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Object Identifier (OID) Registry

Packetizer was assigned an enterprise number by IANA, which we use to assign OIDs. Packetizer-assigned OIDs are all defined under the arc shown in these alternative representations:

Packetizer OID

{ iso(1) org(3) dod(6) internet(1) private(4) enterprise(1) packetizer(17090) } (

The OIDs Packetizer has assigned thus far, which are values that extend beyond the arc listed above, are shown in the table below.

Packetizer OID Registry
Value Usage
.0 H.323 Generic Extensibility Framework (GEF) Features
.0.1 H.460 Text Messaging
.0.2 H.460 Personal Data Interchange
.0.3 H.460 Presence
.0.4 (reserved)
.0.5 H.460 NAT Determination (now H.460.23)
.0.6 H.460 Priority and PreEmption
.0.7 H.460 Point to Point NAT (now H.460.24)
.0.8 H.460 Click to Call
.0.9 H.460 Remote Vendor Information
.0.10 H.460 Remote Vendor Information
.0.11 H.460 Multimedia Messaging
.1 H.245 Capabilities
.1.1 H.230 Extended Conference Controls
.1.2 H.245 File Transfer Capability
.2 H.225.0 RAS Service Control Identifiers
.2.1 H.350 LDAP Service Control

If you would like to utilize a Packetizer-assigned OID within your software products, feel free to contact us and we will assign an OID for your purposes. Of course, you are free to contact IANA and have your own enterprise number assigned so you can create OIDs under your own arc.