-NET [SGC] R 128.34.rrr.rrr NOSC-LCCN [RH6] R 128.35.rrr.rrr BULLUSANET [JLM23] R 128.36.rrr.rrr YALE-NET [HML1] D 128.37.rrr.rrr YUMA [RBB2] D 128.38.rrr.rrr NSWC-NET [VHB] R 128.39.rrr.rrr NTANET [PS27] R 128.40.rrr.rrr UCL-ETHERNET [JA168] R 128.41.rrr.rrr UCL-CS-SERVICE [JA168] R 128.42.rrr.rrr RICE-NET [FG50] R 128.43.rrr.rrr DRENET [JS597] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 8] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 D 128.44.rrr.rrr WSMR-NET1 [CAS1] C 128.45.rrr.rrr DEC-WRL-NET [BKR] R 128.46.rrr.rrr PURDUE-NET [JRS8] D 128.47.rrr.rrr TACTNET [MB31] G 128.48.rrr.rrr UCDLA-NET-B [CL64] R 128.49.rrr.rrr NOSC-ETHER [RLB3] G 128.50.rrr.rrr COINS [RLS6] G 128.51.rrr.rrr COINSTNET [RLS6] R 128.52.rrr.rrr MIT-AI-NET [CL11] R 128.53.rrr.rrr SAC-PR-2 [GMR] R 128.54.rrr.rrr UCSD [GH29] R 128.55.rrr.rrr NMFECC [RJA21] D 128.56.rrr.rrr USNA-NET [RAD15] D 128.57.rrr.rrr DEMO-PR-2 [DM261] C 128.58.rrr.rrr SLCS [CG64] R 128.59.rrr.rrr CU-NET [BC14] D 128.60.rrr.rrr NRL-ETHER [WF3] R 128.61.rrr.rrr GATECH [DD11] R 128.62.rrr.rrr MCC-NET [CBD] R 128.63.rrr.rrr BRL-SUBNET [TS9] 128.64.rrr.rrr-128.79.rrr.rrr Unassigned [NIC] D 128.80.rrr.rrr CECOMNET [PFS2] R 128.81.rrr.rrr SYMBOLICS [SE31] R 128.82.rrr.rrr ODU [CE55] R 128.83.rrr.rrr UTAUSTIN [TLL8] R 128.84.rrr.rrr CORNELL-NET [DK2] C*128.85.rrr.rrr DRILL-NET [DBJ4] R 128.86.rrr.rrr JANET [RHC3] R 128.87.rrr.rrr HIRST [RHC3] R*128.88.rrr.rrr HP-NET [AG67] R 128.89.rrr.rrr BBN-ENET [SGC] C*128.90.rrr.rrr SCRIBE [ERC1] R 128.91.rrr.rrr UPENN [JDH29] R 128.92.rrr.rrr INTELLINET [RJL3] R 128.93.rrr.rrr INRIA-NET [AR41] C*128.94.rrr.rrr SYSNET [EY5] R 128.95.rrr.rrr WASHINGTON [SH162] C 128.96.rrr.rrr BELLCORE-NET [PK28] R 128.97.rrr.rrr UCLANET [ETS4] R 128.98.rrr.rrr RSRE-EN2 [JW156] C 128.99.rrr.rrr NORTHROP-NET [RSM1] R 128.100.rrr.rrr TORONTO [BD55] R 128.101.rrr.rrr UMN-NET [PS191] G 128.102.rrr.rrr AMES-NET [MSM1] R 128.103.rrr.rrr HARV-FIBER [SB28] R 128.104.rrr.rrr WISC-HERD [EJN1] R 128.105.rrr.rrr WISC [BAC9] D 128.106.rrr.rrr SRI-PSON-1 [ERK3] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 9] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 D 128.107.rrr.rrr CISCO-PRNET1 [ERK3] D 128.108.rrr.rrr CISCO-PRNET2 [ERK3] R 128.109.rrr.rrr NET-CONCERT [JRR14] R 128.110.rrr.rrr UTAH-NET [JL15] R 128.111.rrr.rrr UCSB [AKS31] R 128.112.rrr.rrr PRINCETON [LRR1] R 128.113.rrr.rrr RPINET [JF78] R 128.114.rrr.rrr UCSC [JHH8] R 128.115.rrr.rrr LLNL-LABNET [LL64] R 128.116.rrr.rrr USAN [JHC12] R 128.117.rrr.rrr UCAR [JHC12] R 128.118.rrr.rrr PENN-STATE [SJS11] R 128.119.rrr.rrr UMASS-NET [GW40] R 128.120.rrr.rrr UCDAVIS [RH5] R 128.121.rrr.rrr JVNC-NET [SH37] R 128.122.rrr.rrr NYU-NET [BJR2] R 128.123.rrr.rrr NMSU [MSP1] R 128.124.rrr.rrr NTA-TEMP [TM10] R 128.125.rrr.rrr USCNET [MAB4] R 128.126.rrr.rrr UNISYS-PRC [JWM3] C 128.127.rrr.rrr FTP-SOFTWARE [JBV2] R 128.128.rrr.rrr WHOINET [ARM5] C*128.129.rrr.rrr CGI [RA62] R*128.130.rrr.rrr TUNET-T [JD238] R*128.131.rrr.rrr TUNET-F [JD238] G 128.132.rrr.rrr LNX-ETHER3 [JAM38] G 128.133.rrr.rrr AFSC-LONS [SWR3] R 128.134.rrr.rrr SDN [JEA18] R 128.135.rrr.rrr U-CHICAGO [MC17] R 128.136.rrr.rrr TEK-ALLNET [TE16] R*128.137.rrr.rrr GENNET1 [SM96] R 128.138.rrr.rrr COLORADO [RAJ8] R 128.139.rrr.rrr ILAN [DB35] R 128.140.rrr.rrr EMORY-INET [AR60] R 128.141.rrr.rrr CERN-LAN [TB166] R*128.142.rrr.rrr CERN-TOKEN [TB166] R 128.143.rrr.rrr VIRGINIA [JAJ17] R 128.144.rrr.rrr ARNET [TS194] R 128.145.rrr.rrr NYSERNET [MS9] R 128.146.rrr.rrr OHIO-STATE [RSD2] R 128.147.rrr.rrr U-PGH-NET [SM6] R 128.148.rrr.rrr BROWN-UNIV [MR29] G 128.149.rrr.rrr JPL-NET [MSM1] G 128.150.rrr.rrr NSF-LAN [FW17] R 128.151.rrr.rrr UR-NET [TM57] C 128.152.rrr.rrr HAC-ENET [PH45] R 128.153.rrr.rrr CLARKSON [ABS6] G 128.154.rrr.rrr WFF-NET [MSM1] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 10] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 G 128.155.rrr.rrr LARC-NET [MSM1] G 128.156.rrr.rrr LERC-NET [MSM1] G 128.157.rrr.rrr JSC-NET [MSM1] G 128.158.rrr.rrr MSFC-NET [MSM1] G 128.159.rrr.rrr KSC-NET [MSM1] G 128.160.rrr.rrr SSCNET [MG120] G 128.161.rrr.rrr NSN-NET [MSM1] C 128.162.rrr.rrr CRAY-NET [DJD30] R 128.163.rrr.rrr UKY [GB43] R 128.164.rrr.rrr GWU-GATE [TT35] G 128.165.rrr.rrr LANL-INET [PCW] D*128.166.rrr.rrr BAC-NET [JJ48] R 128.167.rrr.rrr SURA [JH92] C 128.168.rrr.rrr GOLDHILL [KR77] R 128.169.rrr.rrr UTK [JDC20] R 128.170.rrr.rrr UNISYS-CAM [DSR] R 128.171.rrr.rrr HAWAII [TN11] R 128.172.rrr.rrr VCU-LAN [JN40] R 128.173.rrr.rrr VA-TECH [PB40] R 128.174.rrr.rrr UIUC-CAMPUS-B [PP14] R 128.175.rrr.rrr UDELNET [DJG2] R*128.176.rrr.rrr DMSWWU-ETHER [GR26] C*128.177.rrr.rrr BLI-NET [EPA] R 128.178.rrr.rrr EPFL-EPNET [YD2] R*128.179.rrr.rrr EPF-ETHER2 [YD2] R 128.180.rrr.rrr LEHIGH [MM149] C 128.181.rrr.rrr TEKTRONIX [JB218] R 128.182.rrr.rrr PSCNET [EFH4] R 128.183.rrr.rrr GSFC [JB113] R 128.184.rrr.rrr DEAKINET [JM303] C 128.185.rrr.rrr PROTEON-NET [JS28] R 128.186.rrr.rrr FSU [KMH8] R 128.187.rrr.rrr BYU-NET [KCM2] R 128.188.rrr.rrr M2CNET [SM67] R 128.189.rrr.rrr BCNET [DO26] G 128.190.rrr.rrr BELVOIR-NET [MDS30] C*128.191.rrr.rrr NECIS-NET [DP71] R 128.192.rrr.rrr UGA [EHH4] R 128.193.rrr.rrr ORST [BA26] R 128.194.rrr.rrr TAMU-NET [WM68] R 128.195.rrr.rrr UCIICS-NET [RAJ3] R 128.196.rrr.rrr UNIV-ARIZ [TF30] R 128.197.rrr.rrr BU-NET [KE1] R 128.198.rrr.rrr CU-COLOSPGS [RDG12] R*128.199.rrr.rrr STC [AM54] R 128.200.rrr.rrr UCI-NET [DW96] R*128.201.rrr.rrr REUNIR [RN25] D 128.202.rrr.rrr CSOCNET [JJD12] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 11] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 R*128.203.rrr.rrr UB-INC [GC148] R 128.204.rrr.rrr ALBNYNET [BEC1] R 128.205.rrr.rrr UBUFFALONET [CFD4] R 128.206.rrr.rrr MONET [BEC5] C*128.207.rrr.rrr BOEING-PSN [JSY2] R 128.208.rrr.rrr WASH-NSF [SH162] C 128.209.rrr.rrr NYNEXSTNET [MC65] R 128.210.rrr.rrr PURDUE-CCNET [JS81] R 128.211.rrr.rrr PURDUE-CS-CYP [DT50] C 128.212.rrr.rrr ISCNET [DM27] R 128.213.rrr.rrr RPICSNET [CW42] R 128.214.rrr.rrr FUNET [JH141] C 128.215.rrr.rrr INTEL [JR40] D 128.216.rrr.rrr CC-PRNET [GIH] G 128.217.rrr.rrr NASA-KSC-OIS [MSM1] R 128.218.rrr.rrr UCSF-NET [TF6] R 128.219.rrr.rrr ORNL-NETB1 [THD] R 128.220.rrr.rrr JHU [RLR46] R 128.221.rrr.rrr DGPN1 [PSS1] C 128.222.rrr.rrr DGPN2 [PSS1] R 128.223.rrr.rrr UONET [DS85] C*128.224.rrr.rrr EPILOGUE [KA4] C*128.225.rrr.rrr BOEING-EN [JSY2] R 128.226.rrr.rrr BINGHAMTON [RM120] R 128.227.rrr.rrr UFNET [DP173] R 128.228.rrr.rrr CUNY [SMP2] R 128.229.rrr.rrr ADSNET [BJL5] R 128.230.rrr.rrr SYR-UNIV-NET [JW47] G 128.231.rrr.rrr NIH-NET [RF57] R*128.232.rrr.rrr CL-CAM-AC-UK [MAJ1] R*128.233.rrr.rrr USASK [LRC7] R*128.234.rrr.rrr COS-NET [AP25] R 128.235.rrr.rrr NJIT [BM79] D 128.236.rrr.rrr USAFA-NET [GEOFF] R 128.237.rrr.rrr CMU-SEI-NET [TGP3] R 128.238.rrr.rrr POLY-U-NET [AMM14] R 128.239.rrr.rrr WM-NET [SF34] R*128.240.rrr.rrr NCL [CR140] R 128.241.rrr.rrr SESQUINET [GTA] R 128.242.rrr.rrr MIDNET [DF90] R*128.243.rrr.rrr NOTT-AC-UK [WA16] D 128.244.rrr.rrr APL-NET [SFP] R 128.245.rrr.rrr SRA-CT-NET [JSS4] C*128.246.rrr.rrr CGCH-WIRZ [HN3] C 128.247.rrr.rrr TI [DF71] R 128.248.rrr.rrr UIC-NET [EZ3] R 128.249.rrr.rrr TMC-NET [SB98] R 128.250.rrr.rrr UNIMELB [CC89] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 12] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 C 128.251.rrr.rrr ROCKW-TELEDA [JCW12] R 128.252.rrr.rrr WASHINGTON-U [MD142] R 128.253.rrr.rrr CCS-NET [DC126] R*128.254.rrr.rrr FMC-NOD [WCW7] R 128.255.rrr.rrr UIOWA [MN54] 129.0.rrr.rrr Reserved [NIC] R 129.1.rrr.rrr BGSU [SH71] R 129.2.rrr.rrr UMD-BOGON-NET [LAM1] R 129.3.rrr.rrr SUNY-OSWEGO-NET [PRT2] C 129.4.rrr.rrr TRW [DM348] R 129.5.rrr.rrr HGCNET [GT76] G 129.6.rrr.rrr NIST [CWH3] R 129.7.rrr.rrr UH-NET [APT] R 129.8.rrr.rrr CSUFRESNO [RP88] C*129.9.rrr.rrr CHRYSLER-NET [RER20] R 129.10.rrr.rrr NORTHEASTERN-NET [CJ38] R*129.11.rrr.rrr LEEDS [AJC11] R*129.12.rrr.rrr UKC [SL55] R 129.13.rrr.rrr LINK [BL118] C*129.14.rrr.rrr SBINY [BC72] R 129.15.rrr.rrr UOKNOR [JW136] R 129.16.rrr.rrr CTH-NET [GL41] R*129.17.rrr.rrr SSED-NET [DM147] C 129.18.rrr.rrr NEXT-NET [PFK] R 129.19.rrr.rrr WESTNET [DCMW] R 129.20.rrr.rrr VERDUR [RN25] R 129.21.rrr.rrr RIT [CF35] R 129.22.rrr.rrr CWRUNET [JAG3] R 129.23.rrr.rrr SDIO-INTERNET [KDZ] R 129.24.rrr.rrr UNM-CDCN [SM137] R 129.25.rrr.rrr DREXEL [RR97] R 129.26.rrr.rrr GMD-DE [PM72] R*129.27.rrr.rrr TUGNET [PA43] R*129.28.rrr.rrr SPCNET [AL109] D 129.29.rrr.rrr USMANET [DAS13] C 129.30.rrr.rrr HONEYWELL [DB97] R*129.31.rrr.rrr ICNET [LM88] R 129.32.rrr.rrr TEMPLE [TES16] R 129.33.rrr.rrr IBM-ALMADEN [RC278] R 129.34.rrr.rrr IBM-WATSON [BR92] R 129.35.rrr.rrr IBM Research Net [JP247] R 129.36.rrr.rrr IBM-ROCH [BO3] R 129.37.rrr.rrr-129.39.rrr.rrr IBM Research Net [JP247] R 129.40.rrr.rrr IBM-KINGSTON [SD139] R 129.41.rrr.rrr-129.42.rrr.rrr IBM Research Net [JP247] R 129.43.rrr.rrr NCI-FCRF [WLB5] C*129.44.rrr.rrr NYTEL1095NET [HT12] C*129.45.rrr.rrr NYTELNOCNET1 [JO54] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 13] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 C 129.46.rrr.rrr QUALNET [TM37] C 129.47.rrr.rrr SYTEK-INC [RW237] D 129.48.rrr.rrr WPAFB-CDS-NET [SF76] R 129.49.rrr.rrr SUNY-SB [JM414] G*129.50.rrr.rrr PSCN [BRB8] D 129.51.rrr.rrr ESMC-LONS [SWR3] D 129.52.rrr.rrr WPAFB-LONS [SWR3] D 129.53.rrr.rrr HANSCOM [DD63] D 129.54.rrr.rrr WSMC-LONS [SWR3] R 129.55.rrr.rrr LINCOLN-MI [KLS24] D*129.56.rrr.rrr AUXNET-PR [KFS] R 129.57.rrr.rrr CEBAF [RC247] R*129.58.rrr.rrr SRPNET [MJ33] R 129.59.rrr.rrr VANDERBILT [EZ8] R 129.60.rrr.rrr NTT-INET [YS10] D 129.61.rrr.rrr ECONET [CG1] R 129.62.rrr.rrr BAYLOR [BL31] R 129.63.rrr.rrr ULOWELL [RS414] R 129.64.rrr.rrr BRANDEIS [JSM11] R 129.65.rrr.rrr CALPOLY [ML95] R 129.66.rrr.rrr ASN-NET [JRS48] R*129.67.rrr.rrr OXFORDNET [MH118] R*129.68.rrr.rrr SJU-NET [JP147] R 129.69.rrr.rrr RUS-NET [KDM6] R*129.70.rrr.rrr UNIBI [WH64] R 129.71.rrr.rrr WVNET [RL104] R 129.72.rrr.rrr UWYO [RM177] C 129.73.rrr.rrr SIEMENS [MB143] R 129.74.rrr.rrr NOTRE-DAME [MDE3] C 129.75.rrr.rrr CCUR-DOM [PG97] C*129.76.rrr.rrr ROSEMOUNT [JW266] C 129.77.rrr.rrr OXFORD-TP [KRM5] R 129.78.rrr.rrr SYDNET [DP149] R 129.79.rrr.rrr INDIANA-NET [BS69] C*129.80.rrr.rrr STORTEK [DB162] R 129.81.rrr.rrr TULANE-NET [JV41] R 129.82.rrr.rrr CSUNET [SM83] D 129.83.rrr.rrr MITRE-B-NETB [BSW] C 129.84.rrr.rrr TWG-NET [TN29] R 129.85.rrr.rrr ROCK [MK38] C*129.86.rrr.rrr SANDERS [RT60] C 129.87.rrr.rrr SLBSDRNET [RK75] R 129.88.rrr.rrr IMAG [PL37] R 129.89.rrr.rrr MILW-IPNET [JSL9] C*129.90.rrr.rrr INTEVEP [RA66] R 129.91.rrr.rrr ENCORE [PYC] D 129.92.rrr.rrr AFIT [DWD20] R 129.93.rrr.rrr HUSKERNET [MM147] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 14] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 R 129.94.rrr.rrr UNSW [PG40] R 129.95.rrr.rrr OREGRADNET [JC235] R 129.96.rrr.rrr FLINDERS-UNI [TGN] R 129.97.rrr.rrr UWNET [WCWI] R*129.98.rrr.rrr ALNET [RNB5] G 129.99.rrr.rrr NAS-NET [JL52] R 129.100.rrr.rrr UWO-NET [PM81] R 129.101.rrr.rrr UIDAHO [WDS11] R*129.102.rrr.rrr IRCAM [MF14] C*129.103.rrr.rrr NERV [RG225] R 129.104.rrr.rrr POLY [GG68] R 129.105.rrr.rrr NWUNET [JPD18] R 129.106.rrr.rrr UTHOUSTON [LN47] R 129.107.rrr.rrr UTARLINGTON [RDC36] R 129.108.rrr.rrr OTS-129-108 [DLN12] R 129.109.rrr.rrr UTGALVESTON [MH225] R 129.110.rrr.rrr UTDALLAS [DLL32] R 129.111.rrr.rrr UTHSCSA [CA80] R 129.112.rrr.rrr UTSWMED [VS50] R 129.113.rrr.rrr OTS-129-113 [DLN12] R 129.114.rrr.rrr UTCCSPRD [MM352] R 129.115.rrr.rrr OTS-129-115 [DLN12] R 129.116.rrr.rrr CHPCNET [WLJ7] R 129.117.rrr.rrr THENETMN [DLN12] R 129.118.rrr.rrr TTUNET [JS450] R 129.119.rrr.rrr SOUTHMETHUNIV [DH23] R 129.120.rrr.rrr UNTEXAS [BB194] R 129.121.rrr.rrr NMTECHNET [IMK1] C 129.122.rrr.rrr PRIME [RLU3] R 129.123.rrr.rrr USU [RLR36] C 129.124.rrr.rrr GMRLNET [LR44] R 129.125.rrr.rrr RUGNET [HH37] C 129.126.rrr.rrr KODAK [DM269] R 129.127.rrr.rrr ADELAIDE-UNI [MP151] R 129.128.rrr.rrr U-ALBERTA [SS131] R 129.129.rrr.rrr PSI-ETHER [HK41] R 129.130.rrr.rrr KSUNET [BAV] D 129.131.rrr.rrr NWCNET [EG17] R 129.132.rrr.rrr ETH-ETHER [FG16] R 129.133.rrr.rrr WESNET [JGD1] C*129.134.rrr.rrr HCSD-NET [DR49] C*129.135.rrr.rrr INGR [GS91] R*129.136.rrr.rrr NRCJ [MS195] R 129.137.rrr.rrr UN-OF-CINCI [JL1] R 129.138.rrr.rrr NMTECH [MJA14] D 129.139.rrr.rrr PICANET [RFD1] R 129.140.rrr.rrr NSFNET-BB [HWB] D 129.141.rrr.rrr GAFSNET [BPW1] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 15] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 R 129.142.rrr.rrr DENET [JPS21] R*129.143.rrr.rrr BELWUE [CL80] C 129.144.rrr.rrr-129.159.rrr.rrr Sun Microsystems [WM3] R*129.160.rrr.rrr SOLARIUM [JL152] R 129.161.rrr.rrr HGCGNET [GT76] R 129.162.rrr.rrr SWRI-NET [FF20] G*129.163.rrr.rrr NASA-JSCSSE [DGL4] G*129.164.rrr.rrr NASA-SSPOSSE [DGL4] G*129.165.rrr.rrr NASA-GSFCSSE [DGL4] G*129.166.rrr.rrr NASA-JFKSSE [DGL4] G*129.167.rrr.rrr NASA-MSFCSSE [DGL4] G*129.168.rrr.rrr NASA-LRCSSE [DGL4] R*129.169.rrr.rrr ENG-CAM-UK [JMRM] R 129.170.rrr.rrr DART-ETHER [SC59] R 129.171.rrr.rrr MIAMI [HWP2] R 129.172.rrr.rrr ROK [TGS6] R 129.173.rrr.rrr DALNET [JS338] R 129.174.rrr.rrr MASONET [TH15] R 129.175.rrr.rrr PARIS-SUD [RD104] R 129.176.rrr.rrr MAYO [GB125] R 129.177.rrr.rrr BERGEN-NET [PS27] R 129.178.rrr.rrr NORWAY-TWO [PS27] C 129.179.rrr.rrr CDC-NET [JAW34] R 129.180.rrr.rrr UNE-CAMPUS [GS119] C*129.181.rrr.rrr LV-BULL [OD8] C*129.182.rrr.rrr CL-BULL [JPW11] C*129.183.rrr.rrr EC-BULL [JPC17] C*129.184.rrr.rrr PR-BULL [FH35] C*129.185.rrr.rrr MY-BULL [MQ7] R 129.186.rrr.rrr CYCLONENET [RD108] R*129.187.rrr.rrr BAVARIAN-NET [WS94] R 129.188.rrr.rrr MOTOROLA [CC99] R 129.189.rrr.rrr ICONET-ORC [DAVE] D 129.190.rrr.rrr ASECC [RT114] C 129.191.rrr.rrr NSCO [GS123] C 129.192.rrr.rrr ACC-NET [AB20] C 129.193.rrr.rrr TRW-TIE-NET [JB550] R 129.194.rrr.rrr UNIGE-CENTER [AS116] R 129.195.rrr.rrr UNIGE-HOP [AS116] C*129.196.rrr.rrr JOHN-FLUKE [JS210] C*129.197.rrr.rrr LMSC-CNU [DD112] D 129.198.rrr.rrr ELAN [DDK1] R 129.199.rrr.rrr ENS-NET [JV53] D 129.200.rrr.rrr DAC-BACK-NET [RAY4] C*129.201.rrr.rrr-129.204.rrr.rrr GE-Internet [JEB50] R*129.205.rrr.rrr CDCNET [JAW34] R 129.206.rrr.rrr HD-NET [LB110] R 129.207.rrr.rrr PVAMU-NET [FE6] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 16] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 R*129.208.rrr.rrr BIRMINGHAM [RJH37] D 129.209.rrr.rrr BRLNETS [DET] R*129.210.rrr.rrr SCU-NET [WD27] C*129.211.rrr.rrr ISCS-NET [DS59] R*129.212.rrr.rrr AMDAHL-UTS [KC1] C 129.213.rrr.rrr COM-COM-COM [TB6] C*129.214.rrr.rrr PYRAMID-TECH [CSG] R*129.215.rrr.rrr EU-NET [WSC5] R 129.216.rrr.rrr NRC-NET [IHM] R 129.217.rrr.rrr UNIDO-LAN [RV32] R*129.218.rrr.rrr UNISYS-SP [SJP10] R 129.219.rrr.rrr ASU-NET [AC85] C*129.220.rrr.rrr-129.227.rrr.rrr UNISYS Nets [CC129] C*129.228.rrr.rrr WESTINGHOUSE [CWR4] G 129.229.rrr.rrr USA-CECER [DB186] C*129.230.rrr.rrr AMOCO [SG83] C*129.231.rrr.rrr DIGICOMM-NET [WF42] R*129.232.rrr.rrr BITNET [LCV] R 129.233.rrr.rrr FHG-STUTTGART [JW377] R*129.234.rrr.rrr DURHAM [JC288] R 129.235.rrr.rrr SRCNET [CRT4] R 129.236.rrr.rrr LDGO-NET [RGB14] R 129.237.rrr.rrr JAYHAWKNET [DN32] R 129.238.rrr.rrr AFWL-NET [CF57] G 129.239.rrr.rrr HI-CFSG [LP71] R 129.240.rrr.rrr UIONET [JT122] R 129.241.rrr.rrr UNITNET [HE15] R 129.242.rrr.rrr UIBNET [JT122] G 129.243.rrr.rrr MMCNET [DR137] R 129.244.rrr.rrr KEHNET [PLH8] C 129.245.rrr.rrr PAC-BELL [DSP11] D 129.246.rrr.rrr IDA [BS157] R 129.247.rrr.rrr DFVRL-NET [CR24] C 129.248.rrr.rrr APOLLO [NM31] R*129.249.rrr.rrr FX-DEV-NET2 [HH45] R 129.250.rrr.rrr PRPNET [BE6] D 129.251.rrr.rrr SLAN-BSN [LA55] R 129.252.rrr.rrr SCAROLINA [AY11] C*129.253.rrr.rrr WESDIGCO [SD78] R 129.254.rrr.rrr ETRI [KH74] 129.255.rrr.rrr Reserved [NIC] 130.0.rrr.rrr Reserved [NIC] C*130.1.rrr.rrr-130.10.rrr.rrr Boeing Nets [DJB34] G 130.11.rrr.rrr GEORES [JRF] R*130.12.rrr.rrr ORNET [DG110] C 130.13.rrr.rrr USWEST [DCM20] G 130.14.rrr.rrr NLM-ETHER [JA1] R 130.15.rrr.rrr QUEENSU [AH81] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 17] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 D 130.16.rrr.rrr BCN [JRC27] R 130.17.rrr.rrr CSUSTAN [TC84] R 130.18.rrr.rrr MSSTATE [MR137] C*130.19.rrr.rrr PGE [AC96] G 130.20.rrr.rrr PNLNET [SCT2] C*130.21.rrr.rrr PRIME-CV [RLU3] D 130.22.rrr.rrr DCA-RESTON [SJ50] C*130.23.rrr.rrr-130.32.rrr.rrr Hewlett-Packard [DCL10] R 130.33.rrr.rrr SARNOFF [RJP23] R 130.34.rrr.rrr TAINS [YK3] C 130.35.rrr.rrr ORACLE-CORP [DAA14] C*130.36.rrr.rrr ABBOTT [JES55] R 130.37.rrr.rrr VU-NET [HVS1] C 130.38.rrr.rrr MDC-NET [KRH4] R 130.39.rrr.rrr TIGERLAN [CFB1] G*130.40.rrr.rrr JSC-RTDS [SW114] R 130.41.rrr.rrr ATD-NET [TS14] R 130.42.rrr.rrr BOERESNET [GK44] C 130.43.rrr.rrr APPLE-NET [HK24] R 130.44.rrr.rrr AMS [NK19] C*130.45.rrr.rrr RACAL-MILGO [JC314] D 130.46.rrr.rrr DTRC-B1-NET [RWT2] G*130.47.rrr.rrr WISDOT [JRJ12] C*130.48.rrr.rrr ATT-DDO [CWM17] R 130.49.rrr.rrr U-PITT [DS247] C 130.50.rrr.rrr RISC-NET [WAG5] C*130.51.rrr.rrr VIEW-ENG [CM144] C*130.52.rrr.rrr WEARGUARD [PP62] D 130.53.rrr.rrr AFOTECPCNET [EEL2] R 130.54.rrr.rrr KUINS [JM292] G*130.55.rrr.rrr LANL-SINET [PCW] R 130.56.rrr.rrr ANUNET [GH105] C 130.57.rrr.rrr EXCELAN [TS107] R 130.58.rrr.rrr SWARTHMORE [JB360] R 130.59.rrr.rrr SWITCH-LAN [TL99] R 130.60.rrr.rrr UNIZH [PB145] R*130.61.rrr.rrr BBN-SYSENGRB [DW159] C 130.62.rrr.rrr MIPSNET [DK101] R 130.63.rrr.rrr YORKU [ER61] R*130.64.rrr.rrr TUFTSU [KR69] R*130.65.rrr.rrr SJSU-NET [HB76] R*130.66.rrr.rrr RIVE [CE42] C*130.67.rrr.rrr NORSK-DATA [AH89] R 130.68.rrr.rrr MSCNET [MLT10] R 130.69.rrr.rrr UTOKYO-NET [JM292] R 130.70.rrr.rrr USL [SJM9] R 130.71.rrr.rrr STOLAF [CR127] R*130.72.rrr.rrr LSTC-NET [DC211] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 18] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 R*130.73.rrr.rrr ZIB [HB79] R 130.74.rrr.rrr OLEMISS [EFH6] R*130.75.rrr.rrr RRZN [RO44] C*130.76.rrr.rrr BE-NET [KRF5] C*130.77.rrr.rrr CH2M [RR156] C*130.78.rrr.rrr BAZIS [CVG1] R*130.79.rrr.rrr OSIRIS [JP207] C*130.80.rrr.rrr CHRON [JC333] C 130.81.rrr.rrr NYTEL-BB-1 [SS110] R 130.82.rrr.rrr UNISG [PG62] R*130.83.rrr.rrr THD-NET [HH50] R 130.84.rrr.rrr CIRCE [CM156] R 130.85.rrr.rrr UMBCNET [KP45] R 130.86.rrr.rrr CSUSAC [MC264] R 130.87.rrr.rrr JP-HEPNET [YB4] R*130.88.rrr.rrr MANLAN [PM115] R 130.89.rrr.rrr UTNET [GAM32] R 130.90.rrr.rrr MATHERAFBNET [SF46] R 130.91.rrr.rrr UPENN-SUBNET [JDH29] R 130.92.rrr.rrr UNIBE [FB61] R 130.93.rrr.rrr FERNWOODNET2 [GEOF] R 130.94.rrr.rrr JVNCNET [SH37] R 130.95.rrr.rrr UWA-NET [GH108] C*130.96.rrr.rrr SDCAPOL [RB520] G*130.97.rrr.rrr DOERLNET [DES41] R*130.98.rrr.rrr FNET-EDF [MD127] R 130.99.rrr.rrr NET-3M [BR79] C*130.100.rrr.rrr ERICSSON [BS156] R 130.101.rrr.rrr UAKRON [DK112] R 130.102.rrr.rrr UQNET [LB201] C*130.103.rrr.rrr LOTUS [RMF2] R*130.104.rrr.rrr UCLOUVAIN [ML129] R 130.105.rrr.rrr OSF [MLR1] R*130.106.rrr.rrr LLNL-CLOSED [DW164] R 130.107.rrr.rrr SRI-CSL-NET-2 [EH112] R 130.108.rrr.rrr WRIGHT-STATE [SH1] R 130.109.rrr.rrr NCSC-NET [JD130] C*130.110.rrr.rrr CENET [JC347] R 130.111.rrr.rrr UMAINE-SYS [IKA] R*130.112.rrr.rrr ECN [MB203] R 130.113.rrr.rrr MCMASTER [CB162] D 130.114.rrr.rrr APGNET [VC5] R*130.115.rrr.rrr EURNET [IJD1] R 130.116.rrr.rrr CSIRO-DMT [MJ65] R 130.117.rrr.rrr NYSER2 [MS9] G 130.118.rrr.rrr GEOMEN [PWM] C*130.119.rrr.rrr RTECH [DA73] R*130.120.rrr.rrr UNITOUL [DI11] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 19] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 D*130.121.rrr.rrr BOEING747NET [GK44] D*130.122.rrr.rrr BOEINGAERO [GK44] R 130.123.rrr.rrr MASSEY [KKS] D 130.124.rrr.rrr HI-DSG [MW135] R 130.125.rrr.rrr UNINE [CW115] R 130.126.rrr.rrr UIUC-NCSA [PP14] R 130.127.rrr.rrr CLEMSONU [MSM3] 130.128.rrr.rrr Reserved [NIC] 130.129.rrr.rrr Reserved [NIC] R 130.130.rrr.rrr UOWNET [SC143] C*130.131.rrr.rrr GTE-CS [AN32] R 130.132.rrr.rrr YALE-SPINE [ASW3] R*130.133.rrr.rrr FUB [RR163] G 130.134.rrr.rrr DFRF-NET [MSM1] G*130.135.rrr.rrr WSTF-NET [MSM1] R 130.136.rrr.rrr BOLOGNA-MATH-CS [OB] C 130.137.rrr.rrr DATAPOINT [BR87] C*130.138.rrr.rrr-130.143.rrr.rrr PHILIPS [OK6] C 130.144.rrr.rrr PHILIPS [OK6] C*130.145.rrr.rrr-130.147.rrr.rrr PHILIPS [OK6] C*130.148.rrr.rrr GEC-SENSORS [TD68] R*130.149.rrr.rrr TUB [DK116] R 130.150.rrr.rrr CSUNET-IP [DR161] R 130.151.rrr.rrr ROK2 [TGS6] R 130.152.rrr.rrr LOS-NETTOS [WP8] R 130.153.rrr.rrr JAPAN-B8 [JM292] R 130.154.rrr.rrr RAND-NETB [JDG] R 130.155.rrr.rrr DMS-SYD [MA88] R*130.156.rrr.rrr NJECN [BM164] R 130.157.rrr.rrr SONOMA-STATE [BB193] R*130.158.rrr.rrr UTINS [NY3] R*130.159.rrr.rrr STRATH [DM259] R 130.160.rrr.rrr UANET [JW337] R 130.161.rrr.rrr DUT-LAN [FD18] C*130.162.rrr.rrr TEN-OPS [DG146] D 130.163.rrr.rrr CENTERNET [JA91] C*130.164.rrr.rrr NATINST-NET [BP42] D 130.165.rrr.rrr CESPKED-NET [JP220] R 130.166.rrr.rrr CSUN [DC316] G 130.167.rrr.rrr STSCI-NET [MSM1] C 130.168.rrr.rrr CONVEX [JT147] C*130.169.rrr.rrr-130.178.rrr.rrr GM IP Net [JC365] R*130.179.rrr.rrr UMANITOBA [BR88] C 130.180.rrr.rrr DEC-ZK-NET [SEL10] D 130.181.rrr.rrr HONWEL-CLWTR [MN43] R 130.182.rrr.rrr CSULANET [DTG11] R*130.183.rrr.rrr IPPNET [TH101] R 130.184.rrr.rrr UARKNET [DLM34] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 20] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 R 130.185.rrr.rrr ONET [PM81] R 130.186.rrr.rrr CINECA-NET [AA62] C 130.187.rrr.rrr ES-NET [SP81] R 130.188.rrr.rrr VTTNET [JK187] R 130.189.rrr.rrr DART-HITCH [RCD13] R*130.190.rrr.rrr GRENET [JA146] R 130.191.rrr.rrr SDSU-NET [MW180] R 130.192.rrr.rrr TORINO-IT-LAN [SG88] R*130.193.rrr.rrr ACONET [WK56] R 130.194.rrr.rrr MONASH-NET [JM493] R 130.195.rrr.rrr VUW [MN44] G*130.196.rrr.rrr STSOC [RMD26] C*130.197.rrr.rrr CECO-NET [WLR6] C 130.198.rrr.rrr PRISMA-ETHER [JP232] R 130.199.rrr.rrr YAPNET [GR9] C*130.200.rrr.rrr LOCUS [EP53] C 130.201.rrr.rrr AOGC [JH307] G 130.202.rrr.rrr ARGONNE [LW26] R 130.203.rrr.rrr PSU-COMPSC [DRE4] C 130.204.rrr.rrr INTERLAN [DW180] C*130.205.rrr.rrr LANIER [MHW9] R*130.206.rrr.rrr IRIS [IM24] R 130.207.rrr.rrr GIT [DD11] R 130.208.rrr.rrr ISNET [MO33] R*130.209.rrr.rrr GLANET [RAG36] D 130.210.rrr.rrr LINKNET [PR79] C*130.211.rrr.rrr EXECU [DH241] R 130.212.rrr.rrr FOGNET [MCD11] C*130.213.rrr.rrr RATNET [TDG9] C*130.214.rrr.rrr SYBASE [NHC] R 130.215.rrr.rrr WPI [AEJ5] R 130.216.rrr.rrr AUKUNI-NET [AJB20] R 130.217.rrr.rrr WAIKATO-LAN-1 [JCH41] R*130.218.rrr.rrr NET-KSC [MC128] R 130.219.rrr.rrr UMDNJ [LPM] R 130.220.rrr.rrr SAITEN [RR181] R 130.221.rrr.rrr AERO-NET [LCN] C 130.222.rrr.rrr PRCNE-NET [SS172] R 130.223.rrr.rrr LUNET-ETHER1 [JL247] C 130.224.rrr.rrr NET-QUOTRON [LF58] R 130.225.rrr.rrr DENET-1 [JPS21] R*130.226.rrr.rrr-130.229.rrr.rrr NORDU Nets [AH94] R 130.230.rrr.rrr TAMNET [JH141] R*130.231.rrr.rrr NORDU Nets [AH94] R 130.232.rrr.rrr TURBO [EA49] R 130.233.rrr.rrr HUTNET [KL66] R*130.234.rrr.rrr NORDU Net [AH94] R 130.235.rrr.rrr LUNET [JE87] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 21] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 R 130.236.rrr.rrr LIUNET [LE24] R 130.237.rrr.rrr KTH-LAN [AH94] R 130.238.rrr.rrr UU-NET [BV17] R 130.239.rrr.rrr UMUNET [RH271] R 130.240.rrr.rrr LUTHNET [SW142] R 130.241.rrr.rrr GU-NET [JT167] R*130.242.rrr.rrr-130.244.rrr.rrr NORDU Nets [AH94] R 130.245.rrr.rrr SUNYSB-CS [WKT] R*130.246.rrr.rrr RAL-IP [AM129] D*130.247.rrr.rrr BOE-TRANS [GK44] C*130.248.rrr.rrr ADOBE [AIS] R*130.249.rrr.rrr FOENET [FJB3] R*130.250.rrr.rrr QU [BA56] R 130.251.rrr.rrr UG-NET [GAM35] R 130.252.rrr.rrr TANDEM-NET [KR59] R 130.253.rrr.rrr DENVERU-NET [WE12] R*130.254.rrr.rrr ASC [DB296] 130.255.rrr.rrr Reserved [NIC] 131.0.rrr.rrr Reserved [NIC] C 131.1.rrr.rrr ICONET [JA13] D 131.2.rrr.rrr GAFB-NET [BPW1] D 131.3.rrr.rrr MATHERAFB [SF46] D 131.4.rrr.rrr WPAFB-NET [KEP9] D 131.5.rrr.rrr GRIFFISS-NET [BPW1] D 131.6.rrr.rrr LANGLEY-NET [JJB1] D 131.7.rrr.rrr OFFUTT-NET [PN13] D 131.8.rrr.rrr HQUSAF-NET [BPW1] D 131.9.rrr.rrr SCOTTAFB-NET [FW18] D 131.10.rrr.rrr BARKSDALE [KW75] D 131.11.rrr.rrr BOLLING-NET [SE7] D 131.12.rrr.rrr BROOKS-NET [BDB8] D 131.13.rrr.rrr KELLY-NET [JG268] D 131.14.rrr.rrr LOWRYAFB-NET [BRA2] D 131.15.rrr.rrr PETERSON-NET [MDL1] D 131.16.rrr.rrr RAMSTEINNET [KM103] D 131.17.rrr.rrr SHEPPARD [SR127] D 131.18.rrr.rrr TINKERCCSO [RMD1] D 131.19.rrr.rrr BITBURGNET [MML8] D 131.20.rrr.rrr EGLIN-NET [TM199] D 131.21.rrr.rrr HAHNNET [RM300] D 131.22.rrr.rrr KEESLER-NET [BWS2] D 131.23.rrr.rrr KIRTLAND-NET [OP] D 131.24.rrr.rrr MACDILL-NET [ER90] D 131.25.rrr.rrr PATRICK-NET [MH15] D 131.26.rrr.rrr USAFACAD-NET [JME15] D 131.27.rrr.rrr HILLAFB-NET [JD86] D 131.28.rrr.rrr WPAFB-NET2 [BPW1] D 131.29.rrr.rrr LAAFB-NET [JEB45] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 22] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 D 131.30.rrr.rrr MCCHORDNET [BF49] D 131.31.rrr.rrr MCCLELLANNET [JRR6] D 131.32.rrr.rrr LACKLANDNET [DMH20] D 131.33.rrr.rrr EDWARDS-NET [LGB1] D 131.34.rrr.rrr MARCH-NET [CLP18] D 131.35.rrr.rrr FAIRCHILD [GI4] D 131.36.rrr.rrr YOKOTA-NET [JAS8] D 131.37.rrr.rrr ELMENDORF [MD97] D 131.38.rrr.rrr HICKAM-NET [RWJ3] D 131.39.rrr.rrr EIELSON [BPW1] D 131.40.rrr.rrr BERGSTROM [SA42] D 131.41.rrr.rrr ANDREWS-NET [JKB13] D 131.42.rrr.rrr HANSCOM-NET [WJK6] D 131.43.rrr.rrr HOMESTEAD [GLS20] D 131.44.rrr.rrr RANDOLPH-NET [TS149] D 131.45.rrr.rrr ROBINS-NET [NRG4] D 131.46.rrr.rrr SHAW [BPW1] D 131.47.rrr.rrr ANDERSEN-NET [TKH4] D 131.48.rrr.rrr AVIANO-NET [RDB30] D 131.49.rrr.rrr CLARK-NET [GKW3] D 131.50.rrr.rrr DAVIS-MONTHAN [SS130] D 131.51.rrr.rrr LAKENHEATH [RT135] D 131.52.rrr.rrr LUKE-NET [TD91] D 131.53.rrr.rrr MALMSTROM [YC4] D 131.54.rrr.rrr-131.55.rrr.rrr AF Concentrator [BPW1] D 131.56.rrr.rrr UPPER-HEYFORD [BPW1] D 131.57.rrr.rrr TAEGU [RWH36] D 131.58.rrr.rrr ALCONBURY [JD274] D 131.59.rrr.rrr DYESS [BPW1] D 131.60.rrr.rrr ENGLAND [BPW1] D 131.61.rrr.rrr MCCONNELL [RCL1] D 131.62.rrr.rrr NORTON [BPW1] D 131.63.rrr.rrr GAFB-NET1 [BPW1] D 131.64.rrr.rrr HQ-DLA [CG85] D 131.65.rrr.rrr DCRA [CG85] D 131.66.rrr.rrr DCRB [CG85] D 131.67.rrr.rrr DCRI [CG85] D 131.68.rrr.rrr DCRL [CG85] D 131.69.rrr.rrr DCRN [CG85] D 131.70.rrr.rrr DCRO [CG85] D 131.71.rrr.rrr DCRP [CG85] D 131.72.rrr.rrr DCRS [CG85] D 131.73.rrr.rrr DCRT [CG85] D 131.74.rrr.rrr DCSC [SST] D 131.75.rrr.rrr DDMP [CG85] D 131.76.rrr.rrr DDMT [CG85] D 131.77.rrr.rrr DDOU [CG85] D 131.78.rrr.rrr DSAC [JR276] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 23] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 D 131.79.rrr.rrr DDTC [CG85] D 131.80.rrr.rrr DESC [CG85] D 131.81.rrr.rrr DGSC [CG85] D 131.82.rrr.rrr DISC [CG85] D 131.83.rrr.rrr EUROPE-DRMS [CG85] D 131.84.rrr.rrr DTIC-NET [CG85] D 131.85.rrr.rrr DFSC [CG85] D 131.86.rrr.rrr DPSC [CG85] D 131.87.rrr.rrr DRMS [CG85] D 131.88.rrr.rrr PACIFIC-DRMS [CG85] C*131.89.rrr.rrr-131.90.rrr.rrr PG&E Net [AC96] R 131.91.rrr.rrr FAU [RL180] D 131.92.rrr.rrr APGEA-SUBNET [REA3] R 131.93.rrr.rrr SJC-NET [BC130] R 131.94.rrr.rrr FIU [BB208] R 131.95.rrr.rrr USM [DEP17] R*131.96.rrr.rrr GSU-NET [SBH4] C*131.97.rrr.rrr AB-VOLVO-NET [TS141] C*131.98.rrr.rrr ESI-PRIM [WRH20] C*131.99.rrr.rrr KONTRONNET [BS217] C*131.100.rrr.rrr BANYAN-HDQTR [BH144] C*131.101.rrr.rrr TERADYNE [GA45] G*131.102.rrr.rrr KOM-BV [RM306] R 131.103.rrr.rrr CICNET [CA29] R 131.104.rrr.rrr UOGUELPH [KP50] D 131.105.rrr.rrr SM-ALC [RR184] C 131.106.rrr.rrr MTXINU-NET [EG51] C*131.107.rrr.rrr MICROSOFT [WC89] C 131.108.rrr.rrr CISCO-SYSTEM [KSL] R 131.109.rrr.rrr BROWN-CFM-CS [SF59] G*131.110.rrr.rrr MAF-NET [RTD] R*131.111.rrr.rrr CAM-AC-UK [TS146] R 131.112.rrr.rrr TITECH-NET [MO57] R 131.113.rrr.rrr KEIO-NET [TS147] R 131.114.rrr.rrr PISA-NET [GR56] C*131.115.rrr.rrr TVTWAN1 [AH96] C*131.116.rrr.rrr TVTWAN2 [AH96] C*131.117.rrr.rrr NCANET [WB102] R 131.118.rrr.rrr MINCNET [FAF6] R 131.119.rrr.rrr BARRNET [DLW31] R 131.120.rrr.rrr NPSNET [SW37] G 131.121.rrr.rrr NADN [AF60] G 131.122.rrr.rrr NADN2 [AF60] R 131.123.rrr.rrr KENT-STATE [LCH9] C*131.124.rrr.rrr TANDEM-MPD [BC133] R 131.125.rrr.rrr KEAN [AKC5] C*131.126.rrr.rrr MTCN [JCP26] C*131.127.rrr.rrr ASGARRETT [LM176] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 24] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 R 131.128.rrr.rrr URI [JB410] C*131.129.rrr.rrr DOCUNET [MR166] R*131.130.rrr.rrr UNIVIE [HS118] C 131.131.rrr.rrr CONTEL-WTP [MJO4] R 131.132.rrr.rrr DREVNET [JS597] R 131.133.rrr.rrr DREANET [JS597] R*131.134.rrr.rrr-131.141.rrr.rrr Def Rsch Estab [JS597] R 131.142.rrr.rrr CFA-NET [CM57] C 131.143.rrr.rrr CMC [CNK1] R*131.144.rrr.rrr PEACHNET [JS469] C 131.145.rrr.rrr MERIT-TECH [JRJ18] C 131.146.rrr.rrr MDC-SJ-NET [SMF5] C*131.147.rrr.rrr GENESISDND [SM188] C*131.148.rrr.rrr GENESISTOR [SM188] C*131.149.rrr.rrr FAST-TEAM [SM188] C*131.150.rrr.rrr GENESISCSDBS [SM188] R 131.151.rrr.rrr MORNETR [RWA15] R 131.152.rrr.rrr UNIBAS [RD232] R 131.153.rrr.rrr SEMATECH [RG188] R*131.154.rrr.rrr INFNET [AG113] R 131.155.rrr.rrr TUENET1 [JFAS] R 131.156.rrr.rrr NIU-NET [JWN10] C*131.157.rrr.rrr LIBRAINC [WJF1] R 131.158.rrr.rrr USUHSNET [MK124] R*131.159.rrr.rrr TUM-INFO-LAN [HN20] C*131.160.rrr.rrr LMFNET [RS393] C 131.161.rrr.rrr WEB-NET [ML192] R*131.162.rrr.rrr AUNET [BW134] C*131.163.rrr.rrr I-CAN [RW206] R*131.164.rrr.rrr-131.166.rrr.rrr Danish Net [SJ28] R 131.167.rrr.rrr BMINET [JA92] C*131.168.rrr.rrr PAQNET [WH110] R*131.169.rrr.rrr DESY [ME57] R 131.170.rrr.rrr RMIT [MS300] R 131.171.rrr.rrr UMUC [RS486] R 131.172.rrr.rrr LATROBE [PC116] R*131.173.rrr.rrr UOS [RN58] R 131.174.rrr.rrr NUNET [JA155] R 131.175.rrr.rrr CILEA [AM134] R*131.176.rrr.rrr ESA [DW195] R 131.177.rrr.rrr PTT-TELE [JT166] R 131.178.rrr.rrr ITESM [HEG6] R 131.179.rrr.rrr UCLA-CS [RBW] R*131.180.rrr.rrr DUT-LAN2 [FD18] R 131.181.rrr.rrr QUT [AA70] G 131.182.rrr.rrr NASA-HQ-NET [MSM1] R 131.183.rrr.rrr UTOLEDO-NET [BN38] C*131.184.rrr.rrr MCDERMOTT [TP58] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 25] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 D 131.185.rrr.rrr DSTO [JWB35] R 131.186.rrr.rrr WB-TEST [KS14] R 131.187.rrr.rrr OARNET [MF74] R 131.188.rrr.rrr REVUE [JK198] D*131.189.rrr.rrr TRACORNET [PM140] C*131.190.rrr.rrr PGXPRES [ACL2] G*131.191.rrr.rrr TACOMA [BD89] R 131.192.rrr.rrr NEARNET [DBL1] R 131.193.rrr.rrr UIC-ISN-NET [EZ3] R*131.194.rrr.rrr TRINITY [LHG3] R 131.195.rrr.rrr HYDRO-QUEBEC [CV25] R 131.196.rrr.rrr CNUSC [JLD31] C*131.197.rrr.rrr MOTO-SPS [SO35] C 131.198.rrr.rrr ROK3 [TGS6] C 131.199.rrr.rrr ROK4 [TGS6] C 131.200.rrr.rrr ROK5 [TGS6] C*131.201.rrr.rrr HI-RESG-NET [JG8] R*131.202.rrr.rrr UNB-IPNET [BK76] R 131.203.rrr.rrr DSIR [SW143] R 131.204.rrr.rrr AU-NET [LO28] C*131.205.rrr.rrr SLLWAN [AL16] R*131.206.rrr.rrr KIT-NET [HN21] G*131.207.rrr.rrr TIETOTIE [PI7] C*131.208.rrr.rrr MERRILL-LYNCH [JC394] C*131.209.rrr.rrr PW-NET [EMB] R 131.210.rrr.rrr UW-PARKSIDE [TVF1] R 131.211.rrr.rrr RUU [WPBS] R 131.212.rrr.rrr UMNDULNET [WJM26] C*131.213.rrr.rrr NTCRK-MANU [GJ35] D 131.214.rrr.rrr ROMENET [PV23] R 131.215.rrr.rrr CALTECH-NET [AD22] R 131.216.rrr.rrr NEVADA [RLY1] R 131.217.rrr.rrr TASUNI-NET [RB577] D 131.218.rrr.rrr ALADDIN [CLR16] C*131.219.rrr.rrr PPL-NET [AK70] R*131.220.rrr.rrr UNI-BONN [HG51] R*131.221.rrr.rrr FXIS [SA72] C*131.222.rrr.rrr NCR-COMTEN [RC234] C*131.223.rrr.rrr LATA [JGB17] R*131.224.rrr.rrr RIVMNET [RB578] R 131.225.rrr.rrr FERMILAB [CD75] C 131.226.rrr.rrr MEMORY-ALPHA [JM551] R*131.227.rrr.rrr SURREY-NET [GC122] R 131.228.rrr.rrr NOKIA [AV20] R*131.229.rrr.rrr SMITH [LG91] R 131.230.rrr.rrr SIU-NET [CRC15] R*131.231.rrr.rrr LUT-AC-UK [RT140] R*131.232.rrr.rrr ATHABASCA-U [LN42] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 26] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 C*131.233.rrr.rrr CIM-NET [JH342] R*131.234.rrr.rrr UNIPADERBORN [RF130] G 131.235.rrr.rrr ALCIDE [JG266] R 131.236.rrr.rrr ADFA-NET [GC155] G*131.237.rrr.rrr RWSNL [PO16] R*131.238.rrr.rrr UNIV-DAYTON [RT142] C 131.239.rrr.rrr THINK-NET [BJN1] G 131.240.rrr.rrr CC [KMC3] R 131.241.rrr.rrr NECAM [ARS3] G 131.242.rrr.rrr CITEC [TT32] R 131.243.rrr.rrr LBL-IP-NET2 [CAL3] R 131.244.rrr.rrr BOND-UN1 [EB112] R 131.245.rrr.rrr BOND-RP [EB112] R 131.246.rrr.rrr RHRK-LAN [BGW3] R 131.247.rrr.rrr USF [JG269] C*131.248.rrr.rrr CTC-NET [TS154] R 131.249.rrr.rrr FCCC [RKS1] D 131.250.rrr.rrr OCNR-ETHER [TW3] R*131.251.rrr.rrr CARDIFFCOMMA [RE73] R 131.252.rrr.rrr PDX-NET [FD41] R*131.253.rrr.rrr NTCSIS-NET [JC403] R 131.254.rrr.rrr IRISA-NET [RT144] 131.255.rrr.rrr Reserved [NIC] 132.0.rrr.rrr Reserved [NIC] D 132.1.rrr.rrr VANDENBERG [BPW1] D 132.2.rrr.rrr WESTOVER [BPW1] D 132.3.rrr.rrr NET-WILLIAMS [BPW1] D 132.4.rrr.rrr WURTSMITH [BPW1] D 132.5.rrr.rrr HOLLOMAN [AJ180] D 132.6.rrr.rrr ANKARA [DWJ6] D 132.7.rrr.rrr SANVITO [BPW1] D 132.8.rrr.rrr DOBBINS-NET [LN4] D 132.9.rrr.rrr ELLSWORTH [SL129] D 132.10.rrr.rrr GRAND-FORKS [TLO] D 132.11.rrr.rrr HELLENIKON [BPW1] D 132.12.rrr.rrr MYRTLE-BEACH [TK86] D 132.13.rrr.rrr BENTWATERS [LS64] D 132.14.rrr.rrr AF Concentrator [BPW1] D 132.15.rrr.rrr KADENA [JEF8] D 132.16.rrr.rrr KUNSAN [RW15] D 132.17.rrr.rrr LINDSEY [SB152] D 132.18.rrr.rrr MCGUIRE [BPW1] D 132.19.rrr.rrr MILDENHALL [DS341] D 132.20.rrr.rrr MISAWA [BPW1] D 132.21.rrr.rrr PLATTSBURGH [BPW1] D 132.22.rrr.rrr POPE [BPW1] D 132.23.rrr.rrr SEYMOUR-JOHN [KS24] D 132.24.rrr.rrr AF Concentrator [BPW1] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 27] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 D 132.25.rrr.rrr FAIRFORD [BPW1] D 132.26.rrr.rrr AF Concentrator [BPW1] D 132.27.rrr.rrr INCIRLIK-NET [KV14] D 132.28.rrr.rrr AF Concentrator [BPW1] D 132.29.rrr.rrr IZMIR [BPW1] D 132.30.rrr.rrr LAJES [BPW1] D 132.31.rrr.rrr LORING-NET [TTO] D 132.32.rrr.rrr MINOT [BPW1] D 132.33.rrr.rrr TRAVIS [RB536] D 132.34.rrr.rrr CANNON [BPW1] D 132.35.rrr.rrr ALTUS [BPW1] D 132.36.rrr.rrr EAKER [BPW1] D 132.37.rrr.rrr CARSWELL [BPW1] D 132.38.rrr.rrr AF Concentrator [BPW1] D 132.39.rrr.rrr KISAWYER [BPW1] D 132.40.rrr.rrr MOODY-NET [BG56] D 132.41.rrr.rrr AF Concentrator [BPW1] D 132.42.rrr.rrr SPANGDAHLEM [BPW1] D 132.43.rrr.rrr ZWEIBRUCHEN [BPW1] D 132.44.rrr.rrr GRISSOM [BPW1] D 132.45.rrr.rrr CHANUTE [BPW1] D 132.46.rrr.rrr COLUMBUS [BPW1] D 132.47.rrr.rrr FEWARREN [BPW1] D 132.48.rrr.rrr LAUGHLIN-NET [JG293] D 132.49.rrr.rrr MTNHOME [BPW1] D 132.50.rrr.rrr REESE [BPW1] D 132.51.rrr.rrr AF Concentrator [BPW1] D 132.52.rrr.rrr VANCE [BPW1] D 132.53.rrr.rrr AF Concentrator [BPW1] D 132.54.rrr.rrr ZARAGOZA [BPW1] D 132.55.rrr.rrr TORREJON [BPW1] D 132.56.rrr.rrr BEALE [BPW1] D 132.57.rrr.rrr CASTLE [BPW1] D 132.58.rrr.rrr NELLIS [BPW1] D 132.59.rrr.rrr HOWARD [BPW1] D 132.60.rrr.rrr MAXWELL-NET [BPW1] D 132.61.rrr.rrr OSAN-NET [TLC28] D 132.62.rrr.rrr KIRTLAND2 [BPW1] D 132.63.rrr.rrr RANDOLPHMPC [BPW1] R 132.64.rrr.rrr ILAN-HUJI-1 [JM647] R 132.65.rrr.rrr ILAN-HUJI-2 [JM647] R 132.66.rrr.rrr ILAN-TAU-1 [OC4] R 132.67.rrr.rrr ILAN-TAU-2 [OC4] R 132.68.rrr.rrr ILAN-TECHNION-1 [GM199] R 132.69.rrr.rrr ILAN-TECHNION-2 [GM199] R 132.70.rrr.rrr ILAN-BIU-1 [HN7] R 132.71.rrr.rrr ILAN-BIU-2 [HN7] R 132.72.rrr.rrr ILAN-BGU-1 [SG147] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 28] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 R 132.73.rrr.rrr ILAN-BGU-2 [SG147] R 132.74.rrr.rrr ILAN-HAIFA-1 [MS355] R 132.75.rrr.rrr ILAN-HAIFA-2 [MS355] R 132.76.rrr.rrr ILAN-WIS-1 [BM211] R 132.77.rrr.rrr ILAN-WIS-2 [BM211] R 132.78.rrr.rrr ILAN-RESRV [DB35] D 132.79.rrr.rrr VAARNG-NET [CAP5] D 132.80.rrr.rrr-132.143.rrr.rrr NG Concentrator [CAP5] D 132.144.rrr.rrr RIA-2 [MMJ1] C*132.145.rrr.rrr NET-RESOURCES [JM561] C*132.146.rrr.rrr BTRL-PLANET [RO58] C*132.147.rrr.rrr SCO [KR35] C*132.148.rrr.rrr IAS1 [ND22] R*132.149.rrr.rrr CNES [MP138] G*132.150.rrr.rrr STAMNETT [GG110] R 132.151.rrr.rrr NRI-NET [DKE2] C*132.152.rrr.rrr GF [CN33] G*132.153.rrr.rrr AWE-SWAN [RS409] R 132.154.rrr.rrr ROCKWELL-AI [BMW7] C*132.155.rrr.rrr NESTE-NET [HP44] G*132.156.rrr.rrr EMRNET [DB317] C*132.157.rrr.rrr PORTAL-NET [MR159] C 132.158.rrr.rrr HARRIS-SEMI [JB544] D 132.159.rrr.rrr FTLEENET [TWH19] G 132.160.rrr.rrr PACCOM [TN11] R*132.161.rrr.rrr GRIN [TM169] R 132.162.rrr.rrr OBERLIN [BH161] G 132.163.rrr.rrr BLDRDOC [FMM11] D*132.164.rrr.rrr B2TSN [SM197] R*132.165.rrr.rrr CEA-SIEGE [JP254] R*132.166.rrr.rrr CEA-SACLAY [JD16] R*132.167.rrr.rrr CEA-FONTENAY [JD16] R*132.168.rrr.rrr CEA-GRENOBLE [GB167] R*132.169.rrr.rrr CEA-CADARACH [DC257] R 132.170.rrr.rrr UCF [WTE4] G*132.171.rrr.rrr IVOWAN [TT69] C*132.172.rrr.rrr HANDS [JRA26] D*132.173.rrr.rrr CWATCHNET [GK44] R 132.174.rrr.rrr OCLC [TT70] R 132.175.rrr.rrr SNLA-NET [AB161] R 132.176.rrr.rrr FERNUNI-NET [CR24] R 132.177.rrr.rrr UNH [BR104] R 132.178.rrr.rrr IDBSU [MU7] C*132.179.rrr.rrr TPMA-NET [TS160] R*132.180.rrr.rrr UNIBT-LAN [HT40] R 132.181.rrr.rrr CANTERBURY [BNL1] R*132.182.rrr.rrr MEINET [JY33] R 132.183.rrr.rrr MGH-ETHER [DM75] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 29] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 C*132.184.rrr.rrr UNX-DEC-NET [AK75] C*132.185.rrr.rrr BBC [BB231] C 132.186.rrr.rrr PYRAMIDOZ [BK78] R*132.187.rrr.rrr UNIWUE-LAN [MR160] C*132.188.rrr.rrr AUTODESK [DOR] C*132.189.rrr.rrr LILLYNET [FDC2] C*132.190.rrr.rrr VARIAN-NET [DM313] G*132.191.rrr.rrr DOERLNET2 [DES41] R 132.192.rrr.rrr UTMEM-NET [EB108] D 132.193.rrr.rrr ARO-NET [BF81] R 132.194.rrr.rrr CUDENVER [RH286] R*132.195.rrr.rrr WUPPERNET [CK96] C*132.196.rrr.rrr EUANET [BO26] R 132.197.rrr.rrr GTEL [MM334] R 132.198.rrr.rrr UVM-NET [GAB36] R*132.199.rrr.rrr UNIR-LAN [KW8] G*132.200.rrr.rrr FRB [RPD5] C 132.201.rrr.rrr SBC [KS133] R 132.202.rrr.rrr RISQ [MV38] R 132.203.rrr.rrr ULAVAL [JG299] R 132.204.rrr.rrr UMONTREAL [RD187] R 132.205.rrr.rrr CONCORDIA [FM83] R 132.206.rrr.rrr MCGILL-CA [CRC9] R 132.207.rrr.rrr POLYTECHCA [JPD] R 132.208.rrr.rrr UQAM [PC138] R 132.209.rrr.rrr-132.221.rrr.rrr Quebec Research [MV38] C*132.222.rrr.rrr NTT-CAE [TN40] C*132.223.rrr.rrr GENRAD-NET [RT148] D*132.224.rrr.rrr BOE-AS-NET [GK44] R*132.225.rrr.rrr AECL-RCNET [JP262] R 132.226.rrr.rrr ALCOA-NET [JOG] R 132.227.rrr.rrr IBP-NET [JC414] C 132.228.rrr.rrr GRUMMAN [MT105] R*132.229.rrr.rrr RUL-NL [SL60] R 132.230.rrr.rrr FDN [MW171] R*132.231.rrr.rrr PASSAU-LAN [AK76] C*132.232.rrr.rrr BISMACNET [MAJ14] C*132.233.rrr.rrr FM-CIS [BW142] R 132.234.rrr.rrr GUNET [GW117] R 132.235.rrr.rrr OHIOU-NET [JT149] R 132.236.rrr.rrr NYSAES [BBJ2] C*132.237.rrr.rrr WYSE [BR106] R 132.238.rrr.rrr FDUNET [NMS5] R 132.239.rrr.rrr UCSD-SUBNETS [BK29] C*132.240.rrr.rrr VITALINK [FB77] R 132.241.rrr.rrr CSUCHICO [PT55] C*132.242.rrr.rrr NCR-EM-SD [JS511] C 132.243.rrr.rrr NCRWIN [LL115] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 30] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 C*132.244.rrr.rrr ROLLS-ROYCE [CH181] C 132.245.rrr.rrr XYLOGICS [JRL3] R 132.246.rrr.rrr NRC [LB164] R 132.247.rrr.rrr RAM [MA105] R 132.248.rrr.rrr REDUNAM [MA105] R 132.249.rrr.rrr SDSCLAN [GKN1] D 132.250.rrr.rrr NRL-NETS [WF3] R 132.251.rrr.rrr ISTS [EC43] R*132.252.rrr.rrr UEGNET [DN71] C*132.253.rrr.rrr RASNA [TJT1] R 132.254.rrr.rrr ITESM-MEXICO [SZ21] 132.255.rrr.rrr Reserved [NIC] 133.0.rrr.rrr Reserved [NIC] R 133.1.rrr.rrr OSAKAU-NET [JM292] R 133.2.rrr.rrr AGUNET [JM292] R*133.3.rrr.rrr JAPAN-INET [JM292] R 133.4.rrr.rrr WIDE-BB [JM292] R 133.5.rrr.rrr KITE [JM292] R 133.6.rrr.rrr NICE [JM292] R*133.7.rrr.rrr-133.10.rrr.rrr JAPAN-INET [JM292] R 133.11.rrr.rrr UTSNET [JM292] R*133.12.rrr.rrr-133.17.rrr.rrr JAPAN-INET [JM292] R 133.18.rrr.rrr JAPAN-INET [JM292] R*133.19.rrr.rrr-133.26.rrr.rrr JAPAN-INET [JM292] R 133.27.rrr.rrr JAPAN-INET [JM292] R*133.28.rrr.rrr-133.38.rrr.rrr JAPAN-INET [JM292] R 133.39.rrr.rrr JAPAN-INET [JM292] R 133.40.rrr.rrr JAPAN-INET [JM292] R*133.41.rrr.rrr-133.46.rrr.rrr JAPAN-INET [JM292] R 133.47.rrr.rrr JAPAN-INET [JM292] R*133.48.rrr.rrr-133.54.rrr.rrr JAPAN-INET [JM292] R 133.55.rrr.rrr JAPAN-INET [JM292] R 133.56.rrr.rrr JAPAN-INET [JM292] R*133.57.rrr.rrr-133.136.rrr.rrr JAPAN-INET [JM292] R 133.137.rrr.rrr JAPAN-INET [JM292] R 133.138.rrr.rrr JAPAN-INET [JM292] R 133.139.rrr.rrr JAPAN-INET [JM292] R*133.140.rrr.rrr-133.152.rrr.rrr JAPAN-INET [JM292] R 133.153.rrr.rrr JAPAN-INET [JM292] R*133.154.rrr.rrr-133.254.rrr.rrr JAPAN-INET [JM292] 133.255.rrr.rrr Reserved [JBP] 134.0.rrr.rrr Reserved [JBP] R*134.1.rrr.rrr AWINET [JMS17] R 134.2.rrr.rrr TUENET [HH68] R 134.3.rrr.rrr SSCLAB [GC118] R 134.4.rrr.rrr IPAC-NET [RE77] C*134.5.rrr.rrr LASC [WM112] C*134.6.rrr.rrr MAXTOR [DP154] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 31] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 R*134.7.rrr.rrr CUT-NET [YL14] C*134.8.rrr.rrr CADINC [WN19] R 134.9.rrr.rrr OCF-NET [RAF4] R*134.10.rrr.rrr REED [NG48] D 134.11.rrr.rrr PENTNET [RF50] G 134.12.rrr.rrr RIACS-B-NET [MSM1] C*134.13.rrr.rrr CRF [DJD30] C*134.14.rrr.rrr CRG [DJD30] C*134.15.rrr.rrr CRJ [DJD30] C*134.16.rrr.rrr CRUK [DJD30] R 134.17.rrr.rrr BAY-PR-NET [MSM1] R 134.18.rrr.rrr BHP-IP-NET [IH15] C*134.19.rrr.rrr ILAN [SS253] G 134.20.rrr.rrr INEL [AKP] R 134.21.rrr.rrr UNIFR-ETHER1 [MB262] R 134.22.rrr.rrr GANDALF-NET [ML163] C*134.23.rrr.rrr MIZARB [MCL9] R 134.24.rrr.rrr CERFNET [SMA9] C*134.25.rrr.rrr RIKSRADION [KB32] C*134.26.rrr.rrr MERCK [DC272] C*134.27.rrr.rrr VLSI [CG107] R*134.28.rrr.rrr TUHH [PW83] R 134.29.rrr.rrr MSUS-NET [DK142] R*134.30.rrr.rrr HMI [DW212] C*134.31.rrr.rrr BOE-CANADA [GK44] C*134.32.rrr.rrr SCR [SB205] C*134.33.rrr.rrr CODEX-CORP [LB190] R 134.34.rrr.rrr KISS [JB462] C*134.35.rrr.rrr NAMSI [JT181] R*134.36.rrr.rrr DUNDEE-UNIV [MW176] C*134.37.rrr.rrr-134.46.rrr.rrr Hewlett-Packard [SI8] G*134.47.rrr.rrr NORTELE [AT79] R 134.48.rrr.rrr MARQUENET [SG68] C*134.49.rrr.rrr AHA [ES144] R 134.50.rrr.rrr ISU-NET [BH167] D*134.51.rrr.rrr BOE-MIL [GK44] G*134.52.rrr.rrr BOE-GIS [GK44] R 134.53.rrr.rrr MUOHIO [JW335] C*134.54.rrr.rrr CAMEX [PM155] G 134.55.rrr.rrr ESNET [AT80] C*134.56.rrr.rrr NET [RP210] C 134.57.rrr.rrr ROCKWELL-RKD [CH191] R*134.58.rrr.rrr KULNET [SB206] R*134.59.rrr.rrr ARCHIPEL [MB32] R 134.60.rrr.rrr UDN [WH2] R*134.61.rrr.rrr RWTHPHYS [CK2] R 134.62.rrr.rrr TEKTRONIX1 [MJE] R 134.63.rrr.rrr TEKTRONIX2 [MJE] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 32] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 R 134.64.rrr.rrr TEKTRONIX3 [MJE] 134.65.rrr.rrr-134.67.rrr.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R 134.68.rrr.rrr IUPUI-NET [DJ24] R 134.69.rrr.rrr OXY-NET [PH73] C*134.70.rrr.rrr DESKTALK [DJK13] R 134.71.rrr.rrr CSUPOM [GCF7] D*134.72.rrr.rrr BOE-KSC-NET [GK44] C*134.73.rrr.rrr EHS-NET [LN1] R 134.74.rrr.rrr CITYCOLLEGE [CPK3] R 134.75.rrr.rrr KREONET [OHB] R*134.76.rrr.rrr GWDG [WJM1] C*134.77.rrr.rrr NORTHROP-B2 [DZ] D 134.78.rrr.rrr AVTROS-NET [CAD10] R 134.79.rrr.rrr SU-SLAC [JH40] D 134.80.rrr.rrr MONMOUTH-1 [GS12] R*134.81.rrr.rrr HOENET [RL202] R*134.82.rrr.rrr BUCKNELL [GJS13] R*134.83.rrr.rrr BRUNEL-NET [NB39] R*134.84.rrr.rrr UMN-GWNET [CAF13] C 134.85.rrr.rrr AMERITECH [JFG21] C*134.86.rrr.rrr SCS [KM131] R 134.87.rrr.rrr BCNET-2 [DO26] R*134.88.rrr.rrr SEMASSU-NET [NJ] R 134.89.rrr.rrr MBARI [HW56] C*134.90.rrr.rrr OLY-NET [JLP6] R*134.91.rrr.rrr UNIDUI-LAN [GS101] 134.92.rrr.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R*134.93.rrr.rrr UNI-MAINZ [FN] 134.94.rrr.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R 134.95.rrr.rrr UNI-KOELN [CK113] R*134.96.rrr.rrr UNISB-LAN [PK32] R*134.97.rrr.rrr TST-HH-LAN [HK29] C*134.98.rrr.rrr PCS-NET [RW24] 134.99.rrr.rrr-134.110.rrr.rrr Unassigned [NIC] C 134.111.rrr.rrr STRATUS-NET [WPC] C 134.112.rrr.rrr STRATUS-TSTB [WPC] G*134.113.rrr.rrr IMF [SM10] R 134.114.rrr.rrr NAU-NET [PB1] R 134.115.rrr.rrr MURDOCH-UNIV [RM256] R 134.116.rrr.rrr MMLAB [BK88] R 134.117.rrr.rrr CARLETON1 [JS535] G 134.118.rrr.rrr JSCFMNET [EH97] R*134.119.rrr.rrr FUNN [ST22] C*134.120.rrr.rrr GENDYNSD [FAC2] R 134.121.rrr.rrr WSUNET [RW211] C*134.122.rrr.rrr PHOENIX [RS95] G*134.123.rrr.rrr OIANET [SH33] R 134.124.rrr.rrr MORNETS [DVL1] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 33] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 R 134.125.rrr.rrr TWDB [TH28] R 134.126.rrr.rrr JMU [CM50] C*134.127.rrr.rrr SSDS [RS49] C*134.128.rrr.rrr CYBER-INC [ST23] R 134.129.rrr.rrr NODAK [TW8] R*134.130.rrr.rrr ACHSE [GS199] D 134.131.rrr.rrr WPAFB-AVLAB [DRY2] R 134.132.rrr.rrr LGC-NET [JA175] C*134.133.rrr.rrr COMSAT [AK78] C*134.134.rrr.rrr BIIN-NET [HH64] D 134.135.rrr.rrr GDSS-NET [RWH29] D 134.136.rrr.rrr WPAFB-ASD-NET [SF76] D*134.137.rrr.rrr AEDC-CFD [JM627] C*134.138.rrr.rrr EUANET-2 [BO26] R 134.139.rrr.rrr CSULB-IP [NVT] R 134.140.rrr.rrr SIMMONS [EP70] C 134.141.rrr.rrr CABLETRON [PWB12] C*134.142.rrr.rrr-134.146.rrr.rrr SHELL-NETS [FJS2] R*134.147.rrr.rrr RUB-INET [JK213] R 134.148.rrr.rrr UNINEWCASTLE [DM232] R 134.149.rrr.rrr APPLE-CAMB [EF16] C*134.150.rrr.rrr NTTNDSTL [HB7] R*134.151.rrr.rrr ASTON [PF64] D 134.152.rrr.rrr OSD-NET [WSW11] R*134.153.rrr.rrr NFRN [DJ104] R 134.154.rrr.rrr CSUHAYWARD [CDS28] R 134.155.rrr.rrr RUMEL [RW112] C*134.156.rrr.rrr MINN-POWER [KJ4] R*134.157.rrr.rrr UPMC-NET [MTC] R*134.158.rrr.rrr PHYNET [NG15] R 134.159.rrr.rrr OTC [MH233] R 134.160.rrr.rrr RIKEN-NET [TS158] R 134.161.rrr.rrr UNI-NET [SYM2] C*134.162.rrr.rrr SHELL1-NET [DGA] C*134.163.rrr.rrr SHELL2-NET [DGA] D 134.164.rrr.rrr USAEWESNET [SAA] R 134.165.rrr.rrr SRIEXPRIGB1 [PEM4] 134.166.rrr.rrr-134.167.rrr.rrr Unassigned [NIC] C*134.168.rrr.rrr INFORMIX-NET [RE84] R*134.169.rrr.rrr TU-BS Network [DJS7] C*134.170.rrr.rrr NORTELRCH [JP283] R*134.171.rrr.rrr ESO-NET [RH315] R 134.172.rrr.rrr IGNET [EL30] R 134.173.rrr.rrr CLAREMONT [NF13] R 134.174.rrr.rrr LMANET [SB28] C*134.175.rrr.rrr AII-NET [SAJ1] R*134.176.rrr.rrr UNIGI-NET [KA14] C 134.177.rrr.rrr SYNOPT-NET [SCB12] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 34] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 G 134.178.rrr.rrr MET-AUST-NET [BT65] G*134.179.rrr.rrr NYSDEC-NET [FM85] R*134.180.rrr.rrr SANYO [HT44] R*134.181.rrr.rrr BATES-NET [RS348] R*134.182.rrr.rrr ORION [WJS1] C*134.183.rrr.rrr TI-EUROPE [JT185] R*134.184.rrr.rrr VUB [EB129] C 134.185.rrr.rrr KODAK-BTC [HC66] G 134.186.rrr.rrr TDCNET [JS550] G*134.187.rrr.rrr TEALE [JS550] R*134.188.rrr.rrr OCE-RD-NL [MB273] D*134.189.rrr.rrr GDFW [BMV] 134.190.rrr.rrr-134.191.rrr.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R 134.192.rrr.rrr UMAB-NET [LAM1] R 134.193.rrr.rrr UMKC [BA71] D 134.194.rrr.rrr CSTANET [MH74] C 134.195.rrr.rrr CRAYCOS [BW157] C*134.196.rrr.rrr TIMEPLEX-NET [GP117] R 134.197.rrr.rrr UNR-DOM [MLC34] R 134.198.rrr.rrr UOFSCRANTON [WFG4] C*134.199.rrr.rrr MITEL [DF149] C*134.200.rrr.rrr GOODYEAR [LJE3] G*134.201.rrr.rrr LADWP [BLW2] R 134.202.rrr.rrr UPRRNET [JN12] D*134.203.rrr.rrr TNO-HDO-LTD [RVDA] C*134.204.rrr.rrr SEAGATE [FD44] G 134.205.rrr.rrr HQUSAF-LAN [BP32] R*134.206.rrr.rrr LILNET [GT67] D 134.207.rrr.rrr NRL-EXP [JTS3] R*134.208.rrr.rrr ACANET-TWN [HL65] C*134.209.rrr.rrr NELLCOR [KG12] R*134.210.rrr.rrr STOCKTON [HM80] C 134.211.rrr.rrr BULL [SG146] R*134.212.rrr.rrr ONECERT [PC137] C*134.213.rrr.rrr NTGALW [GO1] R*134.214.rrr.rrr ROCAD [GR85] C*134.215.rrr.rrr TDS [TH131] C*134.216.rrr.rrr GULFAERO [HB14] C*134.217.rrr.rrr BECKMAN-DSG [PA32] G 134.218.rrr.rrr SNL-NETA [AB161] R*134.219.rrr.rrr RHBNC [AM154] R*134.220.rrr.rrr WOLVES [MC280] R*134.221.rrr.rrr TNO-NET [OM1] R*134.222.rrr.rrr EUNET-X25 [PB13] C 134.223.rrr.rrr GRUMMANLAN [CPK3] R*134.224.rrr.rrr ACNET [GB184] R*134.225.rrr.rrr RDG-UNIV-UK [AIM4] R*134.226.rrr.rrr TCD-NET [KG16] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 35] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 C*134.227.rrr.rrr CAM-CNCA [FB15] C 134.228.rrr.rrr SSA-NET [WJL17] D 134.229.rrr.rrr CONCGY-PENS1 [DG163] D 134.230.rrr.rrr CONCGY-PENS2 [DG163] R 134.231.rrr.rrr GALLAUDET [DVT] D*134.232.rrr.rrr USAREUR [AH124] D*134.233.rrr.rrr TAACOM [AH124] D*134.234.rrr.rrr SETAF [AH124] D 134.235.rrr.rrr WORMS-GW1 [SAS49] R 134.236.rrr.rrr LAKE-IPNET [SGM4] C*134.237.rrr.rrr YASKAWA [MK162] C*134.238.rrr.rrr FEDMOGUL-PSN [TGC1] C*134.239.rrr.rrr ICI-CP-NE-RT [MDF13] D 134.240.rrr.rrr USMANET-DDN [PJM24] R*134.241.rrr.rrr HECNET [PC143] C*134.242.rrr.rrr NCUBE-NET [DR212] R*134.243.rrr.rrr CAS [CB217] C*134.244.rrr.rrr MDCME [JA184] R*134.245.rrr.rrr UNI-KIEL [PW98] R*134.246.rrr.rrr IFREMER [AI2] C*134.247.rrr.rrr MUNAIR [HH71] C*134.248.rrr.rrr UNOCAL [GC138] G*134.249.rrr.rrr USDA-AMS [BG101] R 134.250.rrr.rrr SUSCNET [CW159] C*134.251.rrr.rrr GCS [BB267] G 134.252.rrr.rrr SNL-NETC [AB161] G 134.253.rrr.rrr SNL-NETB [AB161] D 134.254.rrr.rrr CONCGWAY-NOLA1 [DG163] 134.255.rrr.rrr Reserved [JBP] C*135.0.rrr.rrr-135.255.rrr.rrr AT&T [GFW6] 136.0.rrr.rrr Reserved [JBP] C*136.1.rrr.rrr-136.140.rrr.rrr FORD-INTERNET [FJB3] C*136.141.rrr.rrr ROHNET [JAD16] R 136.142.rrr.rrr PITT-SUBNET [DS247] C*136.143.rrr.rrr COASTAL [SM214] R 136.144.rrr.rrr MILLIKIN-NET [JK228] R 136.145.rrr.rrr CUN [JM476] R*136.146.rrr.rrr NTC-MATH [WD58] R*136.147.rrr.rrr NTC-GLOBAL [JD282] R*136.148.rrr.rrr SBANK-POLY [DC298] D 136.149.rrr.rrr AFMPC-LAN [RLR4] R*136.150.rrr.rrr SUNYNET [TP91] 136.151.rrr.rrr-136.155.rrr.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R*136.156.rrr.rrr EURO-MET-NET [DD223] C*136.157.rrr.rrr NIXDORF-NET [GRZ1] C*136.158.rrr.rrr SAGA-NETTVERK [LJV4] R 136.159.rrr.rrr U-CALGARY [RK168] R 136.160.rrr.rrr COMBNET [LAM1] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 36] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 R 136.161.rrr.rrr PSINET1 [CPK3] C*136.162.rrr.rrr FPSNET [DLS20] C*136.163.rrr.rrr SAAB-SCANIA [POJ] C*136.164.rrr.rrr HYDRO-NET [SO42] R*136.165.rrr.rrr LOUISVILLE [DJ115] C*136.166.rrr.rrr ZENITHNET [AB128] R 136.167.rrr.rrr BC-NET [BW164] R 136.168.rrr.rrr CSUBNET-IP [DZ17] R 136.169.rrr.rrr SACAENET [IM33] C*136.170.rrr.rrr ACORN [AI4] C*136.171.rrr.rrr CHEVRONLH [AD106] R*136.172.rrr.rrr DKRZ-NET [GH39] G*136.173.rrr.rrr EP-PE-NET [PHK] G*136.174.rrr.rrr PINELLAS [MAG13] C*136.175.rrr.rrr TELESOFT [JSG2] R 136.176.rrr.rrr BRADLEY-NET [LH124] R 136.177.rrr.rrr GEO [THL3] G 136.178.rrr.rrr NASA-RIG-NET [JM663] C*136.179.rrr.rrr NORANDS [LLZ1] D*136.180.rrr.rrr GDLS [BT78] G*136.181.rrr.rrr MICHTRANS-NET [KJK4] C 136.182.rrr.rrr MOT-CELL-NET [SC193] E*136.183.rrr.rrr SUCBUFFALO [JS583] C*136.184.rrr.rrr LIBERTY [JGG23] C*136.185.rrr.rrr AMPEX [MW196] R*136.186.rrr.rrr SWINBURNE [BT65] R*136.187.rrr.rrr NACSIS-NET [JA180] D 136.188.rrr.rrr-136.197.rrr.rrr DODIIS [JV7] R*136.198.rrr.rrr JVC [KS154] R*136.199.rrr.rrr UNI-TRIER [HS116] G 136.200.rrr.rrr DWR-NET [JK233] R*136.201.rrr.rrr PARK-NET [CC252] D*136.202.rrr.rrr BOE-REN-NET [GK44] D*136.203.rrr.rrr BOE-AUB-NET [GK44] R*136.204.rrr.rrr SUC-MORRIS [CB222] D 136.205.rrr.rrr REDSTONE-NET [RT64] R*136.206.rrr.rrr DCU-NET [MC293] D 136.207.rrr.rrr WUERZBURG-GW1 [LT75] D 136.208.rrr.rrr ASCHAFFENBURG-GW1 [GP129] D 136.209.rrr.rrr ANSBACH-GW1 [JS573] D 136.210.rrr.rrr AUGSBURG-GW1 [LW137] D 136.211.rrr.rrr BURTONWOOD-GW1 [LW138] D 136.212.rrr.rrr GEOPPINGEN-GW1 [PO2] D 136.213.rrr.rrr GRAFENWOEHR-GW1 [SD131] D 136.214.rrr.rrr HEIDELBERG-GW1 [AH130] D 136.215.rrr.rrr HEILBRONN-GW1 [MG205] D 136.216.rrr.rrr KARLSRUHE-GW1 [OT5] D 136.217.rrr.rrr MUNICH-GW1 [RJ127] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 37] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 D 136.218.rrr.rrr NUERNBERG-GW1 [SJ65] D 136.219.rrr.rrr ULM-GW1 [ML193] D 136.220.rrr.rrr SCHWEINFURT-GW1 [WN2] D 136.221.rrr.rrr STUTTGART-GW1 [CJC31] D 136.222.rrr.rrr BAMBERG-GW1 [DS335] R*136.223.rrr.rrr SUC-CERAMICS [KH128] R*136.224.rrr.rrr SUC-TECH-ALF [TD103] C*136.225.rrr.rrr ECN [BC173] C*136.226.rrr.rrr AAI [TB164] R 136.227.rrr.rrr WITTENBERG [JS591] C*136.228.rrr.rrr ALLIANT [RR77] R 136.229.rrr.rrr MMM-GOVT [BR79] C*136.230.rrr.rrr-136.239.rrr.rrr Hewlett-Packard [SI8] C*136.240.rrr.rrr-136.241.rrr.rrr BOEING-NETS [GK44] R 136.242.rrr.rrr CUAS [ECM6] C*136.243.rrr.rrr SUB-NET [CS218] R*136.244.rrr.rrr CONNCOLLS [SBB9] G*136.245.rrr.rrr ROSEVILLE [MA119] C 136.246.rrr.rrr UCINET [DA124] R 136.247.rrr.rrr MCO [CLV7] C*136.248.rrr.rrr GCA [LB189] C*136.249.rrr.rrr-136.254.rrr.rrr HGSNETS [LH2] 136.255.rrr.rrr Reserved [JBP] 137.0.rrr.rrr Reserved [JBP] D 137.1.rrr.rrr WHITEMAN [BPW1] D 137.2.rrr.rrr GEORGE [BPW1] D 137.3.rrr.rrr LITTLEROCK [BPW1] D 137.4.rrr.rrr CHARLESTON [AMF2] D 137.5.rrr.rrr-137.14.rrr.rrr AF Concentrator [BPW1] G*137.15.rrr.rrr METROCMA [LS224] C*137.16.rrr.rrr HI-CFS [TS193] R*137.17.rrr.rrr NLRNET [FV13] G*137.18.rrr.rrr HOUSE [JS592] C*137.19.rrr.rrr ALLIED [WJL2] C*137.20.rrr.rrr PSEG [JFS37] R*137.21.rrr.rrr SUCBROCKPORT [DS382] R 137.22.rrr.rrr CARLETONS [SB201] C 137.23.rrr.rrr MOT-COMM-NET [SC193] D 137.24.rrr.rrr NSWSES-NET [MJJ1] C*137.25.rrr.rrr-137.27.rrr.rrr REYNOLDS [LW134] R 137.28.rrr.rrr UWEC [VS58] D 137.29.rrr.rrr BRAGG-MAN [TN5] R*137.30.rrr.rrr UNO-NET-BIG [DES43] R*137.31.rrr.rrr WALLACELABS [DC304] C*137.32.rrr.rrr GDFW-NET [BSP6] C*137.33.rrr.rrr KEMIRA [EM128] C*137.34.rrr.rrr FIRST-BOSTON [JRF21] C*137.35.rrr.rrr MONSANTO [KNC] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 38] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 R*137.36.rrr.rrr SUC-COBLE [RH337] R*137.37.rrr.rrr SUC-TECH-CAN [RH336] C*137.38.rrr.rrr CRAY-CF [DJD30] R 137.39.rrr.rrr UUNET-WAN [AP25] R*137.40.rrr.rrr MEINET-US [JY33] C 137.41.rrr.rrr MMCSUBNETS [DR137] C*137.42.rrr.rrr SSI [JO94] R*137.43.rrr.rrr UCD [TW112] R*137.44.rrr.rrr SWANSEA [TO32] R 137.45.rrr.rrr RU-NET [JS593] C 137.46.rrr.rrr ISC-INTEL [BE46] C*137.47.rrr.rrr STAVAFT [OA4] R 137.48.rrr.rrr UNOMAHA [DH309] R 137.49.rrr.rrr HARTFORD [CPK3] 137.50.rrr.rrr-137.51.rrr.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R 137.52.rrr.rrr NOVANET [JPO4] R*137.53.rrr.rrr OHSU [MB307] R 137.54.rrr.rrr VERNET [JAJ17] C*137.55.rrr.rrr PHILIPS [MS378] 137.56.rrr.rrr-137.64.rrr.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R 137.65.rrr.rrr NOVELL-NET [JC481] R 137.66.rrr.rrr MN-SUPER-NET [MKS17] D 137.67.rrr.rrr CORONA-GW [MGR2] R 137.68.rrr.rrr PAGODA [JEA18] C*137.69.rrr.rrr LEGATO-NET [BN4] G*137.70.rrr.rrr HCG [MK132] C*137.71.rrr.rrr ANALOG [RP191] C*137.72.rrr.rrr NETCOMMAND [LK66] R*137.73.rrr.rrr KCLNET [JP301] R*137.74.rrr.rrr NTC-LACH [GC146] G 137.75.rrr.rrr NOAA-FSL [FG15] C*137.76.rrr.rrr MIDENET [PH120] G 137.77.rrr.rrr RECNET [JIMWW] G*137.78.rrr.rrr JPL-NET2 [JAW16] G*137.79.rrr.rrr JPL-OA [JAW16] D 137.80.rrr.rrr USACEC-NET [LFM5] R 137.81.rrr.rrr SUPER-NET [PM177] R 137.82.rrr.rrr UBC [DM354] C 137.83.rrr.rrr GENCORP [RLR57] R 137.84.rrr.rrr WHECN-CC [MW200] R 137.85.rrr.rrr WHECN-CWC [MW200] R 137.86.rrr.rrr WHECN-EWC [MW200] R 137.87.rrr.rrr WHECN-LCCC [MW200] R 137.88.rrr.rrr WHECN-NWC [MW200] R 137.89.rrr.rrr WHECN-SC [MW200] R 137.90.rrr.rrr WHECN-WWC [MW200] C*137.91.rrr.rrr APS [RJH66] R*137.92.rrr.rrr CANBERRA-UNI [RT184] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 39] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 C*137.93.rrr.rrr AALC [HH77] R*137.94.rrr.rrr RMC [GT73] D 137.95.rrr.rrr PATCH-NET [TTS8] C*137.96.rrr.rrr STO-ENERGY [JL324] C*137.97.rrr.rrr GLASGAL [GMM28] C*137.98.rrr.rrr DHLNET [PSR] R 137.99.rrr.rrr UCONN-NET [JM433] C*137.100.rrr.rrr CALSPANATC [DY28] C*137.101.rrr.rrr LOGITEK [PJV] C*137.102.rrr.rrr IWARP-NET [RLS115] C 137.103.rrr.rrr PROSPECT [JEB84] R 137.104.rrr.rrr UWPLATT [LF70] R*137.105.rrr.rrr EDRCNET [AC154] C*137.106.rrr.rrr USRNET-B1 [CC192] C*137.107.rrr.rrr USRNET-B2 [CC192] R*137.108.rrr.rrr OPEN-UNI [JS596] C 137.109.rrr.rrr LABTAM-NET [SP116] R 137.110.rrr.rrr UCSDMC [BK29] R 137.111.rrr.rrr MACQUARIE [AVDH1] R*137.112.rrr.rrr ROSE-HULMAN [MM267] R 137.113.rrr.rrr WLU [RWF21] C*137.114.rrr.rrr OECO [JP303] R*137.115.rrr.rrr NTC-BVW [DW239] C*137.116.rrr.rrr NTINET-NASH [RG228] C*137.117.rrr.rrr NTINET-RICH [RG228] C*137.118.rrr.rrr NTINET-STMN [JS598] C*137.119.rrr.rrr NTINET-AA [RD231] R*137.120.rrr.rrr MAASNET [LCVDH] R*137.121.rrr.rrr FNET-INRETS [YK2] R*137.122.rrr.rrr UOTTAWA [JC483] R*137.123.rrr.rrr SUC-CORTLAND [LV6] R*137.124.rrr.rrr SUC-TECH-DEL [DN78] R*137.125.rrr.rrr SUC-TECH-FRM [JA189] D*137.126.rrr.rrr USAFMARS [JHS50] D 137.127.rrr.rrr USACAA [JWB48] D 137.128.rrr.rrr TACOM-RDE [RJ120] G*137.129.rrr.rrr METEO-FRANCE [MG206] D 137.130.rrr.rrr JDSSC [BMW13] R 137.131.rrr.rrr SCRIPPSNET-BIG [SRC16] R*137.132.rrr.rrr NUS [CL134] C*137.133.rrr.rrr EBNERA [RP239] C*137.134.rrr.rrr TCS [RL226] C*137.135.rrr.rrr NTMTV [CY30] D*137.136.rrr.rrr BOE-KSCE-NET [GK44] D*137.137.rrr.rrr BOE-SREN-NET [GK44] R*137.138.rrr.rrr CERN-LAN [TB166] R*137.139.rrr.rrr SUC-OLDWEST [TD104] R*137.140.rrr.rrr SUC-NEWPALTZ [BE47] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 40] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 R*137.141.rrr.rrr SUC-ONEONTA [EF55] R*137.142.rrr.rrr SUC-PLATT [TD105] R*137.143.rrr.rrr SUC-POTSDAM [DV36] C*137.144.rrr.rrr WAII-NET [MIW] R 137.145.rrr.rrr CALINET [WP8] R 137.146.rrr.rrr COLBY [DWC32] R*137.147.rrr.rrr TRLNET [RL225] R 137.148.rrr.rrr CSUOHIO [AS198] R*137.149.rrr.rrr UPEI [DC307] R 137.150.rrr.rrr HSUNET [CS276] R 137.151.rrr.rrr FULNET [KB129] R 137.152.rrr.rrr GCU [BC176] C*137.153.rrr.rrr SONY-ENG-NET [TU1] 137.154.rrr.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R*137.155.rrr.rrr CNC [SB236] C*137.156.rrr.rrr UBS [MG207] R 137.157.rrr.rrr ATOM [RC306] R*137.158.rrr.rrr UCTNET1 [FG51] R*137.159.rrr.rrr PEPNET [JV70] D 137.160.rrr.rrr HI-DASD [TA54] 137.161.rrr.rrr Unassigned [NIC] C 137.162.rrr.rrr MOT-GEG-NET [SC193] 137.163.rrr.rrr Unassigned [NIC] G 137.164.rrr.rrr CALREN [WP8] R 137.165.rrr.rrr WILLIAMS-NET [MM371] R*137.166.rrr.rrr CHASTURT-UNI [PJ40] 137.167.rrr.rrr Unassigned [NIC] C*137.168.rrr.rrr HITACH [SK102] C*137.169.rrr.rrr K&E-NET [JLD42] C*137.170.rrr.rrr FNOK [JFM39] C*137.171.rrr.rrr SCI [MW204] C*137.172.rrr.rrr FALNET [CS277] D*137.173.rrr.rrr APOSD [BD113] C*137.174.rrr.rrr EZH-NET [WS167] C 137.175.rrr.rrr MSTAR-NET [RS487] C*137.176.rrr.rrr-137.185.rrr.rrr PGXPRESS [ACL2] C 137.186.rrr.rrr NSTN [JS338] G 137.187.rrr.rrr NIH-NETS [RF57] C*137.188.rrr.rrr USWNANET [JS602] R*137.189.rrr.rrr CUHKNET [CHC7] R 137.190.rrr.rrr WEBER-NET [BC177] 137.191.rrr.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R 137.192.rrr.rrr MRNET [JAW34] R*137.193.rrr.rrr UNIBWMNET [VT7] R*137.194.rrr.rrr FNET-ESNET [PD97] R*137.195.rrr.rrr HERIOT-WATT [JH410] C*137.196.rrr.rrr STARDENT [CC185] R 137.197.rrr.rrr UNMC [MRN6] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 41] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 R 137.198.rrr.rrr HUNET [TM96] C*137.199.rrr.rrr FIDELITYNET [WRC22] G*137.200.rrr.rrr SSA [TE37] C*137.201.rrr.rrr MICRON [BG112] C*137.202.rrr.rrr MENTOR [MS379] C 137.203.rrr.rrr HRINET [RJB67] R*137.204.rrr.rrr BOLOGNA-ALMA-NET [RD235] R*137.205.rrr.rrr WARWICK [MB310] C*137.206.rrr.rrr SHELL-NET [SD134] R*137.207.rrr.rrr UWINDSORNET [NP24] R*137.208.rrr.rrr WU-WIEN [AN50] D 137.209.rrr.rrr SUMNET1 [AJC5] D 137.210.rrr.rrr SUMNET2 [AJC5] D 137.211.rrr.rrr SUMNET3 [AJC5] D 137.212.rrr.rrr SUMNET [AJC5] C*137.213.rrr.rrr BULLUK [PM180] R*137.214.rrr.rrr UNINET-ZA [VS59] 137.215.rrr.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R 137.216.rrr.rrr SDSTATE [PH122] C*137.217.rrr.rrr BTNETT [GK91] G*137.218.rrr.rrr USBI [DC310] 137.219.rrr.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R*137.220.rrr.rrr BSC [JB251] C*137.221.rrr.rrr GEC-CS-LAN1 [PS216] 137.222.rrr.rrr Unassigned [NIC] C*137.223.rrr.rrr SIESOFT [DM357] R*137.224.rrr.rrr WAUNET [AB171] D 137.225.rrr.rrr DFRRS-ECAC [JS522] R*137.226.rrr.rrr ACHSES [GS199] G*137.227.rrr.rrr USBM-CCN [RW128] R 137.228.rrr.rrr SFOCLAN [JAW16] R 137.229.rrr.rrr ALAKANET [JH306] R 137.230.rrr.rrr CATNET [JWB65] D 137.231.rrr.rrr ZWEIBKN-GW1 [GEW13] D 137.232.rrr.rrr DIMNET1 [FZ] D 137.233.rrr.rrr DIMNET2 [FZ] D 137.234.rrr.rrr DIMNET3 [FZ] D 137.235.rrr.rrr DIMNET4 [FZ] C*137.236.rrr.rrr XSI [DM335] C 137.237.rrr.rrr HARRISNET [RT182] R*137.238.rrr.rrr GENESEO [SEC2] C*137.239.rrr.rrr COMMODORE [GR53] D 137.240.rrr.rrr SMALC-1 [SJ55] D 137.241.rrr.rrr OOALC-1 [SJ55] D 137.242.rrr.rrr SAALC-1 [SJ55] D 137.243.rrr.rrr WRALC-1 [SJ55] D 137.244.rrr.rrr OCALC-1 [SJ55] D 137.245.rrr.rrr WPAFB-1 [SJ55] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 42] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 D 137.246.rrr.rrr SEBAT [MM379] D 137.247.rrr.rrr CSSNET [EKO] R*137.248.rrr.rrr UNI-MARBURG [HH84] C 137.249.rrr.rrr FAC-COM [CEB13] R 137.250.rrr.rrr AUX [SS297] R*137.251.rrr.rrr FHGIAO-NET [JW377] C 137.252.rrr.rrr POLANET [DM358] 137.253.rrr.rrr Unassigned [NIC] C 137.254.rrr.rrr ORACLE-BBONET [AC158] 137.255.rrr.rrr Reserved [JBP] 138.0.rrr.rrr Reserved [JBP] C 138.1.rrr.rrr ORACLE-CHIC [AC158] C 138.2.rrr.rrr ORACLE-BETH [AC158] C 138.3.rrr.rrr ORACLE-UK [LG115] R*138.4.rrr.rrr RUNET [JAM48] 138.5.rrr.rrr Unassigned [NIC] G*138.6.rrr.rrr UPPSALA-SE [JS603] R*138.7.rrr.rrr AIMSNET [MM406] C*138.8.rrr.rrr GOLDSACHS [JK237] R 138.9.rrr.rrr UOP [DB380] G*138.10.rrr.rrr ONTHYD [RP241] C*138.11.rrr.rrr MATROX [MR198] C*138.12.rrr.rrr MEADDATA [LS226] D 138.13.rrr.rrr SSD-NET [DD38] D*138.14.rrr.rrr NOBEL [RU1] R 138.15.rrr.rrr NEC [AM175] R 138.16.rrr.rrr BROWN-UNIV-2 [AD62] D 138.17.rrr.rrr ASNET-NETS [HF35] D 138.18.rrr.rrr ASNET-NET [HF35] G*138.19.rrr.rrr GDWB [WS168] C*138.20.rrr.rrr MORGAN-1 [BP123] C*138.21.rrr.rrr RENAULT [EB134] R*138.22.rrr.rrr ZAMGNET-WIEN [GK92] R 138.23.rrr.rrr UCRNET [LM220] R*138.24.rrr.rrr IPS-AUSNET [CB180] R 138.25.rrr.rrr UTSNETS [AB150] R 138.26.rrr.rrr UAB [LM62] D 138.27.rrr.rrr HUACHUCA-NET [LB24] R 138.28.rrr.rrr KENYOUN [SC196] G 138.29.rrr.rrr USCGA [KC105] R 138.30.rrr.rrr HQ [BO34] C*138.31.rrr.rrr EPSON-NET [PN16] C*138.32.rrr.rrr PPCO [PDC1] G*138.33.rrr.rrr GMH-NET [WA32] C*138.34.rrr.rrr ETANET [KS158] C*138.35.rrr.rrr CPQINTL [DD233] D*138.36.rrr.rrr MARI-NET [AB175] R*138.37.rrr.rrr QMW [TJ40] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 43] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 R*138.38.rrr.rrr BATH-AC-UK [PC153] C*138.39.rrr.rrr DELMARVA [JKS23] R*138.40.rrr.rrr UKCITY-NET [IA52] R*138.41.rrr.rrr CS-NET [GG136] C*138.42.rrr.rrr INTERLINK1 [FJD4] C*138.43.rrr.rrr NCD [DM280] C 138.44.rrr.rrr CSIRO-BM [SM164] D 138.45.rrr.rrr CACNET [BG25] C*138.46.rrr.rrr PRESTOLITE [TM128] R*138.47.rrr.rrr LATECH [DRH48] R*138.48.rrr.rrr FUNDP-AC-BE [BD117] R 138.49.rrr.rrr UWLAX [DA128] D 138.50.rrr.rrr WIESBADN-GW1 [MW213] R*138.51.rrr.rrr CA-NET [DF133] C*138.52.rrr.rrr LIANT [DC303] C*138.53.rrr.rrr-138.58.rrr.rrr SHELL-NETS [SD134] R*138.59.rrr.rrr CANET [TM159] D*138.60.rrr.rrr NADC-LAN [TED] C 138.61.rrr.rrr MAINZ-GW1 [MM413] R*138.62.rrr.rrr NSB-NET [IS12] R*138.63.rrr.rrr CERFACS [HP50] D*138.64.rrr.rrr MSG-NET [MEG8] D 138.65.rrr.rrr FRANKFURT-GW1 [SDM8] R*138.66.rrr.rrr TCNO [VL42] R 138.67.rrr.rrr CSM-NET [KL31] R 138.68.rrr.rrr DUPONT-EXSTA [KR80] C*138.69.rrr.rrr LISC [JLB79] R*138.70.rrr.rrr PR-BULL-ITALY [GP133] R*138.71.rrr.rrr MAF [PW96] C*138.72.rrr.rrr PIXAR [SJK1] R*138.73.rrr.rrr MTA-IPNET [DE80] R 138.74.rrr.rrr SNC [DDK7] R*138.75.rrr.rrr LINCOLN-LAN-1 [JB542] G 138.76.rrr.rrr NASAHQ-M-NET [CS279] R*138.77.rrr.rrr UCQ [JV98] R 138.78.rrr.rrr ST-MARYS-NET [SJP18] C*138.79.rrr.rrr CPNET [MC301] R*138.80.rrr.rrr NTUNET [TA61] G*138.81.rrr.rrr ISO-CS [BH196] C*138.82.rrr.rrr BELL-CA [GC158] C*138.83.rrr.rrr GTE-TELOPS [DF180] C*138.84.rrr.rrr LOF [GL88] C*138.85.rrr.rrr ERI-RICHARDSON [DR229] R 138.86.rrr.rrr UNC-NET [JV97] 138.87.rrr.rrr-138.252.rrr.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R*138.253.rrr.rrr LONDON-UNIV [MK169] 138.254.rrr.rrr Unassigned [NIC] 138.255.rrr.rrr Reserved [JBP] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 44] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 139.0.rrr.rrr Reserved [JBP] 139.1.rrr.rrr-139.66.rrr.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R*139.67.rrr.rrr WIU-UCAN-NET [JW382] C*139.68.rrr.rrr BOSENET [CP130] C*139.69.rrr.rrr HARNCO [CH225] R 139.70.rrr.rrr VIMS-NET [RJL49] C*139.71.rrr.rrr AMEX-FTL [RJ134] C*139.72.rrr.rrr NWAIR-NET [TH147] C*139.73.rrr.rrr GMAGT [MD184] C*139.74.rrr.rrr VALNET [KK104] R*139.75.rrr.rrr AWIULTRANET [JMS17] C*139.76.rrr.rrr BELLSOUTH [DS405] D 139.77.rrr.rrr CONCGWY-NEWP1 [SCG] R 139.78.rrr.rrr OKSTATE [KD77] C*139.79.rrr.rrr ASCOM [RO68] R*139.80.rrr.rrr OTAGO-LAN1 [IG4] C*139.81.rrr.rrr GLI [BA77] R*139.82.rrr.rrr PUC-RIO [MF148] 139.83.rrr.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R 139.84.rrr.rrr LASALLE [SAL27] R*139.85.rrr.rrr HNSNET [JC490] R*139.86.rrr.rrr USQ-NET [RI13] C*139.87.rrr.rrr CORP-3COM [TC96] G 139.88.rrr.rrr LERC-OFFCAMPUS [DC285] C*139.89.rrr.rrr UNIWARE-NET [HB117] C*139.90.rrr.rrr NETCS-CUST-B [CS218] R*139.91.rrr.rrr FORTH [SA94] R 139.92.rrr.rrr EASINET-BB [WP90] C*139.93.rrr.rrr ULTRA-COM [WH54] C 139.94.rrr.rrr TAIU-NET [WM68] C*139.95.rrr.rrr AMDNET [CR129] C*139.96.rrr.rrr SAAB-NET [SN8] C*139.97.rrr.rrr CITYNET [RA145] G*139.98.rrr.rrr FYLKOMOEST [JT222] C*139.99.rrr.rrr ES2 [AY21] R*139.100.rrr.rrr CNET [JMR45] C*139.101.rrr.rrr MORELLIAUTRO [PG108] R 139.102.rrr.rrr INDSTATE [CE56] R*139.103.rrr.rrr UMONCTON-IPNET [DP178] C 139.104.rrr.rrr DISNEY [SFW1] G*139.105.rrr.rrr-139.120.rrr.rrr NO-MULTI-NET [OS4] C 139.121.rrr.rrr SAIC [SDF5] G*139.122.rrr.rrr SCANIAL [RS502] C*139.123.rrr.rrr MYLNET [EV26] R*139.124.rrr.rrr RRM [MB324] C*139.125.rrr.rrr AIT_VINES [PY17] C*139.126.rrr.rrr ADP [KB134] R 139.127.rrr.rrr SUNYHSCSYR [RLZ3] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 45] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 C*139.128.rrr.rrr MAELLIAUTRO [PG108] R*139.129.rrr.rrr MAF [PW96] R*139.130.rrr.rrr AARNET [GH105] R*139.131.rrr.rrr SWARE [PT63] 139.132.rrr.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R*139.133.rrr.rrr UNIV-ABDN [JL338] G*139.134.rrr.rrr TBSNET [CH232] R 139.135.rrr.rrr EDGEWOOD [CH233] R 139.136.rrr.rrr SKF [RLZ3] R*139.137.rrr.rrr CCFNET [SG144] C*139.138.rrr.rrr DATA-IO-NET [TR103] D 139.139.rrr.rrr GIESSEN-GW1 [BR109] R 139.140.rrr.rrr BOWDOIN [TM200] R 139.141.rrr.rrr UKWT-NET [HBA2] C*139.142.rrr.rrr MYRIAS [DR230] G*139.143.rrr.rrr DTINPL [AS205] G*139.144.rrr.rrr ATC [SM235] C*139.145.rrr.rrr AKER-STORD [OG14] C*139.146.rrr.rrr PARS-SERVICE [RHG] R*139.147.rrr.rrr LAFEYETTE [PK69] R 139.148.rrr.rrr SMITHKLINE1 [RLZ3] C*139.149.rrr.rrr UBS-LON-PD [MH269] C*139.150.rrr.rrr MOTO-SPS [RB319] 139.151.rrr.rrr-139.160.rrr.rrr Unassigned [NIC] D 139.161.rrr.rrr FSAMGW1 [SM218] C*139.162.rrr.rrr NEDLLOYD [CT100] C*139.163.rrr.rrr GHTOURS [FC52] G*139.164.rrr.rrr BUSK-HELSE [SB258] R*139.165.rrr.rrr OFLIEGE-BE [AP94] R*139.166.rrr.rrr NERC-NET [GE47] R*139.167.rrr.rrr KSR [JMT1] G*139.168.rrr.rrr CORPNET [GG138] G 139.169.rrr.rrr JIN [JC108] 139.170.rrr.rrr-191.54.rrr.rrr Unassigned [NIC] C*190.55.rrr.rrr FLOW [DS370] 190.56.rrr.rrr-191.254.rrr.rrr Unassigned [NIC] *191.255.rrr.rrr Reserved [JBP] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 46] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 Class C Networks * Internet Address Network Reference - ---------------- ------- ---------- 192.0.0.rrr Reserved [JBP] R 192.0.1.rrr BBN-TEST-C [RH6] R*192.0.2.rrr TEST [JBP] 192.0.3.rrr-192.0.255.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R 192.1.0.rrr-192.1.1.rrr BBN Local Nets [SGC] R 192.1.2.rrr BBN-FIBER-NET [SGC] R 192.1.3.rrr BBN-APOLLO-NET [SGC] R 192.1.4.rrr BBN-FIBER-TEST [SGC] R 192.1.5.rrr BBN-SD-ENET [SGC] R 192.1.6.rrr BBN-DGI-ENET [SGC] R 192.1.7.rrr BBN-WASH-ENET [SGC] R 192.1.8.rrr BBN-SCOTLAND-NET [SGC] R 192.1.9.rrr BBN-DGI-APOLLO [SGC] R 192.1.10.rrr BBN-NEWPORT-NET [SGC] R 192.1.11.rrr BBN-TEST-NET [SGC] R 192.1.12.rrr BBN-TEST2-NET [SGC] R 192.1.13.rrr BBN-TEST3-NET [SGC] R 192.1.14.rrr BBN-TEST4-NET [SGC] R 192.1.15.rrr BBNCC-HARDWARE [SGC] R 192.1.16.rrr BBNCC-APOLLO [SGC] R 192.1.17.rrr BBNCC-COLUMBIA [SGC] R 192.1.18.rrr BBNCC-PRO-NET [SGC] R 192.1.19.rrr BBNCC-BILLERICA [SGC] R 192.1.20.rrr BBNACI-MT-VIEW [SGC] R 192.1.21.rrr BBN-DGI-ENET2 [SGC] R 192.1.22.rrr BBN-FORT-KNOX [SGC] R 192.1.23.rrr BBN-NEW-LONDON [SGC] R 192.1.24.rrr BBN Local Net [SGC] R 192.1.25.rrr BBN-PCNETSIM [GL15] R 192.1.26.rrr-192.3.255.rrr BBN Local Nets [SGC] R 192.4.0.rrr-192.4.12.rrr BELLCORE-NET [PK28] R 192.4.13.rrr MRE-MERLOT [PK28] R 192.4.14.rrr MRE-BIRDNET [PK28] R 192.4.15.rrr-192.4.17.rrr BELLCORE-NET [PK28] R 192.4.18.rrr MRE-FRAGGLE [PK28] R 192.4.19.rrr-192.4.31.rrr BELLCORE-NET [PK28] R 192.4.32.rrr NVC-SHARP [PK28] R 192.4.33.rrr BELLCORE-NET [PK28] R 192.4.34.rrr NVC-BB [PK28] R 192.4.35.rrr NVC-ASPEN [PK28] R 192.4.36.rrr BELLCORE-NET [PK28] R 192.4.37.rrr LCC-APOLLO [PK28] R 192.4.38.rrr PYA-FACS [PK28] R 192.4.39.rrr-192.4.255.rrr BELLCORE-NET [PK28] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 47] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 192.5.0.rrr Reserved [JBP] R 192.5.1.rrr CISLHYPERNET [JLM23] R*192.5.2.rrr UF-NET-A [AW48] C 192.5.3.rrr HP-DESIGN-AIDS [AG67] C 192.5.4.rrr HP-TCG-UNIX [AG67] R 192.5.5.rrr DEC-MRNET [AF54] R 192.5.6.rrr DEC-MRRAD [AF54] R 192.5.7.rrr ASRI [PK81] R 192.5.8.rrr CSEICNET [SB90] R 192.5.9.rrr AERONET [LCN] R 192.5.10.rrr ECLNET [MAB4] R 192.5.11.rrr CSS-RING [DC115] R 192.5.12.rrr UTAH-NET-C [GW22] R 192.5.13.rrr GSWDNET [FAS] R 192.5.14.rrr RAND-NET [JDG] R*192.5.15.rrr AUVM [JM586] R 192.5.16.rrr LANLLAND [PCW] R 192.5.17.rrr NRL-NET [MPM] R 192.5.18.rrr IPTO-NET [JS283] R 192.5.19.rrr UCIICS [RAJ3] R 192.5.20.rrr CISLTTYNET [JLM23] D 192.5.21.rrr BRLNET1 [TS9] D 192.5.22.rrr BRLNET2 [MJM2] D 192.5.23.rrr BRLNET3 [TS9] D 192.5.24.rrr BRLNET4 [TS9] D 192.5.25.rrr BRLNET5 [TS9] 192.5.26.rrr Unassigned [NIC] D 192.5.27.rrr DTNSRDC-NET [RWT2] R 192.5.28.rrr RSRE-NULL [DBH11] R 192.5.29.rrr RSRE-ACC [DBH11] R 192.5.30.rrr RSRE-PR [DBH11] R*192.5.31.rrr SIEMENS-NET [PN23] R 192.5.32.rrr CISLTESTNET2 [JLM23] R 192.5.33.rrr CISLTESTNET3 [JLM23] R 192.5.34.rrr CISLTESTNET4 [JLM23] 192.5.35.rrr-192.5.37.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R 192.5.38.rrr SRI-C3ETHER [GMR] C 192.5.39.rrr USS [AV24] R 192.5.40.rrr PUCC-NET-A [JS81] R 192.5.41.rrr USNO [NW33] D 192.5.42.rrr HYPER-1ISG [MCA1] R 192.5.43.rrr CUCSNET [BC14] R 192.5.44.rrr FARBER-PC-NET [DJF] 192.5.45.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R 192.5.46.rrr NTA-RING [PS27] R 192.5.47.rrr NSRDC [RWT2] R 192.5.48.rrr PURDUE-CS-NET [DT50] C 192.5.49.rrr TISW-NET [HKO] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 48] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 R 192.5.50.rrr CTH-CS-NET [UB3] 192.5.51.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R 192.5.52.rrr NLM-ETHER-TEMP [JA1] R 192.5.53.rrr UR-CS-ETHER [LB16] R 192.5.54.rrr AERO-A3 [LCN] 192.5.55.rrr Unassigned [NIC] C 192.5.56.rrr TARTAN-NET [BM156] R 192.5.57.rrr UDEL-CC [RR18] R 192.5.58.rrr CSNET-PDN [WHN2] R 192.5.59.rrr INRIA-A-RING [AR41] R 192.5.60.rrr INRIA-SOPHIA [AR41] R*192.5.61.rrr SM90-X2 [MS171] R*192.5.62.rrr LITP-SM90 [MS171] G*192.5.63.rrr SVERDRUPMSFC [JMB64] R 192.5.64.rrr AMES-NAS-NET [MF31] R 192.5.65.rrr NPRDC-ETHER [LRB] R 192.5.66.rrr HARV-NET [SB28] R 192.5.67.rrr CECOM-ETHER [GIH] 192.5.68.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R 192.5.69.rrr UIUC-NET [AKC] G 192.5.70.rrr CELAN [RLS6] R*192.5.71.rrr WWU-ADMIN-NET [JSW12] C*192.5.72.rrr ABLE [CWV1] C*192.5.73.rrr LVSUN [GCS8] C*192.5.74.rrr-192.5.81.rrr MSC Nets [SL70] R 192.5.82.rrr FSUSTAT [KMH8] C*192.5.83.rrr EPOCH-ENGR [GK32] R*192.5.84.rrr-192.5.87.rrr UOC Nets [MC17] R 192.5.88.rrr YALE-EE-NET [AG22] R 192.5.89.rrr HARV-APOLLO [SB28] R 192.5.90.rrr SERI-NET [CK92] R 192.5.91.rrr PURDUE-ECN1 [JRS8] R 192.5.92.rrr BRAGG-ETHER [GIH] R 192.5.93.rrr SRI-DEMO [GIH] R*192.5.94.rrr SDCRDCF-10MB [DJV1] R*192.5.95.rrr SDCRDCF-3MB [DJV1] R*192.5.96.rrr UBC-CS-NET [PB67] 192.5.97.rrr-192.5.98.