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Frustrating Customer Service Agent at AT&T

November 30, 2012

On October 8, 2012 I went to my local AT&T store to get a prepaid SIM card. I just needed an extra phone for about 4 months with just voice service. The representative at the store suggested that I just add a line to my current monthly plan, since I'd probably save money that way. He said he'll waive the activation fee and the contract period for the new line. So, rather than paying for $25/mo for the prepaid card, I could pay just $10/mo using my existing plan (plus taxes, 911 fees, etc.) In all, I could probably save 50% that way. He made a kind offer to do that, but likely because I've been a customer of AT&T a long time.

He printed out the service summary sheet and marked through the things that were waived. You can see that below.

Though this was the agreement we had, I was charged the activation fee on my bill this past month. Oh, well. Mistakes happen, right? So, I called AT&T to get it corrected.

The lady was absolutely horrible. I don't think she necessarily believed me, speaking down to me as if I was a peasant. She really had a condescending tone to her voice. She told me, "We'll waive the fee this one time, but we'll put a note on your account and if you add another line, we will not waive the fee again." So, now she's is doing me a favor? Or was this a threat? I can't tell which. Between the tone of voice, suggestion she's doing me a favor "this one time", and the threat that AT&T will never extend an offer to waive an activation fee again, I got mad.

Sometimes, I really, really hate AT&T. Working in the communications business, I have a number of friends who work for AT&T and I've worked with their engineers on projects. The company has many good people, but representatives like this battle ax are what frustrate customers and drive them elsewhere.

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