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MGCP was originally developed to address the need of scaling ingress and egress gateways in order to meet the demands of service providers. MGCP utilizes SDP for negotiating the media streams transmitted and received on the packet network, which significantly reduces the interworking complexity between SIP-based media gateway controllers (or "call agents") and media gateways. MGCP was published by the IETF as Informational RFCs (shown on this page) and also standardized by the ITU-T and adopted for use within cable networks. MGCP is widely deployed around the world.

Core Documents (IETF)
RFC 2705 Media Gateway Control Protocol 1.0 (obsolete)
RFC 3435 Media Gateway Control Protocol 1.0
RFC 3660 Basic Media Gateway Control Protocol Packages
RFC 3661 MGCP Return Code Usage

MGCP Packages
RFC 2897 Proposal for an MGCP Advanced Audio Package
RFC 3064 MGCP CAS Packages
RFC 3149 MGCP Business Phone Packages
RFC 3441 Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Package
RFC 3624 Bulk Audit Package
RFC 3991 Redirect and Reset Package
RFC 3992 Lockstep State Reporting Mechanism
RFC 6498 Voiceband Data and General-Purpose Media Descriptor Parameter

Please also refer to these IANA pages:

PacketCable Specifications
1.0 Specs
Network-Based Call Signaling Protocol Specification (NCS)
PSTN Gateway Call Signaling Protocol Specification (TGCP)
NCS Signaling MIB Specification
NCS Basic Packages
... Complete List of PacketCable 1.0 Specs ...
1.5 Specs
Network-Based Call Signaling Protocol Specification (NCS)
PSTN Gateway Call Signaling Protocol Specification (TGCP)
Audio Server Package
NCS Signaling MIB Specification
... Complete List of PacketCable 1.5 Specs ...
PacketCable Specifications Home Page

ITU Specifications
J.162 Network call signalling protocol for the delivery of time-critical services over cable television networks using cable modems
J.169 IPCablecom network call signalling (NCS) MIB requirements
J.171 IPcablecom trunking gateway control protocol (TGCP)
J.175 Audio server protocol

SCTE/ANSI Standards
SCTE 24-3 Network Call Signaling Protocol for the Delivery of Time-Critical Services over Cable Television Using Data Modems
SCTE 24-8 IPCablecom Part 8: Network Call Signaling Management Information Base (MIB) Requirements
SCTE 24-12 IPCablecom Part 12: Trunking Gateway Control Protocol (TGCP)