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Credit Cards Paying 2% Cash Back

September 6, 2021

Talking about credit cards that pay 2% cash back has nothing at all to do with technology, but I just found it interesting that recently there are several cards on the market paying this amount. What prompted me to take notice was the fact that I got an invitation in the mail from PayPal for a credit card that pays 2% cash back. I knew PayPal had debit cards, but until I got that letter in the mail I was completely unaware that they even had a credit card. (It might have been advertised to me when I logged in, but I'm really fast at bypassing ads without reading them.)

As I looked around, I found several cards that pay 2% or more cash back on all transactions. I'll maintain this list for a while of those cards I find (or if you tell me) that pay 2% or more cash back. I do not want to list cards that use gimmicks like paying 5% in "top categories" or have "requirements" you have to satisfy periodically or limits on the cashback amount.

Here are the consumer credit cards I found that might be of interest (in alphabetical order):

If you find more, send them my way and I'll put them on the list. Just don't email me cards that use gimmicks.

Also, while credit cards like the Amazon Prime card with its 5% back are great for Amazon customers, and the Apple card is great for Apple Pay users, I just want to list the general use cards that consistently pay 2% or more cash back.

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