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R 192.5.99.rrr SPACENET [TW51] R 192.5.100.rrr HCSC-NET [DB322] R 192.5.101.rrr PUCC-NET-B [JS81] R 192.5.102.rrr PUCC-RHF-NET [JS81] C*192.5.103.rrr COMCO [KF55] R 192.5.104.rrr THINK-INET [BJN1] R 192.5.105.rrr XAIT-POND [AL6] C*192.5.106.rrr BITSTREAM [PGA1] R*192.5.107.rrr PASC-ETHER [GAL5] R*192.5.108.rrr PASC-BB [GAL5] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 49] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 R 192.5.109.rrr CWRUNET-C0 [JAG3] R 192.5.110.rrr CWRUNET-C1 [JAG3] R 192.5.111.rrr CWRUNET-C2 [JAG3] R 192.5.112.rrr CWRUNET-C3 [JAG3] R 192.5.113.rrr CWRUNET-C4 [JAG3] C*192.5.114.rrr I2-RING-1 [CB42] C*192.5.115.rrr I2-ETHER-1 [CB42] R 192.5.116.rrr BRAGGNET-1 [LDB3] R 192.5.117.rrr BRAGGNET-2 [LDB3] R 192.5.118.rrr BRAGGNET-3 [LDB3] R 192.5.119.rrr BRAGGNET-4 [LDB3] R 192.5.120.rrr BRAGGNET-5 [LDB3] R 192.5.121.rrr BRAGGNET-6 [LDB3] R 192.5.122.rrr BRAGGNET-7 [LDB3] R 192.5.123.rrr BRAGGNET-8 [LDB3] R 192.5.124.rrr BRAGGNET-9 [LDB3] R 192.5.125.rrr BRAGGNET-10 [LDB3] R 192.5.126.rrr BRAGGNET-11 [LDB3] R 192.5.127.rrr BRAGGNET-12 [LDB3] R 192.5.128.rrr BRAGGNET-13 [LDB3] R 192.5.129.rrr BRAGGNET-14 [LDB3] R 192.5.130.rrr BRAGGNET-15 [LDB3] R 192.5.131.rrr BRAGGNET-16 [LDB3] R 192.5.132.rrr BRAGGNET-17 [LDB3] R*192.5.133.rrr PERCEPT-AI [KC8] C*192.5.134.rrr I2-ETHER-2 [CB42] R 192.5.135.rrr LL-SPEECH-NET [RH60] R 192.5.136.rrr LL43-LEX-BACK [BC65] R 192.5.137.rrr LL43-LEX-SUNA [BC65] R 192.5.138.rrr LL43-LEX-SUNB [BC65] R 192.5.139.rrr LL43-LEX-APO [BC65] R 192.5.140.rrr LL43-TB-BACK [BC65] R 192.5.141.rrr LL43-TB-APO [BC65] R*192.5.142.rrr CCVR [RD91] R 192.5.143.rrr NWU [AS62] R 192.5.144.rrr CRC-ENET [JS597] R 192.5.145.rrr ECRC-SL [PD39] R 192.5.146.rrr CPW-PSC [ML62] R 192.5.147.rrr ALV-ETHER [LJR5] R 192.5.148.rrr DISE [RHS16] R 192.5.149.rrr RDL-ETHER [MS172] G*192.5.150.rrr SP-ACE-NET [JM304] R 192.5.151.rrr PENN-STATE-1 [SJS11] R 192.5.152.rrr PENN-STATE-2 [SJS11] R 192.5.153.rrr PENN-STATE-3 [SJS11] R 192.5.154.rrr PENN-STATE-4 [SJS11] R 192.5.155.rrr PENN-STATE-5 [SJS11] R 192.5.156.rrr PENN-STATE-6 [SJS11] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 50] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 R 192.5.157.rrr PENN-STATE-7 [SJS11] R 192.5.158.rrr PENN-STATE-8 [SJS11] R 192.5.159.rrr PENN-STATE-9 [SJS11] R 192.5.160.rrr PENN-STATE-10 [SJS11] R 192.5.161.rrr PENN-STATE-11 [SJS11] R 192.5.162.rrr PENN-STATE-12 [SJS11] C*192.5.163.rrr I2-SPDNET-1 [CB42] C 192.5.164.rrr GTEECN [CH102] R 192.5.165.rrr UNISYS-CAM-1 [DSR] G 192.5.166.rrr GAT-NET [DC306] R 192.5.167.rrr MCC-ACA6 [CBD] R 192.5.168.rrr MCC-CAD2 [CBD] R 192.5.169.rrr MCC-CAD3 [CBD] G 192.5.170.rrr ANLNET1 [LW26] G 192.5.171.rrr ANLNET2 [LW26] G 192.5.172.rrr ANLNET3 [LW26] G 192.5.173.rrr ANLNET4 [LW26] G 192.5.174.rrr ANLNET5 [LW26] G 192.5.175.rrr ANLNET6 [LW26] G 192.5.176.rrr ANLNET7 [LW26] G 192.5.177.rrr ANLNET8 [LW26] G 192.5.178.rrr ANLNET9 [LW26] G 192.5.179.rrr ANLNET10 [LW26] G 192.5.180.rrr ANLNET11 [LW26] G 192.5.181.rrr ANLNET12 [LW26] G 192.5.182.rrr ANLNET13 [LW26] G 192.5.183.rrr ANLNET14 [LW26] G 192.5.184.rrr ANLNET15 [LW26] G 192.5.185.rrr ANLNET16 [LW26] G 192.5.186.rrr ANLNET17 [LW26] G 192.5.187.rrr ANLNET18 [LW26] G 192.5.188.rrr ANLNET19 [LW26] G 192.5.189.rrr ANLNET20 [LW26] G 192.5.190.rrr ANLNET21 [LW26] G 192.5.191.rrr ANLNET22 [LW26] G 192.5.192.rrr ANLNET23 [LW26] G 192.5.193.rrr ANLNET24 [LW26] G 192.5.194.rrr ANLNET25 [LW26] G 192.5.195.rrr ANLNET26 [LW26] G 192.5.196.rrr ANLNET27 [LW26] G 192.5.197.rrr ANLNET28 [LW26] G 192.5.198.rrr ANLNET29 [LW26] G 192.5.199.rrr ANLNET30 [LW26] G 192.5.200.rrr ANLNET31 [LW26] G 192.5.201.rrr ANLNET32 [LW26] R 192.5.202.rrr FMC-CTC [KW2] R*192.5.203.rrr OKSTATE-CS [MV24] R 192.5.204.rrr SKL-ENET [JS597] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 51] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 R 192.5.205.rrr ARNET2 [TS194] R 192.5.206.rrr BU-MATHNET [BS24] R 192.5.207.rrr BU-CHEMNET [BS24] R 192.5.208.rrr BU-CLANET [BS24] D 192.5.209.rrr SSDF-CDCNET [RE22] G 192.5.210.rrr ECSNET [CAL7] R 192.5.211.rrr INTEL-IWARP [RLS115] R*192.5.212.rrr CDC-PCAFAC [MCB5] R 192.5.213.rrr HARRIS [DAT4] C 192.5.214.rrr DECUACNET [FMA1] R 192.5.215.rrr MASONNET [TH15] R 192.5.216.rrr NTT-NET [YS10] 192.5.217.rrr Unassigned [NIC] D 192.5.218.rrr ARINC-GW-NET [YN] R 192.5.219.rrr CLEMSON [CH170] C 192.5.220.rrr SCCNET [MJO4] C 192.5.221.rrr CSC-LONS [SWR3] C 192.5.222.rrr CSC-OIS [SWR3] R*192.5.223.rrr HWELL-RE [PP36] D*192.5.224.rrr HAIC-NET [DMK18] C*192.5.225.rrr-192.5.236.rrr GE Calma Block [TR38] R 192.5.237.rrr SMITHKLINE [MS9] R 192.5.238.rrr KES-NET [JK59] R*192.5.239.rrr CAM-ORL [JM588] C*192.5.240.rrr EXICOM [DC305] R 192.5.241.rrr USC-CYPRESS [MAB4] C 192.5.242.rrr MOT-242 [MJ91] C 192.5.243.rrr MOT-243 [MJ91] C 192.5.244.rrr MOT-244 [MJ91] C 192.5.245.rrr MOT-245 [MJ91] C 192.5.246.rrr MOT-246 [MJ91] C 192.5.247.rrr MOT-247 [MJ91] C 192.5.248.rrr MOT-248 [MJ91] C 192.5.249.rrr MOT-249 [MJ91] C 192.5.250.rrr MOT-250 [MJ91] C 192.5.251.rrr MOT-251 [MJ91] C 192.5.252.rrr MOT-252 [MJ91] C 192.5.253.rrr MOT-253 [MJ91] R*192.5.254.rrr ANSA [DO27] 192.5.255.rrr Reserved [JBP] C*192.6.0.rrr-192.6.148.rrr Hewlett-Packard [AG67] R 192.6.149.rrr DBCE [BW158] C*192.6.150.rrr-192.6.200.rrr Hewlett-Packard [AG67] R 192.6.201.rrr UTSANANTONIO [AA73] C*192.6.202.rrr-192.6.255.rrr Hewlett-Packard [AG67] C*192.7.0.rrr-192.7.255.rrr CCI Nets [RA11] C*192.8.0.rrr-192.8.255.rrr SPARTACUS [EK48] C*192.9.0.rrr-192.9.8.rrr Sun Microsystems [WM3] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 52] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 C 192.9.9.rrr SUN-BARRNET [WM3] C*192.9.10.rrr-192.9.255.rrr Sun Microsystems [WM3] C*192.10.0.rrr-192.10.40.rrr SYMBOLICS [CH2] C*192.10.41.rrr TELLABS-MAIN [DB273] C*192.10.42.rrr-192.10.255.rrr SYMBOLICS [CH2] C*192.11.0.rrr-192.11.51.rrr AT&T Bell Labs [MH82] C 192.11.52.rrr ATT-NET [MH82] C*192.11.53.rrr-192.11.255.rrr AT&T Bell Labs [MH82] 192.12.0.rrr Reserved [JBP] R*192.12.1.rrr SUSSEX-CSNET [RS255] R*192.12.2.rrr AMDAHL [KRS21] C*192.12.3.rrr SLCS [CG64] C*192.12.4.rrr SCG-NET [DBM16] R 192.12.5.rrr AIC-LISPMS [WMT] R 192.12.6.rrr NPS-C2 [DW15] D 192.12.7.rrr SSSD-NET [RGH21] D 192.12.8.rrr PICANET1 [RFD1] R 192.12.9.rrr YALE-EE2-NET [ASW3] R 192.12.10.rrr THENETDFW [DLN12] R 192.12.11.rrr MIT-TEST [NC3] R 192.12.12.rrr SANTAFE [RKJ] R 192.12.13.rrr JHU-NET1 [MJO7] R 192.12.14.rrr JHU-NET2 [MJO7] R 192.12.15.rrr BROOKNET [GR9] R 192.12.16.rrr PRMNET [PEM4] G 192.12.17.rrr LLL-TIS-NET [NAL] R 192.12.18.rrr CIT-CS-10NET [AD22] R 192.12.19.rrr CIT-NET [AD22] R 192.12.20.rrr CIT-SUN-NET [AD22] R 192.12.21.rrr CIT-PHYSCOMP [AD22] R 192.12.22.rrr UTCSRES [JSQ1] R 192.12.23.rrr UTCSTTY [JSQ1] R 192.12.24.rrr MICANET [WDL] R 192.12.25.rrr CSS-GRAMINAE [DC115] R*192.12.26.rrr UMASS-BOSTON [RM395] R 192.12.27.rrr UR-ESM [WL31] R*192.12.28.rrr RIACS [DG28] D 192.12.29.rrr RF-EVANS [JEQ1] D 192.12.30.rrr RF-HEX-A [JEQ1] D 192.12.31.rrr USNA-ENET [RAD15] R*192.12.32.rrr CMU-VINEYARD [MK68] R 192.12.33.rrr SRI-CSL-NET [EH112] C*192.12.34.rrr-192.12.40.rrr SCHLUMBERGER [CG64] C*192.12.41.rrr FAIRCHILD [CG64] C*192.12.42.rrr DARNET [CG64] C*192.12.43.rrr BENSON [CG64] R 192.12.44.rrr NRTC-NET [RSM1] R 192.12.45.rrr ACC-SB-IMP-NET [AB20] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 53] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 R 192.12.46.rrr ACC-SB-ETHER [AB20] R*192.12.47.rrr BOLOGNA-EXT1 [OB] G 192.12.48.rrr AMES-ED-EXPNET [MSM1] G 192.12.49.rrr AMES-ED-NET [MSM1] G 192.12.50.rrr AMES-HY-NET [MSM1] R 192.12.51.rrr THINK-CHAOS [BJN1] 192.12.52.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R*192.12.53.rrr PU-LCA [CYH] R*192.12.54.rrr SURFNET-X25 [EJB] R 192.12.55.rrr HAZ-LPR-BETA [KO11] R 192.12.56.rrr UTAH-AP-NET [JL15] R 192.12.57.rrr MCC-CAD1 [CBD] R 192.12.58.rrr MCC-ACA7 [CBD] R 192.12.59.rrr MCC-ACA8 [CBD] R 192.12.60.rrr MCC-ACA9 [CBD] R 192.12.61.rrr MCC-SW-NET [CBD] R 192.12.62.rrr DREA-ENET [GLH5] R 192.12.63.rrr CYPRESS [DT50] D 192.12.64.rrr LOGNET [JR15] D 192.12.65.rrr HELNET1 [TS9] D 192.12.66.rrr HELNET2 [TS9] D 192.12.67.rrr HELNET3 [TS9] G 192.12.68.rrr ORNL-MSRNET [THD] R 192.12.69.rrr UA-CS-NET [PAK6] R 192.12.70.rrr NPRDC-IPD [LRB] R 192.12.71.rrr NPRDC-ISG [LRB] R 192.12.72.rrr ULCC [RHC3] R 192.12.73.rrr BTRL [RHC3] R 192.12.74.rrr APPLE-ETHER [EF16] R*192.12.75.rrr PASC-RING [GAL5] R 192.12.76.rrr UQ-NET [LB201] R*192.12.77.rrr BOLOGNA-EXT2 [OB] C*192.12.78.rrr GENNET [SM96] C*192.12.79.rrr SLI [MG58] R 192.12.80.rrr CAEN [HWB] 192.12.81.rrr Unassigned [NIC] C 192.12.82.rrr CU-CC-NET [BC14] G 192.12.83.rrr UCDLA-EXNET [CL64] G 192.12.84.rrr UCDLA-PCNET [CL64] G 192.12.85.rrr UCDLA-OPNET [CL64] G 192.12.86.rrr UCDLA-RADNET [CL64] G 192.12.87.rrr UCDLA-CSLNET [CL64] R*192.12.88.rrr RUTGERS-NWK [CLH3] R 192.12.89.rrr SBCS-CSDEPT-1 [JS268] R 192.12.90.rrr SBCS-CSDEPT-2 [JS268] R 192.12.91.rrr RPICSNET0 [MS9] R 192.12.92.rrr RPICSNET1 [MS9] C*192.12.93.rrr TYMNET-MDC [TDM8] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 54] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 R 192.12.94.rrr ROCKWELL-AI-TEMP [BMW7] C*192.12.95.rrr NNWSI [EJ12] R*192.12.96.rrr SUPELEC-GIF [DC159] R 192.12.97.rrr MCRC [MB288] R 192.12.98.rrr SHIRBAY-ENET [JS597] C*192.12.99.rrr FCSL-NET [SA47] D 192.12.100.rrr OOG1 [JD86] R*192.12.101.rrr OSU-CGRG [KS62] G 192.12.102.rrr AMES-NAS-HY [MSM1] R 192.12.103.rrr CSU-USC-ETHER [MM333] R 192.12.104.rrr CSU-NREL-ETHER [MM333] 192.12.105.rrr-192.12.108.rrr Reserved [NIC] R*192.12.109.rrr-192.12.118.rrr CSU Nets [RB218] C 192.12.119.rrr XYPLEX [TS196] D 192.12.120.rrr MITRE-B-NET [BSW] R 192.12.121.rrr FSUCS [DK168] R 192.12.122.rrr FSUCS2 [DK168] G 192.12.123.rrr AMES-CCF-NET [MSM1] D 192.12.124.rrr ETL-LAN [WWS] D 192.12.125.rrr CRDEC-NET1 [REA3] D 192.12.126.rrr CRDEC-NET2 [REA3] R 192.12.127.rrr LL-MI-NET [KLS24] R 192.12.128.rrr BRADLEY [LH124] C*192.12.129.rrr SYM-CAN [MMH5] 192.12.130.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R 192.12.131.rrr SAC-ADMIN [KMC3] R 192.12.132.rrr LLNL-MON [LL64] R 192.12.133.rrr LLNL-TUES [LL64] R 192.12.134.rrr LLNL-WED [LL64] R 192.12.135.rrr LLNL-THU [LL64] R 192.12.136.rrr LLNL-OUTNET [LL64] R 192.12.137.rrr LLNL-SAT [LL64] R 192.12.138.rrr LLNL-SUN [LL64] D 192.12.139.rrr JTELS-BEN-GW [RR26] R*192.12.140.rrr INFERENCE [DGT6] R 192.12.141.rrr CSS-ETHER [DC115] C*192.12.142.rrr SENTRY [JB348] C*192.12.143.rrr VSHIC-NET [JB348] R 192.12.144.rrr ECRCNET [PD39] C 192.12.145.rrr SMVL-THICK [RG92] C*192.12.146.rrr-192.12.149.rrr RCA-CADNET [RG92] C 192.12.150.rrr SMVL-THIN [RG92] C*192.12.151.rrr RCA-CADNET [RG92] C 192.12.152.rrr SMVL-APOLLO [RG92] C 192.12.153.rrr SMVL-153 [RG92] C*192.12.154.rrr RCA-CADNET [RG92] C*192.12.155.rrr-192.12.170.rrr MTCS-CUST [SF41] D 192.12.171.rrr PICANET2 [RFD1] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 55] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 R 192.12.172.rrr ROCKWELLENET [NG] R 192.12.173.rrr LBL-EE-NET1 [CAL3] R*192.12.174.rrr-192.12.183.rrr TORONTO [BD55] R 192.12.184.rrr AGPS-NET [KDZ] R 192.12.185.rrr BOSTONU-NET [JSOL] R 192.12.186.rrr BU-ACCNET [JSOL] R 192.12.187.rrr BU-BROADB [JSOL] R 192.12.188.rrr BU-SCINET [JSOL] R 192.12.189.rrr BU-ENGNET [JSOL] R 192.12.190.rrr BU-DSGNET [JSOL] R 192.12.191.rrr BU-MEDNET [JSOL] R 192.12.192.rrr ITALY-EXTNET [ABB2] R 192.12.193.rrr ITALY-INTNET [ABB2] R 192.12.194.rrr CNUCE-LAN3 [ABB2] R 192.12.195.rrr UNISYS-ISF-7 [MS22] R*192.12.196.rrr AZMATH [JC315] D 192.12.197.rrr ACATT-ETHER1 [ERK3] D 192.12.198.rrr ACATT-ETHER2 [ERK3] D 192.12.199.rrr LEWIS-ETHER1 [ERK3] D 192.12.200.rrr SRI-PSON-10 [ERK3] D 192.12.201.rrr SRI-PSON-11 [ERK3] D 192.12.202.rrr SRI-PSON-12 [ERK3] D 192.12.203.rrr SRI-PSON-13 [ERK3] D 192.12.204.rrr SRI-PSON-14 [ERK3] R 192.12.205.rrr OHIO-STATE1 [RSD2] R 192.12.206.rrr INDIANA [BS69] R 192.12.207.rrr SUPERCOMP [GKN1] G*192.12.208.rrr AGPS-IPC [KDZ] R 192.12.209.rrr NSF [FW17] D 192.12.210.rrr FSTC [BB64] R 192.12.211.rrr JVNC [SH37] R 192.12.212.rrr RAND-NET2 [JDG] R 192.12.213.rrr RAND-NET3 [JDG] 192.12.214.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R 192.12.215.rrr XDRENET [JS597] R 192.12.216.rrr STEVENS-TECH [RCM9] C*192.12.217.rrr KYFY-CARTO [WH96] C*192.12.218.rrr KYFY-GEOGR [WH96] C*192.12.219.rrr ARIA [FL27] R 192.12.220.rrr WISC-FERD [EJN1] 192.12.221.rrr-192.12.222.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R 192.12.223.rrr WISC-OZNET [EJN1] R 192.12.224.rrr WISC-OZES [EJN1] 192.12.225.rrr-192.12.234.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R*192.12.235.rrr IDA-NET [MSA1] R 192.12.236.rrr CITNET [CBR2] R 192.12.237.rrr HCSC-APOLLO [DB322] R*192.12.238.rrr CU-BOULDER [DCMW] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 56] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 R*192.12.239.rrr CU-ACS [DCMW] R*192.12.240.rrr CU-ENGINEER [DCMW] R*192.12.241.rrr CU-SUNNET [DCMW] R*192.12.242.rrr CU-CER [DCMW] R*192.12.243.rrr CU-OT [DCMW] R*192.12.244.rrr CU-ENTERPRISE [DCMW] R*192.12.245.rrr CU-LASP [DCMW] R*192.12.246.rrr CU-BOULDER [DCMW] R*192.12.247.rrr TROTTINET [US2] R 192.12.248.rrr ATD1 [TS14] R 192.12.249.rrr ATD2 [TS14] 192.12.250.rrr Unassigned [NIC] C*192.12.251.rrr CDCNET-SDD [RAM57] R*192.12.252.rrr LL-VENET1 [BC65] R*192.12.253.rrr LL-VENET2 [BC65] R*192.12.254.rrr LL-APOLLO [BC65] R*192.12.255.rrr LL-ENET [BC65] D 192.13.0.rrr-192.14.255.rrr DODIIS Subnets [GEG4] C*192.15.0.rrr-192.15.255.rrr NBINET [WW2] G 192.16.0.rrr-192.16.12.rrr LANLLAN [PCW] G 192.16.13.rrr LANL-SERIAL [MWS7] G 192.16.14.rrr-192.16.49.rrr LANLLAN [PCW] R 192.16.50.rrr-192.16.71.rrr RPI-LOCALNETS [MS9] R 192.16.72.rrr THENET [DLN12] R*192.16.73.rrr DSU-TOKEN [GH46] R 192.16.74.rrr OTSTOKEN [DLN12] C*192.16.75.rrr-192.16.122.rrr CSC Block [SWR3] R 192.16.123.rrr SICSNET [JW302] R 192.16.124.rrr SICS-APOLLORING [JW302] R*192.16.125.rrr SWNET [BE10] R 192.16.126.rrr KTH-ETHER [AH94] R*192.16.127.rrr-192.16.129.rrr SWNET [BE10] R 192.16.130.rrr ICU-NET [AA81] R*192.16.131.rrr-192.16.136.rrr SWNET [BE10] R*192.16.137.rrr SWNET [BE10] R 192.16.138.rrr LU-SLIP-NET [JE87] R*192.16.139.rrr SWNET [BE10] R 192.16.140.rrr KTH-SICSLINK [AH94] R 192.16.141.rrr NEXUS-NET [MH246] R 192.16.142.rrr LOG-EHTER [JH87] R*192.16.143.rrr-192.16.145.rrr SWNET [BE10] R 192.16.146.rrr IMNET [HB99] R 192.16.147.rrr IDEONLUND [JE87] R*192.16.148.rrr-192.16.151.rrr SWNET [BE10] R 192.16.152.rrr TVTF-ETHER [RZ2] R*192.16.153.rrr-192.16.154.rrr SWNET [BE10] R*192.16.155.rrr-192.16.166.rrr CERN-Block [TB166] 192.16.167.rrr Unassigned [NIC] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 57] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 D 192.16.168.rrr PICANET3 [RFD1] D 192.16.169.rrr NRL-HUBNET [MPM] 192.16.170.rrr Reserved [NIC] R 192.16.171.rrr MACOM [TSC11] C*192.16.172.rrr EIK-ENG [SW78] D 192.16.173.rrr NCAD-LAN1 [FJS3] R 192.16.174.rrr LL-MICRO-NET [GLD] R 192.16.175.rrr GUACC [SA] R 192.16.176.rrr LSUNET [CFB1] C*192.16.177.rrr FJINET [CE41] R*192.16.178.rrr NTT-Y-ETHER [RN29] R*192.16.179.rrr NTT-Y-APOLLO [RN29] 192.16.180.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R 192.16.181.rrr LL-DSN-NET [KLS24] R*192.16.182.rrr GTICS-SUNS [DD11] R*192.16.183.rrr WCW-LAN [JA] R 192.16.184.rrr CWI-ETHER [PB13] R*192.16.185.rrr-192.16.187.rrr WCW-LAN [JA] R 192.16.188.rrr NKIS [JA] R*192.16.189.rrr-192.16.190.rrr WCW-LAN [JA] R 192.16.191.rrr WCW [PB13] R*192.16.192.rrr-192.16.200.rrr WCW-LAN [JA] R 192.16.201.rrr WCWS [PB13] R 192.16.202.rrr CWI-EUNET [PB13] R 192.16.203.rrr HCSC-SUN [DB322] R 192.16.204.rrr IASNET [KHJ] R 192.16.205.rrr DREA-ENET2 [JS597] R 192.16.206.rrr DREA-ENET3 [JS597] R 192.16.207.rrr DCIEM-CSS [JS597] R 192.16.208.rrr DCIEM-HFD [JS597] R*192.16.209.rrr-192.16.255.rrr DREA-LAN [JS597] R*192.17.0.rrr-192.17.4.rrr NIBELUNG [MA24] 192.17.5.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R*192.17.6.rrr-192.17.255.rrr NIBELUNG [MA24] C*192.18.0.rrr-192.18.255.rrr Sun Microsystems [WM3] C*192.19.0.rrr-192.19.255.rrr SYSNET-2 [EY5] C*192.20.0.rrr-192.20.224.rrr AT&T Bell Labs [MH82] R 192.20.225.rrr MH-INTER-NET [BC71] C*192.20.226.rrr-192.20.238.rrr AT&T Bell Labs [MH82] C 192.20.239.rrr ATT-MD-NET [MH82] C*192.20.240.rrr-192.20.255.rrr AT&T Bell Labs [MH82] C*192.21.0.rrr-192.21.255.rrr FORMATIVE [SAB17] C*192.22.0.rrr-192.22.255.rrr APPLICON [AS90] C*192.23.0.rrr-192.23.255.rrr FACTRON [JCB42] C*192.24.0.rrr-192.24.255.rrr CHROMATICS [RB219] R*192.25.0.rrr-192.25.255.rrr Hewlett-Packard [SI8] D*192.26.0.rrr ACSAD [SLH19] R 192.26.1.rrr MCC-ACA10 [CBD] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 58] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 R 192.26.2.rrr MCC-ACA11 [CBD] R 192.26.3.rrr MCC-ACA12 [CBD] R 192.26.4.rrr MCC-ACA13 [CBD] R 192.26.5.rrr MCC-ACA14 [CBD] R 192.26.6.rrr MCC-ACA15 [CBD] R 192.26.7.rrr SPAWAR [JK7] D 192.26.8.rrr SAIC-CPVB [MAW25] R*192.26.9.rrr ICOT [MY14] R 192.26.10.rrr GALLAUDET-TEMP [KBC] D 192.26.11.rrr NRL-HUBNET1 [MPM] D 192.26.12.rrr NRL-HUBNET2 [MPM] D 192.26.13.rrr NRL-HUBNET3 [MPM] D 192.26.14.rrr NRL-HUBNET4 [MPM] D 192.26.15.rrr NRL-HUBNET5 [MPM] D 192.26.16.rrr NRL-HUBNET6 [MPM] D 192.26.17.rrr NRL-HUBNET7 [MPM] D 192.26.18.rrr NRL-HUBNET8 [MPM] D 192.26.19.rrr NRL-HUBNET9 [MPM] D 192.26.20.rrr NSYPTSMH-LAN [TSD3] R 192.26.21.rrr UNISYS-ISF-8 [MS22] R 192.26.22.rrr UNISYS-ISF-9 [MS22] R 192.26.23.rrr UNISYS-ISF-10 [MS22] R 192.26.24.rrr UNISYS-ISF-11 [MS22] R 192.26.25.rrr LUCID [BM68] D 192.26.26.rrr NRL-FIBER [WF3] C 192.26.27.rrr ICON-ETHER [RH227] 192.26.28.rrr-192.26.45.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R*192.26.46.rrr-192.26.47.rrr EPFL [YD2] G*192.26.48.rrr FORUM [MR101] R 192.26.49.rrr OTS-192-26-49 [DLN12] R*192.26.50.rrr-192.26.82.rrr Silcon Graphics [RB221] R 192.26.83.rrr CSM-NET-TEMP [KL31] R 192.26.84.rrr NPRDC-FTC [LRB] R 192.26.85.rrr NUSAN [JPD18] R 192.26.86.rrr PHYSICS-SAC [JPD18] R 192.26.87.rrr MS-SAC [JPD18] R 192.26.88.rrr YALE-ENG-NET [HML1] D 192.26.89.rrr JTELS-BEN1-GW [RR26] C*192.26.90.rrr SYNTELNET-A [RAR22] R 192.26.91.rrr KDD [TA24] R*192.26.92.rrr WRIGHT [SH1] R 192.26.93.rrr AECL-NET [TK43] R*192.26.94.rrr NTT-AP-NET [HM38] R 192.26.95.rrr LL-VLSI-NET [AHA] R*192.26.96.rrr FX-STC-NET2 [SY8] C*192.26.97.rrr RCA-SNOOPY [RAR23] C*192.26.98.rrr TASC-CTC-NET [KDM5] C 192.26.99.rrr FAI [MWS10] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 59] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 C 192.26.100.rrr PROTEON-EXP1 [JS28] C 192.26.101.rrr PROTEON-EXP2 [JS28] C 192.26.102.rrr PROTEON-EXP3 [JS28] D 192.26.103.rrr EXNET [MB31] R*192.26.104.rrr-192.26.135.rrr FINLAND [JH141] R 192.26.136.rrr WASHINGTON-TEMP [NJB7] R 192.26.137.rrr-192.26.146.rrr SYR-MH-NET [JW47] R 192.26.147.rrr WLV-ETHER [SMS1] R 192.26.148.rrr UMDNJ-NRAC [LPM] R 192.26.149.rrr LL43-LEX-SUNC [VBK] R 192.26.150.rrr LL43-TB-SUNA [VBK] C*192.26.151.rrr LATICORP [CC108] R 192.26.152.rrr FERNWOODNET1 [GEOF] 192.26.153.rrr Unassigned [NIC] C*192.26.154.rrr-192.26.173.rrr PHILIPS-SERI [OK6] R*192.26.174.rrr-192.26.193.rrr UP-NETS [RF130] G*192.26.194.rrr-192.26.199.rrr FRB-NETS [RPD5] G 192.26.200.rrr FRB-WS [RPD5] G*192.26.201.rrr-192.26.209.rrr FRB-NETS [RPD5] R 192.26.210.rrr CRIM-NET [MV38] 192.26.211.rrr-192.26.239.rrr Unassigned [NIC] D 192.26.240.rrr BRAGGNET-18 [TN5] D 192.26.241.rrr BRAGGNET-19 [TN5] D 192.26.242.rrr BRAGGNET-20 [TN5] D 192.26.243.rrr BRAGGNET-21 [TN5] D 192.26.244.rrr BRAGGNET-22 [TN5] D 192.26.245.rrr BRAGGNET-23 [TN5] D 192.26.246.rrr BRAGGNET-24 [TN5] D 192.26.247.rrr BRAGGNET-25 [TN5] D 192.26.248.rrr BRAGGNET-26 [TN5] D 192.26.249.rrr BRAGGNET-27 [TN5] R*192.26.250.rrr SCRIPPSNET-B [SRC16] R*192.26.251.rrr SCRIPPSNET-C [SRC16] R*192.26.252.rrr SCRIPPSNET-D [SRC16] R*192.26.253.rrr SCRIPPSNET-E [SRC16] R*192.26.254.rrr SCRIPPSNET-F [SRC16] 192.26.255.rrr Reserved [JBP] C*192.27.0.rrr-192.27.255.rrr HAC-VLSI [PH45] C*192.28.0.rrr-192.28.99.rrr 3M-NETS [LS103] R*192.28.100.rrr-192.28.255.rrr FORD-NETS [FJB3] C*192.29.0.rrr-192.29.255.rrr Sun Microsystems [WM3] C*192.30.0.rrr-192.30.255.rrr Hewlett-Packard [SI8] R 192.31.0.rrr PURDUE-GEOSC [DT50] C*192.31.1.rrr CSD-GTE-LAN [MM135] R 192.31.2.rrr YCC-SYS-LT [ASW3] R 192.31.3.rrr ALCOA-NET-TEMP [JOG] C*192.31.4.rrr I2-ETHER-3 [CB42] R 192.31.5.rrr BOEING-ATC [PM37] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 60] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 C 192.31.6.rrr SQ-ETHER [BG23] C 192.31.7.rrr CISCO-NET [KSL] G 192.31.8.rrr USNA-CADNET [RAD15] 192.31.9.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R 192.31.10.rrr UTACC-ETHER1 [EK18] R 192.31.11.rrr UTACC-ETHER2 [EK18] R 192.31.12.rrr UTACC-ETHER3 [EK18] R 192.31.13.rrr UTACC-ETHER4 [EK18] 192.31.14.rrr Unassigned [NIC] C*192.31.15.rrr CASETEK [PML1] D 192.31.16.rrr CC1-ENET [GIH] D 192.31.17.rrr CENTCOM-UNCLAS [KMC3] D 192.31.18.rrr CC3-ENET [GIH] D 192.31.19.rrr CC4-ENET [GIH] D 192.31.20.rrr CC5-ENET [GIH] R 192.31.21.rrr SDSC-APOLLO [GKN1] C*192.31.22.rrr SDCCARY [DK5] R*192.31.23.rrr KULEUVEN-CS [JH18] D 192.31.24.rrr ALBM-NET [DV42] C*192.31.25.rrr NBKNET-AI [JC272] C*192.31.26.rrr ISTNET [NT12] R 192.31.27.rrr ALTAIR-NET [OG4] R 192.31.28.rrr STEWARD-OBS [SS80] R*192.31.29.rrr AMDAHL-TTD [DR71] R 192.31.30.rrr ADS-DC-NET [WR66] C*192.31.31.rrr AXION-NET [NT13] C*192.31.32.rrr-192.31.36.rrr NSKK-LAN [AK36] C*192.31.37.rrr SDCAPOLL [DK5] C*192.31.38.rrr TIATSPINE [WDR7] R 192.31.39.rrr UTAH-NSS [AC98] 192.31.40.rrr-192.31.42.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R 192.31.43.rrr CNSNET [DC99] C 192.31.44.rrr MRC-NET [WLG7] R 192.31.45.rrr WILLIAMS [DA106] R*192.31.46.rrr LFU_ETHER [MRK14] R 192.31.47.rrr-192.31.61.rrr BARRNET [AB71] R*192.31.62.rrr SRI-CAM [AGS5] R 192.31.63.rrr SCUBED-BBONE [TH60] R 192.31.64.rrr S3-RESEARCH [TH60] R 192.31.65.rrr S3-FIBER-NET [TH60] R 192.31.66.rrr S3-ABQNET [TH60] R 192.31.67.rrr S3-SLIP-NET [TH60] R 192.31.68.rrr S3-THIN-NET [TH60] R 192.31.69.rrr S3-BBONE2-NET [TH60] R 192.31.70.rrr S3-ETHER2-NET [TH60] R 192.31.71.rrr S3-ETHER3-NET [TH60] R 192.31.72.rrr S3-ETHER4-NET [TH60] C*192.31.73.rrr MTEL-APOLLO [TSC11] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 61] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 C*192.31.74.rrr GSD-PCNET [MDP16] D 192.31.75.rrr HQDA-AI [RAH64] D 192.31.76.rrr CSTLNET [MP20] C*192.31.77.rrr MAPNET [BH80] C*192.31.78.rrr WELLSNET-A1 [JN47] C*192.31.79.rrr WACHOVIANET-AI [PMH3] 192.31.80.rrr Unassigned [NIC] C*192.31.81.rrr ICAD-ETHER [CJ57] D 192.31.82.rrr HQEIS [SMK2] R 192.31.83.rrr OSUNET [PW37] C*192.31.84.rrr CUBI [SFJ] C 192.31.85.rrr CLINET [WAH11] 192.31.86.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R 192.31.87.rrr HARC-NET [JRS67] R 192.31.88.rrr BCMTECH-NET [SB98] 192.31.89.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R 192.31.90.rrr MORAVIAN [JPS17] R*192.31.91.rrr NECAM-TEMP [ARS3] 192.31.92.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R 192.31.93.rrr CIT-SRLNET [CJL2] C*192.31.94.rrr SYNTHESIS [LL56] R*192.31.95.rrr UCCNET [AC42] G 192.31.96.rrr ORNL-OSTINET [THD] R 192.31.97.rrr KSU-NET [MSM1] D 192.31.98.rrr PBAS-BEN2-GW [RR26] R 192.31.99.rrr UTENNK-RES [JDC20] D 192.31.100.rrr GUNTER-LAN-1 [TMD6] R 192.31.101.rrr TSU-NET [AZ] C*192.31.102.rrr LEUZENET [FBR2] R 192.31.103.rrr CSNET-NET [WHN2] R 192.31.104.rrr CSNET-ECC [WHN2] R*192.31.105.rrr UCC-PRO-UCB [AC42] D 192.31.106.rrr NSWSES-NAVY [MJJ1] R*192.31.107.rrr ASN428-NET [JRS48] R*192.31.108.rrr UCFCSNET [TB64] R*192.31.109.rrr FREDONIA [JM278] C*192.31.110.rrr ADCAPOLL [RC113] R 192.31.111.rrr AIRMICS [WES22] R 192.31.112.rrr TRINCOLL [PS173] C 192.31.113.rrr ODYSSEY [JH22] C*192.31.114.rrr DRINET [KB60] C*192.31.115.rrr FIRENET-AI [CO16] R*192.31.116.rrr-192.31.124.rrr UTOKYO-NETS [JM292] R*192.31.125.rrr-192.31.144.rrr DUT-NET [FD18] R 192.31.145.rrr SIGNET [PGM] R 192.31.146.rrr UCR [JR283] D 192.31.147.rrr NUWESNET [RM125] C*192.31.148.rrr AIGNET-AI [RK51] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 62] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 C*192.31.149.rrr WACNET-AI [PMH3] C*192.31.150.rrr STPNET-AI [RLP30] C*192.31.151.rrr COGNITIONNET [DG177] C 192.31.152.rrr ROSENET [SW73] R 192.31.153.rrr SALKNET [JOO] R 192.31.154.rrr UNMHC-DEV [WTC] R 192.31.155.rrr GEOLOGY-NWU [JPD18] R*192.31.156.rrr CANISIUS-CS [MS101] R 192.31.157.rrr RTNET [SC81] 192.31.158.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R 192.31.159.rrr NYTGCYLAB [SS110] D 192.31.160.rrr NUWES-C-NET [RM125] R 192.31.161.rrr UCB-UCSC-NET [CF4] 192.31.162.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R 192.31.163.rrr C3P-NET [HLW7] D 192.31.164.rrr MO-NET [SM62] R 192.31.165.rrr NOAO-TUCSON [SG1] R*192.31.166.rrr EUTEA [JVE2] R*192.31.167.rrr EUTES [JVE2] R*192.31.168.rrr EUTEB [JVE2] R*192.31.169.rrr EUTEEB [JVE2] R*192.31.170.rrr EUTEEA [JVE2] R*192.31.171.rrr EUTEX [JVE2] D 192.31.172.rrr IH-POE-GW [LK27] R 192.31.173.rrr NORTHWESTNET [GK44] D 192.31.174.rrr CORONA-GW-TEMP [KHJ1] C*192.31.175.rrr ZAIAZ [WDW2] R*192.31.176.rrr CADR [MA56] 192.31.177.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R 192.31.178.rrr THINK-INET-2 [BJN1] 192.31.179.rrr-192.31.180.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R 192.31.181.rrr THINK-INET-5 [BJN1] R 192.31.182.rrr THINK-INET-6 [BJN1] R 192.31.183.rrr THINK-INET-7 [BJN1] R 192.31.184.rrr THINK-INET-8 [BJN1] R 192.31.185.rrr THINK-INET-9 [BJN1] R 192.31.186.rrr THINK-INET-10 [BJN1] R 192.31.187.rrr THINK-INET-11 [BJN1] R 192.31.188.rrr THINK-INET-12 [BJN1] R 192.31.189.rrr THINK-INET-13 [BJN1] R 192.31.190.rrr THINK-INET-14 [BJN1] R 192.31.191.rrr THINK-INET-15 [BJN1] R 192.31.192.rrr SUPER [RSH] R 192.31.193.rrr CUA [ECM6] 192.31.194.rrr-192.31.195.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R*192.31.196.rrr SERC-NET [DT50] G 192.31.197.rrr ETLNET [TO4] G*192.31.198.rrr-192.31.206.rrr ETL-LAN [TO4] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 63] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 R 192.31.207.rrr HCSC-SUN2 [DB322] D 192.31.208.rrr CENTERNET-TEMP [JA91] C*192.31.209.rrr PHRED [MG95] R 192.31.210.rrr STSCI-C-NET [RK146] R 192.31.211.rrr EMSE-INET [JFC6] C*192.31.212.rrr LUCID-ETHER1 [LNZ] C*192.31.213.rrr LUCID-APOLLO [LNZ] R 192.31.214.rrr ALASKANET [GK44] R 192.31.215.rrr MONTANANET [GK44] R 192.31.216.rrr WSUNET-TEMP [RW211] R 192.31.217.rrr MCC-ACA1 [CBD] R 192.31.218.rrr MCC-ACA2 [CBD] R 192.31.219.rrr MCC-ACA3 [CBD] R 192.31.220.rrr MCC-ACA4 [CBD] R 192.31.221.rrr MCC-ACA5 [CBD] R 192.31.222.rrr CAYMAN-IP [BP52] R 192.31.223.rrr UNO-NET [DES43] C*192.31.224.rrr HCR-ETHER [JR222] D 192.31.225.rrr MINSY-POE [RWC34] D 192.31.226.rrr LOGAIRCOMNET [GT37] C*192.31.227.rrr KSR-ETHER-1 [BIM] 192.31.228.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R*192.31.229.rrr AMDAHL-DAPE [JFD9] R 192.31.230.rrr INCSYS [JS281] R 192.31.231.rrr VUCS-AMS [HVS1] C*192.31.232.rrr CFI-NET [SL47] C*192.31.233.rrr CNT-CORP [RM176] 192.31.234.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R 192.31.235.rrr SCA-NET [HML1] R 192.31.236.rrr YALE-CS-NET [HML1] 192.31.237.rrr Unassigned [NIC] D 192.31.238.rrr NCP-LAN [JM246] D 192.31.239.rrr SEACOMNET [JH10] C*192.31.240.rrr LEXICON [MK75] G 192.31.241.rrr MSFC-DR-NET [MSM1] R 192.31.242.rrr DIALUP-IP [WHN2] R*192.31.243.rrr WRIGHT-SE [JLS45] 192.31.244.rrr Unassigned [NIC] D 192.31.245.rrr BITS-NET [AM95] C 192.31.246.rrr MARBLE-NET [ME38] C*192.31.247.rrr CVBNET [AC66] R*192.31.248.rrr AJTNET [RJH33] C*192.31.249.rrr ADELIE [BAB7] C*192.31.250.rrr THALATTA-NET [JPB17] 192.31.251.rrr Unassigned [NIC] C*192.31.252.rrr FTC-ETHER-A [RS253] R 192.31.253.rrr CQENET [JPD18] R 192.31.254.rrr ALFREDNET [CLB36] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 64] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 192.31.255.rrr Reserved [JBP] C*192.32.0.rrr-192.32.255.rrr WELLFLEET [AW56] 192.33.0.rrr Reserved [JBP] R*192.33.1.rrr MTHOLYOKE [WB53] C*192.33.2.rrr MRST-NET [ER42] D 192.33.3.rrr DDN-OFFICE [DM28] R 192.33.4.rrr NYSERLAN [MS9] D 192.33.5.rrr CAC-CEN1 [BG25] D 192.33.6.rrr CAC-CEN2 [BG25] D 192.33.7.rrr CAC-CEN3 [BG25] D 192.33.8.rrr CAC-CEN4 [BG25] D 192.33.9.rrr CAC-CEN5 [BG25] R 192.33.10.rrr NOAO-KPNO [SG1] R 192.33.11.rrr NOAO-ORION [SG1] R*192.33.12.rrr HAMPSHIRE [PT23] D 192.33.13.rrr BRL-CDCNET [RR33] R 192.33.14.rrr CIT-WAG-NET [RED22] C 192.33.15.rrr CHORUS-OPERA [RD104] R*192.33.16.rrr COGS [RS255] R 192.33.17.rrr CALTECH-AMA [DIM2] 192.33.18.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R 192.33.19.rrr SERI [AM92] C*192.33.20.rrr AUX-DEFAULT [HK24] C 192.33.21.rrr RISC-ANAHEIM [WAG5] C*192.33.22.rrr PORTAL [JL115] R 192.33.23.rrr ROUTETEST0 [SSW] R 192.33.24.rrr ROUTETEST1 [SSW] R 192.33.25.rrr ROUTETEST2 [SSW] R 192.33.26.rrr ROUTETEST3 [SSW] R 192.33.27.rrr ROUTETEST4 [SSW] R 192.33.28.rrr ROUTETEST5 [SSW] R 192.33.29.rrr ROUTETEST6 [SSW] R 192.33.30.rrr ROUTETEST7 [SSW] R 192.33.31.rrr ROUTETEST8 [SSW] R 192.33.32.rrr ROUTETEST9 [SSW] D 192.33.33.rrr NISCNET [VN] 192.33.34.rrr Unassigned [NIC] C*192.33.35.rrr MIZAR [MCL9] R 192.33.36.rrr VUPHYS-AMS [FU1] C*192.33.37.rrr-192.33.86.rrr BOEING-LOCALNETS [SGR1] R*192.33.87.rrr-192.33.111.rrr ETH-NETS [MA63] C 192.33.112.rrr TIS-NET [DID1] C*192.33.113.rrr MYBULL [CM116] C*192.33.114.rrr MYDEMO [CM116] R 192.33.115.rrr NRAO-CV [DCW9] R 192.33.116.rrr NRAO-GB [NM57] R*192.33.117.rrr NRAO-VLA [BP57] R*192.33.118.rrr-192.33.127.rrr PSI-NETS [BH103] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 65] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 R 192.33.128.rrr BNL-AGS [SM111] 192.33.129.rrr Unassigned [NIC] C*192.33.130.rrr SPHINX [BM106] C*192.33.131.rrr PHIL-CE [HB60] C*192.33.132.rrr STEREOLITHO [EM67] 192.33.133.rrr Unassigned [NIC] C*192.33.134.rrr ESOSUN [PW49] G*192.33.135.rrr AIST-LAN [MK79] R 192.33.136.rrr KUBNET [TN17] R*192.33.137.rrr CT-ETHER [CS136] R*192.33.138.rrr CT-ATALK [CS136] 192.33.139.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R 192.33.140.rrr SAO-NET [KG35] R 192.33.141.rrr SAO1-NET [KG35] R 192.33.142.rrr SAO2-NET [KG35] 192.33.143.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R 192.33.144.rrr FNET-CERISI [AR41] R 192.33.145.rrr FNET-LIFO [AR41] R 192.33.146.rrr FNET-LAAS [AR41] R*192.33.147.rrr FNET2 [AR41] R 192.33.148.rrr FNET-GRECO [AR41] R 192.33.149.rrr FNET-CMA [AR41] R*192.33.150.rrr-192.33.152.rrr FNET-LAN [AR41] R 192.33.153.rrr FNET-ENS-LYON [AR41] R*192.33.154.rrr-192.33.155.rrr FNET-LAN [AR41] R 192.33.156.rrr UNIV-PARIS8 [AR41] R*192.33.157.rrr-192.33.158.rrr FNET-LAN [AR41] R 192.33.159.rrr FNET-CNAM [AR41] R*192.33.160.rrr-192.33.165.rrr FNET-LAN [AR41] R 192.33.166.rrr GIPSI [JMO4] R 192.33.167.rrr FNET-CRIN [AR41] R 192.33.168.rrr INRIA-LORR [AR41] R*192.33.169.rrr FNET7 [AR41] R 192.33.170.rrr INRIA-FRANCE [AR41] R*192.33.171.rrr-192.33.177.rrr FNET-LAN [AR41] R 192.33.178.rrr CNET-PARIS [AR41] R 192.33.179.rrr FNET-EXPO [AR41] R 192.33.180.rrr FNET-DEMO [AR41] R 192.33.181.rrr FNET-IBP [AR41] R 192.33.182.rrr UNIV-PARIS13 [AR41] D 192.33.183.rrr SAPE-MOBILE [CAD13] D 192.33.184.rrr SAPE-PRNODE [CAD13] G 192.33.185.rrr SAAD-ARPA [DRM24] D 192.33.186.rrr USACEC-NET-TEMP [DEA] C*192.33.187.rrr INNONET [JW181] R*192.33.188.rrr TG-ETHER [DC115] C 192.33.189.rrr FX-NET [EJ19] C*192.33.190.rrr TCP-SECURE [AW65] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 66] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 C*192.33.191.rrr WEST [BML2] R*192.33.192.rrr EPFL-DOMAIN-ME [YD2] R*192.33.193.rrr EPFL-DOMAIN-MA [YD2] R*192.33.194.rrr EPFL-DOMAIN-MX [YD2] R*192.33.195.rrr EPFL-DOMAIN-EL [YD2] R*192.33.196.rrr EPFL-DOMAIN-GC [YD2] R*192.33.197.rrr EPFL-DOMAIN-PH [YD2] R*192.33.198.rrr EPFL-DOMAIN-CH [YD2] R*192.33.199.rrr EPFL-DOMAIN-DA [YD2] R*192.33.200.rrr EPFL-DOMAIN-GR [YD2] R*192.33.201.rrr EPFL-DOMAIN-CC [YD2] R*192.33.202.rrr EPFL-APPLE-ME [YD2] R*192.33.203.rrr EPFL-APPLE-MA [YD2] R*192.33.204.rrr EPFL-APPLE-MX [YD2] R*192.33.205.rrr EPFL-APPLE-EL [YD2] R*192.33.206.rrr EPFL-APPLE-GC [YD2] R*192.33.207.rrr EPFL-APPLE-PH [YD2] R*192.33.208.rrr EPFL-APPLE-CH [YD2] R*192.33.209.rrr EPFL-APPLE-DA [YD2] R*192.33.210.rrr EPFL-APPLE-GR [YD2] R*192.33.211.rrr EPFL-APPLE-CC [YD2] R 192.33.212.rrr C-212 [AS116] R 192.33.213.rrr C-213 [AS116] R 192.33.214.rrr C-214 [AS116] R 192.33.215.rrr C-215 [AS116] R 192.33.216.rrr C-216 [AS116] R 192.33.217.rrr C-217 [AS116] R 192.33.218.rrr C-218 [AS116] R 192.33.219.rrr C-219 [AS116] R*192.33.220.rrr-192.33.231.rrr UNI-GENEVA [AS116] 192.33.232.rrr-192.33.239.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R*192.33.240.rrr SRHYPER [MJ33] C*192.33.241.rrr-192.33.250.rrr SMI-NET [KD36] C*192.33.251.rrr ISA-NET [CJB15] R 192.33.252.rrr CLEMSON-CSD [CR83] R*192.33.253.rrr CANISIUS-CC [LD46] C*192.33.254.rrr RMI-NET [RM213] 192.33.255.rrr Reserved [JBP] C*192.34.0.rrr-192.34.255.rrr Hewlett-Packard [SI8] C*192.35.0.rrr-192.35.19.rrr NIXDORF-NETS [PD39] C*192.35.20.rrr-192.35.43.rrr GE-INTERNET [JEB50] C 192.35.44.rrr GECRD-ISONET [JEB50] C*192.35.45.rrr MSDCNET [PNW] C*192.35.46.rrr GMHGATE [PNW] C*192.35.47.rrr GMHNET [PNW] R 192.35.48.rrr VIRGINIA-T1 [JAJ17] R 192.35.49.rrr VIRGINIA-T2 [JAJ17] C*192.35.50.rrr CLARIS-NET [CM130] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 67] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 192.35.51.rrr Unassigned [NIC] C 192.35.52.rrr LACHMAN-NET [SA65] C 192.35.53.rrr LAI-TCP [SA65] C 192.35.54.rrr LAI-MAC [SA65] C 192.35.55.rrr LAI-ISDN [SA65] C 192.35.56.rrr LAI-SLIP [SA65] C 192.35.57.rrr LAI-STG [SA65] R*192.35.58.rrr ENSUN [SC136] R 192.35.59.rrr AAII [DM249] C*192.35.60.rrr ASCENT [EB33] 192.35.61.rrr Unassigned [NIC] D 192.35.62.rrr NOSL-POE [DB211] R*192.35.63.rrr-192.35.72.rrr UNIDO-NETS [RV32] C*192.35.73.rrr OPTICOM [CJB1] D 192.35.74.rrr FOTLANHS [FJH1] D 192.35.75.rrr FOTLANMS [FJH1] D 192.35.76.rrr FOTLANLS [FJH1] C*192.35.77.rrr GM-AES-NET [DS229] R 192.35.78.rrr IRIS-RING [JFS22] R 192.35.79.rrr CCFNET [SG144] D 192.35.80.rrr NUSC-V702M-1 [SR77] R 192.35.81.rrr UWP-IPNET [TVF1] R 192.35.82.rrr CORNELL-DMZ [JCH17] C*192.35.83.rrr SDCCARY2 [RC113] C*192.35.84.rrr BDM-MCLEAN [JS167] R*192.35.85.rrr MCGILL-TMP01 [MOUSE] R 192.35.86.rrr UMN-MORRIS-NET [MVO1] C*192.35.87.rrr CMPNET [GC89] R 192.35.88.rrr ADEL02-NET [CLR16] R 192.35.89.rrr YCC-SYS-TR [HKG2] C*192.35.90.rrr NLCVX-NET [SN52] C*192.35.91.rrr CSR-NET [HKG2] C*192.35.92.rrr UNISYS-HPW-1 [MS22] C*192.35.93.rrr UNISYS-HPW-2 [MS22] G*192.35.94.rrr RSRE-SLAN [BO5] R 192.35.95.rrr HCSC-APPLE [DB322] R 192.35.96.rrr UOKECNA [JW136] R 192.35.97.rrr UOKECNB [JW136] R 192.35.98.rrr UOKECNC [JW136] D 192.35.99.rrr WSMR-NET3 [RHM11] R 192.35.100.rrr HORIZON-NET [KJS10] R 192.35.101.rrr KEYSTONE-NET [GR11] C*192.35.102.rrr IBINET [KM79] C*192.35.103.rrr SONET [SWW6] 192.35.104.rrr Unassigned [NIC] C*192.35.105.rrr POCI [MA56] R*192.35.106.rrr LMSC-LAMS [GMT6] R*192.35.107.rrr NOVANET [JPO4] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 68] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 C*192.35.108.rrr SGI-UK [RA94] C*192.35.109.rrr-192.35.126.rrr APOLLO-NETS [SJL] 192.35.127.rrr Unassigned [NIC] G*192.35.128.rrr NESDIS-NET [MSM1] G 192.35.129.rrr WWB-NET [MSM1] C*192.35.130.rrr WANG-CAD [WWP8] C*192.35.131.rrr WANG-TEST [WWP8] D*192.35.132.rrr WANG-TLAN [WWP8] R*192.35.133.rrr WANG-WITA [WWP8] R*192.35.134.rrr LL-DIV7 [BC65] R*192.35.135.rrr LL-DIV9 [BC65] R*192.35.136.rrr LL-GR47-ADT [BC65] R*192.35.137.rrr LL-GR47-RPV [BC65] C*192.35.138.rrr SPIDER [AD67] 192.35.139.