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Rise of New Technology Platforms

November 8, 2020

When new innovations come along, inevitably those innovations will be copied. It happens every time in every industry, so it is no surprise to see several new video platforms, social networking platforms, and messaging platforms get created in recent years. What is unfortunate, though, is that I think people are often unaware they exist.

Today, I received a message about "Rumble" being one of the top apps on the Apple app store. How could I not have heard of this platform and it be ranked so high? I know why: I usually have my head down working and I don't get so engaged in many of the new platforms that come along.

That said, there is something refreshing about seeing new platforms emerging and so I decided to spend a few minutes making a list of the new platforms I've discovered in recent months and years. If you know of one I should add to the following list, send me an email (ahem, yeah, I still use email mostly) or a message via Telegram (I'm relatively new to that platform).

Video Platform

Social Media


Live Streaming

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