Dynadot Adds Support for DNSSEC

November 24, 2013

I posted a blog entry talking about configuring DNSSEC. When I wrote that blog entry, very few registrars actually supported DNSSEC. One of the registrars that I use (Dynadot) did not. Today, though, they do! I was excited to discover that, though I never saw an announcement about it.

I did a little searching via Google and learned that there are actually several registrars that now support DNSSEC! Perhaps people are finally taking security a little more seriously.

I also found another list of registrars that includes, among other things, a clear indicator as to whether the registrar supports DNSSEC or not. This might be useful when you are looking to register or transfer a domain name. For whatever reason, ICANN's list still does not show that Dynadot supports DNSSEC.

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