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R 192.35.140.rrr WWU-NET [PAN1] C*192.35.141.rrr QUADRON [HP32] D 192.35.142.rrr YKTNPOE-GW [WRR5] R*192.35.143.rrr UHCL [JCN10] R 192.35.144.rrr DREV-ENET [JS597] G*192.35.145.rrr HAWAII-UHCC [TN11] R*192.35.146.rrr ARCO-CNR [MF96] D 192.35.147.rrr WVA-1 [JEG27] D 192.35.148.rrr SIMASTL-NET [LJC2] R*192.35.149.rrr GMD-FOKUS [SW111] R*192.35.150.rrr GMD-FIRST [SW111] R*192.35.151.rrr GMD-FOKUS-A [SW111] R*192.35.152.rrr GMD-FOKUS-B [SW111] R*192.35.153.rrr GMD-FIRST-A [SW111] D 192.35.154.rrr RIA-2-NET [TC72] R*192.35.155.rrr ASNCRAY-NET [JRS48] C 192.35.156.rrr QUALNET2 [VH21] R*192.35.157.rrr NWNET1 [GK44] R*192.35.158.rrr NWNET2 [GK44] R 192.35.159.rrr TACTICS-INTA [GMR] R 192.35.160.rrr TACTICS-GRAT [GMR] R 192.35.161.rrr NBB1 [HWB] R 192.35.162.rrr NBB2 [HWB] R 192.35.163.rrr NBB3 [HWB] R 192.35.164.rrr NBB4 [HWB] R 192.35.165.rrr NBB5 [HWB] R 192.35.166.rrr NBB6 [HWB] R 192.35.167.rrr NBB7 [HWB] R 192.35.168.rrr NBB8 [HWB] R 192.35.169.rrr NBB9 [HWB] R 192.35.170.rrr NBB10 [HWB] R 192.35.171.rrr MIDNET-NET2 [DF90] R*192.35.172.rrr BRISPOLY [PE25] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 69] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 R 192.35.173.rrr MCC-CAD4 [CBD] R 192.35.174.rrr MCC-CAD5 [CBD] R 192.35.175.rrr MCC-CAD6 [CBD] R 192.35.176.rrr MCC-CAD7 [CBD] R 192.35.177.rrr MCC-CAD8 [CBD] R 192.35.178.rrr MCC-CAD9 [CBD] R 192.35.179.rrr MCC-CAD10 [CBD] R 192.35.180.rrr NWNET3 [GK44] R*192.35.181.rrr NWNET4 [GK44] C*192.35.182.rrr KCCS-ETHER [KC40] R*192.35.183.rrr-192.35.192.rrr VUCS-NETS [HVS1] G*192.35.193.rrr PNL-SNET [SCT2] C*192.35.194.rrr JAR-NET [PJ29] R 192.35.195.rrr ARIZONA-CMI [JMS56] G 192.35.196.rrr NARDAC-NET [SW69] C*192.35.197.rrr ISTCAMNET [NT12] C*192.35.198.rrr ISTREDNET [NT12] 192.35.199.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R 192.35.200.rrr NOAO-SUNSPOT [RM320] R 192.35.201.rrr HAWAII-HIG [TN11] R 192.35.202.rrr HAWAII-RIFT [TN11] R 192.35.203.rrr ECE-ARIZ [CMG9] C*192.35.204.rrr AAEC [TS118] R*192.35.205.rrr EAPSNET [AB115] R*192.35.206.rrr APOLLONET [AB115] R*192.35.207.rrr CSTCDIE [MN36] D 192.35.208.rrr LM-HN-MCC [SJ55] R 192.35.209.rrr UCOP-K3RDNET [CL64] R*192.35.210.rrr UCOP-K4THNET [CL64] R*192.35.211.rrr UCOP-K5THNET [CL64] R*192.35.212.rrr UCOP-K6THNET [CL64] R 192.35.213.rrr UCOP-K8THNET [CL64] R*192.35.214.rrr UCOP-PR80NET [CL64] R*192.35.215.rrr UCDLA-FE1NET [CL64] R*192.35.216.rrr UCDLA-FE2NET [CL64] R*192.35.217.rrr UCDLA-UHNET [CL64] R*192.35.218.rrr UCDLA-IINET [CL64] R*192.35.219.rrr UCDLA-SDINET [CL64] R*192.35.220.rrr UCDLA-SCINET [CL64] R*192.35.221.rrr UCDLA-SFINET [CL64] R*192.35.222.rrr UCDLA-SBINET [CL64] R*192.35.223.rrr UCDLA-RINET [CL64] R*192.35.224.rrr UCDLA-SINET [CL64] R*192.35.225.rrr UCDLA-LAINET [CL64] R 192.35.226.rrr UCDLA-DINET [CL64] R*192.35.227.rrr UCDLA-BINET [CL64] R*192.35.228.rrr UCDLA-NLFNET [CL64] R 192.35.229.rrr RWTH-INFO [GB133] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 70] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 192.35.230.rrr-192.35.255.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R*192.36.0.rrr- SWEDISH-NET [BE10] R 192.36.23.rrr IBMCTP-NET [BGL5] R*192.36.24.rrr-192.36.110.rrr SWEDISH-NET [BE10] R 192.36.111.rrr CTH-STE-NET [GL41] R 192.36.112.rrr UMDAC-NET [RH271] R 192.36.113.rrr TDB-NET [RH271] R 192.36.114.rrr UMUNET1 [RH271] R*192.36.115.rrr-192.36.119.rrr SWEDISH-NET [BE10] R 192.36.120.rrr CTH-DTEK-NET [GL41] R 192.36.121.rrr LU-TDE-NET [JE87] R 192.36.122.rrr LU-REGLER-NET [JE87] R 192.36.123.rrr LU-SLIP2 [JE87] R 192.36.124.rrr LU-EFD2-NET [JE87] R 192.36.125.rrr SUNET-BACKBONE [AH94] R*192.36.126.rrr-192.36.132.rrr SWEDISH-NET [BE10] R 192.36.133.rrr LU-QUARK-NET [JE87] R 192.36.134.rrr LU-LDC-NET [JE87] R*192.36.135.rrr SWEDISH-NET [BE10] R 192.36.136.rrr SISU-NET [AB125] R*192.36.137.rrr-192.36.142.rrr SWEDISH-NET [BE10] R 192.36.143.rrr STOCKHOLM-BB [AH94] R*192.36.144.rrr-192.36.147.rrr SWEDISH-NET [BE10] R 192.36.148.rrr NORDUNET-BB [AH94] R*192.36.149.rrr SWEDISH-NET [BE10] R 192.36.150.rrr LUTH-NET [SW142] R 192.36.151.rrr LUTH1-NET [SW142] R*192.36.152.rrr-192.36.154.rrr SWEDISH-NET [BE10] R 192.36.155.rrr MECE1-NET [LB181] R*192.36.156.rrr-192.36.167.rrr SWEDISH-NET [BE10] R 192.36.168.rrr UU1-NET [AA81] R*192.36.169.rrr-192.36.184.rrr SWEDISH-NET [BE10] R 192.36.185.rrr CTH-EKO-NET [GL41] R*192.36.186.rrr-192.36.223.rrr SWEDISH-NET [BE10] R 192.36.224.rrr GBG-XX-NET [GL41] R 192.36.225.rrr CTH-CTKT-NET [GL41] R*192.36.226.rrr-192.36.255.rrr SWEDISH-NET [BE10] C*192.37.0.rrr-192.37.255.rrr CIBA-GEIGY [HN3] R*192.38.0.rrr-192.38.255.rrr DENET [JPS21] C*192.39.0.rrr-192.39.10.rrr UNISYS-NETS [CC129] R 192.39.11.rrr UNISYS-RES1 [KL63] R 192.39.12.rrr UNISYS-RES2 [KL63] C*192.39.13.rrr-192.39.255.rrr UNISYS-NETS [CC129] C*192.40.0.rrr-192.40.50.rrr.rrr Hewlett-Packard [DCL10] D 192.40.51.rrr PMS312-NET [DL164] C*192.40.52.rrr-192.40.255.rrr Hewlett-Packard [DCL10] C*192.41.0.rrr-192.41.101.rrr ICON-ETHER [RH227] R*192.41.102.rrr-192.41.131.rrr EU-NETS [WSC5] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 71] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 R*192.41.132.rrr-192.41.136.rrr UNIZH-BLOCK [GP88] C*192.41.137.rrr VERDIX-NET [LD4] 192.41.138.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R*192.41.139.rrr BBN-SYSENGRC [DW159] R 192.41.140.rrr STC-LAN [JFW] R*192.41.141.rrr-192.41.145.rrr UNISG-NETS [PG62] R 192.41.146.rrr CSISRING [SM164] R*192.41.147.rrr FBIHH [RDM25] G*192.41.148.rrr CITY-CALGARY [AK62] R*192.41.149.rrr-192.41.160.rrr UNIBE-NETS [FB61] C*192.41.161.rrr ACS-DC-NET [TR62] 192.41.162.rrr Unassigned [NIC] C*192.41.163.rrr GURUNET [KDZ] C*192.41.164.rrr-192.41.169.rrr UNISYS-NETS [MS22] R*192.41.170.rrr AIT-CS-NET [TK60] R 192.41.171.rrr JVNCNET-TEST [SH37] C*192.41.172.rrr CSPI [GLC18] R 192.41.173.rrr PENNLNK [TES16] R 192.41.174.rrr AMBLER [TES16] R 192.41.175.rrr TYLER [TES16] R 192.41.176.rrr TEMPLE-RC [TES16] R 192.41.177.rrr SURA-NOC [DO66] R*192.41.178.rrr-192.41.191.rrr UTOKYO-NET [JM292] R 192.41.192.rrr JUNET-JSFNET [JM292] R*192.41.193.rrr-192.41.196.rrr UTOKYO-NET [JM292] R 192.41.197.rrr CCUTRDNET [JM292] C*192.41.198.rrr TYMNET-TTE [JM451] C*192.41.199.rrr CONTEX [SL97] R 192.41.200.rrr NIEHS [SM157] C*192.41.201.rrr HSA-SLNET [SP69] D 192.41.202.rrr LBNS-POE-GW [DC145] C 192.41.203.rrr SOFTWAY-NET [CM153] G 192.41.204.rrr EROS-NET [MSM1] C*192.41.205.rrr VERDIX-HQ [CG24] R*192.41.206.rrr UI-NETLAB [AT62] D 192.41.207.rrr NESEA-NET [DT59] R 192.41.208.rrr CIT-SSDP [TM19] D*192.41.209.rrr GSD-APOLONET [MDP16] C*192.41.210.rrr RTS-IOM [DB263] R 192.41.211.rrr APO-GALILEO [JRF12] C*192.41.212.rrr ARINC-LAN-1 [BM168] G 192.41.213.rrr GEODEN [THL3] C*192.41.214.rrr INTERCON-NET [AW90] C*192.41.215.rrr ZARDOZ [NJG6] R 192.41.216.rrr KUBNET-A [TN17] C 192.41.217.rrr DSS [RLP39] R*192.41.218.rrr UDSAB [AN31] R*192.41.219.rrr JVNC-ETA10 [SH37] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 72] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 G*192.41.220.rrr VERNET [JR38] G*192.41.221.rrr VERNET-GW [JR38] C*192.41.222.rrr QUICK-NET [SG58] R*192.41.223.rrr ENSCO-FL [EB95] C*192.41.224.rrr BWPCC [DRM31] G 192.41.225.rrr AMES-FEI-NET [MSM1] C*192.41.226.rrr ACAD [JC345] R*192.41.227.rrr ISE-NET [PJ35] C 192.41.228.rrr TGV-NET [KAA] R 192.41.229.rrr NBB11 [HWB] R 192.41.230.rrr NBB12 [HWB] R 192.41.231.rrr NBB13 [HWB] R 192.41.232.rrr NBB14 [HWB] R 192.41.233.rrr NBB15 [HWB] R 192.41.234.rrr NBB16 [HWB] R 192.41.235.rrr NBB17 [HWB] R 192.41.236.rrr NBB18 [HWB] R 192.41.237.rrr NBB19 [HWB] R 192.41.238.rrr NBB20 [HWB] R*192.41.239.rrr USW-MPLS-DWT [BRB8] R*192.41.240.rrr USW-MPLS-BEE [BRB8] R*192.41.241.rrr USW-MPLS-MAPLE [BRB8] R*192.41.242.rrr USW-MPLS-MNM [BRB8] R*192.41.243.rrr USW-MPLS-BAK [BRB8] R*192.41.244.rrr WRIGHT-CAIA [MS272] R 192.41.245.rrr IIT-NET [MD119] D 192.41.246.rrr ASIFICS [SC139] C*192.41.247.rrr CHIPCOM [SE49] 192.41.248.rrr Unassigned [NIC] D 192.41.249.rrr WR-HN-MCC [SJ55] D*192.41.250.rrr-192.41.255.rrr DTSA-NET [BB116] 192.42.0.rrr Reserved [JBP] C*192.42.1.rrr DATUS [KFS2] R 192.42.2.rrr CSCSAV-NET [TV] R 192.42.3.rrr CLEMSON-ENG [WGS4] G 192.42.4.rrr MSCDPA [MB204] R 192.42.5.rrr MACPHYS [CB162] R 192.42.6.rrr MACENG [CB162] R 192.42.7.rrr MONTANACOE [JM468] C 192.42.8.rrr TELEOS-NET [NW25] R*192.42.9.rrr-192.42.40.rrr BOEING-NETS [GK44] D 192.42.41.rrr PUGET-POE-NET [GC104] R*192.42.42.rrr-192.42.47.rrr UNINE-BLOCK [CW115] R 192.42.48.rrr CHPCSUNS [WLJ7] R 192.42.49.rrr CHPCAPOLLOS [WLJ7] R 192.42.50.rrr CHPCXMPFEI [WLJ7] R 192.42.51.rrr CHPCXMPOPR [WLJ7] C*192.42.52.rrr ANZNET-AI [WM96] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 73] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 C*192.42.53.rrr SUNNET-AI [PE21] C*192.42.54.rrr CBCNET-AI [BA51] R*192.42.55.rrr SBEENET [JM414] R 192.42.56.rrr RAND-NET4 [JDG] R 192.42.57.rrr RAND-NET5 [JDG] R 192.42.58.rrr RAND-NET6 [JDG] R 192.42.59.rrr RAND-NET7 [JDG] R 192.42.60.rrr DMS-MELB [MA88] R 192.42.61.rrr DMS-CANB [MA88] R 192.42.62.rrr DMS-PERTH [MA88] 192.42.63.rrr-192.42.64.rrr Reserved [NIC] C*192.42.65.rrr CINET [JV69] G 192.42.66.rrr WWB-APOLLO-NET [MSM1] C*192.42.67.rrr SOL-ETHER [NM37] R 192.42.68.rrr DREOEWD-ENET [JS597] R*192.42.69.rrr ETHER1 [JV70] G 192.42.70.rrr GISS-NET [MSM1] 192.42.71.rrr-192.42.74.rrr Unassigned [NIC] G 192.42.75.rrr LARC-SNS [SDD8] G 192.42.76.rrr LARCNET2 [SDD8] G 192.42.77.rrr LARCNET3 [SDD8] G 192.42.78.rrr LARCNET4 [SDD8] G 192.42.79.rrr LARCNET5 [SDD8] D 192.42.80.rrr SA-HN-MCC [SJ55] D 192.42.81.rrr OC-HN-MCC [SJ55] R 192.42.82.rrr SCRIPPSNET [SRC16] R*192.42.83.rrr IIT-2 [PJF7] C*192.42.84.rrr NTTDATA-NET1 [HE12] C*192.42.85.rrr NTTDATA-NET2 [HE12] C*192.42.86.rrr NTTDATA-NET3 [HE12] R*192.42.87.rrr KING-POLY [SB167] D 192.42.88.rrr SHAFTER-NET [DM35] R*192.42.89.rrr WELLESLEY [SS208] C*192.42.90.rrr QUANTIC [JV74] R 192.42.91.rrr FB04 [AJ29] G*192.42.92.rrr ACLD-NET [BS168] 192.42.93.rrr Unassigned [NIC] C*192.42.94.rrr LILLYNET-TEMP [FDC2] C 192.42.95.rrr PSC [BV15] R*192.42.96.rrr SWIVAX [HK35] R 192.42.97.rrr SOFTWARE [JLR43] C*192.42.98.rrr IEX-NET [RB548] R*192.42.99.rrr RHODENT [FJG4] R*192.42.100.rrr KEELE-CS [JK186] R*192.42.101.rrr UMSMEDCTR [GAG17] R*192.42.102.rrr GRENET [JA146] R*192.42.103.rrr-192.42.107.rrr TOHOKU-NET [YK3] R 192.42.108.rrr UMC-NET [AC98] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 74] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 R 192.42.109.rrr INCSYS2 [JS281] R 192.42.110.rrr SU-ASSOC-NET [VAF] C*192.42.111.rrr ELAN [JL239] 192.42.112.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R*192.42.113.rrr SARA-NET [WVDS] R 192.42.114.rrr NKI [WVDS] R*192.42.115.rrr-192.42.132.rrr SARA-NET [WVDS] R*192.42.133.rrr ANL-MAN1 [BRB8] R*192.42.134.rrr ANL-MAN2 [BRB8] R*192.42.135.rrr ANL-MNM [BRB8] R*192.42.136.rrr ANL-BAC [BRB8] C*192.42.137.rrr FIBERCOM [DM273] C*192.42.138.rrr ANSWER-COMP [RLG36] C*192.42.139.rrr SCEARDNET [MRC13] C*192.42.140.rrr ANDERSEN [BL92] R*192.42.141.rrr AFALNET [HCV1] R 192.42.142.rrr ICASE-NET [LC152] R*192.42.143.rrr WSI [SS218] R 192.42.144.rrr UW-ADPNET [KL40] R 192.42.145.rrr UW-ACSNET [KL40] C*192.42.146.rrr VERSATEC [TT60] 192.42.147.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R*192.42.148.rrr MONSAN-RCC1 [JRJ16] R*192.42.149.rrr MONSAN-RCC2 [JRJ16] R*192.42.150.rrr MONSAN-RCC3 [JRJ16] G 192.42.151.rrr IPSRADSPACE [CB180] R 192.42.152.rrr UMN-CC-NET [RG12] R 192.42.153.rrr MALONE [JN91] C*192.42.154.rrr NUCLEUS-INTL [PAG12] R 192.42.155.rrr RSRE-BBN-SAT [MB] R 192.42.156.rrr ESD-H3 [NAK2] R*192.42.157.rrr NET-SOLUTION [MAV4] C*192.42.158.rrr TRVNET-AI [NW30] C*192.42.159.rrr NMRI [JB399] R*192.42.160.rrr-192.42.171.rrr AUSPEX [BE35] C*192.42.172.rrr NEXT-DEFAULT [PFK] 192.42.173.rrr-192.42.177.rrr Reserved [NIC] R 192.42.178.rrr MICRO-NET [JAC61] D 192.42.179.rrr WSMR-NET2 [RC29] R*192.42.180.rrr-192.42.201.rrr LUNET [JL247] C*192.42.202.rrr TCR-CAL [GR67] C*192.42.203.rrr TCR-CAL-BG [GR67] C*192.42.204.rrr TCR-BG [GR67] C*192.42.205.rrr TCR-CAL [GR67] C*192.42.206.rrr TCR-EDM [GR67] D*192.42.207.rrr BMA-1 [GK44] D*192.42.208.rrr BMA-2 [GK44] D*192.42.209.rrr BMA-3 [GK44] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 75] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 D*192.42.210.rrr BMA-4 [GK44] D*192.42.211.rrr BMA-5 [GK44] D*192.42.212.rrr BMA-6 [GK44] D*192.42.213.rrr BMA-7 [GK44] D*192.42.214.rrr BMA-8 [GK44] D*192.42.215.rrr BMA-9 [GK44] D*192.42.216.rrr BMA-10 [GK44] D*192.42.217.rrr BMA-11 [GK44] D*192.42.218.rrr BMA-12 [GK44] D*192.42.219.rrr BMA-13 [GK44] D*192.42.220.rrr BMA-14 [GK44] D*192.42.221.rrr BMA-15 [GK44] D*192.42.222.rrr BMA-16 [GK44] D*192.42.223.rrr BMA-17 [GK44] D*192.42.224.rrr BMA-18 [GK44] D*192.42.225.rrr BMA-19 [GK44] D*192.42.226.rrr BMA-20 [GK44] D*192.42.227.rrr BMA-21 [GK44] D*192.42.228.rrr BMA-22 [GK44] D*192.42.229.rrr BMA-23 [GK44] D*192.42.230.rrr BMA-24 [GK44] D*192.42.231.rrr BMA-25 [GK44] D*192.42.232.rrr BMA-26 [GK44] D*192.42.233.rrr BMA-27 [GK44] D*192.42.234.rrr BMA-28 [GK44] D*192.42.235.rrr BMA-29 [GK44] D*192.42.236.rrr BMA-30 [GK44] R*192.42.237.rrr CSCE-NET [MH198] C*192.42.238.rrr ITI-NET [EU4] R 192.42.239.rrr FIT [MAG16] R*192.42.240.rrr ORACODEV [FH53] C 192.42.241.rrr TRZDOR [SP86] C*192.42.242.rrr OBJY [WC86] C*192.42.243.rrr DEV-RING [RB520] D 192.42.244.rrr OBL-LINK-LAN [TTS8] D 192.42.245.rrr CPO-LINK-LAN [TTS8] D 192.42.246.rrr LON-LINK-LAN [TTS8] D 192.42.247.rrr RDM-LINK-LAN [TTS8] D 192.42.248.rrr SM-HN-MCC [SJ55] C 192.42.249.rrr APPLE [EF16] C*192.42.250.rrr IMCLONE [PG76] R 192.42.251.rrr LIGONET [GH125] C*192.42.252.rrr NETWORK-GENL [VL24] C*192.42.253.rrr ITT-SEMICON [BS196] C*192.42.254.rrr MEGASYS [GMP19] 192.42.255.rrr Reserved [JBP] 192.43.0.rrr Reserved [JBP] C*192.43.1.rrr-192.43.150.rrr DEERE-NETS [DF130] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 76] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 C 192.43.151.rrr NET-ARDA [SS226] R 192.43.152.rrr RADC-LAN [CPK3] R*192.43.153.rrr-192.43.160.rrr NCD-NETS [DM280] C*192.43.161.rrr CYLINK [CS219] C*192.43.162.rrr-192.43.171.rrr TVTLAN [AH96] R 192.43.172.rrr PHOTO-NET [JAC61] G*192.43.173.rrr FIRNLAN [JL256] R*192.43.174.rrr SONY-CSL [FT30] C*192.43.175.rrr-192.43.184.rrr LUCID [KDO] C 192.43.185.rrr BBYMELB [GB157] C 192.43.186.rrr BBYSYD [GB157] 192.43.187.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R 192.43.188.rrr SDIO-WAN [KDZ] R*192.43.189.rrr SONY-WS-NET [HI7] R 192.43.190.rrr BETHEL [GW107] C*192.43.191.rrr CAST-CREW [CRJ5] R*192.43.192.rrr UNIBAS-WWZ [RD232] R*192.43.193.rrr UNIBAS-MATH [RD232] R*192.43.194.rrr UNIBAS-ASTRO [RD232] R*192.43.195.rrr UNIBAS-PHIL1 [RD232] R*192.43.196.rrr UNIBAS-IFI [RD232] D 192.43.197.rrr GUNTER-LAN-2 [JCB14] C 192.43.198.rrr CXNET [BA59] R 192.43.199.rrr ETSU [DS303] R*192.43.200.rrr LVPD [ER75] C*192.43.201.rrr NELM-NET [HO13] C*192.43.202.rrr NELA-NET [HO13] R 192.43.203.rrr NRAO-CCC [DCW9] R 192.43.204.rrr NRAO-AOC [BP57] R 192.43.205.rrr MCD-UDC-2 [DP7] 192.43.206.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R 192.43.207.rrr UNIMELB-CS-A [RE18] R 192.43.208.rrr UNIMELB-CS-B [RE18] R 192.43.209.rrr UNIMELB-CS-C [RE18] C*192.43.210.rrr WESTGRP-HOL [WH108] C*192.43.211.rrr SAGPD [BA60] R*192.43.212.rrr IZF-TNO [TV29] C*192.43.213.rrr KELCO [EMH12] R*192.43.214.rrr KEY [PJS22] 192.43.215.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R 192.43.216.rrr LHASA [GIL] G 192.43.217.rrr NOAASEL-NET [JW301] C*192.43.218.rrr DATX [EK55] C*192.43.219.rrr EMPRESS [PH106] C*192.43.220.rrr SEDNET [TPS5] C*192.43.221.rrr ACUSTAR-HEDC [JR262] C*192.43.222.rrr STEPSTONE [AAD6] 192.43.223.rrr Unassigned [NIC] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 77] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 R*192.43.224.rrr CCKU-NET [MK133] G*192.43.225.rrr GSD-DECTCPIP [MDP16] R 192.43.226.rrr UAENG01 [MP151] R 192.43.227.rrr UAENG02 [MP151] R 192.43.228.rrr UAENG03 [MP151] R 192.43.229.rrr UACOMSCI [MP151] 192.43.230.rrr-192.43.233.rrr Unassigned [NIC] C*192.43.234.rrr LUCNET [EB110] C*192.43.235.rrr HSI [WRS28] C*192.43.236.rrr MEGATEK [RR193] C*192.43.237.rrr PCC-TCP [FO17] 192.43.238.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R 192.43.239.rrr RSES-TRING [HM68] R 192.43.240.rrr GSFC2 [RD240] C*192.43.241.rrr MEDIANETTE [RMF17] R*192.43.242.rrr UNF-CIS [TFB3] R 192.43.243.rrr HUNKNET [TH111] R 192.43.244.rrr NCAR-NSS [DM84] G 192.43.245.rrr MITRE-CG-NET [MSM1] 192.43.246.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R*192.43.247.rrr GTRI-AIB [SPR1] C*192.43.248.rrr DNH [SB185] R 192.43.249.rrr JAXLAB [LJ58] C 192.43.250.rrr TELEMATICS [TG67] C*192.43.251.rrr APLDBIO [MR152] R 192.43.252.rrr CHUB-NET [EZ3] D 192.43.253.rrr AFMPC-NET [MTF1] R 192.43.254.rrr RADFORDU [JS255] 192.43.255.rrr Reserved [JBP] 192.44.0.rrr Reserved [JBP] R 192.44.1.rrr FRAUNHOFER-NET [HF30] R*192.44.2.rrr-192.44.40.rrr FHG-NETS [HF30] R*192.44.41.rrr-192.44.80.rrr FNET-NETS [AR41] R*192.44.81.rrr REVUE-81 [JK198] R 192.44.82.rrr REVUE-82 [JK198] R 192.44.83.rrr REVUE-83 [JK198] R 192.44.84.rrr REVUE-84 [JK198] R 192.44.85.rrr REVUE-85 [JK198] R*192.44.86.rrr-192.44.90.rrr REVUE-86 [JK198] C*192.44.91.rrr-192.44.215.rrr PGXPRES-BLOCK [ACL2] R 192.44.216.rrr VV-NET1 [PP77] R 192.44.217.rrr VV-NET2 [PP77] R 192.44.218.rrr VV-NET3 [PP77] R 192.44.219.rrr VV-NET4 [PP77] R 192.44.220.rrr VV-NET5 [PP77] R 192.44.221.rrr VV-NET6 [PP77] R 192.44.222.rrr VV-NET7 [PP77] R 192.44.223.rrr VV-NET8 [PP77] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 78] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 R 192.44.224.rrr VV-NET9 [PP77] R 192.44.225.rrr VV-NET10 [PP77] R 192.44.226.rrr VV-NET11 [PP77] R 192.44.227.rrr VV-NET12 [PP77] R 192.44.228.rrr VV-NET13 [PP77] R 192.44.229.rrr VV-NET14 [PP77] R 192.44.230.rrr VV-NET15 [PP77] R 192.44.231.rrr VV-NET16 [PP77] R 192.44.232.rrr VV-NET17 [PP77] R 192.44.233.rrr VV-NET18 [PP77] R 192.44.234.rrr VV-NET19 [PP77] R 192.44.235.rrr VV-NET20 [PP77] R 192.44.236.rrr VV-NET21 [PP77] R 192.44.237.rrr VV-NET22 [PP77] R 192.44.238.rrr VV-NET23 [PP77] R 192.44.239.rrr VV-NET24 [PP77] C*192.44.240.rrr-192.44.251.rrr SLLLAN [AL16] C*192.44.252.rrr ACC-LIMULUS [JFR24] D 192.44.253.rrr NTSC-IELN [DW198] R 192.44.254.rrr JVNC-SATNET [RA17] 192.44.255.rrr Reserved [JBP] C*192.45.0.rrr-192.45.255.rrr TRW-BB [MM313] C*192.46.0.rrr-192.46.255.rrr Hewlett-Packard [SI8] R*192.47.0.rrr-192.47.241.rrr KIT-NET [HN21] R 192.47.242.rrr IE-INFERNO [AM29] R 192.47.243.rrr SRI-GEC-NET [TJF13] R*192.47.244.rrr-192.47.249.rrr UNIFR-BLOCK [MB262] C*192.47.250.rrr APOLLO-MSP1 [TRG4] C*192.47.251.rrr APOLLO-MSP2 [TRG4] C*192.47.252.rrr APOLLO-MSP3 [TRG4] C*192.47.253.rrr ENVOS [JMT18] R*192.47.254.rrr ROBOTX-VWNET [DR183] 192.47.255.rrr Reserved [JBP] D*192.48.0.rrr-192.48.30.rrr BOEING-BCAR-NETS [GK44] C*192.48.31.rrr TN-TRNET [AM139] C*192.48.32.rrr NORAND [LLZ1] R 192.48.33.rrr HAC-GATE-NET [PH45] R*192.48.34.rrr SMII [KS121] C*192.48.35.rrr-192.48.36.rrr GD-NETS [SJL] C*192.48.37.rrr SIMTEK [KM2] C*192.48.38.rrr-192.48.77.rrr GD-NETS [SJL] R 192.48.78.rrr TSB-NET [TG68] 192.48.79.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R 192.48.80.rrr SRI-WDC [RS401] R*192.48.81.rrr LOGICON-LAN [JDM9] 192.48.82.rrr-192.48.91.rrr Unassigned [NIC] C*192.48.92.rrr ACSI [RH278] C*192.48.93.rrr VISTA [DCN19] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 79] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 R*192.48.94.rrr MHT-FXEXPERT [CL115] R*192.48.95.rrr LAFAYETT [PK69] R 192.48.96.rrr UUNET-ETHER [RA11] C*192.48.97.rrr GLHNET [JL268] R*192.48.98.rrr POLYCI [GG68] C*192.48.99.rrr ONM-NET [DSN4] R 192.48.100.rrr AAAI [RS406] R*192.48.101.rrr CALCOMP [TAP15] R*192.48.102.rrr AMHERST [JWM53] 192.48.103.rrr Unassigned [NIC] C*192.48.104.rrr FRONTIER [KJ36] R 192.48.105.rrr NMSU-ISI-NUL [MSP1] C*192.48.106.rrr FINTRONIC [JW310] R*192.48.107.rrr REGENT [WT39] C*192.48.108.rrr LASC-GANET [BW4] R 192.48.109.rrr BOND-3090 [EB112] R 192.48.110.rrr BOND-USLINK [EB112] R 192.48.111.rrr SPARTA-NET [CFM1] R*192.48.112.rrr MANHATTAN [JPH17] C*192.48.113.rrr MURPHNET [JPH17] R 192.48.114.rrr IE-PURGATORIO [AM29] R 192.48.115.rrr IE-PARADISO [AM29] R 192.48.116.rrr IE-COMMUNE [AM29] R*192.48.117.rrr NSCF-NET [LF61] C 192.48.118.rrr INTERSIL [KEW8] C 192.48.119.rrr INTERSIL-APOLLO [KEW8] C 192.48.120.rrr INTERSIL-SING [KEW8] 192.48.121.rrr-192.48.122.rrr Unassigned [NIC] C*192.48.123.rrr SONY-STEO [TM166] G*192.48.124.rrr USGS-BGRA [RBP11] G 192.48.125.rrr SERI-2 [AM92] R*192.48.126.rrr DRURYUNIX [CE52] C*192.48.127.rrr-192.48.129.rrr HITACHI-NETS [SK102] C*192.48.130.rrr-192.48.132.rrr BURR-BROWN [JMM50] C*192.48.133.rrr ANALOG-TEMP [RP191] R 192.48.134.rrr ARLUTANET0 [VM49] R 192.48.135.rrr ARLUTANET1 [VM49] 192.48.136.rrr Unassigned [NIC] C*192.48.137.rrr CORDIS [GLS39] 192.48.138.rrr Unassigned [NIC] C 192.48.139.rrr SQUIBB-NET [REB50] 192.48.140.rrr Unassigned [NIC] G*192.48.141.rrr ESMNET [RC241] R*192.48.142.rrr UNOMAHA [FH59] C 192.48.143.rrr CONTEL-SPFLD [MP139] C*192.48.144.rrr UNIPRESS-NET [MG16] C*192.48.145.rrr BERUNET [AR86] C*192.48.146.rrr-192.48.152.rrr Silicon Graphics [VS13] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 80] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 C 192.48.153.rrr SGI-NET [VS13] C*192.48.154.rrr-192.48.209.rrr Silicon Graphics [VS13] 192.48.210.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R*192.48.211.rrr SEATTLEU-NET [FL34] D 192.48.212.rrr NARDAC-NET1 [DB] D 192.48.213.rrr NARDAC-NET2 [DB] D 192.48.214.rrr NARDAC-NET3 [DB] D 192.48.215.rrr NARDAC-NET4 [DB] D 192.48.216.rrr NARDAC-NET5 [DB] R 192.48.217.rrr OACIS-NET [GK44] R 192.48.218.rrr ISTO-NET [SC3] R 192.48.219.rrr DARPA-1555-NET [SC3] R 192.48.220.rrr DARPA-T1-NET [SC3] C*192.48.221.rrr WHITTLE [LS198] C*192.48.222.rrr KLA-INST [PML1] 192.48.223.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R 192.48.224.rrr NETCS-NET [CS218] C*192.48.225.rrr NTISC-CIM [SH160] R*192.48.226.rrr HFH-RADNET [BW138] C*192.48.227.rrr MERGETECH [DAR20] R*192.48.228.rrr DF86-HOME-E [DF86] R*192.48.229.rrr DF86-HOME-S [DF86] R*192.48.230.rrr EDRCNET [LM185] C*192.48.231.rrr GUUG-NET [GB169] R*192.48.232.rrr ASYLUM-NET [JLR4] R 192.48.233.rrr VILLANOVA [NN20] C*192.48.234.rrr WIMSEY-NET [SL122] C*192.48.235.rrr BAY-DIGI-NET [RT147] R*192.48.236.rrr U-PGH-MEDNET [RJY2] R*192.48.237.rrr U-PGH-TXSNET [RJY2] G*192.48.238.rrr DOEHQ [TMR11] C*192.48.239.rrr GHB-LAN01 [CB201] C*192.48.240.rrr GHB-LAN02 [CB201] C*192.48.241.rrr GHB-LAN03 [CB201] D*192.48.242.rrr USACRREL [GD80] D*192.48.243.rrr USACRRELAK [GD80] R*192.48.244.rrr HK-VME-NET [CP108] R*192.48.245.rrr HK-ENG-NET [CP108] C*192.48.246.rrr ITP-NET [QF] C*192.48.247.rrr CCNAIBFIR [PAG14] C*192.48.248.rrr CYBER-MELB [PH111] C*192.48.249.rrr TI-DAD1 [WM110] C*192.48.250.rrr TI-DAD2 [WM110] C*192.48.251.rrr ITT-SEMICON2 [TS144] C*192.48.252.rrr ITT-SEMICON3 [TS144] R*192.48.253.rrr UCTNET [FG51] C*192.48.254.rrr SAUER1 [BW143] 192.48.255.rrr Reserved [JBP] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 81] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 G*192.49.0.rrr-192.49.255.rrr VTKK-ASIAKKAAT [PI7] R*192.50.0.rrr-192.50.255.rrr JAPAN-INET [JM292] C*192.51.0.rrr-192.51.15.rrr NORSK-DATA [AH89] C*192.51.16.rrr-192.51.36.rrr JAPAN-INET [JM292] R 192.51.37.rrr JAPAN-NET [JM292] R*192.51.38.rrr-192.51.255.rrr JAPAN-INET [JM292] R*192.52.0.rrr-192.52.50.rrr FDN-NETS [MW171] C*192.52.51.rrr-192.52.60.rrr INTEL-NETS [BW142] R 192.52.61.rrr HAYSTACK-1 [AG127] R 192.52.62.rrr HAYSTACK-2 [AG127] R 192.52.63.rrr HAYSTACK-3 [AG127] R 192.52.64.rrr HAYSTACK-4 [AG127] R 192.52.65.rrr HAYSTACK-5 [AG127] R 192.52.66.rrr HAYSTACK-6 [AG127] C*192.52.67.rrr UNIX-RING [RB520] C*192.52.68.rrr PUB-RING [RB520] C*192.52.69.rrr PLUS-FIVE [HS23] G 192.52.70.rrr MEEDIV [JW326] R 192.52.71.rrr BBN-EXT-NET [DBL1] G*192.52.72.rrr COURTSNET [IR19] G*192.52.73.rrr COURTSNET1 [IR19] C*192.52.74.rrr SSIWEST [RES17] G*192.52.75.rrr IMIS-NET [PR99] G*192.52.76.rrr DMSTST12 [AD90] G*192.52.77.rrr DMSTST16A3 [AD90] G*192.52.78.rrr DMSTST37 [AD90] G*192.52.79.rrr DMSTSTC [AD90] G*192.52.80.rrr DMSTST15 [AD90] G*192.52.81.rrr DMSTST16A4 [AD90] G*192.52.82.rrr DMSTST4 [AD90] G*192.52.83.rrr DMSTSTD [AD90] G*192.52.84.rrr DMSTST161 [AD90] G*192.52.85.rrr DMSTST16A5 [AD90] G*192.52.86.rrr DMSTST44 [AD90] G*192.52.87.rrr DMSTST162 [AD90] G*192.52.88.rrr DMSTST17 [AD90] G*192.52.89.rrr DMSTST9 [AD90] G*192.52.90.rrr DMSTST16A1 [AD90] G*192.52.91.rrr DMSTST32 [AD90] G*192.52.92.rrr DMSTSTA [AD90] G*192.52.93.rrr DMSTST36 [AD90] G*192.52.94.rrr DMSTSTB [AD90] G*192.52.95.rrr DMSTST16A2 [AD90] G 192.52.96.rrr JESTSTI [ALA6] G 192.52.97.rrr JESTSTJ [ALA6] G 192.52.98.rrr JESTSTE [ALA6] G 192.52.99.rrr JESTSTK [ALA6] G 192.52.100.rrr JESTSTL [ALA6] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 82] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 G 192.52.101.rrr JESTSTG [ALA6] G 192.52.102.rrr JESTSTF [ALA6] G 192.52.103.rrr JESTSTM [ALA6] G 192.52.104.rrr JESTSTH [ALA6] G 192.52.105.rrr JESTSTN [ALA6] R 192.52.106.rrr NCAR-HYPER [DM84] C 192.52.107.rrr SIMPACT-NET [MA107] R*192.52.108.rrr BELLQE [OT3] C*192.52.109.rrr MICROWARE [KK87] C*192.52.110.rrr LITTON-DSD [BR113] D 192.52.111.rrr LNX-ETHER1 [JAM38] D 192.52.112.rrr LNX-ETHER2 [JAM38] C*192.52.113.rrr ZETACO [DB333] 192.52.114.rrr-192.52.115.rrr Unassigned [NIC] C*192.52.116.rrr OANET [MM348] G 192.52.117.rrr BELVOIR-NET2 [MDS30] 192.52.118.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R*192.52.119.rrr-192.52.150.rrr JAPAN-INFONETS [MH226] R*192.52.151.rrr MSN [CAC55] G*192.52.152.rrr KNMI-NET [FF30] C*192.52.153.rrr PE-NELSON [DC273] R 192.52.154.rrr ESL [MV25] R 192.52.155.rrr UOFH1-NET [CR157] R 192.52.156.rrr UOFH2-NET [CR157] C*192.52.157.rrr TRIANGLE [VP12] 192.52.158.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R 192.52.159.rrr HDN1 [WP64] R 192.52.160.rrr HDN2 [WP64] C*192.52.161.rrr TADNET [TS171] R 192.52.162.rrr NEURONET [RML28] R 192.52.163.rrr NEURONET-1 [RML28] R 192.52.164.rrr NEURONET-2 [RML28] R 192.52.165.rrr NEURONET-3 [RML28] R 192.52.166.rrr NEURONET-4 [RML28] R 192.52.167.rrr NEURONET-5 [RML28] R 192.52.168.rrr NEURONET-6 [RML28] R 192.52.169.rrr NEURONET-7 [RML28] C*192.52.170.rrr ANFNET [TD87] G*192.52.171.rrr COURTSNET2 [IR19] G*192.52.172.rrr COURTSNET3 [IR19] G*192.52.173.rrr COURTSNET4 [IR19] G*192.52.174.rrr COURTSNET5 [IR19] G*192.52.175.rrr COURTSNET6 [IR19] G*192.52.176.rrr COURTSNET7 [IR19] G*192.52.177.rrr NYSERDA [AA76] 192.52.178.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R 192.52.179.rrr EDUCOM [JH92] R 192.52.180.rrr NYSERWest [CPK3] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 83] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 C*192.52.181.rrr SEANET [TC124] R 192.52.182.rrr SKIDMORE [CPK3] C*192.52.183.rrr CDC-DAY-NET [BDH] C*192.52.184.rrr AGELAN1 [JWH39] R*192.52.185.rrr FLINDERS-GW [KM129] C*192.52.186.rrr BAKS [CA84] C*192.52.187.rrr ASCI [RT155] C*192.52.188.rrr SOUM-NET [MT108] 192.52.189.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R 192.52.190.rrr NSFTRANSIT1 [SA21] R 192.52.191.rrr NSFTRANSIT2 [SA21] R 192.52.192.rrr NSFTRANSIT3 [SA21] R 192.52.193.rrr NSFTRANSIT4 [SA21] R 192.52.194.rrr FEBA-EAST [MB9] R 192.52.195.rrr FEBA-WEST [MSM1] R*192.52.196.rrr SAMNET [BG2] R*192.52.197.rrr CFMNET [BG2] G 192.52.198.rrr JSCNETC1 [JC108] G 192.52.199.rrr JSCNETC2 [JC108] G 192.52.200.rrr JSCNETC3 [JC108] G 192.52.201.rrr JSCNETC4 [JC108] G 192.52.202.rrr JSCNETC5 [JC108] G 192.52.203.rrr JSCNETC6 [JC108] G 192.52.204.rrr JSCNETC7 [JC108] G 192.52.205.rrr JSCNETC8 [JC108] G 192.52.206.rrr JSCNETC9 [JC108] G 192.52.207.rrr JSCNETC10 [JC108] G 192.52.208.rrr JSCNETC11 [JC108] G 192.52.209.rrr JSCNETC12 [JC108] G 192.52.210.rrr JSCNETC13 [JC108] G 192.52.211.rrr JSCNETC14 [JC108] G 192.52.212.rrr JSCNETC15 [JC108] G 192.52.213.rrr JSCNETC16 [JC108] G 192.52.214.rrr JSCNETC17 [JC108] G 192.52.215.rrr JSCNETC18 [JC108] G 192.52.216.rrr JSCNETC19 [JC108] G 192.52.217.rrr JSCNETC20 [JC108] R 192.52.218.rrr UNIONCOLLEGE [CPK3] R 192.52.219.rrr SBU-LAN [CPK3] R 192.52.220.rrr SUNYCT [CPK3] R*192.52.221.rrr-192.52.223.rrr OCE-NL-VENLO [MB273] G*192.52.224.rrr GSD-APPLENET [MDP16] G*192.52.225.rrr GSD-MGMTNET [MDP16] G*192.52.226.rrr GSD-LABNET [MDP16] D 192.52.227.rrr SCI-PROC [GB5] 192.52.228.rrr Unassigned [NIC] C*192.52.229.rrr HGSNET [LH2] R*192.52.230.rrr HFHINET [FH2] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 84] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 C*192.52.231.rrr OCTEL [TS107] R 192.52.232.rrr CNUCE-DARPA [ABB2] C 192.52.233.rrr HARRISNET-1 [RRR1] C 192.52.234.rrr HARRISNET-2 [RRR1] C 192.52.235.rrr HARRISNET-3 [RRR1] C 192.52.236.rrr HARRISNET-4 [RRR1] C*192.52.237.rrr GORENET [JG131] D 192.52.238.rrr CNSYD-POE [MI1] C*192.52.239.rrr TSG [RP211] R*192.52.240.rrr ED [MC261] 192.52.241.rrr-192.52.243.rrr Unassigned [NIC] G*192.52.244.rrr TBESPACEPRGM [TR3] C 192.52.245.rrr SAMSUNG-NET [WJL17] C*192.52.246.rrr HANNABARBERA [JH84] C 192.52.247.rrr STRATUS-C1 [WPC] C 192.52.248.rrr STRATUS-C4 [WPC] C 192.52.249.rrr STRATUS-C3 [WPC] R*192.52.250.rrr NIBR [MT111] 192.52.251.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R*192.52.252.rrr IRL [SO] C*192.52.253.rrr AMTHQ [DB343] C*192.52.254.rrr THREECOM-FR [ML171] 192.52.255.rrr Reserved [JBP] C*192.53.0.rrr-192.53.255.rrr Hewlett-Packard [SI8] D*192.54.0.rrr-192.54.30.rrr BOEING-BCAR [GK44] R*192.54.31.rrr SELRCP-LAN-A [DTH4] R*192.54.32.rrr SELCRCP-LAN-B [DTH4] R 192.54.33.rrr TA-NET [HVKR] 192.54.34.rrr-192.54.80.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R 192.54.81.rrr CARL-NET [RKS5] C 192.54.82.rrr MOT-82 [RB319] C 192.54.83.rrr MOT-83 [RB319] C 192.54.84.rrr MOT-84 [RB319] C 192.54.85.rrr MOT-85 [RB319] C 192.54.86.rrr MOT-86 [RB319] C 192.54.87.rrr MOT-87 [RB319] C 192.54.88.rrr MOT-88 [RB319] C 192.54.89.rrr MOT-89 [RB319] C 192.54.90.rrr MOT-90 [RB319] C 192.54.91.rrr MOT-91 [RB319] R 192.54.92.rrr GACNET [DB346] R 192.54.93.rrr CSNET-CYP [WHN2] R*192.54.94.rrr-192.54.103.rrr UMD-UNCON [LAM1] R 192.54.104.rrr XLINK [MR78] R 192.54.105.rrr WR-CANB [KM6] R 192.54.106.rrr WR-PERTH [KM6] C*192.54.107.rrr ORA [JMD6] C*192.54.108.rrr SYZYGY [KJ1] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 85] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 C 192.54.109.rrr ISR-HAWAII [TN11] C*192.54.110.rrr TRIAD [BK85] R 192.54.111.rrr ARC-HSP-NET [MSM1] R 192.54.112.rrr CHILEAN-NET [VC] R*192.54.113.rrr MPIS-TCPNET [PW88] C*192.54.114.rrr DRD-NET [LB8] C*192.54.115.rrr-192.54.120.rrr BK-NETS [RJ115] R*192.54.121.rrr CAL [GG123] R*192.54.122.rrr SFAF [MS345] C*192.54.123.rrr TIMEPLEX [GP117] C*192.54.124.rrr HARRIS-NET [JKF2] C*192.54.125.rrr-192.54.128.rrr SYSTEC-NETS [CB50] D 192.54.129.rrr OSI [LC57] G*192.54.130.rrr WCC [RH310] C*192.54.131.rrr LLHS-NYC-NET [JMH10] R*192.54.132.rrr ABB-ZX [UR] G 192.54.133.rrr ACFP-NE-NET [SS271] G 192.54.134.rrr ACFP-IL-NET [HR43] R*192.54.135.rrr ATLANTEK [WH125] R*192.54.136.rrr AWADI [WH125] R*192.54.137.rrr TECHPK [WH125] R 192.54.138.rrr NALNET [DS348] R*192.54.139.rrr UNI-MAINZ [BR118] R 192.54.140.rrr FNET-ESIEE [AR41] R*192.54.141.rrr-192.54.147.rrr FNET-NETS [AR41] R 192.54.148.rrr FNET-ENSMP-F [AR41] R*192.54.149.rrr-192.54.219.rrr FNET-NETS [AR41] R*192.54.220.rrr IEZ-WIEN [PB6] R 192.54.221.rrr FERNUNI-DVT [CR24] R 192.54.222.rrr MIT-EXT-NET [JIS] R 192.54.223.rrr HARV-EXT-NET [SB28] R 192.54.224.rrr BU-EXT-NET [KE1] C*192.54.225.rrr KOMMHUSET [SH175] C 192.54.226.rrr TRANSARC-NET [PDB5] R*192.54.227.rrr AARNET-WA [KS32] C*192.54.228.rrr CSI [RP94] 192.54.229.rrr Unassigned [NIC] C*192.54.230.rrr-192.54.237.rrr ERI-ANAHEIM [JA176] R*192.54.238.rrr HUORB [AJD14] C*192.54.239.rrr TSI-NET [MLR4] D 192.54.240.rrr PHILA-POE [DK60] 192.54.241.rrr-192.54.244.rrr Unassigned [NIC] C*192.54.245.rrr NCR-DUNDEE [GC132] C*192.54.246.rrr FLOW-NET [DS354] R*192.54.247.rrr UOKAYAMA-NET [TM185] D*192.54.248.rrr HI-DSG-NET [MW135] R*192.54.249.rrr CIT-MOC-WEST [KR72] 192.54.250.rrr Unassigned [NIC] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 86] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 R*192.54.251.rrr QPSX [AK79] R 192.54.252.rrr AARNET [GH105] D*192.54.253.rrr NOSC-SN [RLB3] G*192.54.254.rrr WABOLU [CH207] 192.54.255.rrr Reserved [JBP] 192.55.0.rrr Reserved [JBP] C*192.55.1.rrr-192.55.21.rrr ITINET [EU4] C*192.55.22.rrr-192.55.31.rrr MOTOROLA-SPS [MJ91] C*192.55.32.rrr-192.55.81.rrr INTEL-CCAD-NET [EC101] 192.55.82.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R*192.55.83.rrr TU-CLAUSTHAL [GL16] C*192.55.84.rrr ISANET [DW139] C*192.55.85.rrr ANASAZI [DM334] C*192.55.86.rrr PARASOFT [JF47] R 192.55.87.rrr USD [AT16] C*192.55.88.rrr ATI-IL2 [NS66] C*192.55.89.rrr PAC [ES148] G 192.55.90.rrr LERC-CRAYNET [DC285] G*192.55.91.rrr LERC-CRAYNET2 [DC285] 192.55.92.rrr-192.55.94.rrr Unassigned [NIC] C*192.55.95.rrr EREHWON [JW352] R 192.55.96.rrr NOAO-GEMINI [SG1] R 192.55.97.rrr AGOURON-INST [DLS24] R 192.55.98.rrr SUNLAB1-NET [DH296] C 192.55.99.rrr MEGADATA [AM151] D*192.55.100.rrr PERSCOM-KEG [TAK15] R*192.55.101.rrr DIS-NET [GV23] C*192.55.102.rrr INFOTEC [MM384] D 192.55.103.rrr BROOKS-HITS [JLW49] R*192.55.104.rrr MINENG-ETHER [RK154] D 192.55.105.rrr TNO-HDO-FULL [RVDA] G 192.55.106.rrr PPPL [EW62] C*192.55.107.rrr SYMBIO-TECH [KOP2] G 192.55.108.rrr GEOROLLA [JRF] R 192.55.109.rrr RSRE-STC-NUL [JFW] R*192.55.110.rrr NICE [KK92] C*192.55.111.rrr MCSNET [EDE1] G*192.55.112.rrr AUS-SEIS [SI16] C*192.55.113.rrr ALGORISTS [JK218] R 192.55.114.rrr MORNET-SER [RWA15] C*192.55.115.rrr GEVEKE-NET [RV61] D*192.55.116.rrr PAF-IBM [PHN2] D 192.55.117.rrr HDL-WRFSEA [CHW] R*192.55.118.rrr NACSIS-RD [JA180] 192.55.119.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R 192.55.120.rrr EI-LAN [CPK3] C*192.55.121.rrr SIGMA [DCW23] C*192.55.122.rrr-192.55.124.rrr SC-NETS [FW51] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 87] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 C*192.55.125.rrr-192.55.126.rrr BITBLOCKS [JAM69] C*192.55.127.rrr MAGIC-BB [JAM69] C*192.55.128.rrr OXFORD-LAN [WOS] R*192.55.129.rrr AHKNET [MB293] C*192.55.130.rrr CCC-NET [HPD1] C*192.55.131.rrr EMTEK [TS107] D*192.55.132.rrr RAEF-MODUK [DR214] D 192.55.133.rrr SEA06NET [BD105] G 192.55.134.rrr PMCDNET [PJB27] G*192.55.135.rrr STDSUN [WH131] C*192.55.136.rrr INDX [DH303] C*192.55.137.rrr-192.55.186.rrr FEDMOG-NETS [TGC1] R 192.55.187.rrr SSESCONET [NL35] R 192.55.188.rrr DKFZ [TR85] C*192.55.189.rrr CIPHER [RH326] R 192.55.190.rrr RMITCS1 [ED72] R*192.55.191.rrr FRC [RW96] R*192.55.192.rrr UVALRI [HK35] C*192.55.193.rrr 7E-COMMS [KT43] R 192.55.194.rrr UOFT-XNET [LO24] C*192.55.195.rrr TELEPRO [TRW18] C*192.55.196.rrr SUNDSTRAND [PS204] R*192.55.197.rrr LIS-NET [SB221] C*192.55.198.rrr MINBNE [CC241] D*192.55.199.rrr JSC-SSE-46 [BS214] 192.55.200.rrr Unassigned [NIC] C*192.55.201.rrr DANAVICTOR [WS165] C*192.55.202.rrr BWCORTP [JOH] R*192.55.203.rrr AGCNET [CTJ2] 192.55.204.rrr-192.55.205.rrr Unassigned [NIC] C*192.55.206.rrr CNCP-NET [IB11] C 192.55.207.rrr TRANSARC-INT [PDB5] R*192.55.208.rrr STJUDE [PE27] C*192.55.209.rrr OSIRIS-TECH [TW102] C*192.55.210.rrr GSD-TCPTRUST [MDP16] C*192.55.211.rrr GSD-APPLETP1 [MDP16] C*192.55.212.rrr PRAXIS-ETHER [TR87] C*192.55.213.rrr DIGEX-NET [RES70] R 192.55.214.rrr SCTC [SMM21] 192.55.215.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R*192.55.216.rrr NTC-MAIR [RI] R*192.55.217.rrr KIT-NET [YSP3] C*192.55.218.rrr FMC-GSD [DS372] R*192.55.219.rrr BIOM-BRIS [ACC17] R*192.55.220.rrr MISHIROSHIMA [HN27] C*192.55.221.rrr NTRLINK-NET [BH186] C*192.55.222.rrr AUTOEX-NET [GGB2] C*192.55.223.rrr TI [JR206] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 88] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 G*192.55.224.rrr BIO-OCEAN [WWR1] D 192.55.225.rrr CONCORD-POE [SJG2] C*192.55.226.rrr FRANKSTON [RMF2] R 192.55.227.rrr JSUNET [HW59] R 192.55.228.rrr COYOTE-NET [RW247] R 192.55.229.rrr USCOLO [RD225] C 192.55.230.rrr ARTEMIS [JAW34] 192.55.231.