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H.325/AMS Document Status and History

The following tables shows the current documents that are under consideration by ITU-T SG16 Working Party 1 that are related to H.325, as well as a historical list of previously approved documents. This list does not represent an official list of publications from the ITU.

Current H.325 Series Documents in Progress
Document Most Recent Document Expected Approval
AMS Project Description TD-562/WP2 (04/2008) n/a
AMS Working Assumptions TD-27 (06/2013) n/a
AMS application/service, scenario and device catalogue AMS-0002 n/a
H.325 (AMS Core Spec) TD-671R1/WP2 (12/2011) 10/2015
H.AMS.CIS (Common Interface Syntax) AMS-0001 (12/2009) 10/2015

Approved Documents
Document Reference Approved
AMS Requirements TD 340R1/Plen 03/2011

APC = ATM, Packet-based, and Common protocols
AVD = Audio, Video, and Data
COM = White paper contribution to Study Group 16
PL = Plenary document
TD = Temporary document
C = Contribution
WP1 = ITU-T SG16 Working Party 1 WP2 = ITU-T SG16 Working Party 2