RFC 1489 - Registration of a Cyrillic Character Set

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Network Working Group A. Chernov Request for Comments: 1489 RELCOM Development Team July 1993
Registration of a Cyrillic Character Set Status of this Memo This memo provides information for the Internet community. It does not specify an Internet standard. Distribution of this memo is unlimited. Introduction Though the proposed character set "koi8-r" is not currently an international standard, there is very large user community (including Relcom Net) supporting it. Factually, "koi8-r" is de-facto standard for Unix and global network applications in the former Soviet Union. This is the reason the Society of Unix User Groups (SUUG) believes "koi8-r" should be registered. MIME character set name: koi8-r Published specification: This standard is unpublished, but based on several published standards: GOST 19768-74 (old-koi8), ISO 6937/8 (not registered) and variations: INIS-cyrillic, ISO 5427. C language coding table from koi8-r to Unicode (ISO 10646) for the upper half of the code table (the lower half of the table is fully coinciding with ASCII character set) unsigned short koi82unicode[128] = { 0x2500,0x2502,0x250c,0x2510,0x2514,0x2518,0x251c,0x2524, 0x252c,0x2534,0x253c,0x2580,0x2584,0x2588,0x258c,0x2590, 0x2591,0x2592,0x2593,0x2320,0x25a0,0x2219,0x221a,0x2248, 0x2264,0x2265,0x00a0,0x2321,0x00b0,0x00b2,0x00b7,0x00f7, 0x2550,0x2551,0x2552,0x0451,0x2553,0x2554,0x2555,0x2556, 0x2557,0x2558,0x2559,0x255a,0x255b,0x255c,0x255d,0x255e, 0x255f,0x2560,0x2561,0x0401,0x2562,0x2563,0x2564,0x2565, 0x2566,0x2567,0x2568,0x2569,0x256a,0x256b,0x256c,0x00a9, 0x044e,0x0430,0x0431,0x0446,0x0434,0x0435,0x0444,0x0433, 0x0445,0x0438,0x0439,0x043a,0x043b,0x043c,0x043d,0x043e, 0x043f,0x044f,0x0440,0x0441,0x0442,0x0443,0x0436,0x0432, 0x044c,0x044b,0x0437,0x0448,0x044d,0x0449,0x0447,0x044a, 0x042e,0x0410,0x0411,0x0426,0x0414,0x0415,0x0424,0x0413, 0x0425,0x0418,0x0419,0x041a,0x041b,0x041c,0x041d,0x041e, 0x041f,0x042f,0x0420,0x0421,0x0422,0x0423,0x0416,0x0412, Chernov [Page 1] RFC 1489 Registration of a Cyrillic Character Set July 1993 0x042c,0x042b,0x0417,0x0428,0x042d,0x0429,0x0427,0x042a }; --------------------------------------------------------------------- The description of all characters from the upper half of the table in compliance with ISO 10646 (Unicode) <hex-code> <description> 80 FORMS LIGHT HORIZONTAL 81 FORMS LIGHT VERTICAL 82 FORMS LIGHT DOWN AND RIGHT 83 FORMS LIGHT DOWN AND LEFT 84 FORMS LIGHT UP AND RIGHT 85 FORMS LIGHT UP AND LEFT 86 FORMS LIGHT VERTICAL AND RIGHT 87 FORMS LIGHT VERTICAL AND LEFT 88 FORMS LIGHT DOWN AND HORIZONTAL 89 FORMS LIGHT UP AND HORIZONTAL 8A FORMS LIGHT VERTICAL AND HORIZONTAL 8B UPPER HALF BLOCK 8C LOWER HALF BLOCK 8D FULL BLOCK 8E LEFT HALF BLOCK 8F RIGHT HALF BLOCK 90 LIGHT SHADE 91 MEDIUM SHADE 92 DARK SHADE 93 TOP HALF INTEGRAL 94 BLACK SMALL SQUARE 95 BULLET OPERATOR 96 SQUARE ROOT 97 ALMOST EQUAL TO 98 LESS THAN OR EQUAL TO 99 GREATER THAN OR EQUAL TO 9A NON-BREAKING SPACE 9B BOTTOM HALF INTEGRAL 9C DEGREE SIGN 9D SUPERSCRIPT DIGIT TWO 9E MIDDLE DOT 9F DIVISION SIGN A0 FORMS DOUBLE HORIZONTAL A1 FORMS DOUBLE VERTICAL A2 FORMS DOWN SINGLE AND RIGHT DOUBLE A3 CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER IO A4 FORMS DOWN DOUBLE AND RIGHT SINGLE A5 FORMS DOUBLE DOWN AND RIGHT Chernov [Page 2] RFC 1489 Registration of a Cyrillic Character Set July 1993 A6 FORMS DOWN SINGLE AND LEFT DOUBLE A7 FORMS DOWN DOUBLE AND LEFT SINGLE A8 FORMS DOUBLE DOWN AND LEFT A9 FORMS UP SINGLE AND RIGHT DOUBLE AA FORMS UP DOUBLE AND RIGHT SINGLE AB FORMS DOUBLE UP AND RIGHT AC FORMS UP SINGLE AND LEFT DOUBLE AD FORMS UP DOUBLE AND LEFT SINGLE AE FORMS DOUBLE UP AND LEFT AF FORMS VERTICAL SINGLE AND RIGHT DOUBLE B0 FORMS VERTICAL DOUBLE AND RIGHT SINGLE B1 FORMS DOUBLE VERTICAL AND RIGHT B2 FORMS VERTICAL SINGLE AND LEFT DOUBLE B3 CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER IO B4 FORMS VERTICAL DOUBLE AND LEFT SINGLE B5 FORMS DOUBLE VERTICAL AND LEFT B6 FORMS DOWN SINGLE AND HORIZONTAL DOUBLE B7 FORMS DOWN DOUBLE AND HORIZONTAL SINGLE B8 FORMS DOUBLE DOWN AND HORIZONTAL B9 FORMS UP SINGLE AND HORIZONTAL DOUBLE BA FORMS UP DOUBLE AND HORIZONTAL SINGLE BB FORMS DOUBLE UP AND HORIZONTAL BC FORMS VERTICAL SINGLE AND HORIZONTAL DOUBLE BD FORMS VERTICAL DOUBLE AND HORIZONTAL SINGLE BE FORMS DOUBLE VERTICAL AND HORIZONTAL BF COPYRIGHT SIGN C0 CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER IU C1 CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER A C2 CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER BE C3 CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER TSE C4 CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER DE C5 CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER IE C6 CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER EF C7 CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER GE C8 CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER KHA C9 CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER II CA CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER SHORT II CB CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER KA CC CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER EL CD CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER EM CE CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER EN CF CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER O D0 CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER PE D1 CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER IA D2 CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER ER D3 CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER ES D4 CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER TE D5 CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER U Chernov [Page 3] RFC 1489 Registration of a Cyrillic Character Set July 1993 D6 CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER ZHE D7 CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER VE D8 CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER SOFT SIGN D9 CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER YERI DA CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER ZE DB CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER SHA DC CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER REVERSED E DD CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER SHCHA DE CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER CHE DF CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER HARD SIGN E0 CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER IU E1 CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER A E2 CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER BE E3 CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER TSE E4 CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER DE E5 CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER IE E6 CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER EF E7 CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER GE E8 CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER KHA E9 CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER II EA CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER SHORT II EB CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER KA EC CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER EL ED CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER EM EE CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER EN EF CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER O F0 CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER PE F1 CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER IA F2 CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER ER F3 CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER ES F4 CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER TE F5 CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER U F6 CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER ZHE F7 CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER VE F8 CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER SOFT SIGN F9 CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER YERI FA CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER ZE FB CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER SHA FC CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER REVERSED E FD CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER SHCHA FE CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER CHE FF CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER HARD SIGN Chernov [Page 4] RFC 1489 Registration of a Cyrillic Character Set July 1993 Security Considerations Security issues are not discussed in this memo. Author's Address Andrew A. Chernov RELCOM Development Team Moscow, Russia EMail: FIDOnet: 2:5020/23.34 Chernov [Page 5]

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