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R*192.55.232.rrr ATMOSNET [TE35] C*192.55.233.rrr DIALOGIC [DR217] R 192.55.234.rrr YSU [RQ5] C 192.55.235.rrr OSA [MC290] C*192.55.236.rrr UPS-RND [RP230] R*192.55.237.rrr STL-MSD [DD11] C*192.55.238.rrr NTTDATA-NET4 [SM217] R 192.55.239.rrr WIDENER [DCW25] G 192.55.240.rrr NCEL-NET [SJG17] 192.55.241.rrr Unassigned [NIC] C*192.55.242.rrr AURANET [BD108] C*192.55.243.rrr VGH [DP171] R*192.55.244.rrr WICOB [HAL5] D 192.55.245.rrr CDSAR [LR312] D 192.55.246.rrr EDMICS-LAN [PNP2] C*192.55.247.rrr ALTERA [RH260] C*192.55.248.rrr C2S [CW166] R*192.55.249.rrr MSKNET [JMV7] 192.55.250.rrr-192.55.254.rrr Unassigned [NIC] 192.55.255.rrr Reserved [JBP] C*192.56.0.rrr-192.56.255.rrr Hewlett-Packard [SI8] C*192.57.0.rrr-192.57.255.rrr GM-IPNETS [JH372] 192.58.0.rrr Reserved [JBP] G*192.58.1.rrr NOAA-NWS [HJK4] G 192.58.2.rrr NOAA-NWSS11 [HJK4] G 192.58.3.rrr NOAA-NWSS1 [HJK4] D*192.58.4.rrr-192.58.18.rrr APGEA-NETS [REA3] G*192.58.19.rrr-192.58.27.rrr JSC-SSE-1 [BS214] C*192.58.28.rrr-192.58.35.rrr AMBRA-NET [PHK] G*192.58.36.rrr EADS-HC-NET [RTD] C*192.58.37.rrr-192.58.40.rrr HGS-NETS [LH2] C*192.58.41.rrr-192.58.89.rrr PT-FINLAND [ET49] R 192.58.90.rrr CSNET-WCC [WHN2] R 192.58.91.rrr CSNET-SPR [WHN2] 192.58.92.rrr-192.58.96.rrr Unassigned [NIC] C*192.58.97.rrr-192.58.101.rrr NTTDATA-NET [SM217] C*192.58.102.rrr TISCPACMMSTA [CH205] C*192.58.103.rrr TISCPACLEV3A [MS400] C*192.58.104.rrr TISCPACLEV3B [MS400] C*192.58.105.rrr TISCPACTESTA [JO93] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 89] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 C*192.58.106.rrr TISCPACTESTB [JO93] R 192.58.107.rrr SEI-FW-NET [TGP3] G*192.58.108.rrr REMIS [RL190] R 192.58.109.rrr TAMU1 [WM68] R 192.58.110.rrr TAMU2 [WM68] R 192.58.111.rrr TAMU3 [WM68] R 192.58.112.rrr TAMU4 [WM68] R 192.58.113.rrr TAMU5 [WM68] R 192.58.114.rrr TAMU6 [WM68] R 192.58.115.rrr TAMU7 [WM68] R 192.58.116.rrr TAMU8 [WM68] R 192.58.117.rrr TAMU9 [WM68] R 192.58.118.rrr TAMU10 [WM68] G 192.58.119.rrr NAS-HTD-NET [HAW] C*192.58.120.rrr LARK [CBL4] C*192.58.121.rrr VOTEK [RS479] R*192.58.122.rrr NCSUARG [ARG13] C*192.58.123.rrr APUNIX [PHB4] C*192.58.124.rrr STATWARE [MF4] R*192.58.125.rrr TTUCF [GP128] C*192.58.126.rrr SGWARBURG [TJS38] R 192.58.127.rrr COOPERUNION [CPK3] C*192.58.128.rrr APPLE [KS153] C*192.58.129.rrr-192.58.130.rrr AUSTEK [CW169] R*192.58.131.rrr-192.58.132.rrr GSF-NET [GH42] C*192.58.133.rrr LABTAM-NET1 [SP116] C*192.58.134.rrr LABTAM-NET2 [SP116] C*192.58.135.rrr LABTAM-NET3 [SP116] C*192.58.136.rrr LABTAM-NET4 [SP116] 192.58.137.rrr-192.58.148.rrr Unassigned [NIC] C*192.58.149.rrr ATARI [BH188] R 192.58.150.rrr AIP [MS9] G 192.58.151.rrr NOAA-NWS1S [HJK4] G 192.58.152.rrr NOAA-NWS1SS [HJK4] G 192.58.153.rrr NOAA-NWS11 [HJK4] G*192.58.154.rrr NOAA-NWS1 [HJK4] D*192.58.155.rrr JEWC [RD227] C*192.58.156.rrr-192.58.179.rrr LOCKHEED-ESC [MJL37] C*192.58.180.rrr EPIC [AT87] D 192.58.181.rrr PHNSY-POE-GW [AM164] C 192.58.182.rrr ASI-NET [RMC1] C*192.58.183.rrr-192.58.192.rrr DEVRING [RB520] C*192.58.193.rrr MSA [KPK3] R 192.58.194.rrr BNR-GATE [BM178] C*192.58.195.rrr DUEICORETECH [MB308] R*192.58.196.rrr ACU [JB509] C*192.58.197.rrr ANALYTIKERNA [BK98] C*192.58.198.rrr LPI [DC303] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 90] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 D 192.58.199.rrr NTSC-NAVAIRHQ [TR91] G*192.58.200.rrr-192.58.203.rrr GOVDOJBLS01 [NH36] R 192.58.204.rrr GRIDNET [JAB111] R 192.58.205.rrr GRIDNET1 [JAB111] R 192.58.206.rrr DEC-AUXNET-1 [BKR] R 192.58.207.rrr DEC-AUXNET-2 [BKR] R 192.58.208.rrr DEC-AUXNET-3 [BKR] R 192.58.209.rrr DEC-AUXNET-4 [BKR] R 192.58.210.rrr DEC-AUXNET-5 [BKR] C*192.58.211.rrr WEENET [TD87] D*192.58.212.rrr ICUBED [CF64] R 192.58.213.rrr ISTS-XNET [EC43] R*192.58.214.rrr DSUNET [GH46] C*192.58.215.rrr ALCOAVERCIM [HP49] C*192.58.216.rrr LIAS1 [TT84] R*192.58.217.rrr PI-TECH [SO43] R*192.58.218.rrr IT-GARR-X25 [ABB2] R 192.58.219.rrr MORNET-R-CS [RWA15] C*192.58.220.rrr PELE [BJORK] R 192.58.221.rrr UCB-LOCAL [CF4] R*192.58.222.rrr BANG-NET [TH60] R 192.58.223.rrr NCRDS1 [JRF] R 192.58.224.rrr NCRDS2 [JRF] R 192.58.225.rrr NCRDS3 [JRF] C*192.58.226.rrr-192.58.229.rrr WANG-UXCV [WWP8] D 192.58.230.rrr PATCH-GW [JTM24] R 192.58.231.rrr LBL-IPNET-3 [CAL3] G*192.58.232.rrr-192.58.234.rrr NOAA-NWS-NETS [HJK4] G 192.58.235.rrr NOAA-NWS2 [HJK4] G*192.58.236.rrr-192.58.241.rrr NOAA-NWS3 [HJK4] R*192.58.242.rrr MERRIMACK [RH338] C*192.58.243.rrr BIOGFX [WKS4] D*192.58.244.rrr HDL-TAES [EBS10] R*192.58.245.rrr MDANET [DF158] G 192.58.246.rrr CPLNET [MN60] R 192.58.247.rrr EPA-RTP-NCC [DW238] C 192.58.248.rrr IMATRON [MT48] C*192.58.249.rrr SYNERCOM [CK117] D*192.58.250.rrr MOBILE [CK116] C*192.58.251.rrr CTI-PET [LD82] 192.58.252.rrr Unassigned [NIC] C*192.58.253.rrr INMAC [LC149] C*192.58.254.rrr BOHDAN [PF68] 192.58.255.rrr Reserved [JBP] C*192.59.0.rrr-192.63.255.rrr UNISYS-NET2 [CC249] C*192.64.0.rrr-192.64.67.rrr Hewlett-Packard [SI8] C 192.64.68.rrr HP-NET [SI8] C*192.64.69.rrr-192.64.255.rrr Hewlett-Packard [SI8] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 91] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 192.65.0.rrr Reserved [JBP] C*192.65.1.rrr-192.65.49.rrr TEKTRONIX [MJE] C 192.65.50.rrr SSI-SD [KS156] R*192.65.51.rrr-192.65.70.rrr OCE-NL [MB273] R 192.65.71.rrr TST-RGN-47 [DM353] R*192.65.72.rrr ATG-NET [RN67] C*192.65.73.rrr NETA-3COM [TC96] C*192.65.74.rrr NETB-3COM [TC96] C*192.65.75.rrr YAEC-NET [BW168] R*192.65.76.rrr CMHC [PG101] R 192.65.77.rrr NMSU-SLIP [JH204] R 192.65.78.rrr NMSU-CAR [JH204] R*192.65.79.rrr MRI-NET [CCL8] C*192.65.80.rrr KEY-SYSTEMS [SB230] R*192.65.81.rrr SIPLAN [MV41] R*192.65.82.rrr-192.65.91.rrr ARRBNET [PH120] R*192.65.92.rrr SWITCH-TEST [TL99] R*192.65.93.rrr SWITCH-INTER1 [TL99] R*192.65.94.rrr SWITCH-INTER2 [TL99] D 192.65.95.rrr CORNETT [PCW] R*192.65.96.rrr SURFNET-HSV [VR32] R 192.65.97.rrr MORNET-REEC [RWA15] C*192.65.98.rrr ALZNET-AI [RP238] D*192.65.99.rrr-192.65.128.rrr BOEING-AE-NETS [GK44] C*192.65.129.rrr ISIS [JFM38] R*192.65.130.rrr BIOM-PERTH [ESD3] R 192.65.131.rrr SIAM-LAN1 [DB374] C*192.65.132.rrr AMTNET [DB343] 192.65.133.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R*192.65.134.rrr CORD [SG154] C*192.65.135.rrr PRC-NET [SM221] C*192.65.136.rrr CHARLESRIVER [JW375] R 192.65.137.rrr SONY-SMSC [AS196] R*192.65.138.rrr SONY-SMSC-1 [AS196] C*192.65.139.rrr RADIG-LAN [PR100] C*192.65.140.rrr USRNET-C [CC192] R 192.65.141.rrr NTU [BS220] C*192.65.142.rrr NDL [GG115] R 192.65.143.rrr WYOTECHNET [RM177] C*192.65.144.rrr SLXSYSLAN [JP302] C*192.65.145.rrr SLXSINGLAN [JP302] C*192.65.146.rrr SLXINCLAN [JP302] D 192.65.147.rrr LEAD-NET [BV4] C*192.65.148.rrr CTI-NET [BY20] C*192.65.149.rrr COMBIX [DL169] C*192.65.150.rrr MCI [ME74] C*192.65.151.rrr MICROPROGRAM [RLH94] R*192.65.152.rrr IVIC [CS275] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 92] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 C*192.65.153.rrr BT-ITS [TO33] C*192.65.154.rrr-192.54.170.rrr GHB-CNETS [CB201] C*192.65.171.rrr ACE-ETHER [JP232] R*192.65.172.rrr SALFORD [RL224] C*192.65.173.rrr MTCN-CNET [JCP26] R 192.65.174.rrr TJHSST [CY29] C 192.65.175.rrr IBM-CAMBRIDG [JP304] R 192.65.176.rrr NAIC [AV25] C 192.65.177.rrr UTC [CPK3] R*192.65.178.rrr NIBR2 [MT111] C*192.65.179.rrr USS-NET [SE8] C*192.65.180.rrr ESS [MJK12] R*192.65.181.rrr AHA-NET [HT48] C*192.65.182.rrr CORINET [RP240] R*192.65.183.rrr-192.65.184.rrr CERN-BLOCK [TB166] R 192.65.185.rrr CERN-NSS [OM10] R*192.65.186.rrr-192.65.197.rrr CERN-BLOCK [TB166] G*192.65.198.rrr APC-NE-NET [HAW] G*192.65.199.rrr APC-SE-NET [HAW] R*192.65.200.rrr SDSC-YMP-ETH [GKN1] C*192.65.201.rrr CRLABS-NET [CRW12] C 192.65.202.rrr DSI [SSW5] D 192.65.203.rrr DFRRS-NAVY [JS522] C*192.65.204.rrr-192.65.210.rrr MCDNET [FW54] C*192.65.211.rrr EGSE [BB277] R*192.65.212.rrr SCIN [SWH8] R*192.65.213.rrr HAMLINE [JS599] C*192.65.214.rrr TAMRI [ST81] G*192.65.215.rrr MICHLSB [WJR17] C*192.65.216.rrr HYPERION [SG140] G*192.65.217.rrr FOOTLAN [DL170] C*192.65.218.rrr DRA-STL [SMD1] C*192.65.219.rrr-192.65.228.rrr BTNET1 [NT13] 192.65.229.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R*192.65.230.rrr-192.65.243.rrr HFH [BW138] R 192.65.244.rrr NOSC-HAWAII [EHC3] R 192.65.245.rrr MWCNET [ECA] D 192.65.246.rrr NTSC-LINK [SL135] C*192.65.247.rrr OPTIMAGE [KK87] C*192.65.248.rrr PROCOR [DR217] C*192.65.249.rrr ALCOAVERCAD [HP49] R*192.65.250.rrr REGNET [IR24] C*192.65.251.rrr MOT-WDC-RDC [JV13] C*192.65.252.rrr MSAIASIC [SE15] G*192.65.253.rrr NUBPU [MT123] C*192.65.254.rrr MERIDIAN [RB365] 192.65.255.rrr Reserved [JBP] R*192.66.0.rrr-192.66.255.rrr DKNET-CNETS [KS125] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 93] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 192.67.0.rrr Reserved [JBP] G*192.67.1.rrr DITR-NET [AG149] R*192.67.2.rrr AUG [JU14] R*192.67.3.rrr SPCM [DM356] C*192.67.4.rrr WESTHAWK [SL2] C*192.67.5.rrr RUSO-AC [GK89] R 192.67.6.rrr PSINET2 [CPK3] 192.67.7.rrr Unassigned [NIC] D 192.67.8.rrr WSMR-NET5 [SEM18] R 192.67.9.rrr BCNET-1 [MP172] R 192.67.10.rrr LWC [JWE12] R 192.67.11.rrr ESNET-THENET [RW9] R*192.67.12.rrr CSIROMLT [PC148] R 192.67.13.rrr HARC-GTRI-NET [WC117] R 192.67.14.rrr HARC-TAC-NET [WC117] C*192.67.15.rrr UNISYSTREDY [AC155] C*192.67.16.rrr MACKNIFE [DW244] C*192.67.17.rrr DII [MT124] R*192.67.18.rrr IBSNET [BF91] C*192.67.19.rrr STILLWATER [PH121] R*192.67.20.rrr SDSC-YMP-OWS [GKN1] R*192.67.21.rrr SDSC-YMP-MWS [GKN1] G*192.67.22.rrr OCRWM-NET [TB172] C*192.67.23.rrr KS-FARCOMP [ME75] G*192.67.24.rrr WASH-STATE [DF162] 192.67.25.rrr-192.67.38.rrr Unassigned [NIC] C*192.67.39.rrr INDEPENDENT [DAE2] 192.67.40.rrr Unassigned [NIC] C*192.67.41.rrr FIBERNET1 [JG308] C*192.67.42.rrr COAXNET1 [JG308] D 192.67.43.rrr RSRE-OPEN-NET [DBH11] C*192.67.44.rrr BSUS [RS489] R*192.67.45.rrr FORNET [DS387] C*192.67.46.rrr PBUSH [WH136] C*192.67.47.rrr BAE-ST [MH257] C*192.67.48.rrr ERE-NET [CGT2] R*192.67.49.rrr CSURICH [JFK23] C*192.67.50.rrr MCDDOUGLAS1 [MD177] C*192.67.51.rrr DOCUPRO [SA99] C*192.67.52.rrr HILL-SAMUEL [AJS24] C 192.67.53.rrr XEROX-EPBU [DS394] 192.67.54.rrr Unassigned [NIC] C*192.67.55.rrr HP-GRAPHICS [TO34] C*192.67.56.rrr FEDEX [WD60] R*192.67.57.rrr MNSMC [FS86] R*192.67.58.rrr FMV-FP-SE [AP92] C*192.67.59.rrr VTA [GA69] R*192.67.60.rrr STTHOMMN [PR102] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 94] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 C*192.67.61.rrr ODI [BIM] D 192.67.62.rrr AFLMC-NET [HW26] C*192.67.63.rrr CIRR [ES158] R*192.67.64.rrr SONY-SMSC-2 [AS196] R*192.67.65.rrr SONY-SMSC-3 [AS196] R*192.67.66.rrr SONY-SMSC-4 [AS196] D 192.67.67.rrr NICNET [MKL] R*192.67.68.rrr SONY-SMSC-5 [AS196] R 192.67.69.rrr CIT-NET1 [JAJ17] D 192.67.70.rrr ZAMANET [SLV4] D 192.67.71.rrr CVC2NET [BG14] D 192.67.72.rrr BUCKERNET [BJW8] C*192.67.73.rrr DOCUPROS [SA99] D 192.67.74.rrr OPSNET [LC151] 192.67.75.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R*192.67.76.rrr PTNET-DI-FCUL [JL329] R 192.67.77.rrr UTOS-NMO [DD230] C 192.67.78.rrr MGINET [LS227] C*192.67.79.rrr TEICENET [BD115] D 192.67.80.rrr NDL-NET [BHM] R 192.67.81.rrr SDSC-ULTRA [GKN1] R*192.67.82.rrr SDSC-UNATIVE [GKN1] R 192.67.83.rrr UARS-GSFC [JB525] R*192.67.84.rrr NMPDNET [GC151] R*192.67.85.rrr NNMDBNET [GC151] D*192.67.86.rrr DSNETLINK1 [KR79] C*192.67.87.rrr MAUNET [HF34] 192.67.88.rrr Unassigned [NIC] C*192.67.89.rrr INTNET-AI [BB279] C*192.67.90.rrr RMCNET [TRG8] C*192.67.91.rrr WATG [ES165] C 192.67.92.rrr UNISYS-CULV [GF75] D 192.67.93.rrr AMIDS-NET [MR197] G*192.67.94.rrr PKDC-NET [AB172] C*192.67.95.rrr SPSSINC [GD91] C*192.67.96.rrr SCENIC [PD98] G 192.67.97.rrr GFDL [CK119] C*192.67.98.rrr SPECTRADYNE [CP129] R 192.67.99.rrr CLHS [JT220] C*192.67.100.rrr IND-DESIGN [DAE2] C*192.67.101.rrr IND-MAG [DAE2] C*192.67.102.rrr IND-RED [DAE2] C*192.67.103.rrr IND-RSRV1 [DAE2] C*192.67.104.rrr IND-RSRV2 [DAE2] R 192.67.105.rrr BNR-TEST1 [BM178] R 192.67.106.rrr BNR-TEST2 [BM178] G*192.67.107.rrr-192.67.126.rrr PSCI-NETS [BS214] D 192.67.127.rrr MTMC-NET [RC309] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 95] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 D 192.67.128.rrr UNISYS-RES3 [KL63] C 192.67.129.rrr QUORUM-NET [RMC1] D 192.67.130.rrr PC3RANDOLPH [MTF1] R 192.67.131.rrr MBHSNET [MEV7] R 192.67.132.rrr NMSU-SLIP1 [MSP1] R 192.67.133.rrr NMSU-MVS [JH204] G 192.67.134.rrr NOAA-NCDC [EWK4] C*192.67.135.rrr GMP-LUTTON [AP93] C*192.67.136.rrr-192.67.155.rrr INCA [BC180] C*192.67.156.rrr EXPCIM [NP34] R*192.67.157.rrr CINTIMILATRD [KW96] C*192.67.158.rrr GHSNET [JY35] 192.67.159.rrr-192.67.164.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R*192.67.165.rrr ASUHYPER [SMB33] C*192.67.166.rrr AHCC [MJ100] C*192.67.167.rrr LEUZE-OPTO [FBR2] C*192.67.168.rrr BCL [CM226] 192.67.169.rrr Unassigned [NIC] C*192.67.170.rrr AIC-NET [GB169] R*192.67.171.rrr REMSEN [PT62] 192.67.172.rrr Unassigned [NIC] C*192.67.173.rrr DECUS [CTP1] G 192.67.174.rrr NOAAAA [HJK4] G 192.67.175.rrr NOAAA-WET [HJK4] G 192.67.176.rrr NOAAA-WETH [HJK4] G 192.67.177.rrr NOA-WEATHE [HJK4] G 192.67.178.rrr NOAA-WEATHER [HJK4] G 192.67.179.rrr NOA-WEATHER [HJK4] G 192.67.180.rrr NOAAA-WEATHER [HJK4] G 192.67.181.rrr NO-WEAT [HJK4] G 192.67.182.rrr NO-WEATH [HJK4] G 192.67.183.rrr NO-WEATHE [HJK4] C 192.67.184.rrr OMG [RMS8] 192.67.185.rrr Unassigned [NIC] G 192.67.186.rrr BSU-HST [JB525] G 192.67.187.rrr USF-MSL [JB525] 192.67.188.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R*192.67.189.rrr-192.67.208.rrr KLICK-NETS [BL118] D 192.67.209.rrr GDSS-XRSNET [BB276] D 192.67.210.rrr GDSS-21AF [BB276] D 192.67.211.rrr GDSS-22AF [BB276] D 192.67.212.rrr GDSS-23AF [BB276] D 192.67.213.rrr GDSS-322ALD [BB276] D 192.67.214.rrr GDSS-834ALD [BB276] D 192.67.215.rrr GDSS-ANG [BB276] D 192.67.216.rrr HQMAC-ADANS [BB276] 192.67.217.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R*192.67.218.rrr MPCNET [LS228] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 96] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 C*192.67.219.rrr GANNET [RHS4] G*192.67.220.rrr RIJNMOND [ERD6] G*192.67.221.rrr RIJNMKLAV [ERD6] C*192.67.222.rrr FS [JM679] R*192.67.223.rrr HITACHI-DUB [NM56] C*192.67.224.rrr MBF [JR311] D 192.67.225.rrr SIMNET-RUCKR [RK174] D 192.67.226.rrr SIMNET-DC [RLC20] D 192.67.227.rrr SIMNET-KNOX [DG152] D 192.67.228.rrr SIMNET-LVNW [JS609] D 192.67.229.rrr SIMNET-BNING [JM678] D 192.67.230.rrr SIMNET-GRAF [GM190] D 192.67.231.rrr SIMNET-FRIED [SC197] D 192.67.232.rrr SIMNET-FULDA [SA87] D 192.67.233.rrr SIMNET-SCHWN [RH300] D 192.67.234.rrr SIMNET-MCCAIN [CH226] D 192.67.235.rrr SIMNET-STEW [RO67] R 192.67.236.rrr NET-JVNC-SLIP-A [RA17] R 192.67.237.rrr NET-JVNC-SLIP-B [RA17] R 192.67.238.rrr NET-JVNC-SLIP-C [RA17] R 192.67.239.rrr NET-JVNC-SLIP-D [RA17] R 192.67.240.rrr NET-JVNC-SLIP-E [RA17] R 192.67.241.rrr NET-JVNC-SLIP-F [RA17] R 192.67.242.rrr NET-JVNC-SLIP-G [RA17] R 192.67.243.rrr NET-JVNC-SLIP-H [RA17] R 192.67.244.rrr NET-JVNC-SLIP-I [RA17] R 192.67.245.rrr NET-JVNC-SLIP-J [RA17] R 192.67.246.rrr NET-JVNC-SLIP-K [RA17] R 192.67.247.rrr NET-JVNC-SLIP-L [RA17] C*192.67.248.rrr MOLDFLOW [DG212] R*192.67.249.rrr FORTH-TO-OTHERS [SA94] C 192.67.250.rrr VSG-COM [MW178] D 192.67.251.rrr DAASNET [MAM71] D 192.67.252.rrr DAASNET1 [MAM71] R*192.67.253.rrr TSC [CR159] C*192.67.254.rrr SECNET-AI [MAG37] 192.67.255.rrr Reserved [JBP] C*192.68.0.rrr-192.68.17.rrr NETCS-CUST [CS218] C*192.68.18.rrr CPQ-GER-NET [ML204] C*192.68.19.rrr ALTCE-NET [MH268] C*192.68.20.rrr INTNET-AI1 [BB28] C*192.68.21.rrr NTINET [TP102] C*192.68.22.rrr MELATL [DH322] C*192.68.23.rrr ETX-XD [SW171] 192.68.24.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R*192.68.25.rrr DOW-CHEM [JWB65] C 192.68.26.rrr HARRIS-NET1 [RRR1] C 192.68.27.rrr HARRIS-NET2 [RRR1] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 97] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 C 192.68.28.rrr HARRIS-NET3 [RRR1] R 192.68.29.rrr LAWRENCENET [JSA2] R 192.68.30.rrr TMC-LIBRARY [SB98] C*192.68.31.rrr-192.68.50.rrr PHILIPS-SERI [OK6] C*192.68.51.rrr DRESSLER [SK119] G 192.68.52.rrr NASA-STIF [JB525] R*192.68.53.rrr-192.68.64.rrr CAN-1-12 [TM129] 192.68.65.rrr-192.68.66.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R*192.68.67.rrr-192.68.74.rrr BCITNET [HH88] C*192.68.75.rrr MAXTOR-ENGR [TC132] G*192.68.76.rrr-192.68.107.rrr NO-MULTI-NETS [OS4] R 192.68.108.rrr FSTRFWEST [DH313] C*192.68.109.rrr RDC [HS119] R*192.68.110.rrr-192.68.111.rrr CHYKO-SCCS [HO8] R*192.68.112.rrr BCNET [MC299] C*192.68.113.rrr MCNNET-R [SJC22] C*192.68.114.rrr RAYO [RO70] C*192.68.115.rrr CHROMC [RO70] C*192.68.116.rrr WORLDBANK [LWA8] 192.68.117.rrr Unassigned [NIC] C*192.68.118.rrr-192.68.125.rrr PG&E-NET [AC96] R*192.68.126.rrr SONY-SMSC-6 [AS196] R*192.68.127.rrr SONY-SMSC-7 [AS196] R*192.68.128.rrr SONY-SMSC-8 [AS196] R*192.68.129.rrr SONY-SMSC-9 [AS196] R*192.68.130.rrr SONY-SMSC-10 [AS196] C*192.68.131.rrr MINDEMOYA [DE81] R*192.68.132.rrr MINPROD [SY19] R 192.68.133.rrr UCS-INDY [BS69] C*192.68.134.rrr NUMIS [JC497] C*192.68.135.rrr AMCADNET [TG94] C*192.68.136.rrr MONTANAPOWER [RC321] C*192.68.137.rrr EIS [WR88] R*192.68.138.rrr RSINET [MM427] C*192.68.139.rrr SGI-MELB [AD112] C*192.68.140.rrr RUST [OC16] C*192.68.141.rrr SD-SYSTEMS [CP131] C*192.68.142.rrr FAXON [MH267] R 192.68.143.rrr DMZ-NET [TAE1] D 192.68.144.rrr WDCNET [MM158] C*192.68.145.rrr BDB-NET [CJB15] C*192.68.146.rrr NCHIP [DL178] R*192.68.147.rrr SCT-NET [SS310] D*192.68.148.rrr NOFS [JP325] 192.68.149.rrr Unassigned [NIC] C*192.68.150.rrr FS [JM679] C*192.68.151.rrr CHERNIKEEF [AW124] C*192.68.152.rrr CHERNIKEEFS [AW124] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 98] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 R*192.68.153.rrr MRC-HGRC-NET [GG16] D*192.68.154.rrr LAFB-NET [RP251] R 192.68.155.rrr RPS [MP183] D 192.68.156.rrr WSMR-NETS [SEM18] C*192.68.157.rrr PICTURETEL [GP137] 192.68.158.rrr Unassigned [NIC] C*192.68.159.rrr CLSI [LC160] C 192.68.160.rrr AWARE [DS53] G 192.68.161.rrr NOAA-PMEL [RB383] C 192.68.162.rrr LPARL-SPACE [DD237] R 192.68.163.rrr HAVERFORD [ED75] 192.68.164.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R*192.68.165.rrr-192.68.169.rrr RHRK-LAN [BGW3] D*192.68.170.rrr SB-HEYFORD [COV1] C*192.68.171.rrr HITECH [CSS28] C*192.68.172.rrr GRAPH-COMP [DM373] R*192.68.173.rrr NSTB [KL78] C*192.68.174.rrr UKIBMPCUGNET [AJ7] C*192.68.175.rrr MARSMCRO [RH345] R*192.68.176.rrr COMBUSTIONE [AD113] C*192.68.177.rrr ARIX [JD305] R*192.68.178.rrr PTUNET-FCTUN1 [SPA] R*192.68.179.rrr LEDGENET [MW225] C*192.68.180.rrr INTER-TEL [TPB1] C*192.68.181.rrr DLOGICS [JH429] C*192.68.182.rrr DENKVO [MVW] C*192.68.183.rrr CDSINC [MW227] G*192.68.184.rrr VGH1 [DP171] C*192.68.185.rrr ANZUS [AKW6] R*192.68.186.rrr PTNET-LNEC [AS206] C*192.68.187.rrr KEVEX-IPNET [RB386] 192.68.188.rrr Unassigned [NIC] R 192.68.189.rrr NRAO-KP [PPM2] G 192.68.190.rrr CTIO [JB525] R 192.68.191.rrr SLAC-DMZ [JH40] G 192.68.192.rrr JCSNETC21 [JC108] G 192.68.193.rrr JCSNETC22 [JC108] G 192.68.194.rrr JCSNETC23 [JC108] G 192.68.195.rrr JCSNETC24 [JC108] G 192.68.196.rrr JCSNETC25 [JC108] G 192.68.197.rrr JCSNETC26 [JC108] G 192.68.198.rrr JCSNETC27 [JC108] G 192.68.199.rrr JCSNETC28 [JC108] 192.68.200.rrr-192.68.255.rrr Unassigned [NIC] C*192.69.0.rrr-192.69.255.rrr Hewlett-Packard [SI8] 192.70.0.rrr-195.5.67.rrr Unassigned [NIC] C*195.5.68.rrr DIGITAL [TM84] 195.5.69.rrr-223.255.254.rrr Unassigned [NIC] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 99] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 *223.255.255.rrr Reserved [JBP] Other Reserved Internet Addresses * Internet Address Network Reference - ---------------- ------- ---------- Multicast [JBP] Reserved [JBP] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 100] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 Network Totals Assigned for the ARPA-Internet and the DDN-Internet Class A B C Total Research 15 663 1853 2531 Defense 8 367 698 1073 Government 1 58 294 353 Commercial 5 121 127 253 Total 29 1209 2972 4210 Allocated for Internet and Independent Uses Class A B C Total Research 16 1197 5191 6404 Defense 10 393 858 1261 Government 1 129 722 852 Commercial 7 814 9443 10264 Total 34 2533 16214 18781 Maximum Allowed Class A B C Total Research 8 1024 65536 66568 Defense 24 3072 458752 461848 Government 24 3072 458752 461848 Commercial 74 9214 1114137 1123394 Total 126 16382 2097150 2113658 Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 101] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 AUTONOMOUS SYSTEM NUMBERS The Exterior Gateway Protocol (EGP) [41,43] specifies that groups of gateways may form autonomous systems. The EGP provides a 16-bit field for identifying such systems. The values of this field are registered here. Autonomous System Numbers: Number System Name Contact ------ ---------------------------------- ------- 1 The BBN Core Gateways [MB] 2 DCN-AS [DLM1] 3 The MIT Gateways [RH164] 4 ISI-AS [JKR1] 5 SYMBOLICS [SE31] 6 HIS-MULTICS [JLM23] 7 UK-MOD [RNM1] 8 RICE-AS [PGM] 9 CMU-ROUTER [MA] 10 CSNET-EXT-AS [WHN2] 11 HARVARD [SB28] 12 NYU-DOMAIN [EF5] 13 BRL-AS [RR33] 14 COLUMBIA-GW [BC14] 15 NET DYNAMICS EXP [ZSU] 16 LBL [WG] 17 PURDUE-CS [DT50] 18 UTEXAS [DLN12] 19 CSS-DOMAIN [RA11] 20 UR [LB16] 21 RAND [JDG] 22 NOSC [RLB3] 23 RIACS-AS [DG28] 24 AMES-NAS-GW [MF31] 25 UCB [MK17] 26 CORNELL [JCH17] 27 UMDNET [MP12] 28 DFVLR-SYS [GB7] 29 YALE-AS [HML1] 30 SRI-AICNET [WMT] 31 CIT-CS [AD22] 32 STANFORD [PA5] 33 DEC-WRL-AS [BKR] 34 UDEL-EECIS [NMM] 35 MICATON [WDL] 36 EGP-TESTOR [PEM4] 37 NSWC [DAF9] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 102] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 38 UIUC [AKC] 39 NRL-ITD [AP] 40 MIT-TEST [NC3] 41 AMES [MSM1] 42 THINK-AS [BJN1] 43 BNL-AS [GR9] 44 S1-DOMAIN [RAK12] 45 LLL-TIS-AS [NAL] 46 RUTGERS [RM8] 47 USC-OBERON [DRS4] 48 NRL-AS [WF3] 49 ICST-AS [CWH3] 50 ORNL-MSRNET [THD] 51 USAREUR-EM-AS [FWD] 52 UCLA [RBW] 53 NORTHROP-AS [RSM1] 54 COA-FIN-NET-AS [RR26] 55 UPENN-CIS [IW5] 56 OPTIMIS-P [GPL1] 57 UMN-REI-UC [TJ] 58 DREA-AS [GLH5] 59 WISC-MADISON-AS [EJN1] 60 DARPA-BFLY [MB] 61 DEC-MARLBORO-AS [JM60] 62 TEKVAXC [TE16] 63 LL-MI [KLS24] 64 MITRE-B-AS [BSW] 65 LOGNET-AS [JR15] 66 ETL-AI [MMM3] 67 SDC-PRC-AS [MS22] 68 LANL-INET-AS [PCW] 69 WHARTON-AS [HK2] 70 NLM-GW [JA1] 71 HP-INTERNET-AS [DCL10] 72 SCHLUMBERGER-AS [CG64] 73 WASHINGTON-AS [DJ99] 74 XDRENET-AS [TS31] 75 ANL-AS [LW26] 76 SDC-CAM-AS [DSR] 77 JHUAPL-AS [SFP] 78 SSDF-CDC-GW [RE22] 79 DSPO-HC-AS [BT5] 80 GE-CRD [JC106] 81 TUCC-MCNC [JRR14] 82 TWG-DEMO-AS [JS171] 83 PICANET-AS [RFD1] 84 DTNSRDC-AS1 [RWT2] 85 AERO-NET [LCN] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 103] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 86 SURANET-AS [JH92] 87 INDIANA-AS [BS69] 88 PRINCETON-AS [LRR1] 89 NUSC-CSTLNET-AS [MP20] 90 SUN-AS [WM3] 91 RPI-AS [MS9] 92 CLARKSON-AS [ABS6] 93 FORD-AS [KR9] 94 BELVOIR-NET [MDS30] 95 NUSCLSB1 [RPP] 96 JTELS-BEN1-AS [RR26] 97 JVNC-AS [SH37] 98 ROCKEFELLER-AS [MK38] 99 INTEL-IWARP [RLS115] 100 FMC-CTC [WW82] 101 WASH-NSF-AS [SH47] 102 NSF-HQ-AS [FW17] 103 NWU-AS [JPD18] 104 COLORADO-AS [DCMW] 105 MOT-MCD-AS [DP7] 106 ETN-WLV-AS [SMS1] 107 ECSNET-AS [CAL7] 108 XEROX-AS [DCS] 109 CISCOSYSTEMS [KSL] 110 XAIT-AS [AL6] 111 BOSTONU-AS [BS24] 112 CMU-SEI-AS [PDB5] 113 SCCNET-AS [MJO4] 114 SESQUINET-AS [GTA] 115 PBAS-BEN2-GW-AS [RR26] 116 BELLCORE-AS [PK28] 117 ALBM-NET-AS [DV42] 118 NSWSES-NAVY-AS [DD41] 119 AMS-AS [SBW4] 120 MITRE-OMAHA [SM62] 121 IH-POE-AS [LK27] 122 U-PGH-NET-AS [SM6] 123 LOGAIRCOMNET-AS [GT37] 124 ENCORE-GW-AS [DK70] 125 HI-NET-AS [DB97] 126 MINSY-POE-AS [CV14] 127 JPL-AS [JAW16] 128 ADS-AS [MB26] 129 CDA-AS [FJS3] 130 CSOCNET-AS [JJD12] 131 UCSB-NET-AS [AKS31] 132 WPAFB-CSD-NET-AS [KH59] 133 AFIT-AS [DWD20] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 104] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 134 CORONA-GW-AS [LM35] 135 BRL-CDCNET-GW-AS [RR33] 136 ECONET-AS [TD40] 137 ITALY-AS [ABB2] 138 BRL-CMCGW-AS [RR33] 139 NUWESNET-AS [RM125] 140 DAITC-NET-AS [CG24] 141 NWCNET-AS [EG17] 142 WESTPOINT [RLR23] 143 OOG1-AS [JD86] 144 ATT-INTERNET [HT19] 145 NSFNET-CORE [HWB] 146 HQEIS-AS [SMK2] 147 NAVCAMS-LAN-AS [JM246] 148 NWSC-GW-AS [JA91] 149 ADEL-AS [CM115] 150 SEANET-AS [JH10] 151 IND-NTC-AS [AB98] 152 SRI-ACCATT-AS [RDQ] 153 SAAD-ARPA-AS [DRM24] 154 USACEC-NET-AS [DEA] 155 CACNET-AS [BG25] 156 NORTHEASTERN-GW-AS [CJ38] 157 INTELLIAUTON [RJL3] 158 ACC-AS [AB20] 159 SONNET-AS [MF74] 160 U-CHICAGO-AS [MC17] 161 TI-AS [DF71] 162 NOSL-POE-AS [DB211] 163 IBM-RESEARCH-AS [JP247] 164 DDN-MB-AS [RH6] 165 NESEA-DDN-GW-AS [DT59] 166 IDA-AS [MM227] 167 WESLEYAN-AS [JGD1] 168 UMASS-AMHERST [ASG] 169 HANSCOM-NET-AS [DD63] 170 YKTNPOE-GW-AS [WRR5] 171 NORTHWESTNET-AS [GK44] 172 CSDA-AS [LJC2] 173 NTT-AS [KM82] 174 NYSERNET-AS [MF19] 175 AFWL-AS [BSR] 176 BCN-AS [JRC27] 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OOALC-HOSTNET-AS [SJ55] 221 WRALC-HOSTNET-AS [SJ55] 222 SMALC-HOSTNET-AS [SJ55] 223 TISW-AS [KH88] 224 UNINETT-AS [JT122] 225 VIRGINIA-AS [JAJ17] 226 LOS-NETTOS-AS [WP8] 227 SHAFTER-AS [DM35] 228 DC-SUN-NET-AS [MC202] 229 NSFNETTEST6-AS [HWB] 230 NSFNETTEST7-AS [HWB] 231 NSFNETTEST8-AS [HWB] 232 NSFNETTEST9-AS [HWB] 233 NSFNETTEST10-AS [HWB] Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 106] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 234 NSFNETTEST11-AS [HWB] 235 NSFNETTEST12-AS [HWB] 236 NSFNETTEST13-AS [HWB] 237 NSFNETTEST14-AS [HWB] 238 NSFNETTEST15-AS [HWB] 239 UTORONTO-AS [LO24] 240 SAALC-HOSTNET-AS [SJ55] 241 OCALC-HOSTNET-AS [SJ55] 242 SSSD-AS [RGH21] 243 HARRIS-ATD-AS [TS14] 244 ITT-FEC-AS [RW45] 245 PRC-AS [SS172] 246 ASIFICS-GW-AS [SC139] 247 ROMENET-AS [PV23] 248 OBL-LINK-AS [MCB5] 249 RDM-LINK-AS [MCB5] 250 LON-LINK-AS [MCB5] 251 CPO-LINK-AS [MCB5] 252 CECOM-A-TACT [MB31] 253 CIC-NET-AS [RG12] 254 TWG-NET-AS [JS171] 255 PATRICK-LONS-GW-AS [SWR3] 256 NCSC-NET-AS [JD130] 257 NPS-GATOR-AS [SW37] 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[ARS3] Silverman, Alan R. ---none--- [AS116] Schindler, Albert shindler@UNI2A.UNIGE.CH [AS196] Schneider, Andrew ajs@SONY.COM [AS198] Santilli, Angelo P1783%CSUOHIO.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [AS205] Smith, Adrian ---none--- [AS206] Silva, Antonio AI@VX8700.LNEC.RCCN.PT [AS62] Steiner, Albert AJS001%NUACC.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [AS90] Schoener, Anthony ---none--- [ASG] Gaylord, Arthur S. ART@UMASS-GW.CS.UMASS.EDU [ASW3] Watt, Alan S. watt-alan@CS.YALE.EDU [AT16] Tsai, Allen TSAI@USDCSV.ACUSD.EDU [AT62] Tedja, Andreas indovax!andreas@UUNET.UU.NET Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 117] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 [AT79] Torkildsen, Arn ---none--- [AT80] Hain, Anthony hain@CCC.MFECC.LLNL.GOV [AT87] Tan, Andy tan@LEGEND.EPIC.COM [AV20] Vilavaara, Asko vilavaar@RC.NOKIA.FI [AV24] Vassilicos, Achilles AV@TCMVAX.USS.COM [AV25] Venkataraman, Arun arun%naic.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [AVDH1] van der Helder, Andrew [AW124] Wilson, Anne acw@CISCO.COM [AW48] Wilcox, Andy ajw%ufl.csnet@RELAY.CS.NET [AW56] Waldfogel, Asher ---none--- [AW65] Whiteman, Alan ---none--- [AW90] Walker, Amanda AMANDA@INTERCON.COM [AY11] Yeh, Arthur C0298%univscvm.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [AY21] Alastair, Young alastair@ES2.CO.UK [AZ] Zadeh, Ansari ansariza%tsuunix.uucp@RICE.EDU [BA26] Ayres, Bill ayres@UCS.ORST.EDU [BA51] Au-Yeung, Ben ---none--- [BA56] Allen, Brad W. ulmo@SSYX.UCSC.EDU [BA59] Alting, Burn munnari!!burn@UUNET.UU.NET [BA60] Anderson, Bruce RELAY.CS.NET [BA71] Archer, Barry archerb@VAX1.UMKC.EDU [BA77] Abeel, Bruce ---none--- [BAB7] Burke, Barry A. barry%adelie@HARVARD.HARVARD.EDU [BAC9] Cole, Bruce A. Hostmaster@CS.WISC.EDU [BAV] Verser, Brick A. BAV@KSUVM.KSU.EDU [BB116] Bjorklund, Barbara dtsa@NEMS.DT.NAVY.MIL [BB193] Blackburn, Barry ---none--- [BB194] Barron, Billy billy@VAXB.ACS.UNT.EDU [BB208] Branch, Barry Barry%servax.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [BB231] Butterworth, Brandon brandon@BBC.CO.UK [BB267] Burroughs, Brian brian@T2NS1.GCS.CO.NZ [BB276] Backer, Brian ---none--- [BB277] Brunner, Brian ---none--- [BB279] Baker, Bill ---none--- [BB64] Boyter, Brian boyter%bimbo.uucp@VIRGINIA.ACC.VIRGINIA.EDU [BBJ2] Johnson, Bruce B. BBJ@CORNELLA.CCS.CORNELL.EDU [BC130] Capouch, Brian brianc@SAINTJOE.EDU Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 118] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 [BC133] Crews, Bill crews@EMX.UTEXAS.EDU [BC14] Cattani, Robert cattani@CS.COLUMBIA.EDU [BC173] Carlsson, Berndt ---none--- [BC176] Carruthers, Bret BRC@GCU.EDU [BC177] Chase, Brokke BCHASE@CC.UTAH.EDU [BC180] Cocek, Bruce ---none--- [BC65] Chiarchiaro, Bill wjc@XN.LL.MIT.EDU [BC71] Cheswick, Bill ches@RESEARCH.ATT.COM [BC72] Carrihill, Brian carrhill@NYU.EDU [BD105] Dofner, Bob BDofner@NUWES-M1.NAVY.MIL [BD107] Doughty, Bill ---none--- [BD108] Davis, Bjoren BKDAVIS@AURATEK.COM [BD113] Dietz, Bob ---none--- [BD115] De Vicente, Belen belen@TEICE.ES [BD117] Declourt, Bruno [BD55] Down, Brian bdown%uturing%toronto.csnet@RELAY.CS.NET [BD89] Davelaar, Brian ---none--- [BDB8] Buck, Barry D. BUCK@HQHSD.BROOKS.AF.MIL [BDH] Hassler, Barry D. hassler@NAP1.CDS.WPAFB.AF.MIL [BE10] Eriksen, Bjorn ber@SUNIC.SUNET.SE [BE35] Ehrmantraut, Brian auspex!bae@UUNET.UU.NET [BE46] Edmark, Bill bedmark@ISC.INTEL.COM [BE47] Edison, Bill edisonwe%snynewba.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [BE6] Esposito, Bob espo@BPA.BELL-ATL.COM [BEC1] Chi, Benjamin E. bec@UACSC2.ALBANY.EDU [BEC5] Colley, Ben E. 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Reid@DECWRL.DEC.COM [BL118] Lortz, Bruno lortz@RUS.UNI-STUTTGART.DBP.DE [BL31] Lemley, Bob LEMLEYR@BAYLOR.CCIS.BAYLOR.EDU [BL92] Lord, Bob lord@ANDERSEN.COM [BLW2] Wilson, Bennett L. ---none--- [BM106] Mulligan, Brian [BM156] Mondics, Brian MONDICS@TLSUNB0.TARTAN.COM [BM164] McDougal, Bruce ---none--- [BM168] Manderville, Bernie ---none--- [BM178] Murphy, Bernie BMURPHY%BNR.CA@CORNELLC.CCS.CORNELL.EDU [BM211] Mizrahi, Benzi VSBENZI%WEIZMANN.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [BM230] Mania, Bill WJM@HTC.COM [BM68] Murray, Burton ---none--- [BM79] Michie, Bob bob@NJITSC1.NJIT.EDU [BML2] Liblong, Breen M. liblong@GAEA.WEST.SYMBOLICS.COM [BMV] Vance, Bill M. ---none--- [BMW13] Wallack, Barry M. DCA-JP@DCA-EMS.DCA.MIL [BMW7] Wilber, B. 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AFDDN.WRIGHT@GUNTER-ADAM.AF.MIL [BR104] Reinhold, Barry bbr@UNH.EDU [BR106] Rainey, Bill bill@WYSE.COM [BR109] Ryan, Bobbie ---none--- [BR113] Rawson, Bryan cepu!litvax!rawson@SEAS.UCLA.EDU [BR118] Renk, Burkhard RENK%DMZNAT51.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [BR79] Rhoades, Bradley D. bdrhoades@MMC.MMMG.COM [BR87] Ruptash, Brian bar@DATAPOINT.COM [BR88] Reid, Bill Reid@CCM.UMANITOBA.CA [BR92] Rubin, Bill RUBIN@IBM.COM [BRA2] Arnold, Billie R. OACS-SYS@AFCC-OA2.AF.MIL [BRB8] Bangaru, Babu R. ---none--- [BS156] Sandholm, Bo-Erik enea!!bosse@UUNET.UU.NET [BS157] Stoltz, Bill stoltz@IDA.ORG [BS168] Stewart, Bruce bruce@BIKINI.CIS.UFL.EDU [BS196] Schmid, Bernard ---none--- [BS214] Solomon, Brad ---none--- [BS217] Schuller, Bernhard unido!konech!netz@UUNET.UU.NET [BS220] Stewart, Blake BLAKE@NTUPUB.NTU.EDU [BS24] Shein, Barry BZS@BU-CS.BU.EDU [BS69] Sweeny, Brent R. SWEENY@UCS.INDIANA.EDU [BSA2] Anderson, Brian S. Andersonb@WRAIR-EMH1.ARMY.MIL [BSP6] Patel, Bharat S. ---none--- [BSR] Ridout, Brian S. RIDOUT@USERVX.AFWL.AF.MIL [BSW] Seeber-Wagner, Barbara N.bnsw@MBUNIX.MITRE.ORG [BT5] Tomlinson, Bob tomlin@HC.DSPO.GOV [BT65] Tehan, Brian ---none--- [BT78] Turini, Bill ---none--- Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 121] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 [BV15] Volz, Bernard VOLZ@PROCESS.COM [BV17] Victor, Bjorn victor@DOCS.UU.SE [BV4] Vagnerini, Beverly bvagneri@LETTERKENN-EMH1.ARMY.MIL [BW134] Wilder, Bill WDW@ACADIAU.CA [BW138] Wolfe, Brian brian@HFH.EDU [BW142] Wrenn, Bill ---none--- [BW143] Warner, Bill ---none--- [BW157] Wall, Byron bwall@CRAYCOS.COM [BW158] Wilson, Bernard bernard@PLEIADES.OZ.AU [BW164] Worobey, Brian brianw%bcvmcms.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [BW168] White, Barry ---none--- [BW4] Webb, Barry galbp!gelac!bwebb@GATECH.EDU [BWA] Allen, Bobby W. allen@YUMA-EMH1.ARMY.MIL [BWS2] Schilling, Bruce W. NSC-Kees@DDN3.DCA.MIL [BY20] Young, Bradford ---none--- [CA29] Aronson, Cathy cja@MERIT.EDU [CA80] Annable, Conni annable@THORIN.HSCSA.UTEXAS.EDU [CA84] Arbaugh, Clinton cea%pizza@B.CS.WVU.WVNET.EDU [CAC55] Colona, Chris A. ---none--- [CAD10] Diak, Christie Diak@ST-LOUIS-EMH4.ARMY.MIL [CAD13] DeFranco, Carl A., Jr. defranco@TOPS20.RADC.AF.MIL [CAF13] Finseth, Craig A. fin@UNET.UMN.EDU [CAL3] Leres, Craig A. leres@HELIOS.EE.LBL.GOV [CAL7] Leach, Charles A. CAL@OKC-UNIX.AF.MIL [CAP5] Puchon, Charles A. ---none--- [CAS1] Steffey, Skeet csteffey@WSMR-EMH05.ARMY.MIL [CB162] Beame, Carl beame@MCMASTER.CA [CB180] Bevins, Craig craigb@IPSO.IPS.OZ.AU [CB19] Brooks, Charles E. brooks@EDN-VAX.DCA.MIL [CB201] Brigham, Craig ---none--- [CB217] Bloomfield, Carl ---none--- [CB222] Brown, Craig brownca%snymorba@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [CB42] Ball, Charles cball@INMET.INMET.COM [CB50] Bode, Carsten cb@SYSTEC.DE [CBD] Dawson, Clive B. Clive@MCC.COM [CBL4] Lawrence, Charles B. chas@MBIR.BCM.TMC.EDU [CBR2] Ray, Charles B. ---none--- [CC108] Clanton, Charles ---none--- [CC129] Cline, Carol s5000! [CC185] Caldwell, Christopher CHRIS@STELLAR.STELLAR.COM [CC192] Campadore, Craig Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 122] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 cacampa@VMS2.MNET.USWEST.COM [CC241] Campbell, Colin ---none--- [CC249] Cline, Carol ---none--- [CC252] Collins, Colman [CC89] Chaundy, Chris munnari!!chris@UUNET.UU.NET [CC99] Catlett, Charlie catlett@NCSA.NCSA.UIUC.EDU [CCL8] LaPlante, Christine C. ---none--- [CD75] Dowat, Cary DOWAT@FNNET.FNAL.GOV [CDS28] da Silva, Chris ---none--- [CE41] Erickson, Chris ---none--- [CE42] Erbacher, Claude ---none--- [CE52] Ess, Charles dru001d%smsvma.bitnet@UMRVMB.UMR.EDU [CE55] Echard, Chris CBE100T@ODUVM.CC.ODU.EDU [CE56] Edwards, Champe ---none--- [CEB13] Brooks, Charles E. CEB@WDL1.FAC.FORD.COM [CF35] Fung, Charles cxf@SUNSPOT.RIT.EDU [CF4] Frost, Cliff cliff%UCBCMSA.Berkeley.EDU@JADE.Berkeley.EDU [CF57] Fernandez, Carlos Fernandez@DDNVX2.AFWL.AF.MIL [CF64] Frisinger, Chris cfrisinger@DSAC.DLA.MIL [CFB1] Brandt, Carl F. carl%lsumvs.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [CFD4] Dunn, Charles F. CHUCK@UBVM.CC.BUFFALO.EDU [CFM1] Muckenhirn, Carl F. Muckenhirn@DOCKMASTER.NCSC.MIL [CG1] George, Calvin GEORGE@HQAFSC-VAX.AF.MIL [CG105] Gibson, Coyne coyne@CONVEX.COM [CG107] Gibbs, Charles chuckg@LUNDY1.VLSI.COM [CG24] Generous, Curtis GENEROUS@DEV.DTIC.DLA.MIL [CG64] Garrigues, Chris 7thSon@SLCS.SLB.COM [CG85] Grossarth, Clyde ---none--- [CGT2] Taylor, Clement CGTAYLO!ERENJ.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [CH102] Henderson, Clarence HENDERSON@GTEWD.AF.MIL [CH170] Heck, Chuck CHUCK@PRISM.CLEMSON.EDU [CH181] Hayward, Chris ---none--- [CH191] Hwang, Charlie ---none--- [CH2] Hornig, Charles Hornig@SYMBOLICS.COM [CH205] Harden, Cliff ---none--- [CH207] Hohmann, Christian HOHMANN%WABOLU.UUCP%TUB.BITNET@MITVMA.MIT.EDU [CH225] Hemann, Chuck ---none--- [CH226] Hartness, Clark chartness@BBN.COM [CH232] Haigh, Chris ---none--- Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 123] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 [CH233] Hackbart, Chris hackbart@VMS.MACC.WISC.EDU [CHC7] Cheng, C. H. hkucs!cucsc!a563700@UUNET.UU.NET [CHW] Wilson, Charles H. cwilson@BRL.MIL [CJ38] Johnson, Chris johnson@NORTHEASTERN.EDU [CJ57] Johnson, Charles crj@ICAD.COM [CJB1] Baker, Christopher J. BAKERC@UV4.EGLIN.AF.MIL [CJB15] Bedore, Clifford J., III isavax!cliffb@UMD5.UMD.EDU [CJC31] Copeland, Cecil J. MMDF@STUTTGART-EMH1.ARMY.MIL [CJL2] Lydick, Carl J. carl@CITHEX.CALTECH.EDU [CJW2] Weinstein, Clifford J. cjw@SST.LL.MIT.EDU [CK113] Calle, Claus A0061!DKORRZKO.