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Electronic Meetings to Progress AMS to Resume

September 30, 2010

Earlier this year, work on AMS, the ITU-T’s next-generation multimedia communication system, was conducted through electronic meetings held twice each month. As the SG16 meeting at the end of July 2010 approached, the meetings were suspended. It is now time to resume those meetings and a meeting schedule has been posted to the Packetizer Calendar page.

The electronic meetings are open to all who are interested in helping to progress the work on the revolutionary new multimedia system. Part of the time during the first meeting, to be held October 5, 2010, will be spent bringing participants up to speed on the work done so far, what work is currently being actively studied, and what needs to be done. Subsequent meetings will consider contributions submitted by participants as they are submitted.

If you have any questions or wish to engage, visit the H.325 Information Site for more information, including subscription information to the mailing list.

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