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Google+ Opens to the Public

September 20, 2011

Today, Google opened Google+ to the public. I've been using Google+ for a while. It presents a very different user experience than Facebook. It seems lighter and more relaxing. Then again, it might be because it has largely been a ghost town since opening for private beta. Still, it has millions of users and a fair number actually do post with some regularity. Overall, it looks better than Facebook, in my opinion. It is missing a few useful features, though, such as the ability to create groups of people who are not otherwise in one's circle (e.g., a team of people collaborating on a project or similar). It also lacks the concept of a "Facebook Page", which suits me fine. The whole darn Internet is supposed to be for posting content. Facebook Pages remind me of AOL's attempt to own all on-line content.

In any case, I have a Google account and a Google Profile URL that's so simple and easy to remember. It's :-)

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