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [CK116] Kemp, Charlie ---none--- [CK117] King, Chenghu ---none--- [CK119] Kranz, Christopher clk@GFDL.PRINCETON.EDU [CK2] Kukulies, Christoph JYJYKUWA%DACTH51.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [CK92] Kim, Chankyu [CK96] Kaulfuss, Christoph WZ00600%DWOURZ0.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [CL11] Lindblad, Chris CJL@AI.AI.MIT.EDU [CL115] Lee, Chun-mou ---none--- [CL134] Liem, Chandra CCECL%NUSVM.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [CL64] Lynch, Clifford lynch@POSTGRES.Berkeley.EDU [CL80] Leser, Christoph [CLB36] Beckman, Connie L. beckman%ceramics.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [CLH3] Hedrick, Charles L. HEDRICK@ARAMIS.RUTGERS.EDU [CLP18] Peterson, Chris L. 33CGDLNA@SACEMNET.AF.MIL [CLR16] Rossmark, Carl L. ddnmgr@ADELPHI-IM2.ARMY.MIL [CLV7] Vaughan, Clifton L. vaughan!mcoiarc.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [CM115] McDonald, Catherine M. DDNMGR@ADELPHI-IM2.ARMY.MIL [CM116] Moret, Christophe sysgeg%frpoly11.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [CM130] Maeckel, Clay clay@CLARIS.COM [CM144] Manners, Chris ---none--- [CM153] Maltby, Chris [CM156] Michau, Christian UCIR059%FRORS31.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [CM226] Mackerell, Chris ---none--- Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 124] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 [CM50] Minnick, Connie acs_connie%jmuvax1.bitnet@CORNELLC.CIT.CORNELL.EDU [CM57] Maxson, Charles maxson@CFA.HARVARD.EDU [CMG9] Glickman, Charles M. glickman%evax2@RVAX.CCIT.ARIZONA.EDU [CN33] Nelson, Christopher daslink!dasnet!dci2cn!chrisn@SUN.COM [CNK1] Kafai, Corinna N. cmcvax!corinna@HUB.UCSB.EDU [CO16] Olson, Chris ---none--- [COV1] Vargas, Chris O. VARGASC@GW2.HANSCOM.AF.MIL [CP108] Peckham, Clarence ---none--- [CP129] Pellett, Chert chert!spdyne.uucp@UUNET.UU.NET [CP130] Palmer, Cam ---none--- [CP131] Pontzer, Chris ---none--- [CPK3] Kolb, Christopher P. KOLB@PSI.COM [CR127] Rice, Craig CDR@ACC.STOLAF.EDU [CR129] Rigney, Carl cdr@AMDCAD.AMD.COM [CR140] Ritson, Chris C.R.Ritson@NEWCASTLE.AC.UK [CR157] Richards, Charles charles!hartford.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [CR159] Christopher, Riley ---none--- [CR24] Rokitansky, Carl-Herbert roki%DHAFEU52.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [CR83] Reynolds, Christine quirk@HUBCAP.CLEMSON.EDU [CRC15] Campbell, Charles R. GS0004%SIUCVMB.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [CRC9] Craig, C. Robert ROBERT@VM1.MCGILL.CA [CRJ5] Jacobsen, Carl R. pslvax!carl@UCSD.EDU [CRT4] Tettemer, Clair R., Jr. tettemer@NOSC.MIL [CRW12] Wiener, Christopher R. cwiener@CRLABS.COM [CS136] Stokely, Celeste cstokely@COHERENT.COM [CS218] Schrimpe, Clemens csch@NETCS.COM [CS219] Shak, Clifton ---none--- [CS275] Sevcik, Carlos ---none--- [CS276] Schall, Cliff aad002a%calstate.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [CS277] Stevens, Craig ---none--- [CS279] Spell, Charlie ---none--- [CSG] Gutekunst, Carl S. csg@PYRAMID.COM [CSS28] Smith-Stubbs, Clyde clyde@HITECH.HT.OZ.AU [CT100] Tadema, C. ruud@NEDDATA.NL [CTJ2] Johnson, Christopher T. ---none--- [CTP1] Poole, Clyde T. ctp@CS.UTEXAS.EDU [CV14] Verboom, Charles ---none--- [CV25] Vaillancourt, Clement vaillan@IREQ.HYDRO.QC.CA [CVG1] van Gennip, Chel gennip%hlerul54.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 125] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 [CW115] Wacker, Claude CCWACKER%CNEDCU51.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [CW159] Whitelaw, Chandler WHITELAW@CC.SUSC.EDU [CW166] Wilson, Craig craig@C2S.MN.ORG [CW169] Wilson, Chris cwilson@AUSTEK.OZ.AU [CW42] Welty, Chris WELTYC@CS.RPI.EDU [CWH3] Hunt, Craig W. Hunt@ENH.NIST.GOV [CWM17] Moser, C.W. ---none--- [CWR4] Reece, Carole Warner ---none--- [CWV1] Vertrees, Charles CVERTREE@ORION.OAC.UCI.EDU [CY29] Yuen, Chun ---none--- [CY30] Yamaoka, Cliff ---none--- [CYH] Huang, Chien Y. 6026959%PUCC.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [DA106] Aebersold, Dennis DAEBERSO@BIGBIRD.CC.WILLIAMS.EDU [DA124] Anderson, David dave@UCI.MN.ORG [DA128] Abts, Daniel ABTSACS@LAX.WISC.EDU [DA73] Alter, Diane diane@RTECH.COM [DAA14] Abbajay, David A. hplabs!oracle!hqsun1!booger!dabbajay@SUN.COM [DAE2] Ernest, Dwight A. dwight%independent.uucp@UKC.AC.UK [DAF9] Futcher, Debbie A. DFUTCHE@RELAY.NSWC.NAVY.MIL [DAR20] Roth, Dean A. lakesys!deanr@CSD1.MILW.WISC.EDU [DAS13] Sanders, Daun A. SANDERS@WESTPOINT-EMH1.ARMY.MIL [DAT4] Thomae, Doug A. ---none--- [DAVE] Roode, R. David Roode%orc.uucp@UNIX.SRI.COM [DB] Brack, Dave DBRACK@NARDACDC002.NAVY.MIL [DB162] Black, David ---none--- [DB186] Brooks, Doug brooks@CERL.CECER.ARMY.MIL [DB211] Boss, Don ---none--- [DB263] Badrick, Dave ---none--- [DB273] Baker, Darryl dpb@TELLABS.CHI.IL.US [DB296] Brown, David david%pyr@GATECH.EDU [DB310] Base, David dbase@WASH-VAX.BBN.COM [DB317] Bradt, Donna DBRADT%EMRCAN.BITNET@CORNELLC.CCS.CORNELL.EDU [DB322] Bergstrom, Darryl hi-csc!bergstr@UMN-CS.ARPA [DB333] Balafas, Dino ---none--- [DB343] Baillie, Duncan dmb@AMTHQ.CO.UK [DB346] Boehlke, Dan dan%gacvax1.bitnet@VM1.NODAK.EDU [DB35] Braniss, Danny danny@HUMUS.HUJI.AC.IL [DB374] Bovio, Daniele HI@IMISIAM.MI.CNR.IT [DB380] Bodley, Derrill dgb@UOP.UOP.EDU Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 126] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 [DB97] Bergum, David I., Jr. Bergum@CIM-VAX.HONEYWELL.COM [DBH11] Hearn, David B. HEARN@CCINT1.RSRE.MOD.UK [DBJ4] Johnson, David B. drilltech!dbj@RICE.EDU [DBL1] Long, Daniel B. LONG@BBN.COM [DBM16] Martin, Darrell B. darrell@HACGATE.SCG.HAC.COM [DC115] Comay, David S. dsc@SEISMO.CSS.GOV [DC126] Cogger, Dick rhx@CORNELLC.CIT.CORNELL.EDU [DC145] Crawford, Dennis crawford@LBNSY.NAVY.MIL [DC159] Clar, Daniel CLAR%FRESE51.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [DC211] Capshaw, David Capshaw@AUSTIN.LOCKHEED.COM [DC257] Carrasco, Denis ---none--- [DC272] Catalano, Don ---none--- [DC273] Chandler, Douglas ---none--- [DC285] Cica, Daniel XXCICA@EARTH.LERC.NASA.GOV [DC298] Condon, David COMMS@UK.AC.SBANK.VAX [DC303] Clampitt, Dustin JDC@LIANT.COM [DC304] Carpe, David ---none--- [DC305] Comte, David davelec%exicom.oz@MURTOA.CS.MU.OZ [DC306] Caruso, David caruso%GAV.MFENET@CCC.NMFECC.GOV [DC307] Cairns, David CAIRNS@UPEI.CA [DC310] Clark, Don ---none--- [DC316] Crawford, Dave DJC@CSUN.EDU [DC99] Chan, David chan@BEK-MC.CALTECH.EDU [DCL10] Loughry, Donald C. don_loughry%hp6600@HPLABS.HP.COM [DCM20] Menges, David C. ---none--- [DCMW] Wood, David CM DCMWOOD@SPOT.COLORADO.EDU [DCN19] Nicosia, David C. dave@VISTA.COM [DCS] Swinehart, Daniel C. Swinehart.PA@XEROX.COM [DCW23] Winegarden, David C. ---none--- [DCW25] Walls, David C. pxl!WIDNER!BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [DCW9] Wells, Donald C. dwells@NRAO.EDU [DD11] Deal, Don don@PYR.GATECH.EDU [DD112] Deeth, Dave ---none--- [DD223] Dixon, Dixk DIXON!UKECMWF.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [DD230] DeLarue, Durwin delarue@UTOS.NM.COM [DD233] Dixon, Dick CPQHOU!DIXON@UUNET.UU.NET [DD237] Datlowe, Dayton datlowe@LOCKHD.DNET.NASA.GOV [DD38] Danahy, Daniel J. DANAHY@AFSC-SSD.AF.MIL [DD41] DeGrossa, Dan NSC-Huen@DDN2.DCA.MIL [DD63] Dorosz, Dave dorosz@GW2.HANSCOM.AF.MIL Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 127] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 [DDC1] Clark, David D. ddc@LCS.MIT.EDU [DDK1] Knight, Donald D. CC-SI@EDWARDS-2060.AF.MIL [DDK7] Koch, David D. KOCHD%LAWRENCE.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [DE80] Edgar, Dale dedgar%mta.bitnet@UGW.UTCS.UTORONTO.CA [DE81] Eastick, Douglas eastick@ME.UTORONTO.CA [DEA] Anselmi, David E. DANSELMI@HUACHUCA-EMH8.ARMY.MIL [DEP17] Page, Daniel E. DEPAGE%USMCP6.BITNET@CORNELLC.CCS.CORNELL.EDU [DES41] Shafer, Don E. e41276%rlvax1@LANL.GOV [DES43] Smith, Daniel E. des%uno.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [DET] Towson, David E. TOWSON@BRL.MIL [DF130] Foster, Doug ---none--- [DF133] Ferguson, Dennis dennis@UTCS.UTORONTO.CA [DF149] Fernie, Derek MITEL!SPOCK!FERNIE@UUNET.UU.NET [DF158] Floer, Douglas ---none--- [DF162] De Fries, Dennis ---none--- [DF180] Farr, Dennis ---none--- [DF71] Fordyce, David fordyce@CSC.TI.COM [DF86] Faunt, Doug FAUNT@CISCO.COM [DF90] Finkelson, Dale dmf@WESTIE.UNL.EDU [DG110] Galloway, David DRG@CSRI.TORONTO.EDU [DG146] Goodman, Dean ---none--- [DG152] Garvey, Dick rgarvey@BBN.COM [DG163] Goodwin, Dave CODE62@NARDACVA.NAVY.MIL [DG177] Gallaher, Dale dale@DANDELION.CI.COM [DG212] Gawler, Dean ---none--- [DG28] Gehrt, David L. ---none--- [DGA] Anderson, Dinah G. dinah@BCM.TMC.EDU [DGL4] Loudon, Dennis G. ---none--- [DGT6] Taylor, David G. taylor@RAND.ORG [DH17] Hirsch, Douglas E. DHIRSCH@BBN.COM [DH23] Hayes, David S. hayes@SMU.EDU [DH241] Henize, Dewey ---none--- [DH296] Hawking, David munnari!!dave%rigel@uunet.UU.NET [DH303] Henning, Doug ---none--- [DH309] Hoffmann, Dan SYSADMIN@ZEUS.UNOMAHA.EDU [DH313] Helda, David garbo!helda%jimmy@BESS.HARVARD.EDU [DH322] Harris, Dean ---none--- [DI11] Incerti, Dominique ---none--- [DID1] Dalva, David I. dave@TIS.COM [DIM2] Meiron, Daniel I. Meiron@DIPOLE.CALTECH.EDU Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 128] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 [DJ104] Janes, Dave dave@KEAN.MUN.CA [DJ115] Jones, Dave RDJONE01!ULKYVM.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [DJ24] Jent, David idej400%indycms.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [DJ99] Jordt, Dan DANJ@CAC.WASHINGTON.EDU [DJB34] Banta, Dean J. ---none--- [DJD30] Dawson, Dana J. dana@CRAY.COM [DJF] Farber, David J. farber@CIS.UPENN.EDU [DJG2] Grim, Daniel J. grim@HUEY.UDEL.EDU [DJK13] Kaufman, David ---none--- [DJS7] Schmidt, Detlef J. C0033003%DBSTU1.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [DJV1] Van Buer, Darrel J. VANBUER@ECLA.USC.EDU [DK101] Koblas, David koblas@MIPS.COM [DK112] Keller, Debbie KELLER@VM1.CC.UAKRON.EDU [DK116] Kasielke, Dieter 108%db0tuz01.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [DK142] Karsten, Dale dale%msus1.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [DK168] Kuncicky, David KUNCICK@NU.CS.FSU.EDU [DK2] Krafft, Dean B. dean@GVAX.CS.CORNELL.EDU [DK5] Kirby, Diana ---none--- [DK60] Kain, David GATE@PHILASHPYD-POE.NAVY.MIL [DK70] Kirschen, Dave kirschen@MULTIMAX.ARPA [DKE2] Ely, David K. dely@NRI.RESON.VA.US[hko [DL164] Lewis, Donn LEWIS@PMS312.NAVSEA.NAVY.MIL [DL169] Lamb, David ---none--- [DL170] Lavender, David ---none--- [DL178] Lang, Dick ---none--- [DLL32] Lippke, David L. lippke@UTDALLAS.EDU [DLM1] Mills, Dave MILLS@HUEY.UDEL.EDU [DLM34] Merrifield, David L. DM06900@UAFSYSB.UARK.EDU [DLN12] Nash, Donald L. don@THENIC.THE.NET [DLS20] Smith, David L. celerity!dave@UCSD.EDU [DLS24] Stockdale, Diana L. diana@KANGA.AGI.ORG [DLW31] Wasley, David L. dlw@VIOLET.Berkeley.EDU [DM147] Morales, Dan ---none--- [DM232] Morrison, David sysnet@CC.NU.OZ.AU [DM249] Morley, David munarri!!morley@UUNET.UU.NET [DM259] McDonald, D. CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [DM261] Mann, Dale Mann@SPAM.ISTC.SRI.COM [DM269] McCrave, Donna mccrave@KODAKR.KODAK.COM [DM27] McCallum, Doug mccallum@ICO.ISC.COM [DM273] Minnich, David DWM@FIBERCOM.COM Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 129] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 [DM28] Morris, Dennis Morrisd@IMO-UVAX.DCA.MIL [DM280] Mackie, Dave lupine!djm@UUNET.UU.NET [DM313] McCord, David portal!!david@SUN.COM [DM334] Morse, Duane ---none--- [DM335] Mutterer, David rylos!dave@RUTGERS.EDU [DM348] Molinelli, Daniel moline@TRWIND.IND.TRW.COM [DM35] Millard, David A. asbp%dmillard@SHAFTER-EMH2.ARMY.MIL [DM353] Matties, Deborah matties@IBM.COM [DM354] McWilliam, Don mcwillm@CC.UBC.CA [DM356] Murdock, Dominic ---none--- [DM357] McEwan, Duncan postmaster@SIESOFT.CO.UK [DM358] Margossian, David margosd@POLAROID.COM [DM373] Moline, David drm@GAIA.GCS.OZ.AU [DM75] Murphy, Dave murphy@MGHCCC.HARVARD.EDU [DM84] Morris, Don morris@NCAR.UCAR.EDU [DMH20] Herron, David M. BNM|lackland-aim1@LACKLAND-AIM1.AF.MIL [DMK18] Keirsey, David M. Keirsey@ECLA.USC.EDU [DN32] Nordlund, Dave NORDLUND%UKANVM.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [DN71] Nastoll, Dieter hrz100%de0hrz1a.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [DN78] Nabinger, Dick nabingrw%snydelba.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [DO26] O'Reilly, Dennis Dennis_O'Reilly@MTSG.UBC.CA [DO27] Oliver, David [DO66] O'leary, David oleary@NOSC.SURA.NET [DOR] Rowley, D. Owen acad!lux!owen@UUNET.UU.NET [DP149] Phipps, David davidp@METRO.UCC.SU.OZ.AU [DP154] Phelps, Duane phelps@MAXTOR.COM [DP171] Phillipps, Dan ---none--- [DP173] Pokorney, Dave POKE@NERVM.NERDC.UFL.EDU [DP178] Poirier, Daniel POIRIED@UMONCTON.CA [DP2] Pirtle, David A. PIRTLE@KL.SRI.COM [DP7] Parter, David dparter@URBANA.MCD.MOT.COM [DP71] Palus, David ---none--- [DR137] Rageth, David DAVE@MMC.COM [DR161] Reese, Dave DAVE@CALSTATE.EDU [DR183] Ruth, Doug ruth@ROBOTX.SRI.COM [DR212] Ruppert, Deborah nsun1!deborah@CSE.OGC.EDU [DR214] Reavil, David D_J_REAVIL%ARE-PN.MOD.UK@RELAY.MOD.UK [DR217] Rich, Daniel DRICH@DIALOGIC.COM [DR229] Ray, David ---none--- [DR230] Ruiu, Dragos dr@MYRIAS.COM Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 130] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 [DR49] Reynolds, Dick hcx1!dick@UUNET.UU.NET [DR71] Rettig, Duane ---none--- [DRE4] Ehrlich, Daniel Robert ehrlich@CS.PSU.EDU [DRH48] Hudson, Donald R. drh%latech@REX.CS.TULANE.EDU [DRM24] Meadows, Don qncdsin@SAAD-EMH1.ARMY.MIL [DRM31] Miller, David R. ---none--- [DRS4] Smith, Dennis R. SMITH@ECLC.USC.EDU [DRY2] Yingling, David R., Jr. YINGLING%AVLAB.DNET@AAGATE.AVLAB.WPAFB.AF.MIL [DS229] Sabino, David sundc!sneezy!sabino@SUN.COM [DS247] Salvin, Don dss@VMS.CIS.PITTSBURGH.EDU [DS303] Sturdivant, Darrell darrell%etsuv2.decnet@UTADNX.CC.UTEXAS.EDU [DS335] Santos, Don don@BAMBERG-EMH1.ARMY.MIL [DS341] Spears, Donna 2176nsc@ANKARA.AF.MIL [DS342] Stafford, Dave esc1814%esoc.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [DS348] Starr, Dan ---none--- [DS354] Simmons, David QUASAR@PANTHER.FLOW.COM [DS370] Simmons, David quasar@PANTHER.FLOW.COM [DS372] Scaletta, Dawn ---none--- [DS382] Strasenburg, David straserdr%SNYBROBA.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [DS387] St. Jules, Don dstjules@PNFI.FORESTRY.CA [DS394] Stokes, David DAVE@XEROXEP.COM [DS405] Smith, Dale ---none--- [DS53] Stefanovic, Dave daves@AWARE.COM [DS59] Schmidt, David DAVIDS@ISC-BR.ISC-BR.COM [DS85] Smith, Dale C. dsmith@OREGON.UOREGON.EDU [DSN4] Notov, Daniel S. onm3b2!danno@UUNET.UU.NET [DSP11] St. Pierre, David david@PACBELL.COM [DSR] Russell, Dale dsr@JOVE.CAM.UNISYS.COM [DT50] Trinkle, Daniel trinkle@CS.PURDUE.EDU [DT59] Tetreault, David J. DJT@NAVELEXNET-STIN.NAVY.MIL [DTG11] Gregorich, David T. DTG@CSULA-PS.CALSTATELA.EDU [DTH4] Henskes, Dieter Th. dth@RCP.SEL.DE [DV36] Vining, Dan viningdp%snypotba.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [DV42] Varga, Doug varga@AUSTIN.LOCKHEED.COM [DVL1] Lewis, Donald V. lewis%umslvma.bitnet@UMRVMB.UMR.EDU [DVT] Torr, Donald V. DVTORR@GALLUX.GALLAUDET.EDU [DW139] Woerz, Dieter woerz@ISAAK.ISA.DE [DW15] Williams, Doug WILLIAMSD@A.ISI.EDU [DW159] Wood, Dan DWOOD@BBN.COM [DW164] Wiltzius, Dave wiltzius@LLL-LCC.LLNL.GOV Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 131] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 [DW180] Weber, Dieter ---none--- [DW195] Williams, David ESC1728%ESOC.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [DW198] Williams, David W. SYSTEMDW@NTSC.NAVY.MIL [DW212] Weidenhammer, Detlef [DW233] Wintringham, Dan DANW@OSC.EDU [DW238] Weyel, Donald wdz!epavax.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [DW239] Ward, David ---none--- [DW244] Ware, Donald ---none--- [DW96] Walker, David DHWalker@UCI.EDU [DWB2] Beach, Darrel W. AFDDN.BEACH@GUNTER-ADAM.AF.MIL [DWC32] Cooley, David W. dwcooley@COLBY.EDU [DWD20] Daniel, David W. ddaniel@BLACKBIRD.AFIT.AF.MIL [DWJ6] Johnson, Dennis 2003cgxp@ANKARA.AF.MIL [DY28] Yearke, David yearke@CS.BUFFALO.EDU [DZ] Zabokrtsky, Dianne ---none--- [DZ17] Zajack, Dennis azajack@BAD.CSB.CALSTATE.EDU [EA49] Aarnio, Esa esa@KONTU.UTU.FI [EB108] Bibisi, Edmund ebibisi%utmem1.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [EB110] Burrow, Elaine mcvax!lucifer!elaine@UUNET.UU.NET [EB112] Brownrigg, Edwin ---none--- [EB129] Blockeel, Erik ERIK@MINF.VUB.AC.BE [EB134] Belpaire, Eric belpaire!renault.uucp@UUNET.UU.NET [EB33] Barton, Edward ---none--- [EB95] Baugh, Earl baugh@HAL.CSS.GOV [EBS10] Shine, Elliott B. ---none--- [EC101] Chan, Eldon echan@CADEV4.INTEL.COM [EC43] Carroll, Eric eric@ISTS.ISTS.CA [EC5] Cain, Edward A. Cain@RIGEL.DCA.MIL [ECA] Ackermaan, Ernest, C. ---none--- [ECM6] Mulrean, Edward C. MULREAN%CUA.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [ED72] Delios, Erick ejd@GOANNA.OZ.AU [ED75] Davies, Eric E_DAVIES%HVRFORD.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [EDE1] Eason, Ernest D. ---none--- [EEL2] Leyba, Ernest E. LEYBAEE@AFOTEC.AF.MIL [EF16] Fair, Erik E. FAIR@APPLE.COM [EF5] Franceschini, Edi FRANCESCHINI@NYU.EDU [EF55] Formal, Ed Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 132] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 formanel%snyoneva.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [EFH4] Hastings, Eugene F. GENE.HASTINGS@BOOLE.ECE.CMU.EDU [EFH6] Hale, E.F. (Buster), III CCBUSTER@VM.CC.OLEMISS.EDU [EG17] Guglielmo, Eugene J. GUGLIELMO@CCF3.NRL.NAVY.MIL [EG51] Gould, Ed ed@MTXINU.COM [EH112] Hogan, Emmett hogan@CSL.SRI.COM [EH97] Henry, Ellis ehenry%nasamail@AMES.ARC.NASA.GOV [EHC3] Coughran, Ed H. coughran@NOSC.MIL [EHH4] Hunter, Eddie H. ---none--- [EJ12] Jorgensen, Ed jorg%lvva.span@SDS.SDSC.EDU [EJ19] James, Ed edjames@BERKELEY.EDU [EJB] Bos, Erik-Jan bos@SURFNET.NL [EJN1] Norman, Eric J. ejnorman@MACC.WISC.EDU [EK18] King, Edwin King@SPAM.ISTC.SRI.COM [EK48] Kodinsky, Edward kodinsk@MITVMA.MIT.EDU [EK55] Kroeker, Edwin ---none--- [EKO] Otte, Eric K. otte@NOSC.MIL [EL30] Lear, Eliot lear@TURBO.BIO.NET [EM128] Manninen, Esa ---none--- [EM67] Rehm, Eric REHM@CADSE.DEC.COM [EMB] Berg, Eric M. berg@TC.PW.COM [EMH12] Hayman, Edward M. ---none--- [EP53] Peterson, Eric lcc.eric@SEAS.UCLA.EDU [EP70] Prenowitz, Edward ep@SIMMONS.EDU [EPA] Allman, Eric P. eric@UCBVAX.Berkeley.EDU [ER42] Rose, Eric ---none--- [ER61] Rugelis, Eriks eriks@LIBRA.YORKU.CA [ER75] Ridenour, Eric ---none--- [ER90] Rollins, Eugene ---none--- [ERC1] Crane, Eric R. Eric.Crane@C.CS.CMU.EDU [ERD6] de Vreede, E. R. ---none--- [ERK3] Kozel, Edward R. Kozel@MILANO.CISCO.COM [ES144] Schneider, Eric schneider@SOLOMON.AHA.COM [ES148] Schnell, Eckhard ESC%PAC.UUCP%TUB.BITNET@MITVMA.MIT.EDU [ES158] Schnoebelen, Eric ERIC@CIRR.COM [ES165] Silva, Ed ---none--- [ESD3] De Boer, E.S. markp@PER.DMS.CSIRO.AU [ET49] Torri, Eero ET@AJK.TELE.FI [ETS4] Sakabu, Edward T. CSMSETS@OAC.UCLA.EDU [EU4] Underlee, Everett ---none--- [EV26] Vesa, Erolainen ---none--- [EW62] Weisenberger, Edward WEISENBERGER%PPC.MFENET@CCC.NMFECC.GOV [EWK4] Kendall, Everitt ---none--- [EY5] Yamin, Elaine ---none--- Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 133] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 [EZ3] Zawacki, Edward U17375@UICVM.UIC.EDU [EZ8] Zafar, Esfandiar zafar@CTRVX1.VANDERBILT.EDU [FAC2] Custodio, Fredric A. ---none--- [FAF6] Feurer, Frederick A., Jr.b8tefeu@MICULX.MINC.UMD.EDU [FAS] Segovich, Fred A. fred@URBANA.MCD.MOT.COM [FB15] Bekka, Farid bekka@CNCA.CNCA-CAM.FR [FB61] Buetikofer, Fritz btkfr@ID.UNIBE.CH [FB77] Baker, Fred baker%vitam6@UUNET.UU.NET [FBR2] Raab, Fritz B. unido!cosmo!fbraab@UUNET.UU.NET [FC52] Crawford, Frank frank@TETI.QHTOURS.OZ.AU [FD18] de Kruijf, F. FREEK%DUTRUN.UUCP@UUNET.UU.NET [FD41] Dayton, Fred fred%psuorvm.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [FD44] DeCastilhos, Flavio ---none--- [FDC2] Craft, Frankie D. ---none--- [FE6] Ellis, Frank ellis@PVAMU.EDU [FF20] Fore, Frank P., Jr. FPF@SWRI.EDU [FF30] Feunekes, Freerk ---none--- [FG15] Gould, Fred gould@RDSS.UCAR.EDU [FG16] Gutzwiller, Florian mcvax!ethz!flog [FG50] Gerbode, Farrell farrell@RICE.EDU [FG51] Goldstein, Fred ---none--- [FH2] Thelander, Fredric ---none--- [FH35] Haag, F. ---none--- [FH53] Hanke, Florence ---none--- [FH59] Hartranft, Frank ---none--- [FJB3] Ball, Frederick J. ball@SRLVX0.SRL.FORD.COM [FJD4] Deboo, Farokh J. FJD@INTERLINK.COM [FJG4] Jacot-Guillarmod, Francois---none--- [FJH1] Halloran, Frank J. FRANK@JPLOPTO.JPL.NASA.GOV [FJS2] Smans, F.J. ---none--- [FJS3] Schmidt, F. Jeffery JSCHMIDT@NCAD-EMH12.ARMY.MIL [FL27] Labalme, Fen ---none--- [FL34] Liang, Fanny ---none--- [FM83] Maselli, Frank frank@MAXWELL.CONCORDIA.CA [FM85] McCaffrey, Frank ---none--- [FMA1] Avolio, Frederick M. avolio@DCO.DEC.COM [FMM11] Maish, F. Michael maish@ALPHA.BLDR.NIST.GOV [FN] Neugebauer, Friedrich FN!DMZRZU71.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [FO17] Oner, Fatma ---none--- [FS86] Speck, Francis ---none--- [FT30] Teraoka, Fumio tera@CSL.SONY.JP [FU1] Ullings, Fons fons@NAT.VU.NL [FV13] Van den Bosch, Frank mvdberg@NLR.NL [FW17] Wendling, Frederic FWENDLING@NOTE.NSF.GOV Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 134] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 [FW18] Watson, Felix sds-comm@AFCC-OA1.AF.MIL [FW51] Wright, Frederick S.SNELSON@MACBETH.STANFORD.EDU [FW54] Wolf, Fritz ---none--- [FWD] Dyner, Wolfgang J. DYNERW@HEIDELBERG-EMH1.ARMY.MIL [FZ] Zhang, Frank zhangf@IMO-UVAX.DCA.MIL [GA45] Abrahamian, Garnik ---none--- [GA69] Ansley, Greg vta!gja@GATECh.EDU [GAB36] Barbour, Gary A. gb@UVM.EDU [GAG17] Gentry, Glenn A. ---none--- [GAL5] Loyola, Guillermo A. loyola@IBM.COM [GAM32] Meijerink, Gert A. RCGERT%HENUT5.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [GAM35] Marino, Giuseppe A. Joy.Marino@DIST.UNIGE.IT [GB125] Brunkhorst, Geoffrey brunkhorst@MAYO.EDU [GB133] Bunsen, Guido unido!rwthinf!guido@UUNET.UU.NET [GB157] Bond, Gregory munnari!!gnb@UUNET.UU.NET [GB167] Bassy, Gerard ---none--- [GB169] Bartmuss, Gottfried gob!aicmuc.uucp@UUNET.UU.NET [GB184] Bass, Guy ---none--- [GB43] Broomell, George UKT101%UKCC.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [GB5] Bobo, Gary gbobo@REDSTONE-EMH2.ARMY.MIL [GB7] Beling, Gerd GBELING@A.ISI.EDU [GC104] Cunningham, Gene ---none--- [GC118] Chartrand, Greg GREG@SSCVX1.SSC.GOV [GC122] Carpenter, Graham J. G.Carpenter@EE.Surrey.Ac.UK [GC132] Cuthill, Gordon ---none--- [GC138] Cattelino, Gary GARY@UNOCAL.COM [GC146] Coutu, Gino ---none--- [GC148] Cohn, George GEO@UB.COM [GC151] Corfield, Graham ---none--- [GC155] Collin, Geoff gco@CCADFA.CC.ADFA.OZ.AU [GC158] Czirjak, Gary ---none--- [GC89] Crawford, Geoff ---none--- [GCF7] Franks, Glenn C. ---none--- [GCS8] Scott, Glenn C. glenn@OTTO.LVSUN.COM [GD80] DeCoff, Gary ---none--- [GD91] Davis, George ---none--- [GE47] Evangelides, George gev@IA. [GEG4] Guiberson, Gerald E. DISNETMGR@DDN3.DCA.MIL [GEOF] Goodfellow, Geoffrey S. [GEOFF] Mulligan, Geoffrey C. geoff@USAFA.AF.MIL [GEW13] Wright, George E. ASQEXKZ300@ZWEIBRUCKEN-EMH2.ARMY.MIL Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 135] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 [GF75] Freeman, George gman@CC.UNISYS.COM [GFW6] Wetzel, Gregory F. gfw@PUEBLO.ATT.COM [GG110] Gullbekk, Gunnar ---none--- [GG115] Gilley, Greg Gilley@NDL.COM [GG123] Green, Gerry ---none--- [GG136] Gatto, Giuseppe pippo@CRAI.IT [GG138] Geronikos, George ---none--- [GG16] Gibbs, Geoff G.GIBBS%UK.AC.CRC@NSFNET-RELAY.AC.UK [GG68] Guillerm, Gerard sysgeg%frpoly11.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [GGB2] Baehr, G. Geoffrey geoffb@ENG.SUN.COM [GH105] Huston, Geoff gih900@CSC.ANU.OZ.AU [GH108] Huxtable, Glenn munnari!!root@UUNET.UU.NET [GH122] Hollingsworth, Greg gregh@GATEWAY.MITRE.ORG [GH125] Hiscott, Greg gjh@LIGO.CALTECH.EDU [GH29] Hidley, Gregory R. hidley%CS@UCSD.EDU [GH39] Henken, Gerrit henken@PASSAT.DKRZ-HAMBURG.DBP.DE [GH42] Hanoefner, Gerhard HAN!DMOGSF11.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [GH46] Helmer, Guy HELMER!SDNET.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [GI4] Isaackson, Gordon G. 92BMWSCO@SACEMNET.AF.MIL [GIH] Hastie, Glenn I., II hastie@SPAM.ISTC.SRI.COM [GIL] Lotto, Gerald I. lotto@LHASA.HARVARD.EDU [GJ35] Johnson, Glenn ---none--- [GJS13] Smith, Gregory J. SMITH@BUCKNELL.EDU [GK32] Kenley, Gregory ---none--- [GK44] Kunis, Gary gkunis@BOEING.COM [GK89] Kreis, Guenter guenter!ruso.uucp@UUNET.UU.NET [GK91] Kleiven, Gunnar ---none--- [GK92] Daindl, Georg ---none--- [GKN1] Newman, Gerard K. GKN@SDS.SDSC.EDU [GKW3] Giles, Wesley host@CLARK-EMH.AF.MIL [GL15] Lauer, Gregory GLAUER@BBN.COM [GL16] Lange, Gerald ---none--- [GL41] Lindberg, Gunnar lindberg@CS.CHALMERS.SE [GL88] Lapasky, Gwendolyn ---none--- [GLC18] Cohler, Geoffrey L. ---none--- [GLD] Durant, Geraldine L. DURANT@LL.ARPA [GLH5] Hemphill, Gavin L. HEMPHILL@XX.DREA.DND.CA [GLS20] Scherer, Gary L. NSC-Home@DDN2.DCA.MIL [GLS39] Schaps, Gary L. gls@CORDIS.COM [GM190] Galbraith, Michael mgalbrai@BBN.COM [GM199] Mayer, Georges Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 136] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 APLGEOR%TECHNION.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [GMM28] Marianko, Glen M. ---none--- [GMP19] Paxinos, Garry M. PAX@MEGASYS.COM [GMR] Roemers, Gustaaf M. roemers@TSCA.ISTC.SRI.COM [GMT6] Trimble, Gary M. lams!gmt@AMES.ARC.NASA.GOV [GO1] O'Carroll, Ger ---none--- [GP117] Park, Greg gpark@SUN.TIMEPLEX.COM [GP128] Plescia, Gary sngar!TTUVM1.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [GP129] Peter, George mmdf@ASCHAFFENBURG-EMH1.ARMY.MIL [GP133] Pierluigi, Gianni Pierluigi.Gianni@EC.BULL.FR [GP137] Pitkin, Gregg ---none--- [GP88] Pitteloud, Gerard K126309%CZHRZU1A.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [GPL1] Licona, George P., Jr. CES433@WPAFB-INFO5.AF.MIL [GR11] Ricart, Glenn glenn@MIMSY.UMD.EDU [GR26] Richter, Georg urz07%dmswwulc.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [GR53] Robbins, George grr@COMMODORE.COM [GR56] Romano, Giuseppe Romano@ICNUCEVM.CNUCE.CNR.IT [GR67] Roy, Greg ---none--- [GR85] Rech, Gilles ---none--- [GR9] Rabinowitz, George gr@BNL.GOV [GRZ1] Zarse, Gary R. ---none--- [GS101] Sander, Gernot hz203sa%unidui.uucp@UUNET.UU.NET [GS119] Smith, Gordon gordon@UNE.OZ.AU [GS12] Standorf, Gary P. STANDORF@MONMOUTH-EMH2.ARMY.MIL [GS123] Stone, Geof geof@NETWORK.COM [GS199] Schellbach-Mattay, Gert ACNET%DACTH51.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [GS91] Streeter, Guy streeter@INGR.COM [GT37] Tyler, George E. dstlc@LOGNET2.AF.MIL [GT67] Temperman, Gerard ---none--- [GT73] Thomas, Graham graham@RMC.BITNET.CA [GT76] Trail, Gary gary@MSTR.HGC.EDU [GTA] Almes, Guy T. Almes@RICE.EDU [GV23] Ventre, Giorgio ---none--- [GW107] Wiebe, Glen wiebe@BETHEL.EDU [GW117] Watson, Greg greg@GRIFFIN.ITC.GU.OZ [GW22] Weiler, Grant weiler@CS.UTAH.EDU [GW40] Wallace, Gary gary@CS.UMASS.EDU [HAL5] Lindenberg, Hans A. ---none--- [HAW] Walter, Howard A. hwalter@NAS.NASA.GOV [HB14] Bishop, Harold ---none--- [HB60] Boetzkes, H. A. P. A. Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 137] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 mcvax!nlgvax!henkbo@UUNET.UU.NET [HB7] Brown, Harvey ---none--- [HB76] Bahmanyar, Hom sjsumcs!hom@SUN.COM [HB79] Busch, Hubert busch@SC.ZIB-BERLIN.DBP.DE [HB99] Berggren, Hans hans@INMIC.SE [HBA2] Al-Sadoun, Humoud B. AL-SADOUN@UKWT.KW [HC66] Chuang, Hann-Bin chuang@BTC.KODAK.COM [HCL1] Lauer, Hugh C. lauer@BTC.KODAK.COM [HCV1] Vander Hyde, Kriss C. VANDERK@AFAL-EDWARDS.AF.MIL [HDW2] Wactlar, Howard D. HDW@CS.CMU.EDU [HE12] Enjo, Hidekazu enjo@NTTDPE.NTT.JP [HE15] Eidnes, Haavard eidnes@IDT.UNIT.NO [HEG6] Garcia, Hugo E. hugo%tecmtyvm.bitnet@UTADNX.CC.UTEXAS.EDU [HF30] Faerber, Hans-Juergen fae@IITB.FHG.DE [HF34] Field, Hugh ---none--- [HF35] Fry, Hubert PMUB@MELPAR-EMH1.ARMY.MIL [HG51] Goehring, Hans-Georg uzr112%dbnrhrz1.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [HH37] Hesseling, Hans HESSELING%HGRRUG5.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [HH45] Hori, Hidehiko ---none--- [HH50] Honal, Heinrich XBR1Y013%DDATHD21.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [HH64] Hilman, Harlan hilman@INTELOA.BIIN.COM [HH68] Hipp, Heinz zrhi001%dtuzdv5a.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [HH71] Hagen, Herr ---none--- [HH77] Halset, Halvor ---none--- [HH84] Hahn, Heinz HAHN%DMRHZ11.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [HH88] Han, Hichul HHAN@BCIT.BC.CA [HI7] Irie, Hideo [HJK4] Kelly, Harold J. ---none--- [HK2] Kensinger, Hollis HKENSINGER@RIA-EMH1.ARMY.MIL [HK24] Knight, Holly holly@APPLE.COM [HK29] Kutar, Hormazdyar ---none--- [HK35] Knops, Huub mcvax!swivax!huub@UUNET.UU.NET [HK41] Kneis, Hermann kneis%cageir5a.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [HKG2] Gilbert, Howard K. gilbert%YALEVM.BITNET@MITVMA.MIT.EDU [HKO] Orman, Hilarie K. HO@LA.TIS.COM [HL65] Liu, Han-Chai COLOR%TWNMOE10.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [HLW7] Lorenz-Wirzba, Heidi heidi@ELXBSD.CALTECH.EDU Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 138] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 [HM38] Mikami, Hirohide mikami%ntt-20@SUMEX-AIM.STANFORD.EDU [HM68] McQueen, Herbert munnari!!hsm157@UUNET.UU.ENT [HM80] Meyers, Herb ---none--- [HML1] Long, Morrow H. LONG-MORROW@CS.YALE.EDU [HN20] Niederle, Herbert I11C17%DM0TUI1S.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [HN21] Nakayama, Hitoshi iizuka%jpnkisci.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [HN27] Nakahara, Hayao ---none--- [HN3] Naef, Heinz whna%cgch.uucp@UUNET.UU.NET [HN7] Nussbacher, Hank HANK%BARILVM.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [HO13] Ohshiba, Hisashi [HO8] Ogasawara, Hidemi HRK@NINCHI.CHUKYO-U.AC.JP [HP32] Price, Harold ---none--- [HP44] Parvamo, Heikki ---none--- [HP49] Preston, Holly ---none--- [HP50] Prigent, Herve PRIGENFRTLS12.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [HPD1] Dittler, Hans Peter Dittler%ccc@UNIKA1.IRA.UKA.DE [HR43] Reddish, Hal ---none--- [HS116] Steffes, Helmut steffes@UNI-TRIER.DBP.DE [HS118] Steinringer, Hermann z00hsr01%awiunill.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [HS119] Suzuki, Haruhisa ---none--- [HS23] Stenn, Hokey hokey@PLUS5.COM [HT12] Tam, Henry rmay%cornelld.bitnet@JADE.Berkeley.EDU [HT19] Trickey, Howard trickey@ARPA.ATT.COM [HT40] Thurn, Herbert BTR013%DBTHRZ5.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [HT44] Takahashi, Hironobu ---none--- [HT48] Trompert, Hans hanst@MAESTRO.HTSA.AHA.NL [HVKR] Kleist-Retzow, Hans von hans@ORC.OLIVETTI.COM [HVS1] van Staveren, Hans sater@CS.VU.NL [HW26] Hahn, Willi ---none--- [HW56] Wright, Hank hank@HP850.MBARI.ORG [HW59] Wong, Henry ---none--- [HWB] Braun, Hans-Werner HWB@MERIT.EDU [HWP2] Poor, Henry W. (Hank) poor@RSMAS.MIAMI.EDU [IA52] Allen, Ian I.M.Allen@UK.AC.CITY [IB11] Bashir, Imran ---none--- [IG4] Greig, Ian ian@OTAGO.AC.NZ [IH15] Hoyle, Ian Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 139] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 munnari!!ianh@UUNET.UU.NET [IHM] Merritt, Ian H. IHM@NRC.COM [IJD1] Donkervoort, Ing. J. ---none--- [IKA] Anderson, Irelann K. KERRY@MAINE.MAINE.EDU [IM24] Martinez, Ignacio martinez@IRIS-DCP.ES [IM33] McDonald, Ian mcdonaldi@SACAE.OZ.AU [IMK1] Kirmer, Irwin M. kirmer@TECHNET.NM.ORG [IR19] Rohde, Ian chris@COMMUNICA.OZ.AU [IR24] Remnant, Ian ---none--- [IS12] Stormo, Ivar ---none--- [IW5] Winston, Ira ira@CIS.UPENN.EDU [JA] Akkerhuis, Jaap ---none--- [JA1] Aronson, Jules P. ARONSON@MCS.NLM.NIH.GOV [JA13] Aguirre, Jerry JERRY@ATC.OLIVETTI.COM [JA146] Archimbaud, Jean-Luc ---none--- [JA155] Alsters, Jos josal@SCI.KUN.NL [JA168] Andrews, John ja@ESS.CS.UCL.AC.UK [JA175] Amason, John JMA@LGC.COM [JA176] Andersson, Jan EUDJAN@ERICSSON.COM [JA180] Adachi, Jun adachi@NACSIS.AC.JP [JA184] Augustine, John ---none--- [JA189] Amodeo, Jim AMODEOJB%SNYDELBA.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [JA91] Angotti, Joseph J. jja496@CRANE-POE.NAVY.MIL [JA92] Anderson, Jack ANDERSONJ@BCLCL1.IM.BATTELLE.ORG [JAB111] Berry, Joseph jab0633@USAV00.GLAXO.COM [JAC61] Cavallaro, Jeffery A. Jeffery@SYS.CALTECH.EDU [JAD16] Danos, John A. ---none--- [JAG3] Gumpf, Jeffrey A. Gumpf@INS.CWRU.EDU [JAJ17] Jokl, James A. jaj@UVAARPA.VIRGINIA.EDU [JAM38] Mussman, Joel jam@LONEX.RADC.AF.MIL [JAM48] Manas, Jose A. jmanas@DIT.UPM.ES [JAM69] Markevitch, James A. jam@MAGIC.COM [JAS8] Siegel, Jeffrey A. HOSTADM@YOKOTA-EMH.AF.MIL [JAW16] Wieclawek, Joseph A. jaw@SESUN.JPL.NASA.GOV [JAW34] Wabik, Jeff A. jwabik@MSC.UMN.EDU [JB113] Bennett, Jerome bennett@DFTNIC.GSFC.NASA.GOV [JB218] Blondeau, Jim jbb%tektools.tek.csnet@RELAY.CS.NET [JB247] Boyle, Joanne boyle@JVNCB.CSC.ORG [JB251] Brannon, James BRANNEN@STEWART-EMH1.ARMY.MIL [JB348] Bashinski, John BASHINSKI%SJSCA4@SPAR.SLB.COM [JB360] Boccio, John BOCCIO@CAMPUS.SWARTHMORE.EDU [JB399] Bonn, John nmri!bonn@UUNET.UU.NET Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 140] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 [JB410] Bradley, Jim fna104%uriacc.bitnet@MITVMA.MIT.EDU [JB462] Bruening, Jochen rzbng%dknkurz1.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [JB509] Boothe, Joe BOOTH!ACUVAX.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [JB525] Burgan, Jeffrey jeff@NSIPO.NASA.GOV [JB542] Baird, John j.baird@LINCOLN.AC.NZ [JB544] Blasik, John JOHN@SEMI.HARRIS.COM [JB550] Bien, John jsb@GUMBY.DSD.TRW.COM [JBP] Postel, Jon POSTEL@ISI.EDU [JBV2] VanBokkelen, James B. jbvb@VAX.FTP.COM [JC106] Conklin, Joel CONKLIN@GE-CRD.ARPA [JC108] Cox, Jan lewton@PRANDTL.NAS.NASA.GOV [JC235] Crowhurst, Jon crowhurst@ADMIN.OGI.EDU [JC272] Cowan, Jack ---none--- [JC288] Cottrell, Jim [JC314] Cahill, John cahill%utx1%novavax%codas@MOSS.ATT.COM [JC315] Cushing, James cushing@AMETHYST.MA.ARIZONA.EDU [JC333] Carnicle, John ---none--- [JC345] Carrington, James JSC@AUTODESK.COM [JC347] Curran, John CEI001@UC.MSC.UMN.EDU [JC365] Carl, Janice edsews!carl!janice@UUNET.UU.NET [JC394] Childs, Jack jchilds@REDSTONE-EMH2.ARMY.MIL [JC403] Cole, Jay ---none--- [JC414] Carlier, Janine jac@LITP.IBP.FR [JC481] Christensen, Jon jchriste@CC.UTAH.EDU [JC483] Carre, Jean JXC2F@ACADVM1.UOTTAWA.CA [JC490] Carlsen, Jerry ---none--- [JC497] Conant, James ---none--- [JCB14] Bowling, John C. LAN@GUNTER-ADAM.AF.MIL [JCB42] Bergeron, Jay C. ---none--- [JCD8] Demco, John demco@EAN.UBC.CA [JCH17] Honig, Jeffrey C. jch@DEVVAX.TN.CORNELL.EDU [JCH41] Houlker, John Charles j.houlker@WAIKATO.AC.NZ [JCJ1] Jubin, John C., III JUBIN@A.ISI.EDU [JCN10] Nunn, John C. NUNN@CL.UH.EDU [JCP26] Person, John C. ---none--- [JCW12] Woodard, James C. ---none--- [JD130] DiBella, Joseph JOE@NCSC.NAVY.MIL [JD16] Dumas, Jean-Pierre jphd%frsac11.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 141] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 [JD238] Demel, Johannes z3000jd%awituw01.