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Next ITU-T WP1/16 Rapporteur Meeting in Geneva - December 26, 2013

IETF Publishes WebFinger Specification - September 27, 2013

Next ITU-T WP1/16 Rapporteur Meeting in Oslo, Norway - April 8, 2013

Packetizer Makes an Open Source WebFinger Server Available - March 29, 2013


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Packetizer is a community-oriented site that publishes technical and non-technical content, provides implementation guidance, and serves as a hub for developers, product managers, corporate executives, and end users.

AMS (H.325) is the name of the next generation multimedia system under development in ITU-T SG16. It brings with it a huge potential to significantly enrich the communication experience far beyond basic voice and video communication.

WebFinger is a new technology designed to make the web friendlier to use, providing a new way to share information about yourself and discover information about others.


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