Packetizer Makes Improvements to Daily Payload

October 23, 2008

We are continually working to improve the content offered on Packetizer. Most recently we made significant revisions to the look and feel of Daily Payload. For those who are not familiar with Daily Payload, it is a site where we publish terse summaries and links to news headlines related to VoIP, videoconferencing, mobile communication, WiFi, WiMax, IM, and other technologies related to multimedia communication.

There are two obvious and significant changes that you can immediately see when you visit Daily Payload. The first is that we've changed the color scheme. We now have a light gray background on the sides and a black header across the top. The second and perhaps most substantial change is the logo. We now have a new logo that appears on all pages and the e-mail messages that get sent to subscribers of the Daily Payload news e-mail lists.

One of the features that we added to Daily Payload some time ago is a view of the site designed specifically for mobile devices. If you use a mobile device, you might find that you are redirected to Or, perhaps you will not. We do not have the signatures for every possible mobile device out there, but Windows Mobile, iPhone, and a few other mobile devices are recognized and users are automatically redirected to the /mobile section.

Another feature added a long time ago is an RSS feed. That probably needs little mention, since it is clear from the volume of traffic to the site that many people have discovered this one. But, in case you are not aware, we do syndicate the postings on Daily Payload via RSS.

A new feature that we have added, but not immediately visible, is the ability to post complete articles on the site through the web browser. We plan to start publishing more original content and would invite people from the public to submit content, as well. If you are interested to write a news article, send it to us for review. We do not object to product promotions, as long as the article also contains useful and interesting information on voice, videoconferencing, or related technologies.

Lastly, feel free to send us feedback on anything you like or don't like. We welcome the input to help improve the growing Packetizer community.

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