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ITU Approves the Creation of a Question to Study the Advanced Multimedia System (AMS)

May 5, 2008

ITU-T SG16 formally approved Question 12 as a new Question focused on the study of the Advanced Multimedia System. This is really exciting, as we are now looking toward the future of distributed communication capabilities and truly enabling coordinated multimedia applications -- something that the industry has, thus far, not successfully delivered.

So, work on AMS is moving ahead! During this meeting that just concluded in Geneva, a number of new requirements were added to the AMS project, the AMS project description was reviewed, and the experts agreed on a document that that will serve as the skeleton document for the AMS terminal architecture.

The next meeting of Question 12 will be held in late June or early July 2008 in North Carolina, USA. The exact date and location of the meeting will be sent to the SG16 mailing list once it has been finalized. For information related various AMS-related mailing lists, visit

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