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Internet Explorer Market Share Shrinks, Safari Takes Flight

December 27, 2009

While the fact that Internet Explorer's market share is shrinking is not news, what I found interesting is that November 2009 was the first time that Internet Explorer was used by fewer than 50% of the visitors to Packetizer.

Really, I'm amazed. Well, perhaps I'm not. I commented earlier that I had gotten fed up with Internet Explorer and I switched to Firefox. Still, it is amazing to watch the percentages shift like they have over the past two years. If I had time, I'd provide a graph.

So where are users going? Interestingly, users seem to be moving in two directions: Firefox and Apple's Safari. While Firefox is not a huge surprise, what was a surprise to me was that 8.3% of the visitors in November 2009 used Safari versus just 0.6% in November 2007.

Is it time I bought a Mac?

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