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [JD274] Douglas, James ---none--- [JD282] Davies, John ---none--- [JD305] Doyle, John ---none--- [JD86] Duran, Jose NSC-HILL@DDN2.DCA.MIL [JDC20] Case, Jeffrey D. case@UTKUX1.UTK.EDU [JDG] Guyton, James D. guyton@RAND.ORG [JDH29] Hagan, John Dotts HAGAN@UPENN.EDU [JDM9] Makey, Jeffrey D. Makey@LOGICON.COM [JE87] Engvald, Jan xjeldc@LDC.LU.SE [JEA18] Ahn, Jae Eon jean@SORAK.KAIST.AC.KR [JEB45] Butler, Jeffrey E. UTLERJE@AFSC-SSD.AF.MIL [JEB50] Bradt, James E. bradt@CRD.GE.COM [JEB84] Bogart, James E. JBOGART@PROSPECT.COM [JEF8] Fisher, James E. 1962CGLGU@KADENA-EMH.AF.MIL [JEG27] Garrett, James E. JGARRETT@RIA-EMH1.ARMY.MIL [JEQ1] Quigley, John E. quigley@HEXSUNFS.C3SYS.ARMY.MIL [JES55] Sitkoski, James E. ---none--- [JF47] Flower, Jon JWF@WEGA.CALTECH.EDU [JF78] Finke, Jon JFINKE@ITSGW.RPI.EDU [JFAS] Schillemans, Joop F.A. rcjoop@URC.TUE.NL [JFC6] Chambon, J. Francois ---none--- [JFD9] Detke, John F. ---none--- [JFG21] Grover, James F. ---none--- [JFK23] Kent, Joseph F. kent!urvax.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [JFM38] Martin, Joel F. jfm%ucsdmr@UCSD.EDU [JFM39] McAloon, John F. ---none--- [JFR24] Remillard, James F. ---none--- [JFS22] Scheimer, James F. jfs@IRIS.CSS.GOV [JFS37] Scott, John F. ---none--- [JFW] Wilkes, Jon wilkes@ISSUN3.STC.NL [JG131] Gore, Jacob [JG266] Gagnon, Jean-Francois aspyjfg%cmeteoc@IRO.UMONTREAL.CA [JG268] Gasior, Joseph F. nsc-kelly@DDN2.DCA.MIL [JG269] Gomes, Joseph gomes@USF.EDU [JG293] Gonzales, Jesus ---none--- [JG299] Gauvin, Jimmy jim%lavalvx1.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [JG308] Greene, Jeremy GREENE@TAIPAN.PERNIX.COM [JG8] Grina, Jim ---none--- [JGB17] Bender, J. Gary ---none--- [JGD1] Deck, Joseph G. JDECK@EAGLE.WESLEYAN.EDU [JGG23] Gallo, Julie ---none--- [JH10] Hargrove, Jimmy jimmy@SEAHUB.NAVSEA.NAVY.MIL Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 142] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 [JH141] Heinanen, Juha [JH18] Huens, Jean prlb2!kulcs!jean@SEISMO.CSS.GOV [JH204] Harris, Jeff jeff@NMSU.EDU [JH22] Hook, Jim ---none--- [JH306] Harrison, Jeff SXJLH@ACAD3.FAI.ALASKA.EDU [JH307] Horn, John ---none--- [JH342] Herb, Jeffrey ---none--- [JH372] Hughes, James ---none--- [JH40] Halperin, John jxh@SLACVM.SLAC.STANFORD.EDU [JH410] Hill, Julia CENJMH@CLUSTER.HERIOT-WATT.AC.UK [JH429] Howard, John JSH@DLOGICS.COM [JH84] Haskey, John ---none--- [JH87] Hammar, Johan johan@UPLOG.SE [JH92] Hahn, Jack hahn@UMD5.UMD.EDU [JHC12] Choy, Joseph H choy@NCAR.UCAR.EDU [JHH8] Haynes, James H. HAYNES@UCSCC.UCSC.EDU [JHS50] Silva, Jose H. ---none--- [JIMWW] Wheeler, James W. JIMWW@SACTO.MP.USBR.GOV [JIS] Schiller, Jeffrey I. JIS@BITSY.MIT.EDU [JJ48] Jongeward, Jeffrey ssc-vax!root@BEAVER.CS.WASHINGTON.EDU [JJB1] Batcha, Joseph J. NSC-Langley@DDN3.DCA.MIL [JJD12] Diehl, Jeff J. hq-spcd-xqr@AFCC-OA2.AF.MIL [JK186] Knight, Jonathan jonathan@CS.KL.AC.UK [JK187] Kotovirta, Jukka ---none--- [JK198] Kleinoeder, Juergen KLEINOEDER@UNI.ERLANGEN.DE [JK213] Krieger, Jost P920012%DBORUB01.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [JK218] Kegler, Jeffrey JEFFREY@ALGOR2.ALGORISTS.COM [JK228] Kapp, Jeff KAPP@MILLIKIN.EDU [JK233] Kwong, James kwongj@CALDWR.UCDAVIS.EDU [JK237] Kopitz, John ---none--- [JK59] Kitson, Jeffrey JEFF@KESTREL.EDU [JK7] Koda, Jim KODA@ISI.EDU [JKB13] Buehring, Juergen K. BUEHRING@HQAFSC-VAX.AF.MIL [JKF2] Freund, Jeff K. ---none--- [JKR1] Reynolds, Joyce K. JKREY@ISI.EDU [JKS23] Scoggin, John K. Jr. scoggin@DELMARVA.COM [JL1] Landwehr, Joseph landwejb%uccc.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [JL115] Little, John portal!jel@SUN.COM [JL15] Lepreau, Jay LEPREAU@CS.UTAH.EDU [JL152] Lange, John hplabs!sun!texsun!radian!altair!johnl@RUTGERS.EDU [JL239] Lo, Jeff jlo@ELAN.COM [JL247] Longchamp, Jean-Paul jlongcha@ULYS.UNIL.CH Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 143] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 [JL256] Lay, Joel xndrfn0h%servax.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [JL268] Laventhol, Jonathan ---none--- [JL324] Lundberg, Jan ---none--- [JL329] Legatheaux, Jose jalm!DI-FCUL.UUCP@UUNET.UU.NET [JL338] Linn, John j.linn@ABERDEEN.AC.UK [JL52] Lekashman, John lekash@ORVILLE.NAS.NASA.GOV [JLB79] Boyd, Jerry L. ---none--- [JLD31] Delhaye, Jean-Loic delhaye@frmop11.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [JLD42] Danrich, Joseph L. ---none--- [JLM23] Mills, John Luke Mills@GRANITE.CR.BULL.COM [JLP6] Peterson, Jan L. caeco!olyis!sol!jlp@CS.UTAH.EDU [JLR4] Romkey, John L. romkey@ASYLUM.SF.CA.US [JLR43] Russell, James L. russell@SOFTWARE.ORG [JLS45] Sloan, John L. [JLW49] Wilson, Jonathan L. WILSONJL@HQHSD.BROOKS.AF.MIL [JM113] McCombie, Jon W. jmccombie@BBN.COM [JM246] Moretz, Joseph rogers@NEMS.DT.NAVY.MIL [JM278] Mazumdar, Jin mazumdar%buffalo.csnet@RELAY.CS.NET [JM292] Murai, Jun [JM303] Moorfoot, John jgm%charlie.oz@seismo.CSS.GOV [JM304] McClurg, Jim ---none--- [JM414] Miceli, Joe JMICELI@CCMAIL.SUNYSB.EDU [JM433] Marshall, John john@UCONN.EDU [JM451] Martell, Javier ---none--- [JM468] Mathisen, Jaye icsu6000@CAESAR.CS.MONTANA.EDU [JM476] Mendez, Jose J_MENDEZ@UPR1.UPR.CLU.EDU [JM493] Mann, John johnm@VAXC.CC.MONASH.EDU.AU [JM551] Martillo, Joachim decvax!frog!cpoint!martillo@UCBVAX.Berkeley.EDU [JM561] Murdock, Joseph ---none--- [JM586] McIntosh, Jim jim%auvm.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [JM588] Martin, Jenny mcvax!cam-orl!jm@UUNET.UU.NET [JM60] McCollum, Jim MCCOLLUM@TOPS20.DEC.COM [JM627] McClure, Jim ---none--- [JM647] Mizrahi, Jacob JACOB%HUJIVMS.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [JM663] McCabe, Jim jmccabe@NAS.NASA.GOV [JM678] Morris, Jim jmorris@BBN.COM Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 144] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 [JM679] Miller, Jeff STEVE@JHEREG.MN.ORG [JMB64] Bullington, Joe M. ---none--- [JMD6] Diaz, Jean Marie ambar@ORA.COM [JME15] Elliott, Jeffrey M. Elliottjm@USAFACDM-AM1.AF.MIL [JMH10] Hayes, Jordan Michael jordan@MORGAN.COM [JMM50] Moe, James M., Jr. ---none--- [JMO4] Odinot, Jean-Marc edgard@GIPSI.FR [JMR45] Roy, Jean Michael roy@GALAAD.CNET-PAB.FR [JMRM] Matheson, James M.R. NSS.CS.UCL.AC.UK [JMS17] Schlueter, Jens-M. [JMS56] Snyder, Joel M. jms@MIS.ARIZONA.EDU [JMT1] Turner, James M. turner@KSR.COM [JMT18] Turner, James M.!jmturn%rattler.uucp@XAIT.XEROX.COM [JMV7] Visovsky, Joseph M. ---none--- [JN12] Navarro, Joseph O_MORENO%ACUPR.UPR.CUN.EDU@CORNELLC.CIT.CORNELL.EDU [JN40] Noble, John ---none--- [JN47] Nerbovig, Jerry ---none--- [JN91] Nichols, Jeff ---none--- [JO54] O'Connor, John ---none--- [JO93] Oborny, Jim ---none--- [JO94] Ott, Jim ---none--- [JOG] Gartley, John O. gartley@ALDNCF.ALCOA.COM [JOH] Hewett, Johnny O. ---none--- [JOO] Ostlund, James O. ostlund@SALK-ADM.SDSC.EDU [JP147] Petragnani, Joseph petragna@SJUPHIL.SJU.EDU [JP207] Pansiot, Jean-Jacques ---none--- [JP220] Pace, Joe spked!pace@UCDAVIS.EDU [JP232] Polk, Jeff polk@PRISMA.COM [JP247] Powers, Jack powers@IBM.COM [JP254] Prevost, Jacques PREVOST@DPHVX2.DECNET.CERN [JP262] Poisson, Joe 00839%aeclcr.bitnet@CORNELLCC.CCS.CORNELL.EDU [JP283] Patoskie, John ---none--- [JP301] Packer, John J.Packer@OAK.CC.KCL.AC.UK [JP302] Pettitt, John jpp@SPECIALIX.CO.UK [JP303] Paschal, Janine ---none--- [JP304] Perchik, Jim perchik@CAMBRIDGE.IBM.COM [JP325] Pier, Jeff ---none--- [JPB17] Bossert, John P. uw-beaver!uw-entropy!thebes!bossert@RUTGERS.EDU [JPC17] Chion, J.P. ---none--- [JPD] Dubois, Jean-Paul Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 145] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 JPD%POLYTECA.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [JPD18] Draughon, J. Phillip jpd@ACCUVAX.NWU.EDU [JPH17] Hanley, John P. jhanley@ORACLE.COM [JPO4] O'Brien, John Paul john%novavax@BIKINI.CIS.UFL.EDU [JPS17] Stoneback, John P. allegra!mc70!stonebac@seismo.CSS.GOV [JPS21] Sorensen, Jan P. rkujps@VM.UNI-C.DK [JPW11] Wies, J.P. ---none--- [JR15] Rhodes, John E. jrhodes@LOGNET2.AF.MIL [JR206] Ramey, Joe ramey@CSC.TI.COM [JR222] Roberts, Jeffrey JEFF@HCR.COM [JR262] Renfro, Jack ---none--- [JR276] Roth, Jeff jroth@DSAC.DLA.MIL [JR283] Richardson, John JRICH@UCRMATH.UCR.EDU [JR311] Richardson, John ---none--- [JR38] Rutemiller, John Rutemiller@DOCKMASTER.NCSC.MIL [JR40] Reece, John jreece@SC.INTEL.COM [JRA26] Adams, John R. ---none--- [JRC27] Chappell, Jim R. jrc@PENTAGON-BCN.ARMY.MIL [JRF] Fisher, James R. jfisher@ISDRES.ISD.USGS.GOV [JRF12] Fowler, James R. jfowler@GALILEO.APO.NMSU.EDU [JRF21] Freeman, James ---none--- [JRJ12] Jaeger, Jay R. ---none--- [JRJ16] Johnson, Jack R. ---none--- [JRJ18] Jesson, J. R. jr@MERIT-TECH.COM [JRL3] LoVerso, John Robert loverso@XYLOGICS.COM [JRR14] Ragland, Joe R. jrr@NCNOC.CONCERT.NET [JRR6] Slifko, Gary J. NSC-McCl@DDN2.DCA.MIL [JRS48] Shaeffer, James R. shaeffer@ASNGAT.ASN.NET [JRS67] Shiflett, James Russell Shiflett@SXFEP.HARC.EDU [JRS8] Schwab, Jeffrey R. jrs@ECN.PURDUE.EDU [JS167] Shprentz, Joel shprentz@BDM.COM [JS171] Scott, Jerry JERRY@TWG.COM [JS210] Stearns, Jeff jeff@TC.FLUKE.COM [JS255] Setzer, James ---none--- [JS268] Simonetti, J. ---none--- [JS28] Shriver, John A. jas@PROTEON.COM [JS281] Shultis, Jonathan C. Jon.Shultis@INCSYS.COM [JS283] Schwartz, Jack JSCHWARTZ@A.ISI.EDU [JS338] Sherwood, John SHERWOOD@AC.DAL.CA [JS450] Stalcup, J. stalcup@TTACS1.TTU.EDU [JS469] Segers, Jerry jsegers%uga.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [JS511] Shumate, John jcs@NCR-SD.SANDIEGO.NCR.COM [JS522] Stone, John STONE@USNA.MIL Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 146] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 [JS535] Stewart, John John_Stewart@CARLETON.CA [JS550] Stadler, Janis ---none--- [JS573] Sherman, Jan asqe-y-n-f-ab02@ANSBACH-EMH1.ARMY.MIL [JS583] Swisher, Joel ---none--- [JS591] Snyder, Jeff JCS@WITTENBERG.EDU [JS592] Schnizlein, John JOHNS@HOUSE.GOV [JS593] Setzer, James JIM_SETZER@MV15.RUNET.EDU [JS596] Slee, Jamie J_Slee@VAX.ACS.OPEN.AC.UK [JS597] Stewart, John netcoor@NCS.DND.CA [JS598] Scott, Jack ---none--- [JS599] Smaby, John ---none--- [JS602] Spading, John ---none--- [JS603] Sundman, Jonas ---none--- [JS609] Stand, John ---none--- [JS81] Smith, Jeff JSMITH@CC.PURDUE.EDU [JSA2] Aldrich, Jeffrey S. ALDRICHJ%LAWRENCE.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [JSG1] Groff, John S. SGROFF@CCJ.BBN.COM [JSG2] Goldberg, J. Scott jgoldberg@TELESOFT.COM [JSL9] Lowe, James S. james@UWM.EDU [JSM11] Miller, James S. jmiller@CS.BRANDEIS.EDU [JSOL] Solomon, Jonathan A. jsol@BU-IT.BU.EDU [JSQ1] Quarterman, John S. jsq@LONGWAY.TIC.COM [JSS4] Sabnis, Jayant S. SABNIS@CCF3.NRL.NAVY.MIL [JSW12] Williams, J. Scott scott@WWU.EDU [JSY2] Yaplee, Jeffrey S. ---none--- [JT122] Thomassen, Jens Jens@IFI.UIO.NO [JT147] Thompson, James convex!jthomp@A.CS.UIUC.EDU [JT149] Tysko, John tysko@BOSS.CS.OHIOU.EDU [JT166] Tuomola, Jari ---none--- [JT167] Tingsell, Jan-Gunnar jgt@HUM.GU.SE [JT181] Timlick, John ---none--- [JT185] Tucker, Jim ---none--- [JT220] Tarrant, Judith jtarrant@TCGOULD.TN.CORNELL.EDU [JT222] Tonnesen, Jan ---none--- [JTM24] McCartin, Joseph T. MCCARTIN@UNIX1.EUCOM.MIL [JTS3] Shirron, John T. jshirron@CMF.NRL.NAVY.MIL [JU14] Urbach, James ---none--- [JV13] Vogel, John ---none--- [JV41] Voigt, John SYSBJAV@VM.TCS.TULANE.EDU [JV53] Vinh, Josianne mcvax!inria!!vinh@UUNET.UU.NET [JV69] Vaerno, Johan ---none--- [JV70] Vannoy, John vannoy%pepvax.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [JV74] Vincent, James ---none--- Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 147] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 [JV97] VanGalder, Janette ---none--- [JV98] Voss, John j_voss@SHOGUN.CAPRICORNIA.OZ.AU [JVE2] Eijndhoven, Jos van ---none--- [JW136] White, James D. jdw@AARDVARK.UCS.UOKNOR.EDU [JW156] Wray, John JCW2%rsre@CS.UCL.AC.UK [JW181] Washer, James W. washer@LLL-CRG.LLNL.GOV [JW266] Westbrock, Jon jonwest@ROSEMOUNT.COM [JW301] Winkelman, Jim [JW302] Widen, Johan jw@SICS.SE [JW310] Waters, Jim waters@POLYA.STANFORD.EDU [JW326] Whitfill, Jim whitfill%meediv@LANL.GOV [JW335] Wolford, James MWOLFORD@MUSRV.MUOHIO.EDU [JW337] Watters, John JWATTERS@UA1VM.UA.EDU [JW352] Woolverton, John WOOLSTAR@EREHWON.UUCP [JW375] Woods, John ---none--- [JW377] Wagner, Juergen gandalf@CSLI.STANFORD.EDU [JW382] Wilman, Jim CSJAW!ECNCDC.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [JW47] Wobus, John JMWOBUS@SUVM.ACS.SYR.EDU [JWB35] Bennett, John W. jwb@DSTOS3.DSTO.OZ.AU [JWB48] Buchanan, John W. BUCHNAN@BRL.MIL [JWB65] Blackmon, Joseph W. network@NCSA.UIUC.EDU [JWE12] Erikson, Jon W. ---none--- [JWH39] Himpel, John W. ---none--- [JWM3] Meidinger, James W. jim@BIGBURD.PRC.UNISYS.COM [JWM53] Manly, John W. jwmanly%amherst.bitnet@MITVMA.MIT.EDU [JWN10] Norris, James W. a02jwn1%niu.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [JY24] Yu, Jessica jyy@MERIT.EDU [JY33] Yoshida, Jun ---none--- [JY35] Young, Jeff ---none--- [KA14] Ackermann, Dr. Kurt ---none--- [KA4] Auerbach, Karl auerbach@CSL.SRI.COM [KAA] Adelman, Kenneth A. Adelman@TGV.COM [KB129] Boyer, Kerry KBOYER%CALSTATE.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [KB134] Baker, Ken ---none--- [KB32] Berggren, Kent ---none--- [KB60] Braun, Karl ---none--- [KBC] Casey, Kevin B. kbcasey@GALLUX.GALLAUDET.EDU [KC1] Carney, Kevin kcarney@UTS.AMDAHL.COM [KC105] Callison, Kelly K.CALLISON%USCGA.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [KC40] Chang, Kelly kccs!khc@AMES.ARC.NASA.GOV Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 148] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 [KC8] Chen, Ken SIMNET-PERCEPTRONICS@A.ISI.EDU [KCM2] McDonald, Kelly C. KELLY@NOC.BYU.EDU [KD36] DeJager, Keith sunatl!ninja!dj@SUN.COM [KD77] Dalton, Kay u1906AB@VMS.UCC.OKSTATE.EDU [KDA5] Augustin, Kurt D. AUGUSTINKD@AFOTEC2.AF.MIL [KDM5] Miller, Keith D. ---none--- [KDM6] Mayer-Spohn, Klaus D. ZRAM%DS0RUS1I.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [KDO] Olum, Ken D. KDO@LUCID.COM [KDZ] Zeilenga, Kurt D. KURT@AGPS.LANL.GOV [KE1] England, Kent kwe@BU-IT.BU.EDU [KEP9] Pickelheimer, Keith E. PICKELHKE@WPAFB-AMS1.AF.MIL [KEW8] Wampler, Kurt E. hplabs!hpda!intersil!wampler@UNIX.SRI.COM [KF55] Farghaly, Kerim ---none--- [KFS] Sauer, Kurt F. Sauer@DOCKMASTER.NCSC.MIL [KFS2] Schmidt, K. F. ---none--- [KG12] Gordon, Kenneth ---none--- [KG16] Gordon, Ken [KG35] Gilmore, Kirk gilmore@GALILEO.AS.ARIZONA.EDU [KH128] Hannan, Kevin fhannan!ceramics!bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [KH59] Hull, Kenneth HULLKE@ASD.WPAFB.AF.MIL [KH74] Han, Kisoo [KH88] Henriksen, Kyle kyle@TIS-W.ARPA [KHJ] Jobes, Karen H. jobes%iassns.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [KHJ1] Jenkins, Karen H. cd33xkhj@CORONA-PO.NAVY.MIL [KJ1] Jensen, Kris jensen@RYE.CS.UNM.EDU [KJ36] Johnson, Ken ---none--- [KJ4] Johnson, Kurt ---none--- [KJK4] Kramer, Kevin J. ---none--- [KJS10] Sweet, Kevin J. SWEET@HORIZON.COM [KK104] Kolari, Klaus ---none--- [KK87] Kempf, Kim mcrware!kim@UUNET.UU.NET [KK92] Kikuchi, Kunihiro ---none--- [KKS] Spagnolo, Ken K.SPAGNOLO@MASSEY.AC.NZ [KL31] Lamb, Kathleen klamb@MINES.COLORADO.EDU [KL40] Lowe, Ken ken@BLAKE.ACS.WASHINGTON.EDU [KL63] Love, Kim love@STARS.RESTON.UNISYS.COM [KL66] Laaksonen, Kimmo kla@HUT.FI [KL78] Lockhart, Kent lockhart@MWUNIX.MITRE.ORG [KLS24] Smith, Kathryn L. kathy@XN.LL.MIT.EDU [KM103] McNees, Kelly isglgu@RAMSTEIN2-EMH.AF.MIL Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 149] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 [KM129] Maciunas, Kevin kevin@CS.FLINDERS.OZ.AU [KM131] Miller, Kevin caeco!kev@CS.UTAH.EDU [KM2] Maletsky, Kerry ---none--- [KM6] Mayo, Kevin munnari!!kevin@UUNET.UU.NET [KM79] Moran, Kathy ---none--- [KM82] Murakami, Ken'ichiro [KMC3] Crepea, Kenneth M. Crepea@CCFS.CENTCOM.MIL [KMH8] Hays, Kenneth M. [KNC] Carpenter, Kevin N. KNCARP@NICSN1.MONSANTO.COM [KO11] O'Keefe, Kevin HAZELTINE@A.ISI.EDU [KOP2] Peasley, Kim O. symbio!symbio@CS.ORST.EDU [KP45] Petraska, Karen KAREN@UMBC3.UMBC.EDU [KP50] Percival, Kent PERCIVAL@VM.UOGUELPH.CA [KPK3] Kleinfelter, Kevin P. ---none--- [KR35] Reynolds, Keith keithr@SCO.COM [KR59] Rowett, Kevin KEVINR@TANDEM.COM [KR69] Rabideau, Karen karen%tufts.bitnet@MITVMA.MIT.EDU [KR72] Reinholtz, Kirk KIRK@MOC.JPL.NASA.GOV [KR77] Rugg, Ken krugg@GOLDHILL.COM [KR79] Rossbach, Kim ---none--- [KR80] Rogers, Karen rogerskm%esvax@DUPONT.COM [KR9] Rohan, Kevin JJKKRR@COS1.FAC.FORD.COM [KRF5] Fuller, Kevin R. ---none--- [KRH4] Hacke, Keith R. Hacke@MDC.COM [KRM5] Magill, K. Richard rich@OXTRAP.AA.OX.COM [KRS21] Stephens, Kris R. krs@UTS.AMDAHL.COM [KS121] Simpson, Kenneth ksimpson@LOIHI.HIG.HAWAII.EDU [KS125] Simonsen, Keld [KS133] Scully, Kevin ---none--- [KS14] Seo, Karen S. KSEO@BBN.COM [KS153] Sandvik, Kent ksand@APPLEOZ.OZ.AU [KS154] Shimizu, Kyoichi ---none--- [KS156] Sanders, Kevin ---none--- [KS158] Samec, Kathi ---none--- [KS24] Kupperion, Brian A. ---none--- [KS32] Stott, Kaye K_STOTT@VAXA.UWA.OZ.AU [KS62] Simpson, Kathy ---none--- [KSL] Lougheed, Kirk S. LOUGHEED@CISCO.COM [KT43] Twidle, Kevin ---none--- [KV14] Vickers, Kyle ---none--- [KW2] Wescourt, Keith T. WESCOURT@CEL.FMC.COM [KW75] Walker, Katie NSC-Bark@DDN3.DCA.MIL [KW8] Wuerfl, Karl [KW96] Wehmeyer, Keith ---none--- Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 150] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 [LA55] Allison, Larry ---none--- [LAM1] Mamakos, Louis A. louie@TRANTOR.UMD.EDU [LB110] Binding, Lothar $45%dhdurz1.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [LB16] Bukys, Liudvikas bukys@CS.ROCHESTER.EDU [LB164] Bradley, Larry larry@VM.NRC.CA [LB181] Bengtsson, Lars lars@MECEL.SE [LB189] Beaulieu, Laurier ---none--- [LB190] Benjamin, Lee ---none--- [LB201] Barram, Laurie ccnetman@BUNYIP.CC.UQ.OZ.AU [LB24] Burris, Lee asqnh-nsc@HUACHUCA-EMH2.ARMY.MIL [LB8] Brown, Lawrence drd!zlhb0a@UUNET.UU.NET [LC149] Caylor, Larry ---none--- [LC151] Coulson, Leilani lcoulson@NARDACDC002.NARDAC-DC.NAVY.MIL [LC152] Clancy, Leon LMCLAN@ICASE.EDU [LC160] Claiborne, Louvenia CLAIBORN@PENTAGON-OPTI.ARMY.MIL [LC57] Claudio, Lester lclaudio@WNYOSI2.NAVY.MIL [LCH9] Holmberg, Leo C. CSERH000@KSUVXA.KENT.EDU [LCN] Nelson, Louis C. lou@AEROSPACE.AERO.ORG [LCV] Varian, Lee C. lvarian@PUCC.PRINCETON.EDU [LCVDH] van den Heuvel, L. C. SYVAXVDH%HMARL5.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [LD4] Damon, Lee NOMAD@CASTLE.ORG [LD46] Deni, Larry deni%canisius.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [LD82] Davis, Laurie ---none--- [LDB3] Borchert, L. David borchert@ARSOCOMVAX.SOCOM.MIL [LE24] Eriksson, Lars-Anders larsa@TOTT.LIU.SE [LF58] Felder, Harry janus!harry@UUNET.UU.NET [LF61] Freil, Lawrence lef@DOGWOOD.ATL.GA.US [LF70] Fahnoe, Lawrence FAHNOE@UWPLATT.EDU [LFM5] Morales, Luis F., Jr. lmorales@HUACHUCA-EMH8.ARMY.MIL [LG115] Gasparro, Lou shooter@UK.ORACLE.COM [LG91] Goodhue, Lynn lgoodhue%smith.bitnet@MITVMA.MIT.EDU [LGB1] Bussard, Lewis G. BUSSARD@EDWARDS-2060.AF.MIL [LH124] Hicks, Larry UIUCDCS!BRADLEY!LARZ@SEAS.UCLA.EDU [LH2] Hayford, Lloyd ---none--- [LHG3] Gindler, Lawrence H. LGINDLER%TRINITY.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [LJ58] Jones, Louis postmaster@JAX.ORG [LJC2] Crosby, Linda J. Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 151] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 LCROSBY@ST-LOUIS-EMH2.ARMY.MIL [LJE3] Edel, Leander J. ---none--- [LJK] Kaufman, Lawrence J. lkaufman@BBN.COM [LJR5] Romero, Louis J. ---none--- [LJV4] Vik, Leif Jarle ---none--- [LK27] Kurtz, Linda J. KURTZ@EODTC-POE.NAVY.MIL [LK66] Krystek, Lee ---none--- [LL115] Lane, Lee llane@CISS.DAYTON.NCR.COM [LL56] Lattanzi, Len len@SYNTHESIS.COM [LL64] Leedom, Leith (Casey) casey@LLL-CRG.LLNL.GOV [LLZ1] Zumbach, Lyle L. ---none--- [LM176] McDonald, Larry ---none--- [LM185] McCormick, Linda L.McCormick@UK.AC.GLA.ENG.CAE [LM220] Mcgee, Lance mcgee@UCRAC1.UCR.EDU [LM237] Morales, Lydia lmorales@NARDACDC002.NARDAC-DC.NAVY.MIL [LM35] Michela, Larry J. ---none--- [LM62] Manderson, Landy usts034%uabtucc.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [LM88] McLoughlin, Lee lmjm%DOC.IC.AC.UK@CS.UCL.AC.UK [LN1] Nielsen, Leonard u16278@UICVM.UIC.EDU [LN4] Needleman, Lee L. NSC-Dobb@DDN2.DCA.MIL [LN42] Nerenberg, Lyndon lyndon@CS.ATHABASCAU.CA [LN47] Newton, Lawrence lnewt@MDA85.CANCER.UTEXAS.EDU [LNZ] Zubkoff, Leonard N. edsel!lnz@LABREA.STANFORD.EDU [LO24] Oattes, Lee oattes@UTCS.UTORONTO.CA [LO28] Owen, Larry OWEN@DUCVAX.AUBURN.EDU [LP71] Paniccia, Larry ---none--- [LPM] Michelson, Leslie P. michelso@JVNCF.CSC.ORG [LR312] Ragans, Lawrence T. (Larry)---none--- [LR44] Roy, Lynette roy@GMR.COM [LRB] Bierma, Larry R. BIERMA@NPRDC.NAVY.MIL [LRC7] Custead, Larry R. CUSTEAD%SASK.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [LRR1] Rogers, Lawrence R. lrr@PRINCETON.EDU [LS103] Schilmoeller, Leon ---none--- [LS198] Shipley, Lisa ---none--- [LS224] Sugar, Laszlo ---none--- [LS226] Snyder, Larry ---none--- [LS227] Schoenzeit, Loren loren@MGI.COM [LS228] Schafer, Lutz LUS!DMZMP15P.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [LS64] Shumate, Lonnie ---none--- [LT70] Thomas, Larry Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 152] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 EAID-SI-SI@CASEY-EMH1.ARMY.MIL [LT75] Tillman, Lin lin @WUERZBURG-EMH1.ARMY.MIL [LV6] Viswanath, L. viswanat%snycorba.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [LW134] Webb, Larry ---none--- [LW137] Wolf, Lee mmdf@AUGSBURG-EMH1.ARMY.MIL [LW138] Webster, Leslie mmdf@BURTONWOOD-EMH1.ARMY.MIL [LW26] Winkler, Linda [LWA8] Austin, Larry W. ---none--- [MA] Accetta, Michael MIKE.ACCETTA@A.CS.CMU.EDU [MA105] Ambriz-Maguey, Marco red%unamvm1.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [MA107] Anello, Mike mja@SIMPACT.COM [MA119] Allen, Michael ---none--- [MA24] Anderson, Melanie m-anderson@UIUC.EDU [MA56] Alexander, Mark [MA63] Allen, Mike allen@ETHZ.CH [MA88] Andrews, Mark marka@SYD.DMS.CSIRO.AU [MAB4] Brown, Mark A. Mark@OBERON.USC.EDU [MAG13] Gadiwalla, Muslim A. ---none--- [MAG16] Gallo, Michael A. gallo@ZENO.FIT.EDU [MAG37] Goldsberry, Michael ---none--- [MAJ1] Joyce, Marlena A. ---none--- [MAJ14] Jackson, Michael A. ---none--- [MAM71] Metzner, Mark A. ---none--- [MAV4] Verber, Mark A. VERBER@SOLUTIONS.COM [MAW25] Waldschmidt, Mark A. MARKW%CPVB.SPAN@SDS.SDSC.EDU [MB] Brescia, Michael BRESCIA@BBN.COM [MB143] Brichta, Michael brichta@SIEMENS.SIEMENS.COM [MB203] Bernards, Marcel bernards@ECN.NL [MB204] Bounds, Mitchell ---none--- [MB26] Brzustowicz, Mike MAB@ADS.COM [MB262] Berchier, Marcel BERCHIER%CFRUNI51.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [MB273] Beelen, Marcel hp4nl!!mbee@UUNET.UU.NET [MB288] Beckerle, Michael mikeb@MCRC.MOT.COM [MB293] Betel, Michiel michiel%cadlab1@UUNET.UU.NET [MB307] Bushway, Marilyn MKB@OHSU.EDU [MB308] Bell, Michael ---none--- [MB31] Bereschinsky, Michael beresch@HEXSUNFS.C3SYS.ARMY.MIL [MB310] Barker, Malcolm M.Barker@WARWICK.AC.UK [MB32] Belot, Michel ---none--- [MB324] Bourguel, Maurice BOURGUELAFRMRS11.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 153] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 [MB9] Boring, Mike BORING@GATEWAY.MITRE.ORG [MC128] Cooper, Mike PACISMO@HAWAII-EMH1.PACOM.MIL [MC17] Crawford, Matt matt@ODDJOB.UCHICAGO.EDU [MC202] Curran, Mike MCURRAN@NARDACDC002.NAVY.MIL [MC261] Cronenweth, Mark ---none--- [MC264] Cooling, Mike cooling@CSUS.EDU [MC280] Caines, Max M.Caines@SYSA.WOLVERHAMPTON.AC.UK [MC290] Colburn, Mark mark@MINNETECH.MN.ORG [MC293] Connolly, Michael connollym@DCU.IE [MC299] Coleman, Michael ---none--- [MC301] Chesterfield, Mark mark@BOHRA.CPG.OZ [MC65] Corn, Michael ---none--- [MCA1] Akers, Mary steapqa@APG-EMH3.APG.ARMY.MIL [MCB5] Berch, Michael C. mcb@PRESTO.IG.COM [MCD11] Donahue, Michael ---none--- [MCL9] Linimon, Mark C. hpda!sun!central!mizarvme!linimon@UCBVAX.Berkeley.EDU [MD119] Draughn, Mark draughn@IITMAX.IIT.EDU [MD127] Devauze, Michel ---none--- [MD142] Dubetz, Martin dubetz@WUGATE.WUSTL.EDU [MD177] Dew, Martin mcd!mcdd1.uucp@UUNET.UU.NET [MD184] Dupont, Michael ---none--- [MD97] Dunston, Bobby NSC-Elm@DDN3.DCA.MIL [MDE3] Eggers, Mark D. CF4A8X%IRISHMVS.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [MDF13] Ferrar, M. D. ---none--- [MDL1] Lumby, Michael B. NSC-Peter@DDN2.DCA.MIL [MDP16] Parker, Michael D. chip!mparker@NOSC.MIL [MDS30] Spicer, Marc D. mspicer@BELVOIR-EMH3.ARMY.MIL [ME38] Elvy, Marc ELVY@CARRARA.MARBLE.COM [ME57] Ernst, Michael r02ern%dhhdesy3.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [ME74] Eastep, Michael ---none--- [ME75] Epard, Marc ---none--- [MEG8] Gibbons, Mark E. ---none--- [MEV7] Verona, Mary Ellen MHANEY@TCGOULD.TN.CORNELL.EDU [MF14] Fingerhut, Michael ircam!mf@UUNET.UU.NET [MF148] Frutig, Marvello USERMEFF%LNCC.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [MF19] Fedor, Mark fedor@patton.NYSER.NET [MF31] Fouts, Martin FOUTS@AMELIA.ARC.NASA.GOV [MF4] Federspiel, Mathieu mcf!STATWARE.UUCP@UUNET.UU.NET Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 154] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 [MF74] Fidler, Michael L. ts0026@OHSTVMA.IRCC.OHIO-STATE.EDU [MF96] Furnari, Mario FURNARI@ARCO.NA.CNR.IT [MG120] Garcia, Mary GARCIA@TURNER-JOY.NOARL.NAVY.MIL [MG16] Gallaher, Michael gallaher@TOPAZ.RUTGERS.EDU [MG205] Ganswindt, Helena helenag@HEILBRONN-EMH1.ARMY.MIL [MG206] Girard, Michel ---none--- [MG207] Giger, Max ---none--- [MG58] Gilbert, Mike JNG%SLI.COM@UUNET.UU.NET [MG95] Greisen, Marc ---none--- [MGR2] Rohren, Mark G. c3314mgr@DOM1.NWAC.SEA06.NAVY.MIL [MH118] Harper, Malcom [MH15] Harrison, Mark S. NSC-Patrick@DDN2.DCA.MIL [MH198] Hirabaru, Masaki hi@CSCE.KYUSHU-U.AC.JP [MH225] Hamilton, Molly system@BEACH.GAL.UTEXAS.EDU [MH226] Hirose, Masahito hirose@FURUKAWA.CO.JP [MH233] Homsey, Mike msh@OTC.OTCA.OZ.AU [MH246] Hamberg, Mats mats@NEXUS.SE [MH257] Heley, Mike mheley@STE.DYN.BAE.CO.UK [MH267] Heavey, Martin ---none--- [MH269] Haringman, Mark ---none--- [MH74] Hartmann, Manfred mhartma@APG-EMH5.APG.ARMY.MIL [MH82] Horton, Mark mark@CBLPF.ATT.COM [MHW9] Warfield, Michael H. wittsend!mhw@GATECH.EDU [MI1] Isaacson, Mark ---none--- [MIW] Whetzel, Mark I. markw@AIRGUN.WG.WAII.COM [MJ100] Jacob, Matthew ---none--- [MJ33] Johnson, Mark ---none--- [MJ65] Jensen, Murray mjj%mimir.dmt.oz@UUNET.UU.NET [MJ91] Jacott, Marc ---none--- [MJA14] Ames, Michael J. mike@JUPITER.NMT.EDU [MJE] Edelman, Michael J. michaele@TEKTRONIX.TEK.COM [MJJ1] Jordaan, Martin J. MJORDAAN@VAXB.NSWSES.NAVY.MIL [MJK12] Kelly, Marvin J. ---none--- [MJL37] Lippold, Michael J. ---none--- [MJM2] Muuss, Michael John MIKE@BRL.MIL [MJO4] O'Connor, Michael J. OCONNOR@SCCGATE.SCC.COM [MJO7] O'Donnell, Michael J. ---none--- [MK124] Karas, Michael KARAS@USUHSB.UCC.USUHS.NNMC.NAVY.MIL [MK132] Kalscheuer, Michael ---none--- Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 155] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 [MK133] Kawasaki, Masako ---none--- [MK162] Kawabe, Mitsunori [MK169] Kahn, Michael M.Kahn@LON.AC.UK [MK17] Karels, Mike karels@UCBARPA.BERKELEY.EDU [MK38] Kowitz, Mark mark@ROCKY2.ROCKEFELLER.EDU [MK68] Kazar, Michael kazar@ANDREW.CMU.EDU [MK75] Koulopoulos, Mike well!rk@LLL-LCC.ARPA [MK79] Kito, Masafumi ipmaster@ETL.GO.JP [MKL] Lottor, Mark K. MKL@NIC.DDN.MIL [MKS17] Spengler, Michael K. mks@MSC.UMN.EDU [ML129] Lobelle, Marc ml@INFO.UCL.AC.BE [ML163] Leech, Marcus ml@GANDALF.CA [ML171] Legendre, Michel ---none--- [ML192] Lawrence, Michael munnari!!mike@UUNET.UU.NET [ML193] Leger, Ms. mmdf@NEUULM-EMH1.ARMY.MIL [ML62] Levine, Michael LEVINE@A.PSY.CMU.EDU [ML95] Liu, Mei-Ling mliu@POLYSLO.CALPOLY.EDU [MLC] Corrigan, Michael Corrigan@DDN3.DCA.MIL [MLC34] Carlock, Malcolm L. malc@UNRVAX.UNR.EDU [MLR1] Roman, Mark L. EANC-CP-CL@SEOUL-EMH1.ARMY.MIL [MLR4] La Rouche, Mark markl@TWINSUN.COM [MLT10] Truesdell, M. Lynn truesdel@PILOT.NJIN.EDU [MM135] Macbeth, Mary ---none--- [MM147] Meyer, Mark mark%unlcdc3.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [MM149] Miller, Mark LUMM@VAX1.CC.LEHIGH.EDU [MM158] Minsker, Manley manley@SHARPE-EMH1.ARMY.MIL [MM227] Mohar, Mike mohar@IDA.ORG [MM267] Monnin, Mark MGRMEM@BITWAY.ROSE-HULMAN.EDU [MM313] Marcinkevicz, Michael mdm@GUMBY.DSD.TRW.COM [MM333] Moravan, Mike moravan@CSUPWB.COLOSTATE.EDU [MM334] Murphy, Michael mm06@GTE.COM [MM348] McGuire, Michael ---none--- [MM352] MacLeod, Mike mmacleod@UTCCSP.SPRD.UTEXAS.EDU [MM371] Martys, Mike mmartys@VAX.CC.WILLIAMS.EDU [MM379] Mastrangeli, Mark ---none--- [MM384] Mel, Michael ---none--- [MM406] McKenzie, Malcolm M_Mckenzie@AMIS.GOV.AU [MM413] Mailand, Mary [MM427] Mondher, Makni ---none--- [MMH5] Hayman, Martin M. ---none--- [MMJ1] Janiczek, Martin MJANICZEK@RIA-EMH1.ARMY.MIL Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 156] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 [MML8] Lanza, Mario M. BL-SCL@BITBURG-PIV-1.AF.MIL [MMM3] McDonnell, Michael M. MIKE@ETL.ARMY.MIL [MN36] Nowlan, Michael mcvax!!michael@UUNET.UU.NET [MN43] Nusinov, Marc ---none--- [MN44] Newbery, Michael newbery@RS1.VUW.AC.NZ [MN54] Noth, Mike FMNOTHPB%UIAMVS.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [MN60] Nekic, Mark ---none--- [MO33] Olafsson, Marius [MO48] Oros, Mark oros@UMD5.UMD.EDU [MO57] Ohta, Masataka coordinator@TITECH.AC.JP [MOUSE] Parker, Mike mouse@LARRY.MCRCIM.MCGILL.EDU [MP12] Petry, Michael petry@TRANTOR.UMD.EDU [MP138] Portal, M. ---none--- [MP139] Powell, Michael powell@ISS.EATON.COM [MP151] Prior, Mark hostmaster@UCS.ADELAIDE.EDU.AU [MP172] Patterson, Mike Mike_Patterson@MTSG.UBC.CA [MP183] Puccetti, Matt PUCCETTI@ROCKY.RPS.NM.COM [MP20] Perras, Mickey PERRAS@NUSC-ADA.NAVY.MIL [MPM] Mullen, M. Preston, Jr. MULLEN@ITD.NRL.NAVY.MIL [MQ7] Quipourt, M. ---none--- [MR101] Roberson, Milton POSTMASTER@FORUM.VA.GOV [MR137] Rackley, Mike Rackley@CC.MSState.EDU [MR152] Raff, Malcolm mal@BIOSYS.APLDBIO.COM [MR159] Reilly, Michael reilly@NSL.DEC.COM [MR160] Reichling, Matthias reichling@VAX.RZ.UNI-WUERZBURG.DBP.DE [MR166] Roy, Michael ---none--- [MR197] Rose, Mark ---none--- [MR198] Rinfret, Marc mrinfret@MATROX.COM [MR29] Russell, Mike russell@CSC.BROWN.EDU [MR78] Rotert, Michael Rotert@IRA.UKA.DE [MRC13] Campbell, Michael R. ---none--- [MRK14] Kaufmann, Mark R. wucs1!onemohr!mrk@UUNET.UU.NET [MRN6] Newcomb, Michael mnewcomb!unmcvm.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [MS101] Szymendera, Michael mikey@CANISIUS.EDU [MS171] Shapiro, Marc Marc.Shapiro@C.CS.CMU.EDU [MS172] Simonians, Marina ---none--- [MS195] Shojima, Makoto ---none--- [MS22] Starner, Mark L. starner@PRC.UNISYS.COM [MS272] Sadowski, Mike sadowski@CAIA.WRIGHT.EDU Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 157] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 [MS300] Scolyer, Mark munnari!!rxxmts@UUNET.UU.NET [MS345] Schleicher, Marcel ---none--- [MS355] Snir, Mark MCCCOMS%HAIFAUVM.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [MS378] Seguin, Mark sysadm@PHILMTL.PHILIPS.CA [MS379] Silbernagel, Mark ---none--- [MS400] Smiley, Maria EAID-DC-IT@CASEY-EMH1.ARMY.MIL [MS9] Schoffstall, Martin Lee SCHOFF@PSI.COM [MSA1] Andersson, Mats S. enea!liuida!msa@seismo.CSS.GOV [MSM1] Medin, Milo MEDIN@NSIPO.NASA.GOV [MSM3] Marshall, Mike S. hubcap@HUBCAP.CLEMSON.EDU [MSP1] St. Paul, Mark stpaul@NMSU.EDU [MT105] Tiberia, Marguerite ---none--- [MT108] Tadamichi, Matsuyama kddlab!soum.junet!ko@UUNET.UU.NET [MT111] Timmerman, Marcel ---none--- [MT123] Thomas, Michael ---none--- [MT124] Templeton, Marjorie ---none--- [MT48] Tokunaga, Manabu SYSADM@IMATRON.COM [MTC] Champarnaud, M.T. mtc%frunip62.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [MTF1] Franklin, Maurice T. mfrankl@HAFGW.PC3.AF.MIl [MU7] Urizar, Mike dosuriza@IDBSU.IDBSU.EDU [MV24] Vasoll, Mark vasoll@A.CS.OKSTATE.EDU [MV25] Vieler, Mark MAV@ESL.ARPA [MV38] Vachon, Mario vachon@CRIM.CA [MV41] Vandecappelle, Marijke cappelle@SURFNET.NL [MVO1] Van Overbeke, Mark mark%umnmor.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [MVW] van Wolfswinkel, M. ---none--- [MW135] Widell, Mike MWIDELL@CIM-VAX.HONEYWELL.COM [MW171] Walter, Martin mawa@SUN1.RUF.UNI-FREIBURG.DBP.DE [MW176] Whitehead, Mike [MW178] Witt, Michael MWITT@CSE.OGI.EDU [MW180] Wehrmeister, Mark wehrmeis@SDSU.EDU [MW196] Willett, Michael ---none--- [MW200] Walters, Michael MWalters@CORRAL.UWYO.EDU [MW204] Wilcox, Michael ---none--- [MW213] Williams, Maryann ASQEXLBW@WIESBADN-EMH1.ARMY.MIL [MW225] Watson, Mark lemww@LEDGE.CC.MONASH.EDU.AU [MW227] Wong, Mark ---none--- [MWS10] Stalnaker, Michael W. mws@APLVAX.JHUAPL.EDU Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 158] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 [MWS7] Sukalski, Mitchel W. mws@LANL.GOV [MY14] Yokotsuka, M. [NAK2] Kuo, Nancy A. KUOA@GW2.HANSCOM.AF.MIL [NAL] Lann, Neil nal@MORDOR.S1.GOV [NB39] Bonney, Norman Andrew.Findlay@BRUNEL.AC.UK [NC3] Chiappa, Noel JNC@XX.LCS.MIT.EDU [ND22] Danielson, Nancy ---none--- [NF13] Freed, Ned ned@HMCVAX.CLAREMONT.EDU [NG] Gower, Neil E. GOWER@A.ISI.EDU [NG15] Giraud, Noel ---none--- [NG48] Goetz, Norman goetz%reed.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [NH36] Heiner, Nat ---none--- [NHC] Cuccia, Nichlos H. cuccia@LLL-CRG.LLNL.GOV [NJ] Janakiraman, Narayanan CCSNJ%SEMASSU.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [NJB7] Burr, Nancy Johnson Burr@CS.WASHINGTON.EDU [NJG6] Gorsuch, Neil J. NEIL@CPD.COM [NK19] Kaull, Nancy NGK@MATH.AMS.COM [NL35] Lincoln, Neil lincoln@SSESCO.COM [NL39] Lehrer, Nancy nlehrer@ISX.COM [NM31] Mishkin, Nat mishkin@APOLLO.COM [NM37] McNeill, Neil neilm@SOLBOURNE.COM [NM56] Mc Loughlin, N. [NM57] Maddalena, Nancy nmaddale@NRAO.EDU [NMM] Minnich, N. Michael mminnich@HUEY.UDEL.EDU [NMS5] Sturm, Neal M. nsturm@PILOT.NJIN.NET [NN20] Nadi, Najib nadi@VILLANOVA.EDU [NP24] Page, Nancy PAGEN@INDPLS-ASAFM1.ARMY.MIL [NP34] Penla, Nick ---none--- [NRG4] Gardner, Neil R. NSC-Rob@DDN2.DCA.MIL [NS66] Swartz, Neil ---none--- [NT12] Todd, Neil!neil@UUNET.UU.NET [NT13] Titley, Nigel mcvax!!ntitley@UUNET.UU.NET [NVT] Truong, Ninh Van jgtk496%calstate.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [NW25] Wilson, Nathan nathan@TELEOS.COM [NW30] White, Nelson ---none--- [NW33] Withington, F. Neville FNW@USNO01.UNSO.NAVY.MIL [NY3] Yamamoto, Nobuhito yamamoto%jpntsuku.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [OA4] Aarreberg, Odd ---none--- [OB] Babaoglu, Ozalp ozalp@DM.UNIBO.IT [OC16] Coggin, Ollie ---none--- [OC4] Comay, Oded A19%TAUNIVM.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [OD8] Deguine, Olivier Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 159] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 mcvax!!root@UUNET.UU.NET [OG14] Grandrud, Ove ---none--- [OG4] Gremont, Olivier mcvax!inria!gipaltair-bdblues!root@seismo.CSS.GOV [OHB] Byeon, Ok Hwan [OK6] Khan, Osman khan@SERI.PHILIPS.NL [OM1] Massar, Onno NETMAN@TNO.NL [OM10] Martin, Olivier martin@CEARN.CERN.CH [OP] Pugh, Orville PUGHO@AFOTEC.AF.MIL [OS4] Seljeseth, Oyvind ---none--- [OT3] Tanir, Oryal ---none--- [OT5] Thomas, Odette mmdf@KARLSRUHE-EMH1.ARMY.MIL [PA32] Ashton, Paul ---none--- [PA43] Andreas, Passler haselbacher@EDVZ.TU-GRAX.ADA.AT [PA5] Almquist, Philip Almquist@JESSICA.STANFORD.EDU [PAG12] Ganschow, Paul A. ---none--- [PAG14] Greenberg, Peter A. ---none--- [PAK6] Kaslo, Philip A. phil@CS.ARIZONA.EDU [PAN1] Nelson, Philip A. phil@WWU.EDU [PB1] Balyoz, Paul root%naucse.uucp@CS.ARIZONA.EDU [PB13] Beertema, Piet piet@CWI.NL [PB145] Beck, Paul K029901%CZHRZU1A.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [PB40] Bowden, Phillip E. BOWDENPE@VTVM1.CC.VT.EDU [PB6] Berger, Peter Z10BER01%AWIIEZ11.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [PB67] Boyle, Pat boyle%ubc.csnet@RELAY.CS.NET [PC116] County, Phil munnari!!ccpc@UUNET.UU.NET [PC137] Chene, Pierre chene@TLS-CS.CERT.FR [PC138] Cormier, Pierre S602%UQAM.