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Holographic Videoconferencing

October 26, 2021

While I've not been so engaged in public activities recently, I've nonetheless still been very busy working on some very cool videoconferencing technology.

Over the past few years, two things I've been involved with are end-to-end media encryption in conferencing and holographic video conferencing. The former was predictable since I had worked in the public on some standards related to that (like RFC 8871). The latter has been kept pretty quiet.

Today, Cisco announced that new product I've been working on. It is called Webex Hologram. Webex Hologram utilizes an array of cameras to create a three-dimensional image that gives you the impression of being there with the person with whom you're communicating. You can move left or right and observe the parallax enabled by using a plurality of cameras.

To get a sense of what Webex Hologram will enable, see this video.

In addition to video, the system enables one to interact with content. The content interaction is pretty cool, but what truly makes Webex Hologram stand out from other holographic solutions is the fact that there is real video, not just bobbing cartoon heads.

It has been a very fun project that offers a revolutionary user experience. It is not over, but I'm pleased to see the project reach this significant milestone.


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