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [PC143] Cronin, Patrick pcronin%rcn.bitnet@MITVMA.MIT.EDU [PC148] Campbell, Peter peter@CMLTAS.CML.OZ [PC153] Powell, Andy A.Powell@BATH.AC.UK [PCW] Wood, C. Philip cpw@LANL.GOV [PD39] Delaney, Pete pete%crcvax.uucp%germany.csnet@RELAY.CS.NET [PD97] Dax, Philippe dax@ENST.ENST.FR [PD98] Davis, Paul pauld@SCENIC.NWNEXUS.WA.COM [PDB5] Barron, Patrick D. pat@TRANSARC.COM [PDC1] Crawford, D. Paul ---none--- [PE21] Eaton, Paul ---none--- Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 160] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 [PE25] Evans, Phil [PE27] Eddy, Patricia EDDY@STJUDE.ORG [PEM4] McKenney, Paul E. mckenney@SRI.COM [PF64] Findon, Phil FINDONPJ@UK.AC.ASTON [PF68] Fischer, Paul ---none--- [PFK] King, Peter F. peter_king@NEXT.COM [PFS2] Sass, Paul F. SASS@FOTLAN5.FOTLAN.ARMY.MIL [PG101] Goldberg, Phil ---none--- [PG108] Gouthier, Paole PGOUTHIER%MARAUT.UUCP@UUNET.UU.NET [PG40] Gillis, Paul paulg@USAGE.UNSW.OZ [PG62] Gloor, Peter gloor%csghsg5a.bitnet@CUMYVM.CUNY.EDU [PG76] Greenberg, Peter hombre!imclone!peter@UUNET.UU.NET [PG97] Groff, Paul groff@WESTFORD.CCUR.COM [PGA1] Apley, Phillip G. ---none--- [PGL] Love, E. Paul loveep@SDS.SDSC.EDU [PGM] Milazzo, Paul G. MILAZZO@BBN.COM [PH106] Halsey, Pauline ---none--- [PH111] Hunter, Peter ---none--- [PH120] Harrison, Peter petera%cdcentr.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [PH121] Homer, Philip ---none--- [PH122] Haskett, Philip CC13%SDSUMUS.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [PH45] Ho, Peter HO@HAC2ARPA.HAC.COM [PH73] Hubbard, Paul paul@OXY.EDU [PHB4] Berens, Peter H. phb@APUNIX.COM [PHK] Kamp, Poul-Henning ---none--- [PHN2] Nguyen, Paul H. nguyen@MSDDNPENT.AF.MIL [PI7] Isomaki, Pekka pisomaki@OPMVAX.KPO.FI [PJ29] Jensen, Peter JENSEN@JARSUN1.ZONE1.COM [PJ35] Jaegle, Peter peja@ISE.FHG.DE [PJ40] Jennings, Paul pjennings@BATHURST.CHASTURT.EDU.AU [PJB27] Brainard, Philip J. brainard@DAN.APGEA.ARMY.MIL [PJF7] Feldner, Patrick J. feldner@IITMAX.IIT.EDU [PJM24] McGuinness, Patrick J. MCGUINNESS@WESTPOINT-EMH1.ARMY.MIL [PJS22] Sivo, Peter J. peter@KEY.COM [PJV] Vickers, Paul J. paulv@LOGITEK.CO.UK [PK] Kirstein, Peter T. KIRSTEIN@CS.UCL.AC.UK [PK19] Karr, Penny PKARR@BBN.COM [PK28] Karn, Phil KARN@THUMPER.BELLCORE.COM [PK32] Keller, Paul pk%sbsvax.uucp@UUNET.UU.NET [PK69] Kostenbader, Phil Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 161] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 kostenba%lafayett.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [PK81] Kanaitis, Peter ---none--- [PL37] Laforgue, Pierre laforgue@IMAG.FR [PLH8] Haymon, Paula Langford apctrc!bigmac!haymon@UUNET.UU.NET [PM115] Myers, Patrick [PM140] Manske, Paul ---none--- [PM155] Mazzarelli, Paul PM@CAMEX.COM [PM177] McGillan, Patrick uwssup@UB.D.UMN.EDU [PM178] Merdian, Peter merdian@RUS.UNI-STUTTGART.DBP.DE [PM180] Moore, Paul paulm%BULLHM.UUCP@UUNET.UU.NET [PM37] Melvin, Phyllis phyllis@BOEING.COM [PM72] Mies, Paul unido!gmdzi!mies@seismo.CSS.GOV [PM81] Marshall, Peter peter.marshall@UWO.CA [PMH3] Henderson, P. Marshall ---none--- [PML1] Lashley, Patrick M. cohesive!kla!pat@SUN.COM [PN13] Nunley, Pat NUNLEY@SACEMNET.AF.MIL [PN16] Noack, Patricia ---none--- [PN23] Nellessen, Peter CRTVAX!PN@SPICE.CS.CMU.EDU [PNP2] Phair, Pamela W. ---none--- [PNW] Wan, Peter N. peter%msdc.uucp@GATECH.EDU [PO16] O'Regan, Paddy ---none--- [PO2] O'Brien, Patrick G. asqe-y-v-kcg@GOEPPINGEN-EMH1.ARMY.MIL [POJ] Jakobsson, Per-Ove ---none--- [PP14] Pomes, Paul paul@UXC.CSO.UIUC.EDU [PP36] Patton, Paul ---none--- [PP62] Peccararo, Paul ---none--- [PP77] Park, Philippe ppark@BBN.COM [PPM2] Murphy, Patrick P. pmurphy@NRAO.EDU [PR100] Radig, Peter radig!peter@UUNET.UU.NET [PR102] Rieckmann, Peter ---none--- [PR79] Reid, Phil 2D49@LINK.COM [PR99] Rodrigo, Paul rodrigo%col01.dec@DECWRL.DEC.COM [PRT2] Taylor, Paul R. taylor@OSWEGO.OSWEGO.EDU [PS173] Sobering, Peter trin3@VAX1.TRINCOLL.EDU [PS191] Sharma, Pradeep sharma@ROHINI.TELECOMM.UMN.EDU [PS204] St. Clair, Phil ---none--- [PS216] Stephenson, Paul ---none--- [PS27] Spilling, Paal SPILLING@A.ISI.EDU [PSR] Rarey, Paul S. prarey@SSF-SYS.GLOBAL-MIS.DHL.COM Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 162] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 [PSS1] Schwarz, Phil S. PHIL@YODA.CEO.DG.COM [PT23] Tomb, Peter ptomb%umass.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [PT55] Teegarden, Paul egtlspr@CCS.CSUSCC.CALSTATE.EDU [PT62] Turner, Peter pjt@AMOS.DAR.CSIRO.AU [PT63] Thublin, Paul ---none--- [PV23] Valotto, Peter J. ---none--- [PW37] Woods, Paul ---none--- [PW49] Ware, Pete esosun!pete@SEISMO.CSS.GOV [PW83] Weselmann, Peter unido!tuhhco!rv-pw@UUNET.UU.NET [PW88] Winker, Peter winker%ds0mpi11.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [PW96] Wilson, Peter pjw@FRC.MAF.GOVT.NZ [PW98] Wick, Peter wick@RZ.UNI-KIEL.DBP.DE [PWB12] Bernier, Paul W. BERNIER@CTRON.COM [PWM] Murphy, Patrick W. pmurphy@ISDMNL.MENLO.USGS.GOV [PWP2] Phillips, Paul W. PHILLIPS@EDWARDS-2060.AF.MIL [PY17] Young, Peter ---none--- [PYC] Chen, Pin-Yee chen@ENCORE.COM [QF] Fennessy, Quentin [RA11] Adams, Rick rick@UUNET.UU.NET [RA145] Ahti, Reijo jjk@TUT.FI [RA17] Albrightson, Robert ALBRIGHT@NISC.JVNC.NET [RA62] Aschenbrenner, Rex Rex@CGI.COM [RA66] Antonorsi, Richard ---none--- [RA94] Allison, Roger ---none--- [RAD15] Disque, Robert A. disque@CAD.USNA.MIL [RAF4] Fischer, Richard fischer@OCFMAIL.OCF.LLNL.GOV [RAG36] Gilmour, R. A. [RAH64] Hernandez, Robert A. Bob@PENTAGON-AI.ARMY.MIL [RAJ3] Johnson, Richard A. RAJ@ICS.UCI.EDU [RAJ8] Jones, Richard A. jones@COLO.COLORADO.EDU [RAK12] Kawin, Richard A. kawin@STAT.BERKELEY.EDU [RAM57] Mann, Rex A. ---none--- [RAR22] Ridder, Robert A. ---none--- [RAR23] Ragosa, Richard A. ---none--- [RAY4] Yamin, Raymond A. ---none--- [RB218] Bentson, Randolph bentson%colostate.csnet@RELAY.CS.NET [RB219] Bybee, Robert ---none--- [RB221] Blachley, Rick ---none--- [RB319] Buchholz, Randy ---none--- [RB365] Belics, Rob ---none--- Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 163] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 [RB383] Barzel, Ron barzel@NOAAPMEL.GOV [RB386] Brown, Randolph postmaster@KEVEX.COM [RB520] Bonham, Robert ---none--- [RB536] Brown, Randall ---none--- [RB548] Brazile, Robert BRAZILE@IEX.COM [RB577] Bilson, Rod munnari!!rod@UUNET.UU.NET [RB578] Boelma, Rick mcvax!rivm!ccerick@UUNET.UU.NET [RBB2] Butler, Robert B. rbutler@YUMA-EMH1.ARMY.MIL [RBP11] Park, Robert B. ---none--- [RBW] Wales, Richard B. WALES@CS.UCLA.EDU [RC113] Collier, Renee ---none--- [RC234] Cape, Robert [RC241] Cairns, Rob ---none--- [RC247] Chambers, Rita CHAMBERS%CEBAFVAX.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [RC278] Ching, Robert rching@IBM.COM [RC29] French, Ruth E. rFrench@WSMR-EMH08.ARMY.MIL [RC306] Cawley, Robert rjc@ATOM.OZ [RC309] Cunningham, Robert ---none--- [RC321] Cannada, Rick ---none--- [RCD13] Drye, Robert C. Rob.Drye@DARTMOUTH.EDU [RCL1] Lang, Ralph C. 2155CSDOA@SACEMNET.AF.MIL [RCM9] McQueen, Robert C. SIT.MCQUEEN@CU20B.CC.COLUMBIA.EDU [RD104] Dirlewanger, Roland rd@CHORUS.FR [RD108] Dalhoff, Randal GR.RFD%ISUMVS.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [RD187] Decoste, Ronald decoste@CC.UMONTREAL.CA [RD225] Dehn, Ron ---none--- [RD227] Dinwiddie, Ronald ---none--- [RD231] Duncan, Robert ---none--- [RD232] Doelz, Reinhard doelz@URZ.UNIBAS.CH [RD235] Davoli, Renzo renzo@DM.UNIBO.IT [RD240] Dunbar, Richard postmaster@DFTSRV.GSFC.NASA.GOV [RD91] Dussaulx, Regine ---none--- [RDB30] Bailey, Robert D. avonsc@ANKARA.AF.MIL [RDC36] Carr, Robert D. c130rdc@UTARLG.ARL.UTEXAS.EDU [RDG12] Garvie, Robert D. garvie%grumpy.dnet@SPOT.COLORADO.EDU [RDM25] Marzusch, Ralph-Diether [RDQ] Quigley, Roger D. quigley@SRI-LEWIS.ITSTD.SRI.COM Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 164] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 [RE18] Elz, Robert kre@MUNNARI.OZ.AU [RE22] Enas, R. cdc-ddn@DDN2.ARPA [RE73] Evans, Robert [RE77] Ebert, Rick rick@IPAC.CALTECH.EDU [RE84] Esqueda, Robert ---none--- [REA3] Amos, Robert E. amos@CRDEC3.APGEA.ARMY.MIL [REB50] Bruccoleri, Robert E. BRUC@SQUIBB.COM [RED22] Donnelly, Robert E. ---none--- [RER20] Rogers, Robert E. ---none--- [RES17] Strout, Robert E., II ssiwest!resii@LLL-LCC.LLNL.GOV [RES70] Seastrom, Robert E. RS@EDDIE.MIT.EDU [RF130] Funke, Rainer unido!pbinfo!!rainer@UUNET.UU.NET [RF50] Fry, Roger MSITD18@PENTAGON-BCN.ARMY.MIL [RF57] Fajman, Roger RAF@CU.NIH.GOV [RFD1] Donnelly, Robert F. DONNELLY@PICA.ARMY.MIL [RFS2] Stanonik, Ron F. STANONIK@NPRDC.NAVY.MIL [RG12] Gulbranson, Roger roger@UX.ACSS.UMN.EDU [RG188] Glowka, Ron ---none--- [RG225] Glaschick, Rainer unido!nixpbe!glaschick@UUNET.UU.NET [RG228] Gill, Rick ---none--- [RG92] Gopstein, Richard soleil!gopstein@RUTGERS.EDU [RGB14] Bookbinder, Robert G. rgb@LAMONT.LDGO.COLUMBIA.EDU [RGH21] Hesser, Robert G. ---none--- [RH164] Hoffmann, Ron hoffmann@MIT.EDU [RH227] Holt, Ron RON@ICONSYS.UU.NET [RH260] Haddick, Robert ROBERT@NIC.DDN.MIL [RH271] Hedberg, Roland roland@UMU.SE [RH278] Helbig, Russell ---none--- [RH286] Hagan, Randy randy@PIKES.COLORADO.EDU [RH300] Roberts, Hal hrobert@FRG.BBN.COM [RH310] Hardy, Richard D. 33CGXPP@SACEMNET.AF.MIL [RH315] Hook, Richard ---none--- [RH326] Harvey, Russ UCSD!NCR-S [RH336] Hayden, Robert haydenrr!snycanba.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [RH337] Horton, Randy hortondr!snycobba.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [RH338] Hall, Rand rand@merrimack.EDU [RH345] Huber, Rich ---none--- [RH5] Hobby, Russell RDHOBBY@UCDAVIS.UCDAVIS.EDU [RH6] Hinden, Robert HINDEN@BBN.COM [RH60] Hale, Roger ROGER@SST.LL.MIT.EDU [RHC3] Cole, Robert H. rhc%otter@HPLABS.HP.COM Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 165] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 [RHG] Gumpertz, Richard H. rhg@CPS.COM [RHM11] Moreno, Robert H. rmoreno@WSMR-EMH82.ARMY.MIL [RHS16] Sweed, Richard H. SWEED@TOPS20.RADC.AF.MIL [RHS4] Schwartz, Ralph H. ---none--- [RI] Ip, Roque ---none--- [RJ115] Jul-Hansen, Rene rjh02@BK.DK [RJ120] Jacobson, Richard jacobson@TACOM-EMH2.ARMY.MIL [RJ127] James, Rita mmdf@MUNICH-EMH1.ARMY.MIL [RJ134] Jordak, Russell [RJA21] Aiken, Robert J. AIKEN@NERSC.GOV [RJB3] Bruce, Richard J. SAC.42SPS@E.ISI.EDU [RJB67] Betterini, Raymond J. ray@HRI.COM [RJH33] Hickman, Robert J. ---none--- [RJH37] Hendley, R.J. HendleyRJ%CS.BHAM.AC.UK@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [RJH66] Henry, Robert J. ---none--- [RJL3] Liebschutz, Robert J. ROB@OC.RJL.COM [RJL49] Lukens, Robert J. rjl@CHES.CS.VIMS.EDU [RJP23] Plesset, Robert J. RJP@SARNOFF.COM [RJY2] Yount, Russell J. rjy@MED.PIT.EDU [RK146] Kidwell, Richard RKIDWELL@STSCI.EDU [RK154] Kerpen, Ron munnari!!kerpen@UUNET.UU.NET [RK168] Kieffer, Rom Kieffer@UCNET.UCALGARY.CA [RK174] Kubik, Randy rkubik@BBN.COM [RK51] Kisielewski, Richard ---none--- [RK75] Kocian, Ray kocian@SDR.SLB.COM [RKJ] Justice, Robin K. RKJ@SFI.SANTAFE.EDU [RKS1] Stodola, Robert K. STODOLA@FCCC.EDU [RKS5] Shafer, Robert K. bshafer@SERVER.CARL.ORG [RL104] Lynch, Rich U10CA%WVNVM.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [RL180] Levow, Roy levowrb%servax.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [RL190] Lee, Ray LEE@REMIS-WP.AF.MIL [RL202] Lindner, Ralf ---none--- [RL224] Letts, Richard R.J.Letts@UK.AC.SALFORD [RL225] Liu, Richard liu@CHIVA.TRL.OZ.AU [RL226] Linton, Richard rlinton@TCS.COM [RLB3] Broersma, Ronald L. ron@NOSC.MIL [RLC20] Clover, Robert L. SIMNET-WASHINGTON@A.ISI.EDU [RLG36] Gifford, Rick L. ---none--- [RLH94] Harris, Robert L. ---none--- [RLP30] Paulson, Ray L. ---none--- [RLP39] Rupp, Richard L., Jr. [RLR23] Reyenga, Robert L. REYENGA@WESTPOINT-EMH1.ARMY.MIL Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 166] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 [RLR36] Rawlins, Ray L. ray@CC.USU.EDU [RLR4] Reed, Robert L. bobr@DBM.MPC.AF.MIL [RLR46] Ray, Ron L. rlr@JHUVMS.HCF.JHU.EDU [RLR57] Riedinger, Randal L. RIEDINGER@GENCORP.COM [RLS115] Schwartz, Randal L. merlyn@IWARP.INTEL.COM [RLS6] Smith, Ronald L. COINS@A.ISI.EDU [RLU3] Ullmann, Robert L. Ariel@RELAY.PRIME.COM [RLY1] Young, Ronald L. ron@UNSVAX.NEVADA.EDU [RLZ3] Zort, Robert L., Jr. ZORT@UU.PSI.COM [RM120] McCarthy, Richard SP0003@BINGVMB.CC.BINGHAMTON.EDU [RM125] McCorkle, Ray ray@NUWES-M1.NAVY.MIL [RM176] Merry, Rod ---none--- [RM177] Morrison, Robert morrison@CORRAL.UWYO.EDU [RM213] Mohr, Rupert UNIDO!RMI!ZENTRALE@UUNET.UU.NET [RM256] Morales, Robert R_Morales@MAIL.UWA.OZ.AU [RM300] Moulder, Raymond hahnnsc@RAMSTEIN2-EMH.AF.MIL [RM306] Minder, Ruedi ---none--- [RM320] McGraw, Robert rmcgraw@SUNSPOT.NOAO.EDU [RM395] Martin, Rick rickm@UMB.EDU [RM8] Marantz, Roy MARANTZ@KLINZHAI.RUTGERS.EDU [RMC1] Chavez, R. Martin chavez@SUMEX-AIM.STANFORD.EDU [RMD1] Devonshire, Robert M. DEVONSHIRE@CCSC-VAX.AF.MIL [RMD26] Deering, Richard M. ---none--- [RMF17] Fujii, Roger M. rmf%media@PENTAGON-AI.ARMY.MIL [RMF2] Frankston, Robert M. bobf@LOTUS.COM [RML28] Lofink, Raymond M. lofink@UNIX.CIS.PITTSBURGH.EDU [RMS8] Soley, Richard Mark SOLEY@MC.LCS.MIT.EDU [RN25] Negaret, Roger negaret@CICB.FR [RN29] Nomura, Ryo [RN58] Nienhueser, Rolf 910003%DOSUNI.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [RN67] Newman, Rob ---none--- [RNB5] Berlinger, Robert N. naftoli@AECOM.YU.EDU [RNM1] MacKenzie, R. Neil [RO44] Obendorf, Reinhard ZZOBI%DHVRRZN1.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [RO58] O'Brien, Richard mcvax!!rob@UUNET.UU.NET [RO67] Ogden, Richard rogden@BBN.COM [RO68] Owen, Robert owen%hslrswi.uucp@UUNET.UU.NET [RO70] Obrien, Ray ---none--- Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 167] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 [RP191] Penumalli, Reddy ---none--- [RP210] Preston, Rick unet!flp@AMES.ARC.NASA.GOV [RP211] Paulson, Ragnar ---none--- [RP230] Pinson, Rick ---none--- [RP238] Peck, Robert ---none--- [RP239] Pettersen, Roar ---none--- [RP240] Perini, Richard munnari!!rl@UUNET.UU.NET [RP241] Payne, Richard ---none--- [RP251] Papp, Raymond ---none--- [RP88] Perry, Russ RUSS@CSUFRESNO.EDU [RP94] Peglar, Rob ---none--- [RPD5] Drzyzgula, Robert P. rcd@FED.FRB.GOV [RPP] Pendleton, Ronald P. PENDLETON@CCF3.NRL.NAVY.MIL [RQ5] Quigley, Robert BOB@YSUB.YSU.EDU [RR156] Rizzio, Rioh ---none--- [RR163] Ronke, Rainer [RR18] Reisor, Ron REISOR@UDEL.EDU [RR181] Ross, Rollo rollo.ross@SAIT.EDU.AU [RR184] Robak, Richard Robak@C3PO.SM-ALC.AF.MIL [RR193] Rupp, Richard megatek!rupp@UCSD.EDU [RR26] Reilly, William R. REILLY@INDPLS-ASAFM1.ARMY.MIL [RR33] Romanelli, Richard tabdd@APG-EMH5.APG.ARMY.MIL [RR77] Roles, Roger ---none--- [RR97] Russell, Robb ROBB%DUVM.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [RRR1] Rock, Robert R. RRRock@X102C.HARRIS-ATD.COM [RS253] Saccoman, Remi remi%framentec.FR@UUNET.UU.NET [RS255] Sinnhuber, Roger [RS348] Spellman, Robert RSpellman@BAT.BATES.EDU [RS393] Svartstrom, Ralf ---none--- [RS401] Sarran, Richard sarran@TSCA.ISTC.SRI.COM [RS406] Skalsky, Rick aaai@KSL.STANFORD.EDU [RS409] Sassoon, Richard ---none--- [RS414] St. Pierre, Robert stpierre@ULOWELL.EDU [RS479] Siddall, Robert ---none--- [RS486] Sinnarajah, Ravi RAVI@UMUC.UMD.EDU [RS487] Sutterfield, Robert bob@MORNINGSTAR.COM [RS489] Stafford, Randy ---none--- [RS49] Strich, Ronald SSDS@BLACKBIRD.AFIT.AF.MIL [RS502] Sondaar, Roelof ---none--- [RS95] Sherwin, Russ ---none--- [RSD2] Dixon, Robert S. ts0400@%OHSTVMA.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 168] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 [RSH] Hammel, Randall S. rsh@SUPER.ORG [RSM1] Miles, Robert S. rsm@NRTC.NORTHROP.COM [RT114] Toussaint, Riley TOUSSAINT@NUSC.NAVY.MIL [RT135] Torres, Robert HADMIN@LAKEHTH-PIV.AF.MIL [RT140] Thirlby, Rob [RT142] Turner, Robert ---none--- [RT144] Trepos, Raymond trepos@IRISA.FR [RT147] Tribble, Richard ---none--- [RT148] Thornton, Ronald thornton@QM7501.GENRAD.COM [RT155] Tripamer, Raymond [RT182] Thibodeaux, Rich IPCRPT@SUCLA.CORP.HARRIS.COM [RT184] Thompson, Robert munnari!!rit@UUNET.UU.NET [RT60] Thigpen, Robert decvax!savax!thigpen@UCBVAX.Berkeley.EDU [RT64] Tucker, Ray RTUCKER@REDSTONE-EMH2.ARMY.MIL [RTD] Drinkard, Richard T. Drinkard@GARFLD.MSFC.NASA.GOV [RU1] Ulrik, Rosen ---none--- [RV32] Volk, Ruediger rv%unido@UUNET.UU.NET [RV61] van der Hauw, Rene ---none--- [RVDA] van den Assem, Rene tnofelr6@ET.TUDELFT.NL [RW112] Winkens, Ralf-Peter WINKENS%DMARUM8.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [RW128] Waldron, Robert W. ---none--- [RW15] Wahl, Roger A. datadog@TAEGU-EMH1.ARMY.MIL [RW206] Wilson, Ric ---none--- [RW211] Wegner, Rick rwegner@WSUVMS1.WSU.EDU [RW237] Woodworth, Robert sytek!texx@SUN.COM [RW24] Wildgruber, Rudi rw@PCSBST.PCS.COM [RW247] Wood, Robert RWOOD@CHARLIE.USD.EDU [RW45] Waffle, Ron waffle@SM-EDS.AF.MIL [RW9] Watson, Richard watson@UTADNX.CC.UTEXAS.EDU [RW96] Warren, Richard RWARREN@AAMRL.AF.MIL [RWA15] Altheide, Richard W. C0004@UMRVMB.UMR.EDU [RWC34] Camerer, Robert W. rwc116@MINSY-POE.ARPA [RWF21] Floyd, Ruth W. ruth@P9955.WLU.EDU [RWH29] Hayes, Rodney W. HQMACSCO@SCOTT-PIV-3.AF.MIL [RWH36] Hartle, Robert W. ---none--- [RWH5] Henry, Robert W. rwh@UCBVAX.BERKELEY.EDU [RWJ3] Johnson, Roscoe W. 15NSC@HICKAM-EMH.AF.MIL [RWT2] Tinker, Robert W. tinker@DTRC.DT.NAVY.MIL [RZ2] Zamparo, Roberto roberto@TVT-F.SE [SA] Allen, Scott ---none--- [SA21] Atlas, Stephen SATLAS@BBN.COM Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 169] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 [SA42] Arnett, Sid ---none--- [SA47] Ayers, Stephen ---none--- [SA65] Alexander, Steve [SA72] Aoshima, Shigeru ---none--- [SA87] Smisek, Anthony asmisek@BBN.COM [SA94] Alexiou, Stergios alexiou@ARIADNE.GR [SA99] Amerige, Stephen ---none--- [SAA] Adamec, Stephen A., Jr. adamec@BRL.MIL [SAB17] Baird, Scott A. ---none--- [SAJ1] Joseph, Samuel A. SAJ@TARPIT.UUCP [SAL27] Longo, Stepehn A. LONGO@ACA.LASALLE.EDU [SAS49] Smith, Scott A. netadmin@WORMS-EMH1.ARMY.MIL [SB152] Boyles, Steve wingtcf@RAMSTEIN2-EMH.AF.MIL [SB167] Brown, Syngen syngen@UX.KINGSTON.AC.UK [SB185] Bunger, Sam ---none--- [SB201] Burgess, Steven sburgess@CARLETON.EDU [SB205] Barnes, Simon [SB206] Biesbroeck, Stephan stephan@CS.KULEUVEN.AC.BE [SB221] Bamberg, Severin ---none--- [SB228] Burns, Steve ---none--- [SB230] Bartram, Scott SCOTT@KEYSEC.KSE.COM [SB236] Blandford, Scott ---none--- [SB258] Bernhardsen, Svein ---none--- [SB28] Bradner, Scott SOB@HARVARD.HARVARD.EDU [SB90] Brady, Sean brady@DCN9.ARPA [SB98] Barber, Stan SOB@BCM.TMC.EDU [SBB9] Burdick, Scott B. SBBUR%CONNCOLL.BITNET@MITVMA.MIT.EDU [SBH4] Heidt, Samuel B. syssbh%gsuvm1.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [SBW4] Whidden, Samuel B. sbw@MATH.AMS.COM [SC136] Carter, Sam carter@ENSUN.CSS.GOV [SC139] Corbett, Stanley A. SAC@ASIF1.ARPA [SC143] Cliffe, Steve munnari!!steve@UUNET.UU.NET [SC193] Crumb, Steve scrumb@CORP.MOT.COM [SC196] Cory, Sharryn ts7049@OHSTVMA.IRCC.OHIO-STATE.EDU [SC197] Campbell, Steve scampbell@BBN.COM [SC3] Casner, Steve CASNER@ISI.EDU [SC59] Campbell, Stephen Steve.Campbell@DARTMOUTH.EDU [SC81] Callahan, Sean sean@ELXSI.CALTECH.EDU [SCB12] Blair, Steven C. sblair@SYNOPTICS.COM [SCG] Gruenke, Stephen C. NSC-PENS@DDN3.DCA.MIL [SCT2] Tollbom, S. Cullen d39080@PNLG.PNL.GOV [SD131] Doetterl, Siegfried mmdf@GRAFENWOEHR-EMH1.ARMY.MIL Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 170] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 [SD134] Dang, Susan dang%shell.uucp@SUN.COM [SD139] Decker, Sharan sharan@MICKEY.NIC.KINGSTON.IBM.COM [SD78] Donegan, Steve ---none--- [SDD8] Derry, Stephen D. sdd@UXV.LARC.NASA.GOV [SDF5] Freyder, Steven freyder%cpva.span@SDS.SDSC.EDU [SDM8] Martin, Scott D. Martin@FRANKFURT-EMH1.ARMY.MIL [SE15] Estrich, Scott ---none--- [SE31] Eldridge, Steve eldridge@ALDERAAN.SCRC.SYMBOLICS.COM [SE49] Elias, Steve spdcc!eli@HARVARD.HARVARD.EDU [SE7] Ellis, Billy ---none--- [SE8] Emery, Sean ---none--- [SEC2] Chichester, Susan E. SUE%GENESEO.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [SEL10] Logcher, Suzanne logcher@DECVAX.DEC.COM [SEM18] Mendoza, Sonja E. mendoza@WSMR-EMH85.ARMY.MIL [SF34] Fenstermacher, Scott scott@WMVM1.CC.WM.EDU [SF41] Fogel, Steve SFOGEL!MTCS!MTXINU@UCBARPA.Berkeley.EUD [SF46] Fountain, Steven stevef@MATHER1.AF.MIL [SF59] Fulcomer, Sam sgf@CSC.BROWN.EDU [SF76] Finch, Scott FINCHSA@ASD.WPAFB.AF.MIL [SFJ] Johnston, Scott F. ---none--- [SFP] Parr, Steven Franklin sfp@APLCOMM.JHUAPL.EDU [SFW1] Watson, Scott F. scott@HEIM.GLENDALE.CA.US [SG1] Grandi, Steve grandi@NOAO.EDU [SG140] Grimm, Steven koreth@SPUD.HYPERION.COM [SG144] Gumpf, Shirley SYSTEM@CCISD2.CCF.ORG [SG146] Gerraty, Simon [SG147] Gruber, Shmuel CLGB100%BGUNVE.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [SG154] Gammill, Susan ---none--- [SG58] Garrett, Spencer srg@QUICK.COM [SG68] Goodman, Steve manager@SPOOL.MU.EDU [SG83] Garwood, Steve ---none--- [SG88] Gai, Silvano silvano%itopoli.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [SGC] Chipman, Stephen G. CHIPMAN@BBN.COM [SGM4] Goodman, Steven M. steven@LAKESYS.LAKESYS.COM [SGR1] Roediger, Steve G. ---none--- [SH1] Hollenbaugh, Sheila shollen@SPOTS.WRIGHT.EDU [SH160] Hung, Saneming ---none--- [SH162] Hubert, Steve hubert@CAC.Washington.EDU Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 171] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 [SH175] Hagnell, Staffan ---none--- [SH33] Henry, S. Lee master@NEMS.DT.NAVY.MIL [SH37] Heker, Sergio HEKER@NISC.JVNC.NET [SH47] Hallstrom, Steve SteveH@BLAKE.ACS.WASHINGTON.EDU [SH71] Herber, Steve herber@ANDY.BGSU.EDU [SHB] Blumenthal, Steven H. BLUMENTHAL@BBN.COM [SI16] Ingate, Shane ingate@seismo.CSS.GOV [SI8] Ilnicki, Slawomir ---none--- [SJ28] Jensen, Soren SERGEJ@DIKU.DK [SJ33] Johnson, Sharon [SJ50] Jacobs, Stephen jacobss@IMO-UVAX1.DCA.MIL [SJ55] Jacob, Stephen sjacob@LOGNET1.AF.MIL [SJ65] Johnson, Peggy mmdf@NUERNBERG-EMH1.ARMY.MIL [SJC22] Corso, Steven J. ---none--- [SJG17] Gunderson, Steven J. NCELVAX!STEVE@NOSC.MIL [SJG2] Gutridge, Steve ---none--- [SJK1] Kramer, Scott J. pixar!nil@UCBVAX.BERKELEY.EDU [SJL] Lucks, Steven J. ---none--- [SJM9] Mahler, Stephen J. mahler@USL.EDU [SJP10] Piatz, Steven J. piatz@SP.UNISYS.COM [SJP18] Punnoose, Sunil J. sunil@OYSTER.SMC.EDU [SJS11] Schroeder, Steven J. SJS%PSUVM.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [SK102] Kaplan, Scott ---none--- [SK119] Katerkamp, Stefan stefan@INFORMATIK.RWTH-AACHEN.DE [SL122] Lynne, Stuart sl@WIMSEY.BC.CA [SL129] Lange, Ssgt ---none--- [SL135] Legrys, Scott ---none--- [SL2] Leviseur, Sean ---none--- [SL47] Laube, Sheldon cfisun!shel@HARVARD.HARVARD.EDU [SL55] Leaviseur, Sean SJL%UKC.AC.UK@CS.UCL.AC.UK [SL60] Linnemann, Stefan ---none--- [SL70] Levy, Stuart slevy@UC.MSC.UMN.EDU [SL97] Lee, Sang ---none--- [SLH19] Howell, Steven L. showell@NSWC-WO.ARPA [SLV4] Vandenburg, Steven L. ASQJ-NIC-01@ZAMA-EMH1.ARMY.MIL [SM10] Morrison, Stuart ---none--- [SM111] Mandell, Stewart mandell@BN1.ARPA [SM137] Morgan, Scott smorgan@ARIEL.UNM.EDU [SM157] McBride, Sam mcbride%niehs.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [SM164] Milton, Scott root@CSIS.OZ.AU [SM188] Moss, Stephen ---none--- Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 172] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 [SM197] Miller, Scott ---none--- [SM214] McDonald, Scott ---none--- [SM217] Matsuda, Shigeyuki matu@RD.NTTDATA.JP [SM218] Martinez, Cid ---none--- [SM221] Momchilovich, Steve ---none--- [SM235] Mittur, Shyam ---none--- [SM6] McLinden, Sean MCLINDEN@CADRE.DSL.PITTSBURGH.EDU [SM62] Mackey, Sandy skm@OMAHA.MITRE.ORG [SM67] Miller, Steve miller@M2C.ORG [SM83] McPherson, Stew stew@CSUPWB.COLOSTATE.EDU [SM96] Morris, Scooter scooter@CGL.UCSF.EDU [SMA9] Arnold, Susan M. SUSIE@SDS.SDSC.EDU [SMB33] Brown, Stephen M. icssmb@ASUVM.INRE.ASU.EDU [SMD1] Donelan, Sean M. sean@DRANET.DRA.COM [SMF5] Feldman, Steven M. feldman@TYMNET.COM [SMK2] King, Stephen Michael KING@HQAFSC-VAX.AF.MIL [SMM21] Miller, Steven M. miller@SCTC.COM [SMP2] Polinsky, Steven M. SMPCU%CUNYVM.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [SMS1] Schultz, Steve M. sms@WLV.IMSD.CONTEL.COM [SN52] Naarding, Steven mcvax!!jep@UUNET.UU.NET [SN8] Silsson, Soren ---none--- [SO] Oliphant, Steven [SO35] Oetinger, Steve ---none--- [SO42] Odegaard, Sverre ---none--- [SO43] Overall, Stephen ---none--- [SP116] Prince, Stephen sp@LABTAM.OZ.AU [SP69] Perelgut, Steve perelgut@TURING.TORONTO.EDU [SP81] Portner, Stan escd!stan@DECWRL.DEC.COM [SP86] Piccardi, Stefano oliveb!!stefano@SUN.COM [SPA] Abreu, Salvador Pinto spa@FCTUN1.RCCN.PT [SPR1] Roth, Stefan P. spr%pyr@GATECH.EDU [SR127] Root, Tsgt. SHEPPARD-AIM1@SHEPPARD-AIM1.AF.MIL [SR77] Rousseau, Susan susan@NUSC.NAVY.MIL [SRC16] Cary, Stephen R. cary@RISCSM.SCRIPPS.EDU [SS110] Smith, Stanfield stan@H1.GCY.NYTEL.COM [SS130] Schneidler, Stephan NSC-DAVM@DDN2.DCA.MIL [SS131] Sutphen, Steven steve@CS.UALBERTA.CA [SS172] Sidner, Steve J. PRC@SACEMNET.AF.MIL [SS208] Shurr, Scott sshurr@WELLESLEY.EDU [SS218] Seitz, Steffen iase001%dtuzdv5a.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [SS226] Sewall, Scott sewall@UMN-CS.CS.UMN.EDU [SS253] Sharkey, Scott Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 173] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 sharkey@OSU-20.IRCC.OHIO-STATE.EDU [SS271] Spencer, Shawn ---none--- [SS297] Stindl, Siegfried stindl%uniaug@IRA.UKA.DE [SS310] Skaar, Steve ---none--- [SS80] Schaller, Skip skip@AS.ARIZONA.EDU [SST] Tabron, Susan S. stabron@DCSC.DLA.MIL [SSW] Wolff, Stephen S. SWOLFF@NOTE.NSF.GOV [SSW5] Weinstein, Sydney S. syd@DSI.COM [ST22] Thung, Sturla ---none--- [ST23] Toal, Steve ---none--- [ST81] Tchehrazi, Sissi ---none--- [SW111] Wasserroth, Stephan [SW114] Weismuller, Steve ---none--- [SW142] Westberg, Sven-Ove sow@CAD.LUTH.SE [SW143] White, Stephen SRGHSPW@WNV.DSIR.GOVT.NZ [SW171] Wright, Samuel pcessw@SWE.ERI.APNDEVA [SW37] Whalen, Sue whalen@CS.NPS.NAVY.MIL [SW69] Winn, Scott F. SWINN@NARDACDC002.NAVY.MIL [SW73] Warren, Scott scott@ROSETTA.COM [SW78] Wadle, Steve ---none--- [SWH8] Hoehn, Steven W. ---none--- [SWR3] Rogers, Scott W. rogers@OSI540SN.GSFC.NASA.GOV [SWW6] Weller, Scott W. rochester!tropics!orion!sww.uucp@UUNET.UU.NET [SY19] Youl, Shane shane@DMPMELA.OZ.AU [SY8] Yokota, Shozo ---none--- [SYM2] Moon, Steven Y. moonstni%uiamvs.bitnet@VM1.NODAK.EDU [SZ21] Zapata, Santiago szapata%vmtecmex.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [TA24] Asami, Tohru ---none--- [TA54] Andrego, Tom ---none--- [TA61] Anstey, Terry t_anstey@UCNT.EDU.AU [TAE1] Easterday, Thomas A. TOM@NISCA.IRCC.OHIO-STATE.EDU [TAK15] Kanka, Terrence A. KANKA@PENTAGON-OPTI.ARMY.MIL [TAP15] Pham, Tuan A. ---none--- [TB] Byrnes, Tim tbyrnes@APG-EMH5.APG.ARMY.MIL [TB164] Blankenship, Tom ---none--- [TB166] Bothner, Tor bothner@PRIAM.CERN.CH [TB172] Boarth, Tom ---none--- [TB6] Baker, Todd tzb@BRIDGE2.3COM.COM [TB64] Becker, Tony ---none--- [TC124] Colegrove, Tod ---none--- [TC132] Clark, Thomas ---none--- Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 174] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 [TC72] Crouch, Terry TCROUCH@RIA-EMH1.ARMY.MIL [TC84] Carter, Tom tom@ALTAIR.CSUSTAN.EDU [TC96] Conroy, Tom trc@ESD.3COM.COM [TD103] Dawson, Tom dawsontc!snyalfba!bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [TD104] D'Angelo, Tony dangelar%snyoldba.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [TD105] Deso, Tom desotm%snyplava.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [TD40] Davis, Tom DAVIS@UV4.EGLIN.AF.MIL [TD68] Dunning, Terry ---none--- [TD87] Davis, Theron ---none--- [TD91] Dawson, Teddy NSC-Luke@DDN3.DCA.MIL [TDG9] Gerrity, Timothy D. tgerrity@CRVAX.SRI.COM [TDM8] Mudgett, Trish Dailey ---none--- [TE16] Eldredge, Timothy teldredge@UVAX.ISX.COM [TE35] Eccleston, Tony aje@ATMOS.DAR.CSIRO.AU [TE37] Evans, Tim tkevans!woodb.uucp@UUNET.UU.NET [TED] Calkins, Ted TED@NADC.NAVY.MIL [TES16] Swazuk, Thomas E. swazuk@FAC.CIS.TEMPLE.EDU [TF30] Frohling, Ted tsf@ARIZONA.EDU [TF6] Ferrin, Thomas TEF@CGL.UCSF.EDU [TFB3] Blakely, Thomas F. tfb%unfvm.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [TG67] Goldblatt, Ted ted@TELEMATICS.COM [TG68] Gross, Tim gross@TSB.NRL.NAVY.MIL [TG94] Gau, Troy ---none--- [TGC1] Cahoon, Timothy G. ---none--- [TGN] Norman, T.G. net-admin! [TGP3] Pike, Tod G. tgp@SEI.CMU.EDU [TGS6] Sickles, Theodore G. tgsickle@RISC.COM [TH101] Hackl, Toni anh%dgaipp1s.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [TH111] Hunkapiller, Tim tim@HOOD.CALTECH.EDU [TH131] Handel, Todd ---none--- [TH147] Halvorson, Tim ---none--- [TH15] Holt, Tracy holt@GMUVAX.GMU.EDU [TH28] Higgins, Thomas ---none--- [TH60] Hutton, Thomas hutton@SCUBED.SCUBED.COM [THD] Dunigan, Thomas H. DUNIGAN@MSR.EPM.ORNL.GOV [THL3] Lee, Timothy H. tlee@ISDDEN.ISD.USGS.GOV [TJ] Jacobson, Thomas thomas@UC.MSC.UMN.EDU [TJ40] Jandu, Tavinder M.NURSE@UK.AC.GMW [TJF13] Frivold, Thane J. frivold@UNIX.SRI.COM [TJS38] Stone, Timothy J. TIM@WARBURG.COM [TJT1] Tessin, Timothy J. tjt@SAMEDI.LLNL.GOV Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 175] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 [TK43] Kobayashi, Tsutomu koba%ntt-20@SUMEX-AIM.STANFORD.EDU [TK60] Kimura, Tomonori [TK86] Kelly, Tsgt ---none--- [TKH4] Hallberg, Theodore K. ads27lgu@CLARK-EMH.AF.MIL [TL99] Lenggenhager, Thomas ch-zone-contact@VERW.SWITCH.CH [TLC28] Canipe, Todd L. HOSTADM@OSAN-EMH.AF.MIL [TLL8] LaQuey, Tracy L. tracy@EMX.UTEXAS.EDU [TLO] O'Hara, Thomas L. SAC.42AD-SCX@E.ISI.EDU [TM10] Mallory, Tracy tmallory@CCV.BBN.COM [TM128] McDowell, Terry ---none--- [TM129] Minter, Theresa Jean TMINTER@AEGIS-DAHLGREN.NSWC.NAVY.MIL [TM159] Molnar, Tom molnar@GPU.UTCS.TORONTO.EDU [TM166] Morris, Thomas ---none--- [TM169] McNeal, Terry mcneal%grin1.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [TM185] Matsuyama, Takashi TM%OKAYAMA-U.AC.JP@RELAY.CS.NET [TM19] McGill, Thomas C. TCM@SSDP.CALTECH.EDU [TM199] McDermott, Tracy ---none--- [TM200] Macy, Tad tmacy%bowdoin.bitnet@MITVMA.MIT.EDU [TM37] Lafleur, Tom LAFLEUR@QUALCOMM.COM [TM57] Mead, Theodore mead@CC.ROCHESTER.EDU [TM84] Maegawa, Toshiyuki ---none--- [TM96] Majithia, Tushar TM@HAMPTONU.EDU [TMD6] Dillon, Theresa M. tmd@MBUNIX.MITRE.ORG [TMH6] Herrick, Thomas M. herrickt@IMO-UVAX1.DCA.MIL [TML] Louden, T. Michael LOUDEN@MWUNIX.MITRE.ORG [TMR11] Rowlett, Thomas M. rowlett#tom%b.mfenet@NMFECC.LLNL.GOV [TN11] Nielsen, Torben torben@DORSAI.ICS.HAWAII.EDU [TN17] Nijssen, Teun TEUN%HTIKUB5.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [TN29] Newell, Tom Newell@TWG.COM [TN40] Naito, Takashi [TN5] Nolan, Ted TED@ARSOCOMVAX.SOCOM.MIL [TO32] Ollier, Tony ccollier@VAX.SWAN.AC.UK [TO33] Oldham, Tim tjo@ITS.BT.CO.UK [TO34] Oeser, Thomas ---none--- [TO4] Oishi, Tosaku [TONY] Holland, Anthony R. TONY@KL.SRI.COM [TP102] Pronton, Tim ---none--- [TP58] Pittari, Tony ---none--- Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 176] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 [TP91] Phelps, Ted phelps!snycenvm!bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [TPB1] Berk, Thomas P BERK@INTER-TEL.COM [TPS5] Senay, Terence P. ---none--- [TR103] Rosmus, Tim TIM@DATA-IO.COM [TR3] Ridinger, Tom ---none--- [TR38] Radzykewycz, Tim calma!radzy@UCBVAX.Berkeley.EDU [TR62] Reed, Tim wash08!txr98@UUNET.UU.NET [TR85] Reber, Tobias dok235%dhddkfz1.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [TR87] Rylance, Tim [TR91] Ross, Tom ---none--- [TRG4] Giebelhaus, Tim R. hi-csc!apcimsp!tim@UUNET.UU.NET [TRG8] Grubbs, Thomas R. ---none--- [TRW18] Walworth, Timothy R. ---none--- [TS107] Smith, Thorn ---none--- [TS118] Silva, Tony tsilva%aaec1.uucp@DSPVAX.MIT.EDU [TS14] Stuckey, Trish TRISH@TRANTOR.HARRIS-ATD.COM [TS141] Schneider, Tom ---none--- [TS144] Scialdone, Tony ---none--- [TS146] Stoneley, Tony [TS147] Sato, Tomomitsu tomo%keo.junet@RELAY.CS.NET [TS149] Sutherland, Thomas NSC|RAN314@RANDOLPH-AIM1.AF.MIL [TS154] Shimoyama, Tomoaki [TS158] Suzuki, Tomio r21233@RKNA50.RIKEN.GO.JP [TS160] Saito, Tetsuya ---none--- [TS171] Steele, Tim tjfs%tadtec.uucp@NSS.CS.UCL.AC.UK [TS193] Sigurdson, Todd ---none--- [TS194] Tse, Steve TSE@ARC.AB.CA [TS196] Stockman, Tony STOCKMAN@XYPLEX.COM [TS31] Symchych, Tim symchych@NCS.DND.CA [TS9] Slattery, Terry tcs@BRL.MIL [TSC11] Collins, Terrance S. macomw!tcollins@NOSC.MIL [TSD3] Dunn, Thomas S. ---none--- [TT32] Thomas, Tony ---none--- [TT35] Terbush, Terry tlt%gwuvm.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [TT60] Tran, Tony versatc!tran@SUN.COM [TT69] Tuomi, Tarmo ---none--- [TT70] Terrall, Tom tlt@RSCH.OCLC.OR [TT84] Thiersch, Tom ---none--- Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 177] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 [TTO] Olson, Timothy T. SAC.NRCH-LMR@E.ISI.EDU [TTS8] Spengler, Thomas T. spengler@TIS.LLNL.GOV [TU1] Usuki, Takashi usuki@SONY.CO.JP [TV] Vollmer, Tom vollmer@NOSC.MIL [TV29] Vijlbrief, Tom mcvax!tnosoes!tom@UUNET.UU.NET [TVF1] Fossum, Timothy V. fossum@VACS.UWP.WISC.EDU [TW102] Wooller, Timothy ---none--- [TW112] Wade, Tom t.wade@CC.UCD.IE [TW3] West, Todd west@CCF3.NRL.NAVY.MIL [TW51] Wadlow, Tom A. taw@MORDOR.S1.GOV [TW8] Wieland, Terry nu023467@VM1.NODAK.EDU [TWH19] Higbe, Thomas W. ASNBLERP@PENTAGON-OPTI.ARMY.MIL [UB3] Bilting, Ulf bilting@CS.CHALMERS.SE [UR] Ritter, Uwe ---none--- [US2] Straumann, Ulrich K538915%CZHRZU1A.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [VAF] Fuller, Vince VAF@STANFORD.EDU [VBK] Kava, Victor B. ---none--- [VC] Cid, Victor vcid%uchcecvm.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [VC5] Cericole, Victor, Jr. vcerico@APG-EMH5.APG.ARMY.MIL [VH21] Hutchison, Vicki vicki@QUALCOMM.COM [VHB] Barnes, Vonnie H. VBARNES@RELAY.NSWC.NAVY.MIL [VL24] Lasker, Valerie ---none--- [VL42] Lagioia, Vincenzo ---none--- [VLG] Gordon, Vicki L. VGORDON@ISI.EDU [VM49] Moore, Virgil ABC@ARLVS1.ARLUT.UTEXAS.EDU [VN] Neou, Vivian VIVIAN@NIC.DDN.MIL [VP12] Pratt, Vaughan Ronald pratt@TRIANGLE.COM [VR32] Reijs, Victor REIJS@SURFNET.NL [VS13] Schryver, Vernon [VS50] Summerour, Vic vic%utsw.decnet@UTADNX.CC.UTEXAS.EDU [VS58] Streif, Vincent STREIF@UWECVAXA.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [VS59] Shaw, Vic uninet.frd@F4.N494.Z5.FIDONET.ORG [VT7] Troeltsch, Verena R41DLRZ!UBW-M.UUCP@UUNET.UU.NET [WA16] Armitage, William [WA32] Anderson, Walt ---none--- [WAG5] Guthmiller, Wayne A. wag@RISC.COM [WAH11] Hunt, Warren A., Jr. HUNT@CLI.COM [WAW11] Winner, Wendy A. wendy@BRL.MIL Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 178] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 [WB102] Brinkmann, Willi ---none--- [WB53] Ball, Wayne wball%umass.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [WC117] Colquitt, Walt C46WALT@HARC.EDU [WC86] Cheng, Wing objy!objy1!wing@SUN.COM [WC89] Chapeskie, Wayne microsof!waynec@UUNET.UU.NET [WCW7] Wells, William C. ---none--- [WCWI] Ince, W.C.W. wcwince@WATMATH.WATERLOO.EDU [WD27] Dair, Willis DAIR%SCU.BITNET@JADE.Berkeley.EDU [WD58] Davidson, William ---none--- [WD60] Daniels, William ---none--- [WDL] Lazear, Walter D. LAZEAR@GATEWAY.MITRE.ORG [WDR7] Rolph, W. Don, III ---none--- [WDS11] Smith, William D. smith@GROUCHO.MRC.UIDAHO.EDU [WDW2] Welch, William D., Jr. ingr!zaiaz!bill@UUNET.UU.NET [WE12] Edgington, Will wedgingt@DU.EDU [WES22] Strickland, Win E., Jr. [WF3] Fink, William E. bill@NET.NRL.NAVY.MIL [WF42] Fulton, William iswaf@DCATLA.COM [WFG4] Gunshannon, William F. WFG702@JAGUAR.UOFS.EDU [WG] Graves, Wayne WRGraves@LBL.ARPA [WGS4] Stefancik, W. 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BILL@ETL.ARMY.MIL [YB4] Banno, Yoshiaki Banno%JPNKEKVM.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [YC4] Cruz, Yellixa sac.341smw-scx@E.ISI.EDU [YD2] Despond, Yves despond@SIC.EPFL.CH [YK2] Karsenti, Yves karsenti%frirts71.bitnet@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU [YK3] Kameyama, Yukiyoshi kam@SATO.RIEC.TOHOKU.AC.JP [YL14] Leong, Y. ---none--- [YN] Nguyen, Yen yen@ARINC-GW.ARPA [YS10] Saito, Yaski yaski%ntt-20@SUMEX-AIM.STANFORD.EDU [YSP3] Park, Young S. root@KIT.KIT.AC.KR [ZSU] Su, Zaw-Sing Zsu@NISC.SRI.COM Kirkpatrick, Stahl & Recker [Page 181] RFC 1166 Internet Numbers July 1990 Security Considerations Security issues are not discussed in this memo. 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